Monday, September 7, 2009

Goddess With The Blue Dress On!

        Goddess With The Blue Dress On

         Dancing a song before unsung

           Long legs deftly grooving
         Slim hips marvelously moving

        Owning her power; hard won

        Dancing a song before unsung

       Firm breast's sweetly swaying 
         Open lips gently playing

       Owning her power; hard won

        Dancing a song before unsung

          Sexy stiletto's stepping
       Inner  passion un-forgetting

       Owning her power; hard won

       Dancing a song before unsung

           Sultry Diva out to play
            Bombshell with a say

      Owning her power; hard won

           Katherine Marion

     P.S.  May you enjoy my pretty 

             I am!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shining Mirror: I Wish I Could Give Birth To Puppies!

Sun rising over a vast horizon. Freshly washed blackberries on the prickly vine. Mud puddles fit for a fine pair of Goddess-sent galoshes. A lovely young girl and her puppy. Firefly found in shock on the pavement. Nature's gifts sent unto me, upon this fine September morn. A happier face ... no winged Angel could have worn!

A Daddy and a Daughter - furry mates forever; loudly bark from the back of an old beat-up truck. "I am going to get a real life!", I exclaim aloud, before I follow the lead ... May the universe be made fully aware: "Siberian Huskies don't bark". That's what Pappa Human told me, as we discussed his Bear-like furry friends. All I know is that we all need to be where we are most happy. I 'd sure be a heck of a lot happier, being found,  where I am not hiding a dog's inborn howl!

 I have been a city girl for close to a sensory numbing 3 decades! Yet, my northern roots still call out to blessed me. Every time I walk in sweet splendour of the wild outdoors, I am faithfully reminded of what I pretend so well that I don't miss. It is my total devotion to my son, that has brought back all that vivid imagery ... Wanting the best for this sacred soul. Knowing he needs a four-legged creature to confide in and care for. Unconditional love to carefully guide him. Thus, I begin to remember the little gal who still lives locked inside of me ...

Every day I ensure my son gets his daily allotment of fresh air, natural light , and the faithful outdoors. So many friends ... Playtime for hours. Yet, do I offer myself the same? When was the last time I jumped in the seemingly clear wetness of a puddle I could easily jump across? Why were the last puppies I witnessed; shortly after their birth ... viewed from a distance, even as a wee girl of 8 or 9? Where has my innocence gone? A blueberry still tastes like my #1 song. Yet, how often do I really sing?

A celebration is how I choose to live my life. A raindrop is conscious cause for a huge commotion. Thunder is a welcoming explosion; as confirmed by my son's recent to full moon, groans and moans of awe. The rainbow I walked under the other early eve, still sits in my mind's face, as room for re-union with my smiley place. Some men may attempt to walk on water. I shall keep my emptied head in the fluffy clouds and my moistened feet firmly planted. As long and forever as seeds of expression can keep my world from depression, I shall keep sowing. And,  my beyond well meant love-sent words  ... may they keep WOWING ....!!!!

Inspired and Desiring,