Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If You Don't Like What You See In The Mirror ... Then, Change Yourself! I AM FOREVER STRONG AND TRANSCENDING ALL ... Supernaturally, SPECIAL k

Self portrait; captured this Tuesday, May 24th.  After A Healing Bath and Before
a  Much Needed Bike-Ride for Rawsome Veggies, Hemp and Raw Chocolate!

SUPERNATURAL NEWS FLASH               Wednesday, MAY 25th, 2011

 The current state of unconscious affairs in this wounded world; 

My very famous and most popular  youtube channel, "Voted 6 Most Viewed Director in Canada" - this past Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 - was officially 'taken down,' later the same insane day!

I can only help mourn for the 494 videos, that cost me 4 years of my loving life. Filming, uploading, commenting upon and more .. Sad.

Well, who says this online life is even "real?"

How many are even aware of what reality truly is, in this congested, fearful global gobblity geek, where a little Goddess-sent 'cheek' is taken as something to target one single, homeschooling Mom, over and over and over.

If there was anything i would ever admit to 'hating,' it would only be "HYPOCRICY."

Simply due to thousands of inhumane crotch-croaches coming in to infiltrate my consciousness-raising site. Multitudes of emasculated young males, jealous of the close bond between my beautiful 15 year old homeschooling boy and I. 

Crazy kids - online trolls - threatening to rape and kill me. After I called the police, last night, these insane threats were mysteriously removed ...? Yet, the rest of the rot is virtually left to unrest.

Go to:

Post your positive comments and send us your love and moral support.

Those frothing he-hyena's who initially found me, online, thanks to www.ToshO.comfeaturing my now defunk "Dancing Naked In The Rain" video,  will no longer be able to linger and lust over me, as they once so lovelessly did, and wish they still could.  Many months ago, initially congregating in unconscious conspiracy, to my youtube channels, to complain, convolute, contrive and connive. Until, thousands of threads of vileness are  woven and read and venomously spread, on www.  Even one more dark dungeon; has hundreds of disgusting details that are far from true, spinning on a no-win tail spin to hell. No more.

All my beautiful channels, that i began creating, just before my Mommy's death, over 4 years ago, are gone! 

And, probably more .. that i am not able to recall at this tiring moment in maddening man-made time.

Thousands of hours were divinely donated -  kindly responding to every single comment and email, on my many youtube accounts. Sadly, many people are very miserable and love to take out their rage on this rawstruck regenerator of youth, joy and hope. Even to those treacherous many, I held them in compassion and covered them in light.

I have paid a heavy penalty and price for sharing my luscious life with so many tortured souls on the internet. Courage is not a large focus for many mad minds.  A happy heart is not what beats inside of most savages whom only hope to laugh at the ravages they ache to leave behind. A very unfortunate day, indeed. Many caustic deeds have been done unto my innocent child and I. And all anyone can do is point fingers, tear down beauty. And, put up more wicked walls .. in hope of keeping out the light. 

Well, just as brilliant green life-giving grass continues to grow through and between the broken cracks in faulty cement sidewalks. Bubble-gum cannot contain megatons of magical water from pouring through a weak and broken-down barricade. Eventually the truth will be heard, seen and touched, and looked-upon, again. 

Now that my ingenious son has started his own brilliant comeback of a telling, who knows ...?

We must all speak out truth and live our lives as we so choose and find fit and worthy and wise.

Even if a un-wholesome lot of rotters who are hoping to string up the next Good Witch, find it an atrocity. 

Then, even the more reason. 

When did being a gorgeous Goddess, give anyone the right to threaten, extort, blackmail, black-ball, trespass against, repeatedly violate, and pillage a pure and precious person to this disenchanting extent?

Yet, mostly - how do you think it feels for my shining Son; knowing that malicious minds and sunken spirits are allowed to hurt and continually harass him and his one and only blessed Mother?

May everyone who is worth the salt of this swollen, beaten up, dishonoured Earth, that we all share: please make their magical way to  to Kaelin's brilliant rebuttal of a newly created Causes page: 

Speak your voice in the kindest manner and allow your heart to heal that which has been bruised and broken. 

Now, it is your turn to stand up and do what is good, right and hallowed.

Bless you.

Grateful Goddess,




As originally written in NOTES section on my account. Thanks.


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  2. I feel sad for you Supernatural woman, we need more people like you on this earth, those who spread love and embrace nature. I am glad you aren't upset because some people on the internet do not understand your lifestyle.

    I want to let you know that I fully support your and Kaelin's endeavour to make the world a better place. If there is absolutely anything I can help you with, please do let me know.

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  6. Firstly, thank you, dearest Orsen - for your absolute empathy and offers of support. Bless you.

    Next, if any one you, wish to find some sort of a forum of my pretty pages that i so generously offer, then you shall be decent in manner and language, or i shall be obliged to delete your un-called fro rude comments and block you from any type of participation or discussion, whatsoever.

    And the only reason i have not responded to some of any or all of the accusation on this modern day witch hunt, is surely because you absurd accusations are unfounded and based on him/heresay.

    Do you know how much energy it takes to open up my laptop, nowadays? And, instead of a n outpouring of appreciation mostly what i am receiving is a bilious backlash?

    Mainly though, how do you think it feels for my precious son to hear, read and feel the force of all this negative energy, aimed at his his mother - the target?

    Go and save puppies, seals, pussycats and endangered species that need saving.

    As Kaelin so succinctly states on his new channel, " I do not need to be saved."

    Jesus already died on a cross for your sins, sinner.

    joan of Arc - burned at the stake, for the ignorance of mere mortal men.

    Why do you not create something magical out of your life, rather than enshroud others in your own lack of enthusiasm and dismay, concerning the life you have not yet and may never create, with this unkind of attitude toward a few of us whom have striven and are able to lay claim to some sort of inner success ?

    This is real glory.


    Please do not have group discussions on my space. Thanks

    You have already mis-created your page on facebook. where even my young teenager read the threats of rape and murder.

    Very impressive.

    Do your dirt on your own toughened-up turf..

    "if you don't have something nice to say ... " Didn't your parents teach you that much?

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  8. I believe that i was attempting to clean up my pretty pages and i have the right to clean up foul air if it begins to reek.

    This is my sacred space and if you choose to disagree, then take 'it' elsewhere ..

    Maybe create a " I am Sam. Hear my slam .. Page, on facebook"

    Your welcome.

    special K

  9. God you guys, leave her alone! Think of all the poor, endangered pussycats you could be saving right now! You horny sexist trolls!

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  11. To the female named Samn who keeps harassing me; You wast my precious Goddess-sent energies with your misplaced sexual angst and perverted sense of self importance and perverse morality issues.

    Pansweredead , you said it .. right! "Horny sexiest trolls."

    And Goddess Katherine simply states; "Go away those with hate in their heart and no positive energy to share. You really are not here and never were even , there!



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  14. Katherine is right, this is her space not a public forum. If you don't like her or her ideals you really should take it somewhere else. Let her live as she wants and I'm sure she will do the same for you. Super you should try Vimeo for your videos, the culture there is more geared towards Art and Intellectual freedom rather than Censorship and Fear.


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  16. Samm, this is her 'house'. You understand now? You cannot go to a friends house, take a crap on the front porch, and then expect them to like it.

    The simple fact is she can post whatever she likes here without your or any one else's permission. You point out she takes off her clothes, so what? How does that effect your life personally? Think about it.

    If you wish to be heard and control content, create a blog of your own. No one here will stop you. If you can't do at least that much you have no right to complain.

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  18. BBKing,

    Thanks, i suppose. Appreciated the first comment, wisely suggesting that you leave me in my 'own home' and supernatural forum.

    Your second comment, you suggested that She-Wolf create a bullying blog or mis-create her own hate-mongering magistrate , online. I am not so sure if you are a supporter or simply, just having fun being an observer and see me as a curiosity.

    The only reason that i am occasionally responding is to further understand, communicate and document.

    Goddess Great,

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