Thursday, October 28, 2010

Basking In My Bikini

You can condemn me

basking in my bikini

You can slander me

leaning against a tree

You can defile me

judgements to decree

You can defame me

on your hating spree

You can evict me

with legal decree

You can fear me

too blind to see

You can hate me

light unto thee

You can find me

laughing with glee

You can read me

writing gracefully

You can want me

boundaries not be

You can wish me

blessed to be free.

Katherine Marion


That young gamer, who just happens to attend his "school of higher learning, " called "University," has given notice and moves out at months end. Out of the suite below, where the crystal-meth lab used to be ... before he moved in. The reason R finally left, was not caused by discovery of the colorful history of his downstairs suite. It was supposedly and surely due to the un-likes of me; the older woman - maybe even a "milf," who seemingly made his life impossible. Especially the fact that he wanted me evicted, due to wearing my bikini - maybe he wanted to - on the front lawn. The landlord who always professes to "really like" me, told him that he would see if he could get us all "banned from the front lawn." Legally, these hopes .. did not pan out. Shame. The lawn looked better with all my pretty flowers and loving light that I chose to shower upon all.

Now, the only person who wants me evicted, is M. Surely not her young 8 year young son, whom we were repeately warned not to even speak to. In our small 8 suite building, this can be a tough task. Especially during the summer months, when C was enjoying his summer holidays, at home. Thus, our crime - being kind. And, her unrequited fear ... that we will take her child!

Of couse, we have looked after and loved M's little sweetheart, even after, she requested we be evicted for our loving sins. Most conveniently, when she needed to go out for the night. Another evening, when she stayed home and came ot our door sobbing, on 3 different occassions. I reminded her, " I want you to rest. Please go to bed, sweetheart." Her only reply, " How could you love me?"

I have become quite the empath. If it were not for the pain inflicted upon me, all of my loving life, I would not be quite the quittisential wounded healer. Sadly, I have learned from the mistakes of others, more than from my own ... whatever they might be. Possible far too little discernment in choosing my 'friends,' or what they profess to be, when reaching out for me, initially.

Every bump and bruise is worth its weight in golden Goddess!

Interestingly, my landlord called me today. It wasn't to ask about the health of the rat that visited, last month. It wasn't to tell me to "bike safely." Or, sternly warn me not to ... This time, the male who evicted me, on slanderous charges alone, requested that I comply with his posponement of our Tenancy teleconference, next month. I laughingly asked him, "What will happen if I don't agree?" All S could say, was " Well, things will get worse for you."

Some might ask, " Is that a promise or a threat?"

And, here I am being so kind .. not too mention names here. Merely to protect the guilty.

I just wonder, why should it potentially cost someone their home and safety, because they look good in a bikini, at age 50?

Oh, not to mention that I have went somewhat public on our plight for the past maany months; writing a column in and speaking my voice on

Whatever they are afraid of .. their secrets are safe with me.

Just allow us to live our loving lives.

And, one day, they may choose to look upon their fears .. and squash them. Rather than attempting to do the insanest same with magical me and mine.

Blessings to the broken-hearted,


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