Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Force of Nature - I captured this miracle while walking ...

The Force of Nature


where you try and take her

The Force of Nature


if you hurt or shake her

The Force of Nature


those who underestimate her

The Force of Nature


upon them that placate her

The Force of Nature


allows no one to forsake her

The Force of Nature


 sending back to maker.

Katherine Marion


Just as water must freeze and melt ... flowers must grow to die.

May we know what is felt .. as we reach for hope in clouded sky.


Sadness Is For The Birds  - I took this pic of a pretty pond in W.Van, near the beach.

Sadness is for the birds

dropping in plain sight

out of a jet-stream sky

Sadness is for Mother Earth

falling into despair

as others watch her die

Sadness if for Brother Moon

hiding behind a cloud

too tired to even try

Sadness if for Father Sun

holding onto hope

after one more lie

Sadness is for Sister Wind

rising into fury

before her last sigh

Sadness is for acid rain

killing food crops

greed's industry gone awry

Sadness is for honey bees

losing their lives

microwave towers up-high

Sadness is for the ocean

spilling soiled tears

poison water supply

Sadness is for my Boy

entering into youth

no longer even shy

Sadness is for your heart

locked safely shut

time to say,"good bye."

Katherine Marion


On a more positive note .. I am alive and breathing. So are you, if you are reading this stream of dreamy consciousness.

Upon this wet coast of an Easter Sunday, in valiant Vancouver, B.C., I am merely feeling emotions that are not always shed and shared - freely, between unconscious community.

My sadness comes from a place deep within .. that i decided to unearth, as soils began to uplift and breezes were allowed to drift.

Thus, please, through my gifts, do tenderly and most divinely choose to deliciously drift.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Baby Turns Into Real Man

Kaelin on Easter Friday 2011 -

We hug and show our love

he shares his dreams with me

Our bond is Butterfly and Sun

melded  in trust and honesty

He was born my only child

closing in on an Easter birth

One day he was breastfeeding

now, nightmares to unearth

I listen intently to his stories

 teens offering him cocaine

He never accepted their offers

knowing to give in is insane

Easter Friday, upon awakening

these were his very first words

Once all he wanted was booby

now, subjected to a sick world

Today, I am able to feel his heart

Tomorrow, may be another story

I can only love him with all I AM

Forever in my Goddess-sent glory!

Katherine Marion


I can barely believe how my freshly turned 15 year young teen, looks like an innocent baby, in this wonderfully candid shot of handsome him -  Easter Friday morning.

With less than 8 hours sleep, when he usually receives 10-14, seemingly rested; ready to play with his friend who had nicely surprised us with a knock at our door, to play.

Begging for a few more winks of much needed rest, we were allowed respite.

All too soon after ... another 1 hrs sleep, Charlie returned ...

Time to start a brand new day!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You

Katherine and Kaelin - Friday, April 22, 2011

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

rumpled tail and raggedy ears

face full of whiskers

eyes filled with tears

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

tattered coat and dragging feet

nose wrinkled in pain

no appetite left to eat

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

paws puffed and hurting

jaw unable to chew

mind - rarely alert

Some bunny loves you just the way you are

nails yellowed and broken

legs barely able to hop

heart forever open.

Katherine Marion


The other day, I watched 3 old women - one of whom was pushing a walker - crossing the street. Stopping to photograph a lovely blossoming cherry tree, one friend took a pic of many pinkish/white blossoms. Deciding to alter my path - on the way to the gym - I leapt into action. Asking for the camera, I snapped a peaceful bit of eternity, to help a few aging ladies that will  cherish my gift. A small act of goodness  that was so easy and effortless, - to give.

"You are so kind," one white haired sweetheart told me, twice.

I thanked her for her thoughtful acknowledgement of the decent action .. that I had chosen to instinctively reach out to divinely do ..

Knowing and Doing are different things ...

Many will never know and most will not find courage of the heart to Do.

This is what makes up ... Being.

May your Easter weekend Be all that you can make it.

Making Love with life and light,



The girl that I stopped on the street, this Easter Friday, took this sweet pic of K2.

 Afterwards, she shared, " You know, you remind me of Kim Bassinger."

Well, after a hot, healing bath; filled with epsom salts and purest essentials, and a few hugs shared with my son, I must be doing something right!

I am blessed.


YOUNG MAN OF MY DREAMS - April 21st pic taken - My Aries  boy

Just remember

young man of my dreams

life is hardy ever what it seems

Never forget

young man of my dreams

to fill your heart with love-beams

Always let go

young man of my dreams

of earthly unenterprising schemes

Forever keep

young man of my dreams

alive - creatively visualized themes


to be continued - kaelin needs hugs .. nite k

Stroke your pussy .. I Am!

Here i go again, stroking pussy .. in public. Earlier today, on my way to the gym. "Love is everywhere."

On my way to the gym

saw a putty tat, far form thin

felt was time, to let love in

Bending down to pet purr

stroked that pussy so long

thought I'd erased her

Strutting her sweet stuff

for all to see - on the street

darling orange ball of fluff

So, if you ever pet my puss

let her know she is loved

or, you'd be a real wuzz!

Katherine Marion


I asked my teen son to capture a pic for my blog. This was a very spontaneous pic - which is why I like it, so!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peace Be Mine - Hike up Frosty Mountain, Manning Park, B.C.  - July 2010

Peace is a special place

puts a smile on your face

Peace is a sacred time

re-uniting with divine

Peace is a pure promise

 skies embrace with forest

Peace is a kindred spirit

hopeful heart looking up

Peace is a soothing balm

sitting down with calm

Peace is a healing rest

nature offers hope, best

Peace is a fresh breeze

drops us onto our knees

Peace is one's raw refrain

seeing truth, once again.

Peace is my kind lullaby

nothing does ever die

Peace is waking to love

Angel's kiss from above.

Katherine Marion


We must transport ourselves .. towards truth.

All we need to do for this whole wonderful world, is look after our selves.

Peace be mine,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Feet In The Healing Hands of Suki

Sweet Suki at - 2 hr of TCM -  Reflexology - Katherine

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

can't be beat

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

a real treat

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

thanks a heap

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

she's so sweet

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

love to keep

Placing my feet

in the hands of Suki

off to sleep ..

Katherine Marion


Suki is such a sweetheart. The other night of a brilliant harvest full moon, she told me, "Kafwin, you look so pwetty, tonight." Surely, because of straightening my hair, earlier int the day. Along with putting on some eco-friendly eye makeup. It certainly was not because i had slept well .. or enough. With my terrific teen in puberty and growing pains .. galore, loving kindness is what I need a whole lot more. So, I decided to gift myself with a healing 2 hour reflexology session. Wish they rented out beds on the premises, too!

After thanking my lovely single mother friend, for one more magical healing session, I dropped n at Safeway. Picking up some "2 for 1 unbleached toilet paper' and a few organic avocado's. Soon, after, breathing in the intoxicating scent of Cherry Blossoms in invigorating Spring air May as well have been - walking on clouds. Feeling utterly relaxed, due to receiving human kindness from a kind heart that loves to give. No wonder I show my gratitude to this underpaid and overworked Asian immigrant with 2 growing children of her own, a very generous tip.

All the better reason for this rawk'n vegan to return in a few days time.  For more of the special VIP treatment treatment - mean to treasure. Especially since, this stimulating reflexology session, went to work so well on my lymphatic system, This morning, I was able to bounce out of bed, without a swollen left toe that, I could hardly bare to even walk upon, yesterday. 'Stress' can be very debilitating. Chronic sleep deprivation and far too much on my overflowing plate,  allow the body to mis-create ... Better for now.

Grateful fot Suki.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Doll Don't Break

Mad Marilyn at the Ministry

you can hunt me down

my innocent child to take

Cause this Doll

don't  break!

Child Murderer and Rapist

you can rape me only twice

I put you away for 30 years

Cause this Doll

 finished with fears

Mentally ill Maria Jackson

you can lose your tit

and want my baby gone

Cause this Doll

is very strong!

Abusive ex and daddy to K

you can call me "Cunt"

and kick me in the stump

Cause this Doll

 no wifey frump!

Abused Grandma, way, away

to me, "abuser" you did say

dirty names in front of Kaelin

Cause this doll

love does win

Jeanne, crazy-talk machine

you can call my son "Devil"

and write vilest emails, seen

Cause this Doll

sue and scream

Fred B.,"happily married" cheat

t my 22 year old pussy to eat

and hope your friends will see

Cause this doll

knows your slimey

 A.D. Selenger, K Mart Manager

vulgar sexual talk to me, daily

good thing some of us got free

Cause this Doll

gives no boss, booby

Sick neighbour;  Bill Brooks

you can ask me to babysit

and give me creepy looks

Cause this Doll

got big hooks

Foster dad; with all your money

you can want my virgin honey

and cheat with your wife's friend

Cause this Doll

did not bend

Clark Dennil, gorgeous hunk

you can take away virginity

"Two paternity suits, already"

Cause this Doll

ate your big teddy

"Rick The Prick"now dead

you can fuck me up the ass

and stand  tiny x on her head

Cause this Doll

better out of bed

Gay foster 'dads' to my son

you can work for the U.N.

and abuse my boy for fun

Cause this Doll

does accuse two, not one

Slanderous 'friends' of mine

you can hate me for tits

and ass that firm and fine

Cause this Doll

did no crime

Child'care' worker, Bimberly

you can call ministry on me

and go to church as usual

Cause this Doll

has refused you

Marianne, with sweet Charlie

you can keep your son from us

and go up in one big 'puff'

Cause this Doll

you like her 'muff'

Slum landlord, you can smile

give my fridge a "blow job"

and evict me twice in 6 months

Cause this Doll

you may not exile

Dirty Uncle, sleeping with family

you can play the good samaritan

and die on the toilet, full of shit

Cause this Doll

she saw all of it

Rich, bitch Aunt, hating me, so

you can drink til your fully blind

and never forgive . how unkind

Cause this Doll

never to unwind

Mixed-up Sis,  of my very own

you can think mom loved me more

and let her die as you keep score

Cause this Doll

no longer to ignore

Misogynistic young chinese boys

you can scream at me, "F'n Bitch"

and tell the cops; ' pubescent itch'

Cause this doll

has turned snitch

'Young abuser in the making," Mac

you can my 10 year old's head; "crack"

and get a 6 month restraining order

Cause this Doll

she's at bat

Three teens in the alley with scissors

you can slice off my child's long braid

and keep your sender's name.. to save

Cause this Doll

she don't shave

Bernstein, working after hours, undercover

you can scare my boy, illegally - no other

and find out that you are already in hell

Cause this Doll

did done tell

Pedophiles at our latest rental's door

you can break- in; laws to ignore

and put fear in a young man's heart

Cause this doll

take no more

Fred B.,  "happily married" cheat

you can train 'em young as can be

and lie to both your wife and me

Cause this Doll

is now free

Negative energies, that stink so bad

you can know you have been truly had

and smell one Supernatural deadly fart

Cause this Doll

never to be had!

Katherine Marion


This writing is dedicated to my son.

As i feel my upcoming best and beastly best-stellar - must also, BE!

For when we go without speaking our voice; allowing the creeps to further crawl, all we do is make our babies bawl ...

For ghouls and fools shall always be on their own fool-hearty predatory prowl.

What counts is that hyper-vigilant ones that survived ..and thrived .. remain the alertest  night owl!!!

Success story of a Victorious momma K


The only reason i am 'ending this,' for now .. is that i must go to sleep. Not because i have run out of maniacal material ... sadly.

How many others could write similar?

And, these are merely a few of the wee and salient points...

Please say "thanks" by joining my generous hearted blog and posting your very valued TRUTH.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Man in my Nightmare who took My Son

I knew

at the end of my dream


was really a nightmare

just beginning ...

I asked

for the name of the man


was visiting at our place

"Maya, " maybe

I ached

for my Son not to leave


was feeling to be not sure

a stranger now there

I  stood

looking at my son eyes


was seeing his pain

behind a smile

I taped

the name of his and asked


was he going to take my son

 hearing a warning

I saw

my child never returning to me


was being led astray by a man

offering temptation

I am

awake now with my senses keen


was a warning to hold onto love

before joy leaves

I lhonor

the child inside that speaks truth


was spiken to me in a dream

of real life

Katherine Marion


Right now,  I want so badly, to run into that messy bedroom that my young, confused teen refuses to clean. Only with my help. To tell him that he is safe and i will protect him with my heart  - even though it has been hurting a lot, lately.

Before, I fell asleep, an hour and a half ago, I saw an image of my mom, and knew how she must have felt when i went away at the age of 17, with an older man who offered me chinese food, which I loved. Next thing you know, I was accepting a weekender trip to a nice hotel in Seattle, where he pampered me.

I think I was still a virgin and I had no intention of ever sleeping with this guy who worked for B.C. Tel and lived in a posh apartment, paid for by his company. I stayed in a  big  duplex, with my mom who was very tired and ill. Everyone of my 4 younger siblings had been taken away. And, i was all alone or feeling as such.

After my exotic trip, away from the pretty little Valley and Chilliwack, I came home with a suitcase full of gorgeous clothes from my admirer. He told me that he would like to take me with him, to Portland, "the city of roses," next. That morning when he came to me, sleeping. Bringing me a gift, on his knees. A gold chain. Telling me that if I went away - again,  "I would have to sleep in the same bed."

Before going back to sleep, this morn, all I finally knew,was that my Mother must have been terrified for me. One day, I looked in my jewellery box and my sparkling gift was broken apart into 3 or 4 golden strands. Just as my Mother's heart must have been, before she tore my rope of lies, into the same sanest pieces of her own breaking valentine. What else could she do?

I know what i can do. Hug my child, even if he is a teen. Don't rebuff him when he pisses me off, for the umpteenth time. Even if he seems like the walking unconscious, far too much for my liking. Celebrate when he is alive with passion and purpose. And, talk to him, even when I don't want to. Sleep well, yet, remember not to slumber .. as others  .. may find out 'his number.'

Life can be so much 'work.' When we are feeling so utterly damaged, we can bury our head in the sands of time. Next thing yo know, we're jolted  awake and everyone around us is dead and gone. Savour the good stuff. And see the 'bad' for what it is - often a warning or representation. Choose the right path and stay on it. Align rather than malign. Sweet is better than sour and surely, more eternally sublime.

i love you, dearest boy of mine.

With the belief that we each create our own world.

And, the power to make mine 'Supernatural."

Holding onto Love,

Momma K

Saturday, April 16, 2011

100 Knots Per Her Hour

Some people prefer

'the cold shoulder'

that's not HER

SHE likes 'frozen'

for over 2 years

painfully unchosen

GODDESS so ill

with Mom's death

holding pain still

Dead thoughts stuck

grief and sadness

healing without luck

Bottled up fears

sometimes don't

come out as tears

SHE has 400 knots

compared to them

carries a painful lot

HER Mother - womb

was passed .. away

far too frivolously soon

GODDESS screams

from the inside out

no medicating teams

Feeling fresh terror

within HER heart

forever grievous error

No one to hold HER

offering overdue rest

TCM put to the test

Almost 4 years ago

SHE felt the loss

as the pain did grow

It's up to her to heal

emotions are gifts

showing us to feel.

Katherine Marion


The qualified 'quack's' or "EXperts," as authorities define them, know what a rotator cuff injury looks and feels like .. No fun.

Yet, it is years later, after tremendous amounts of labour-intensive hours,  not always wonderfully spent,  that I finally meet  the healer that is to finally worked wonders on my old emotional scars.  Dr. Benjamin - "Beijing, China - trained, tells me ... "You will only need 10 sessions."of acupuncture. So sagely suggested ... All I have to do is pay for the non-reusable needles; wisely purchasing  a promotional package, which nary an underpaid one, tried to sell me. William,  who works at one of Shirley's 5   clinics -, sold me 3 packages of traditional Chinese healing's, only last year.  Afterwards, I tried out acupuncture for  a few successful times. Vey effective remedy for dirty stuff lying deep ..

Never to 'lie,' for too longly a lonely time.

The Truth Always Comes Out ...

Now, you are gonna watch me and mine, as it divinely does.

Rawsomely Recovering from 'LIFE,'

With Caring -  KATHERINE


My homeschooler dropped in for a moment to snap this impromtu pic of me, going through pain and suffering .. at Big Feet, with my healing TCM Doc. "No pain, no gain, " is the old phrase he used... You bet!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peaceful He Doeth Sleep

Dreaming of a new world of his very own

my boy is appearing to be almost full grown

Resting his head alongside a sea of strength

Kaelin is already almost 5'10 in love's length

Sleeping as he rests his handsome head here

beats a happy heart that knows not ever fear

Waking to a divine day created by sacred self

my shining son is filled with real inner wealth

Walking in wonder as he fixes his loving gaze

teenager owning his power as life does amaze

Wondering who he is and what he's meant to be

healthy young man with courage to truly free

Whispers of manhood loom in his near future

puberty does to bring forth conscious creature

What else is given in life - other than to dream?

in the making of men, all is not what it may seem.

Katherine Marion


As he lay sleeping, an empowering week ago .. all i could see why my once so wee Baby K's inner beauty. Shining through .. this light that led me to love.

I am truly,  all i can be - for i have loved another, unconditionally.

I adore, respect, appreciate and honour you - dearest Kaelin.

 Dream of only love,

Magical Momma K

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Precious be his Precipice

Precious be his precipice 

from this place where he stands

once upon childhood's bliss

seeing with eyes of a young man

Precious be his precipice 

as tall and straight as an arrow

focusing gaze to not miss

with wings to fly of a sparrow

Precious be his precipice 

alone and mighty in his power

nature he is wise to enlist

upon this rock he does tower

Precious be his precipice 

fearless in his new strength

setting sun his cheek to kiss

light will reach to any length

Precious be his precipice 

unsure of new rocky terrain

water he may have missed

land to never see, again

Precious be his precipice 

knowing he has far to go

gentleness' light does drift

casting shadows that grow.

Katherine Marion


 I discovered  my loving lens, locking knowing eyes, over the rocky shoreline, entering towards English Bay, last week. Coming upon the sweetest silhouette of my tall and tender-hearted son. One 14 year young man, stretching his size 10 feet. Clamouring upon jagged rocks with the effortless ease of a Billy Goat, far from gruff. Comfortable in his own skin and shoes. All too soon, to grow into yet, another perfect pair. 

How could my consciousness-raising  camera not help to catch up to sunset's resounding applause? As last twilight cast her spell upon boyhood's ageless wonder, true and fair!



I pause to ponder and reflect upon what it must have been like for Mother's of another era .. Or in another part of this seemingly often un-Godly earth ..  As they watch their own beloved son's leave the safe harbour of blessed home.. To prepare for war or some other ungainly cause. 

Simply, imagine ..? 

And, this footnote of magical mine ..  is merely finding joy in memorizing a few of my own shining son's first footprints of puberty!!!


My Flowers Wear Pretty Faces

My flowers wear  pretty faces

taking me to exciting places

where love rules as divine

heaven is forever only mine

My flowers wear pretty faces

leaving me with tender traces

peace is what they give me

as far as my heart choose see

My flowers wear pretty faces

my mind clears and  erases

holding their smiles in my heart

letting go of any other part

My flowers wear pretty faces

as with puppies and shoe laces

I play with kindness' perception

removing all other deception

My flowers wear pretty faces

noticing as the morning traces

with new light colouring sweet

natures' bounty to gladly greet

My flowers wear pretty faces

as puppies play with shoe laces

bringing in peace of morn's light

making this world all and right

My flowers wear pretty faces

eyes that look kindly upon me

holding onto Gaia's sensuality

grabbing a hold of magical me

My flowers wear pretty faces

filled with loving that amazes

showing me all that truly ever is

I am carried unto eternal bliss.

Katherine Marion


This pic of Kaelin was taken, the other night, upon the eve of his 15th birthday - April 4th. After picking up raw Lara bars at I.G.A, across from the Scotia Theatre, I also bought some pretty posies to take to the movies with us.

The next morn, as my big baby K soundly slept, I saw a lovely woman, with her long lashed eyes shut, in repose. Afterwards,  a happy babies bouncing face - was visible, as the new day brought forth gifts of seeing light. Yet, I felt entirely comfortable and at home, already. Soon after, i went to sleep - finally. It was 8 am.!

This is how much comfort we can bring to ourselves, with the gifts of our own internal sight. As the famous saying goes; "Whatever you focus on .. it increases." Thus, when we allow ourselves to be transported to an inner sanctum of safety and serenity, we are immortal and 'time' as we once thought we knew it .. stands still.

Pressing it's pretty smile .. right back up at blessed us!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lying Eyes That Watch and Never Speak The Truth

Eyes full of lies

that watch me

fingers pointing

lips twitching

mouth bitching

Just let me BE

Broken-down soul

no longer whole

fueled by insanity

living in the past

mind racing fast

Just let me BE

Jealous slanderer

unhappiest heart

feeling so ugly

hurting innocence

pay your penance

Just let me BE

Katherine Marion


As in the parable of Jesus nailed to the cross, or Gandhi sent 'home' early, and the mindless persecution of so many rare and beautifully unique minds and glowing hearts .. The typical person does not know how to deal with this much love, light and even - laughter in the face of seeming adversity.

Mostly, mad minds are crazed when they fixate on someone who is speaking their truth and setting themselves free. Thus, allowing others to do the sanest same ..

 If wisely chosen.

The worst place to live and very quickly die . is in a prison of another's mindless making.

Therefore, to those detractor's of magical mine - who write slander on my blog pages, call the Ministry of Children and Families on me, and target a lovely heart who only shares and trusts - Go and find your own wondrous way "home," get some much needed head-rest, and open your heart.

 And, please do not call me, when and if .. you awaken .. For you have tired me out so much, that all i need to do is dream of a better world where Angels such as I - fly high, upon wings of wonder. To help precious child and magical mother.

Not to kill or maim  precious one another.

Bless the babes and the idiot's.

I prefer the first ...

Loving and Protecting myself,


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crying for Humanity - I captured this vision, biking over Granville St Bridge, Van, B.C.

Last month, i cried for weeks

for the loss of thankless  humanity

This newest day, already sobbing

world-wide rape and eternal robbing

Next year, so many of us do fear

may never arrive, as wished, here

Nuclear holocaust - this century

heart crying to be set trulyfree

Fukishima quake -loud and clear

mis-created from man-made fear

4 boys, screaming slander at me

only an open heart is brave to see

My son growing up in a lost world

watching white knuckles - unfurled

Daddy throwing his angry stones

how does this make for happy homes?

People too numb to feed a poor man

running as fast as closed hearts - can

Investor's buying up on a foreclosure

homeless dying from cold and exposure

What's a healing heart to possibly do ?

unto her own self - be divinely true

Cry as much to cleanse the body and mind

only way in .. to a healing remedy .. find!

Katherine Marion


This poem speaks for itself.

Now, my heart is opening again... as only a gentle flower may. To sleep soundly, upon this new and blessed day.


The Bridge of Transformation is made of telling Tears

Look at those who are no longer able to cry

too soon, they choose to roll over and die

Never trust one who are afraid of your tears

they have far too many dark and lonely fears

Trust that your emotions shall always guide

hold onto pain and watch it at your side

Ignore your hurts and they will only kill you

keeping secrets is never for a heart true

Crying is good for your most sacred soul

cleansing friends that make you whole

Falling onto sacred ground touched by pain

Creating a brave new heart, all over, again!

Katherine Marion


Well, even if it is close to 6 am, i am so glad that i got rid of this buzzing 'bee' that has been bothering me and my bonnet, for a few dizzying days , already.

Last week, a trusted Ministry worker, told me, " The only thing that I am worried about is that you have been crying a lot, lately, almost every time that we talk." Then, later  going on to express how she felt, essentially - afraid - that i was "becoming flooded."

Right away, it reminded me of the story I had just previously recounted to her ... My beloved sister, Carol, once telling me on the phone, "Get yourself, together." in reference to me sobbing, after my son was taken, or something to that devastating effect. Well, at least this much kinder social worker, did see that this saddening behaviour exhibited; was very much lacking in "compassion." Yet, she still had her own hidden fears about expressing tears. Most probably, her own.

So many triggers did her seemingly thoughtful consideration of me and my emotions, cause .. I could have become very afraid that she may be likely to feel justified in the re-taking of my son. Even though - highly unlikely. Or,  I could choose, instead, to remain pleased at myself for entrusting my truth with another .. And, even if this younger woman, employed by the lowly government and highly un-evolved bureaucratic system, had the 'power' to disempower and virtually disembowel .. I knew that I must be true to mine own self.

Afterwards, as her 'warning' words .. rang in my ears, I shared my next poetry ., "The Bridge of Transformation is made of telling tears."

Wonder if she yet, understands?

A so called friend once sagely suggested that MCFD hire me and pay me government funds to teach them.

Just maybe.

With fearless compassion,


Cavorting In a Shallow Pool ... April Fool!

Cavorting in a shallow pool

mis-creates an April Fool

Creating a real, true man

means leaping into fry pan

Moving beyond mundane

excuses made by insane

Looking back to forgive

allows a future to live

Crying out in contempt

makes a soul - love exempt

Hiding from your own pain

hardly makes you sane

Hurting another with rage

does not your heart engage

Selfish acts are tall the same

gaining you God-less fame

Hurting those who love you

reveals your self to be untrue

Hiding the truth from yourself

keeps you from inner wealth

Seeking pain as pay-back

shows your rage, in fact

Limiting your own potential

losing out on the essential

Bless you in your tiring tirade

i am no longer your pretty slave

You have no respect for anyone

goodbye to you, truly selfish one!

Katherine Marion


Sadly, what i feel  many of us Women .. what we do, is all together -  too much!

 Especially for others ..

This recent Xmas, i was called,  a "Fucking Cunt," by the donator of fast swimming sperm, that used to tell me so many times a day, " I love you," that i seriously began to believe that i may never be able to live without him. Or, so he told me, and tried to convince me.

After going through my purse, pockets, bank accounts and attempting to steal my business and rob me of any shred of self respect.

Not before kicking me in the leg and smacking in the face ( lightly, mind you - yet ... ), as a gift for giving him a baby, when our beloved boy was a few months old. And, right in front of him, too!

My homeschooling 14 year young son, celebrates his 15th birthday on this precious planet, April 4th. And, sadly, that means dearest dead-beat dad, must make his festive holiday call, to visit the son he neglects so well and wonderfully.

And, my job, as a devout believer in love, forgiveness and believing in giving everyone a chance for redemption .. is wretched!

I am seen as the hard-working and not to be won over, any longer ( proud single mom, for a life-saving almost 15 years, now - Bravo ) , and thus, no need to be kind, thoughtful or even close to gracious. Especially towards the horrid woman who stole the sperm and got away with barely her wits, lost her successful business and practically busted her brain and aching heart to escape into a saner reality, after she told him to take his "ego" and leave.

Or, else, "stay here with LOVE." Sadly, for Kevin, no longer "from Heaven," he was not strong enough. SHE was. Even though, parts of her practically fell apart as she regained her sense of well-being, healed the leg that was almost falling off of her, and began to trust in herself and her own almight Goddess-given powers that be and bless and are to beheld in highest reverence.

Yet, what can even a Goddess, expect from an "addict," is all i need say, at this time. Sadly, he still thinks it is his privilege to call me misogynistic names on seasonal holidays, and holler at me, days before my blessed son's birthday. What more can i expect from someone who has virtually no self love, at all?

What i need to do?

Look after me ...

Oh, let me count the ways.

This month shall be just about that ... finding and creating and calling out and enterprising ways to look after the person who matters most in my world.


love me K.M.