Friday, February 5, 2010

Still Juicy, After All ...

Met him on facebook

Took a second look

Cute from an angle

Daddy ready to tangle

Single with little girl

Made my heart swirl

Could be a good Dad

Merely a poor date; sad

Just another bad actor

Only the sexual factor

Found me fascinating

Seeking a wee fling

Didn't want to spend

For my legs to bend

No raw meal to eat

Fat liars can be beat

Listen while they lie

See what they will try

Brother in a car crash

Real story; no cash

Easy place to put it

Alone he now does sit

Listen to your own gut

As he watches your butt

On a sexy photo frame

My breasts have no name

Pretty much all the same

So easy and all too tame

50 years and still admired

Little boys soon expired

Timeless allure I do hold

Far too honest and bold

Liar to take me to bed

Hold my own, instead.

Katherine Marion


Tonight, I was really looking forward to being taken out for a vegan, living foods meal, at either Radha Yoga Eatery or Organic Lives. Chris B., one of my new and braver facebook 'friends', had recently called me up and I suggested he take me out for a belated birthday raw meal. I could tell he really did not want to spend any money on a date, yet, I put it out there and created my own healthy terms.

At the time he had promised to call me, he later claimed he had been in the shower. Already about '2 strikes against him'.  The 'first strike' being when he had stated "wierd", when finding out I was single. Alright ? As much as I knew about ones projection, I already knew more than I wanted. A woman knows when someone is bull-shitting. She can feel it.  Yet, I had already showered after my gym workout and applied my eco-friendly make-up, while drying my hair. I could just taste the Tortilla Soup and The Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake ...

By the time he decides to take one of two offered options; pick up the food and bring it over to my place, or go out and to eat at Radha, which stays open later, he was on his way to '3 strikes and you'r out". This time he had an urgent telephone call from his brother who was seemingly stranded in the tunnel, out of town, way past bed time. Of course, he was willing and able to come over after the 'big rear-ender". Even though he had already asked; " Is your son going to be home?" How many "strikes out" are there, in this game? Funny, how when I wisely suggested he pick up a 'to go' order, on his way over, all of the sudden it was going to be too late. "A rain-check" he hopes. What does he think this is, Candian Tire or K Mart? Go fish ...


So, I gladly stayed home, upon one more date-less Friday night in the Olympic Village of Vancouver. Instead of a living a lie, I gently kissed the lips of love and drank freshly pressed carrot, beet, celery, parsley, garlic and ginger juice, as kindly presented by my loving son.

 One more sure and delicious bet!


  1. And, I didn't.


    Couldn't resist ...

    Thanks for your thoughtful words and allowing me to make a whold new word-play ... do the sexy twist!


    Always Special K