Sunday, January 27, 2013

Innocent Mother and Child

King Kaelin - in captivity - kept in a foster home - at age 8 - during a ''visit' with his beloved Mom

Mother and Child
never in captivity 

left alone 
to be 

Mother and Child
never in captivity

left alone 
to live

Mother and Child
never in captivity

left alone
to love

Mother and Child
never in captivity

leftt alone 
to feel

Katherine Marion 


This photo of my beautiful boy at age 8, was taken by Bruce; one off the 4  MCFD supervisor's paid to supervise our 2 and later .. 3 times per week visits - of 2  to 3 hrs per heart-breaking sesson.

This particular pretty picture was shot  on Jan 7th, 2005, at the local Broadway office of the Ministry of  Dis-enfranchiesed Children and broken-up Families, that has become a f .. 'e up franchise . unto its' underprveleged own!!!

Only those who have suffered at the hands . of /B.S. bureaucracy .. can clearly see that the self serving government serves itself .. first and formostly. 

Who suffers - forever?
The child. 

The mother will die off .. earlier

And, the pain shall linger .. forever. 
in the hopeless hearts 
of those 
who did 

Everything to me,
momma K

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Call me 'Stick Woman'

Thelma readying to pounce on her baby brother in order to get that Stick!!!

I can honestly say
there no longer is a 
whee i may
a little play
a whole lotta laughter!

Doggone what may ...
come at me in the hereafter
be that telling time
that I need to go after

Puppies chase a dirty stick
never  worrying over wet fur
or giving a lick
to be sure
of what not is
as long as they have
face to gladly kissd

Dogs llive in the now
right here
none other
for me
Big sis; Thelma
her beaitiful brother!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes i think of how little time .. these pupps will have on this planet.
Yet, mostly, i am ever grateful that for this allotted space in 'human years' i am allowed
to love them and stroke their up-turned ears!!!


Silly capturing .. sanapped by Rusty, my neighbor, a couple of weeks ago, when the rains had somewhat ceased, cold air stood still, and we danced in the chill .. near Silva Baby on Gabriola Island.
Our new home.



                                                        is when a heart can still open
                                                            after it's been shut down

                                                         knows no boudaries or borderss
                                                              fresh as a brand new day

                                                        feels warmth and responds in kind             
                                                          no matter; coldness; left behind
                                                         shares joy by just being with itself
                                                            Boy of Love; be beyond wealth!

                                                          Katherine Marion
                                                         A good way .. to alm neself...
                                                         Take a look at what brings us Peace
                                                          and focus .. on Love.

                                                         A week  or so, ago, Kaelin built this
                                                         fire at our home on Gabriola Island.

                                                         A look .. like this.. can make a person
                                                         live .. a lifetime.

                                                         Thanks for allowing my healing light ...t
                                                         to forever shine ..Kaelin.

                                                         Love is the only way through ...
                                                          To you.

                                                        Love Me - Your "Amazing Mommy"



Friday, January 18, 2013

She Wears It .. Well, So what the Hell!

She wears it well.. so what the hell!
others carry on as if carrying some church bell
that they ring..
while other sing...
ding a ling, ling

She wears it well, so what the hell!
one Goddess; a whole lotta truth, does foretell
forget everything
prayer on wing
rare as Miing

She wears it well, so what the hell!
join her joy; allow her to fill emptied shell
light to bring
love's last fling
ting, ting, ting

She wears it well, so what the hell!
lose yourself; replenished by her wonder's well ...
divine dancing
wounds to wring
powers; owning!

Katherine Marion


Well, time to pick my 16 year young sweetest soul and womb-mate up from the Gabriola Ferry.

Nothing like a walk under a pregnant Mother Moon, after our 2 - 10 month old Lab puppies come to
give furry kisses, before good for everything and furless momma K goes into the night air to set alive more loe here and everywhere ..!!!!

pic taken on my recent Jan 5th b day.
I am
special K

Always Wear White on a Winter's Day

Always wear white on a winter's day
warm your chills .. away

Always wear white on a winter's day
get a little wild and play...

Always wear white on a winter's day
rivals will wilt; nary to stay

Always wear white on a winter's day
sunshine out of all that is gray

Always wear white on a winter's day
never care what others say ..

Always wear white on a winter's day
upon wooden planks; yours .. to lay

Always wear white on a winter's day
find new strength to give away...

Always wear white on a winter's day
celebrating your ... 53rd birthday!!!

Katherine Marion

Shot on my b day, this Jan 5th.
Accepting gifts, as well.
So what the hell .. since it is ... on
Earth. Creating a little merriment
and mirth .. is always worth ..

A Supernatural second .. to share.
So, dare ..
Let's see you out there .. in zero
temperatures and close enough
to butt bare!

What's a Goddess got to lose ..?
Not much that hasn't been taken,

What i can give myself - is a brief respite
from others.. personal war's waging ..
Why not try having fun .. rather than
projecting your pain and raging!

Enjoy my outdoor example of poise..
under fire.

Shot on Jan 5th

Love with all my healing heart's desire,
special K everyday

Don't You Love the Color; Blue?

Don't you love the color; blue?
this one .. is just for you ...

Don't you love the color; blue?
feel my heart - tried and true

Don't you love the color; blue?
backdrop for a Goddess,too

Don't you love the color; blue?
no workouts for a month or two

Don't you love the color; blue?
black lingerie; slightly see-through

Don't you love the color; blue?
Women such as Me; very few

Don't you love the color; blue?
making love to herself- in the loo

Don't you love the color; blue?
on her birthday; one year -past 52!

Katherine Marion

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Grateful Goddess K


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The way ... you see ME

The way
see me

no safe
to be

look up
3rd eye

drop that
dull lie

bless me

gave you
one key

go now
to fly

your 'it'

Katherine Marion


Oh, feel another ..l coming on ...
Besides, anyone is able to figure
out that I am, simply, refering to
my far from divine detractoir's ...

Rather than create their own
soap-box the often tiresome task
is delegated to me.

Sorting through desecrating debris..
I only get closer to my own truth
Allowing at lesast .. ONE of us, to
be FEEE.



Friday, January 4, 2013

The Trees Know My Name

The trees know my name.
always there for me
Never pointing to shame
Wish i were a tree

The sunshinec slimbs deep
into innermost me
Not to say a dirty peep
If i were that free....

The rain washes my fears
away, to find me
peace is what love hears
trtuth can always see

The forest heals my heart
protecting me
balnket for wounded part
Wsih i were a tree

Katherine Marion

Today, the day before ..
my biirthday.
Inside again, almost all day ..Even though, for an hour, outdoors, in the
spacious backyard,, Puppy Love, and I
did purposely play.

And, now after a cry and feeling I
could 'just die,' I briefly close the
wound in my heart ..

For my once so shinng Son
has just called me up. to tell
me; But it's soooo far," over
and over, again.

This is my punishment from
a 'dad' that did not call, for years
.. and now, has the broken-balls
to cause these tears ...

For dear daddy, told me,
recently, when he was
'frunk as punch' - I know
about those .. too -
" Now, you know
what it feels like .. Katherine."

His only claim to fame.. he does

This is insane.

Not I
I may cry

And, i may hurt
Yet never to hurt another
not my son
even ssiter
nor brother

For i am - above all else
The One

Blessed Mother!

Katherine in Goddess-lent Glory

I am the Mother

I am the Mother
made to hurt
harshly maligned

I am the Mother
sent far away
unjustly defined

I am the Mother
seeing truth
divinely aligned

I am the Mother
raw and real
mission; outlined

I am the Mother
once adored
with face unlined

I am the Mother
true to heart
love letter signed

I am the Mother
saving grace
lies cannot find

I am the Mother
the blessed
magical mind

I am the Mother
split open
soul undermned

I am the Mother
uncaring crime

I am the Mother
left alone
doing the 'time'

I am the Mother
of light
always to shine

I am the Mother
seeing eyes
truth untimed

I am the Mother
wise to them
who are blind

I am the Mother
beyond kind

I am the Mother
no other
you left behind!

Katherine Marion