Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes M y Little Girl Gets Really Hurt

                                 Sometimes my little girl gets really hurt
                                 she feels as if her heart shall surely break
                                 had more pain than anybody could take
                                 reason why she keeps doing 'their work'

                                 Sometimes my little girl sobs in total pain
                                 she feels as if her life doesn't matter, at all
                                 often she thinks, this could be her 'last fall'
                                 then she remember to get back up, again

                                 Sometimes my little girl is left all by herself
                                 she feels that no one cares if she's still alive
                                 selfish people; said: " I love you," and lied
                                 as if she's some broken doll on their shelf

                                 Sometimes my little girl feels so much love
                                 she believes that she is all that ever mattered
                                  wisdom known by soul's; long battered
                                 caresses come from purest Angels; above!

                                  Katherine Marion

                              Just like when my dad passed away, and one night,
                              I was laying upon my  bed ; I saw a brightening ..
                              The most incredible connection ...
                              like a light outside of me, had become brighter ...

                            This time.. same feeling
                             as i see my own shadow.. whilst writing
                             Fro the moon has opened up her arms to hold me
                             I see her looking, ever lovingly
                             from her perch .. outside my window

                             My Mother is here
                             and she spft;u tells me; " Go to bed, Katherine."
                             An,d i do


Sunday, February 24, 2013

In front of Deer, God, and all.....

Edward 'the runt'' from a litter of 8 is 11 months young and knows how to get attention; when it comes

                                                             At the top of his little  lungs
                                                             in front of Deer, 'God' and all
                                                             black, furry beauty does bawl ....

                                                             From the bottom of his happy heart
                                                             in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                             Edward is here, for the 'long haul'

                                                             Enchanted forest loves this beast
                                                             in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                             he doesn't seem to stand, that tall ..

                                                            Outside in Mother Nature's terrain
                                                            in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                            'runt of the litter; nary seen as small

                                                           Within framework of web of this life
                                                           in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                          ' 'Giant,' to this creature, is gonna crawl ..

                                                           Without reverence; there be no light
                                                            in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                            only to 'hit' one hard to drop - wall .

                                                           Before ;time' there was pure energy
                                                           in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                           every being thrives; silent and small

                                                           After puppies have impassioned play
                                                           in front of Deer, God, and all
                                                           Even  Gingas Khan can seem a doll!!!

                                                          Katherine Marion


                                                         Some people go to the bottle or blackjack
                                                         table ..
                                                         I go into the woods!!!

                                                         This is where truth talks
                                                          a pure place where puppies run
                                                          as do single Mom's ...
                                                          without their shining Son.

                                                          We spent 1 1/2 hours, outside, today.
                                                          Stopping to find leashes i left in the bushes
                                                          that leaves - pardon the pun- a loota green
                                                          space to cover ...
                                                          Found them - of course.
                                                          the minute it no longer mattered.

                                                          Post Trauma .. of having a woman come
                                                          to my door and make fear-based threats ..
                                                         One of our best doggone days .. yet!!!!!!!
                                                         Furlesss Momma K

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look into my Eyes ...

Thelma wants to 'win m hand, ' sooooo badly!
This magical morn on Gabriola Island, we played in the light of a promising new afternoon, dug fresh dirt, and connected with the divine!!!
Sublime ...

My Son's Self Mutilation

My Son's""Self Mutilation"

i AM

of covering up ..
for others

there not ..
more Mothers

raising their Sons'
to Be
special someONE's?

No wonder
i rarely sleep
at night

for what i shall face
in the mindless morn
on a planet that has sworn
off of all innocence
and real

Well, this Goddess
is gonna

no matter what the cost
or sleep lost

Hope lays embossed
upon my broken-hearts' writing surface

Sails tossed ..
and torn

old clothes worn
upside-down smiles ..

one more sheep
sadly ..shorn

This "Amazing Mommy"
is none to soon
to really ... blow ..
her horn!!!!

Katherine Marion


Goddess, i could write all night.
Yet, seeing that it is closing in on 5 am and Puppy Love .. awaits one Shining Star .. who has dropped down, momentarily to this wounded world .. to do some real, challenging 'work."

When, all She really wants to do ..
Hug her child!!!!

WoMAN Kind


This .. is in direct and divine response .. to a reply from "Flower' who left a very deep message on a recent post on this female heroine's blog.

Blessings to all of the boys on this planet who are pushed to be 'less than men.'
special K

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Much Pain til You Drop?

                                            How much pain til ya pop?
                                        have you watched a body drop?              

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    with all that blood, shall we use a mop?i
                                          How much pain til you drop?
                                        how sinister is your seeds crop?

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    know why you consider your life a flop?                            

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    can crying, really  make you a silly sop?

                                        How much pain til you drop?,
                                     oh, wouldn't be nice to simply shop?

                                        H ow much pain til you drop?
                                     aren't you tired of that 'same old'  slop?

                                       How much pain til you rutop?
                                 most who hit bottom  .. never reach the top!!!

                                    Katherine Marion

                                  A life that is not lived to help others...
                                  points to one who is  barely alive!

                                  I see death camps .. all a.und me
                                  fools .. following .. aimlessly

                                 Your lost ..
                                 until you set yourself FREE ....!!!!!




It's Not What's Done Unto You .. It's That You Undo ...

                                                 It's not what's done unto you
                                                       It's that you undo ....

                                                  Yes, life can seem so cruel
                                                staying 'stuck' is to be the fool        

                                                  Lost in pain's drowning  pool
                                                  Emotional Intelligence; a tool

                                                 Allow 'lessons' to be 'school'
                                                  never other's; abuse;s to rule

                                                  Its' not what's done unto you
                                                       It's that you undo ...
                                                   Want to know 'this' is true?
                                                   pinch yourself til your blue

                                                   Does pain feel good to you?
                                                   feelings can be King's jewel

                                                  Unconsciousness is not cool
                                                   ride ..never be; ass or mule!

                                                   Katherine Marion

                                                    Every single, stink'n strand of broken
                                                    thread .. or pulled hair . is a gift!

                                                    Whatever it is .. we asked for it.
                                                     Deciding to make it go away ..
                                                     Or allowing 'it' to stay
                                                     We are the player
                                                      Or the 'played'

                                                      Might as well have fun
                                                      and Play
                                                      Or, be slayed

                                                     only one person is gonna pay ..



I Did it .. then.. and I'll "Do It," again!!

My teenage niece: /Roxanne aka '/Foxy Roxy' visiting my HOT web TV /show on W.Georgia Street,
Vancouver, B.C.  -  11 years or so, ago


Monday, February 18, 2013

Pure Love

King Kaelin and Thelma at home on Gabriolz Island
                                                       Pure love may sleep at night
                                                       awakening to morning alight

                                                       Pure Love plays ever bright
                                                       Pure Love says never fight

                                                       Pure Love always feels right
                                                       Pure Love erases any fright

                                                       Pure Love allows in the light
                                                       Pure Love offers fresh insight

                                                      Pure Love does not take flight
                                                      Pure Love sits sweet and tight

                                                      Pure Love leaves nary a bite
                                                      Pure Love; deliverer of delight

                                                      Pure Love has no need to gripe
                                                      Pure Love has no hoopla or hype

                                                     Pure Love isn't 'Black or White"
                                                     Pure Love believes it just might ...
                                                     Katherine Marion

                                                    After a communal sleep in front of the
                                                    cozy fireplace, King Kaelin awakens

                                                    Hugging his  loving 'bitch,' who loves
                                                    him with her wide open eyes.

                                                    What warmer welcome would any
                                                    healing heart, wish to open up to ...?
                                                    Love Furless Momma K

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Males can Be so Cruel

Me, at my most  threatening . ... Imagine hat?
If only truly grateful  Goddess' smiles  could kill  ...!.
                                                 Some males can be so cruel
                                                         to be this mean
                                             must'a majored' in ignoramus school?

                                                 How did Mother's raise this?
                                                       of tartest vinegar
                                                  is  his most  unmanly piss

                                                 All i did was order a juice
                                                         and paid the price
                                                littlest  man; of  sorry excuse

                                               Energetic rape at saddest best
                                                         to hurt a woman
                                                you've already failed life's' test
                                                     Katherine Marion


                                                Since i have been here.. i have had
                                            a bad rash ..of dehumanizing 'hit's' by
                                            males who need to stop blaming Women
                                            for theri woes.

                                             Owning my power,
                                            Very special K

                                               Happy  VDay - Eve!!!!

A Dancer's body

My 'main man' and bedtime squeeze, Edward, awaits my attention. No, this has nothing to do with him .. merely my balls!
Raw and Real and as deliciously nutritious as ever!
Self Portrait - Sun, Feb 10th, 2013 - after  a 6 am wake-up. rebounding session, and healing bath. Before a 3 hr yoga session and singing class. Not to mention, mini power bike ride. Every day .. needs to be . . as this!!
                                                             A Dancer's body
                                                               mine shall be
                                                               lean and lithe
                                                              strong and free

                                                             A Dancer's body
                                                                looks to me
                                                                trim and tone
                                                              isn't lovely She?

                                                             A Dancer's body
                                                                is sensuality
                                                                pure magic
                                                             from head to knee

                                                             A Dancers' body
                                                                solid ground
                                                              bold as beauty be!

                                                             Katherine Marion


                                                        Sometimes the sweetheart  
                                                     girl inside of this 53 year youthful
                                                     Woman .. just loves to speak
                                                     freely ...

                                                     Happy V Day to all the other gals
                                                     and ME!            

I was Made This Way

                                                      I was made this way
                                                       strong and supple
                                                    meant to prance and play

                                                       I was made this way
                                                           soft and firm
                                                       meant to have my say

                                                        I was made this way
                                                           bold and brave
                                                        meant to face the day

                                                        I was made this way
                                                            tender and true
                                                       meant to be loved by you! y

                                                          Katherine Marion


                                                    I was just thinking how it seemed I
                                                    far more accepted than i am here, on
                                                    this wee and wonderful island.

                                                    Now, i understand, " it is just a
                                                    microcosm of this world. " as one
                                                    lovely new neighbor Woman, so
                                                    kindly 'excused it.'

                                                    I am referring to the brutal energy
                                                    running through some people.
                                                    Imagine a world of " tolerance."
                                                    Now, that's a happy Woman.!

                                                     Interesting how the more real I
                                                     have yearned to become .. the
                                                     more unreal the world has begun ..
                                                     to so un-beautifully be!

                                                    Leave the beasts.
                                                     I will stick with magical Me!


                                                    How many are truly loved for ..
                                                    This fabulous fawn that came over
                                                    to eat some fresh carrots form
                                                    Good Earth Garden Center, here on
                                                    this "Island of Healing," is.
                                                     I wonder if it is sad .. that the highest
                                                     point in a powerful Woman's day,
                                                    is when she captured the innocence
                                                    found within Mother Natures ever
                                                     loving hand?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Angel's gonna tell .. til earthly 'devils' burn in hell

In a World of Wounded Men

This is the boy I am raising to be a 'REAl MAN' in an unreal world.  No matter what it takes .. Or, who attempts to falsely lay unconscious claim to handsome healer - him. This sacred seed is made of my fabulous of moral fibre - in deed. Mine own .. 'flesh and blood.' No one ... for too treacherously long ..will take what is not their's. And never was and will BE. No matter what snares and mibegotten webs .. they woefully weaave. For soaring spirits and sweetest souls .. always come back from misfortunes' .. forth. For they do .. divinely BELIEVE.
 pic taken 2 weeks ago, at Gabriola Ferry Terminal
                                                              In a world of wounded men
                                                              what does beloved Mother  do..

                                                              In a world of wounded men
                                                              how can her  blessed boy, win ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             where do boys believe in  ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             who is loser .. leader of follower's ..

                                                              In o wrld of wounded men
                                                              why is a Woman so undervalued ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             when does a Real Man come to help ..

                                                           Belieivng in a higher order,

                                                           Katherine Marion

                                                         Not 'disorder' or others giving One - masses
                                                         massive 'orders.'
                                                          I live by divine and devoted decree.

                                                         Ths be beauties .. blessing; Goddess gave
                                                          unto magical Me!

                                                          That is why You are part of Me.

                                                          Together is all - as within never wondering
                                                           or wnadering and ever hopeful WE!!!!


"Beggars can not be Choosers?"

After vomiting 10x in 45 minustes, 2 weeks ago - thanks to stressors' beyond belief; in this 'new life.' If it wasn't for my child wrapping his sweet self around me, i do not kkow what this tired-out person and negleced heart .. would do!
Thank you, King Kaelin for beng yourself and the 'rest' - shelving, for a brief and loving while. This .. alone, makes this Mothers hopeful heart .. smile!


                                                     Seems that we woeful beggars
                                                      not of those chosen choosers
                                                      Seen as merely irksome losers
                                                      due to life-threateng abusers

                                                      Those who harshly deceives
                                                      will oneday assuredly;leave

                                                      People without real passion
                                                      do not know how to receive

                                                      Power is not to give or take            
                                                      heart's create to never forsake
                                                      Being bssy is not valid excuse
                                                      kindest others; yee shall lose

                                                      A will to live; dies first, within
                                                      helpers hinder in  personal sin

                                                      Giving does not cost any, at all
                                                      Moral fiber; made - standing  tall

                                                       Turned head; as if you can't see
                                                       missing out on the essential me

                                                       Daughter, Mother, Sister, Aunt
                                                       Cousin, Niece; always "Can't"

                                                       I have turned my life inside out
                                                       to understand what it's all about

                                                        Saddens my heart; feeling lies
                                                        until one's hope; finally dies

                                                        Wiping up pup pee, this evening
                                                         I saw myself, this earth - leaving

                                                        No one moaned or cried for me
                                                         only things the selfish can see

                                                         Are riches attained - materially
                                                         someone with love; materanlly

                                                         Viewed without light; insantiy
                                                          darkness breeds imoral majority!

                                                         Katherine Marion



                                                          I 'saw' all of this .. at 16 and 17. 
                                                          Even wriiting in my peronal journals'
                                                          of my innate knowledge ...

                                                         "Dont' ever change, Kathy," is one
                                                           person's voice ... I still, often hear .

                                                          Just some guy who paid me well,
                                                          to paint his cupboards. Giving me
                                                          $50.00's during the 70's to copyright
                                                          my rhymatic pentameter, which i used
                                                          to recite;on a regular basis, on a local
                                                          Chilliwack  Cable show: Pause for Poetry,:
                                                          with Chris Christian.

                                                          One day i hope to thank him for freely
                                                          bestowing that ultimate gift - his wisdom
                                                          to truly 'see' me.

                                                          I moved from a big city , after 30 years
                                                          of pretending to myself. Hopping over
                                                          one island to live on another 'friendlier'
                                                          place. I am isolated, not by virtue of
                                                          geography or even insanity. Simply put,
                                                          those who wish to call themselves - closest
                                                          to me.... have chosen to disregard and harbour
                                                          unreal grudges against me.

                                                         Even my own beloved son; this "Amazing
                                                         Mommy" is allowed to rarely see. Due to a
                                                         delinquent , 'deadbeat dad' who is so mad
                                                         at Women; as in "WE" - that he takes out
                                                         his woeful wrath - upon ME.
                                                         My once so rising - Son; blindfolded by
                                                         berserk hormones of puberty. is told; "You
                                                         have a choice." He knows not that others
                                                         with sins against their own Mothers' wish
                                                          him, his own .. to dishonorably disown.

                                                          And he pretty has; due to dirty dealings ...
                                                          and healings .. yet to take place. I am
                                                           tired of being hurt and lookie loos' looking
                                                          in .. All i want is a long overdue hug and real
                                                          kindness from Him.
                                                          Those who allow pain to be a part of their
                                                          daily lives - die as they cheat on their wives.
                                                          Offerning consdolensces; whilst tucking 
                                                         in their f--ng dirty shirts that never fit in the .
                                                         first place.  What loviing Mother wants to look 
                                                          into a liars pretending face?

                                                          My son chose to shine upon me for a long
                                                          and blessed time. Until mental torture ..
                                                          that did intertwine .. thanks to others who
                                                          fell prey to envy of our innocent love.
                                                          Leading to "push follows shove" No Angel
                                                          from above .. in having her heavenly say,
                                                          would ever condone what has been done
                                                          Yet no mattter what, no one can destroy
                                                         edternal love - between Blessed Mother
                                                          and soon to be rising .. Son!

                                                           I was going to end this with :

                                                         "Good thing i live on an Island that is an
                                                          ancient burial ground for the Indian's dead."
                                                          Instead, i let it go ..

                                                         Yet, that not not absolve me of my responsibiltiy
                                                          to "tell the truth,"- for " as long as I shall live."

                                                          Love from one Goddess - dying to be heard .. in
                                                          a world of wounded ME-N.