Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Earth is Astounding

                                 This Earth is astounding

                                 She has withstood the test of Father Time.

                                 Moved beyond shovel, coal,  and mine
                                 Still holds secrets ; supernaturally sublime

                                 So, why not sit in respect; divine?

                                 She's yours
                                 Ours ..
                                 and mercifully .. MINE!                    

                                 Katherine Marion

I AM Peace

                                       I am Peace
                                     Mother Nature
                                         at Ease

                                       I am Peace

                                      drifting sands

                                       I  am Peace

                                      Gaia's hand
                                         to tease

                                       I am Peace

i                                     Golden Sun
                                       loves these

                                       I am Peace

                                       Blue skies
                                     touches knees

                                       I am Peace

                                       Cold waters
                                       loving Seas                 

                                      I am Peace

                                      Warm tides
                                      never freeze

                                      I am Peace

                                     head lifting up
                                      tallest Trees.

                                    Katherine Marion








Thelma loves Bean Sprouts

                                               Thelma loves Bean Sprouts
                                               sticks her pink tongue - out

                                               Opens up her big, wide jaw               
                                               brightest teeth, i ever saw

                                               Looks at me; clear shiny eyes
                                               instinctive creatures-  never lie

                                               Gobbling Goddess-sent fare
                                               genuinely being - so very rare

                                               Satisfied with all that she gets
                                               has never, ever, visited the Vet's

                                               Content to lay at my own side
                                               unconditional love; bonafide

                                               Appreciates a stroke or pat
                                               rubs up against me, like a cat

                                               Named her after my Mother
                                               her love for me; none other!!!!

                                             Katherine Marion

                                            My one and only .. lonely Son,                    
                                            used to love Thelma, so. Even had
                                            a photo of his handsome self, with
                                           longer hair .. and one of his 2 puppies -
                                           in front of him, on the bed - for a facebook

                                           That was when he was not ashamed to
                                           to be gentle, kind and real.

                                           So, now whenever i feel alone and lost,
                                           over the loving life . i once shared ...
                                           I remember 2 reasons ... to still focus
                                           on who cares

                                          Sad, how so many. .. take for granted
                                          what is real and will not always be
                                          convenient or around . My heart gladdens
                                          over unconditional love - i once was given
                                          by my confused child. Now found by loving
                                          creatures; wanting nothing from me - except
                                          what i willingly give.

                                          Thelma and Edward - offer me rhyme and
                                          reason .. ,to live

                                         Bless Goddess' gentlest creatures
                                        'Man' with all of his excuses .. has much to learn.
                                        Shame, be falsely believes .. he has 'time'
                                        to waste .. and burn.

                                        Grateful am I  - for deeper understanding i have ..
                                         hard won - though i did earn!




Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Many a Truly Heroic Feat

                                             Last afternoon, I completed many
                                             a truly heroic feat.

                                             Universe conspiring .. there could
                                             be no defeat

                                             As when Sir Antoni drove our
                                             'get-away' rental Uhaul

                                             Five years ago, all 3 Victors
                                             we fled- free, and tall

                                             This time, t'was churchman, Author
                                             drove me to see Son

                                              Biking back, hours later; well loved
                                              by blessed boy: one

                                              Finding out facts to blow any mind
                                              allowed mine .. finally-unwind

                                              Trusting instincts-timing perfect
                                              delivered by the divine!                      

                                              Katherine Marion

                                              After biking 15 miles or more..
                                              home to clean up pee left for me, in a corner
                                              filled with 3 mirrors, yet unhung, I must
                                              praise myself for accolades . still -unsung.

                                              It is 6 am, and even though my son gets
                                              up at 7:30, I will now take out 2 puppies
                                              for a walk in the dark, while keeping touch
                                              with a heartbeat that has no bite or bark.

                                             I made no excuses for myself, today, in
                                             any unkind of way; saying what I had to
                                             say- listening to my heart on replay ..
                                             where trusting Angels .. dare to play

                                              If it were not for chronic lack of sleep
                                              I'd go to papers with secrets I dare not keep.
                                              The universe shall direct me; next step;
                                              trusting my instincts .. hasn't let me down - yet!!!





When dis-membering a bomb - always remember to stay Calm

                                          When di-smembering a bomb
                                           always remember to stay calm

                                           Or, you won't be around, long

                                           When dis-membering a bomb  
                                            never forget what can go wrong

                                           Souls should never go for a song

                                            When dis-membering a bomb         
                                             separate seed from the spawn

                                             For, much may go so very wrong

                                              When dis-membering a bomb
                                              join forces: purity and aplomb

                                              Hearts .. soaring , live far; beyond!

                                              Katherine Marion


                                             Last afternoon, I completed many
                                             a truly heroic feat.

                                             Universe conspiring .. there could
                                             be no defeat

                                             As when Sir Antoni drove our
                                             'get-away' rental Uhaul

                                             Five years ago, all 3 Victors
                                             we fled- free, and tall

                                             This time, t'was churchman, Author
                                             drove me to see Son

                                              Biking back, hours later; well loved
                                              by blessed boy: one

                                              Finding out facts to blow any mind
                                              allowed mine .. finally-unwind

                                              Trusting instincts-timing perfect
                                              delivered by the divine!






Sunday, September 15, 2013

Could my Sincerity be the best part of me?

                                                  Could my Sincerity
                                                  the best part of me?

                                                 Honored; befittingly
                                                set my inner child free

                                                Creating great beauty
                                                 compromise purity

                                                 One with spirituality
                                                 win all; faithfully

                                                  Could my Sincerity
                                                  the best part of me?

                                                  Courted gorgeously
                                                  genuine simplicity

                                                   Tender heartedly
                                                 truth; mesmerizingly

                                                  Girl sitting, elegantly
                                                  Woman to bravely see!

                                                  Katherine Marion


                                                  A kindest friend on facebook.
                                                  whom I have not been blessed
                                                  to meet; recently perused through
                                                  'pig troughs full of drollop' is what
                                                   just came to mind - about me.

                                                   This grown man, could easily see..
                                                    that my greatest attribute; though
                                                    bottom - tight and cute, and breasts
                                                    to turn 'any other' male, mute; be my
                                                    outright sincerity; my greatest

                                                   Who knows , what I soon will be dropping ..
                                                    to open up one more door ..?

                                                    This is my fairytale, and in spite of all
                                                     that sexy drivel.. my soul has begun to
                                                     split apart .. and shrivel. Probably cause
                                                     I learned, when I was young - not from
                                                     my Mothers or Aunts - it was those damn
                                                     dirty magazines of my uncle H's,
                                                     that he kept hidden under his bed, to bring
                                                     out for his teen niece to read. After his wife
                                                     wisely left him, taking along all their abused
                                                     children  . God bless her!

                                                      My first pewter pendant, I bought with my
                                                      well earned babysitting money: "Sexy" it
                                                      read. And, even the dad in that house where
                                                      I slaved for my cheese, wanted to sleep with
                                                      me. And his fancy-pants friends or two, tried
                                                      to do - as well. Yet, not to succeed. Of course,
                                                      what do you think that lead me .. to believe?

                                                     No dad around, ever, past age 13. Even though
                                                     he'd fought the guy who came into my bedroom,
                                                     when I was a real young school girl. All those
                                                     trauma's .. just one big pill. What fun gal wants to
                                                     swallow that medicine. Rather chow down on
                                                     more bullshit .. served up to me on may a
                                                     stained and tarnished silver platter. Who
                                                     cares and what does it even matter?

                                                     Well, now I know that I am worth a whole lot
                                                     more than I was seldom shown. And, what
                                                     Kind of a role model can this single mother,
                                                     missing her only child be, if she can't be loving
                                                     herself, kindly? For their only one kind of love.
                                                     Opening our heart, entails that we brave the risk ..
                                                     shed our insecurity .. to reveal our strongest and
                                                     courageous virtue; Sincerity!!!!

                                                     That's me!!!!

                                                     Kat soon to really purrrrrr





Saturday, September 14, 2013

I AM Beautiful!

September 2008 - Stanley Park Rose Gardens

I am beautiful
when I am kind to me

I am beautiful
while I smile inwardly

I am beautiful
 viewing others lovingly

I am beautiful
breathing deeply; peacefully

I am beautiful
allowing serenity

I am beautiful
bringing in prosperity

I am beautiful
taking life lightly

I am beautiful
showing love; poetically

I am beautiful
deferring; compassionately

I am beautiful
loving; passionately

I am beautiful
as I can possibly be

I am beautiful
how I dream; ecstatically 

I am beautiful
from where I sit; calm and free

I am beautiful
treating all; mindfully

I am beautiful
knowing  to shine; brightly

I am beautiful
relaxing; demurely

I am beautiful
pure of presence; invitingly

I am beautiful
honoring my femininity

I am beautiful
Goddess-sent is SHE!

Katherine Marion


This golden girl .. pic. may be 5 years old.
Yet, this 'image' is the NEW ME!


I am in a major transition - as are many.
Thus, I have been asking myself; " Who am I?"

More than anything .. I believe I was feeling ..  what was
making my niece Roxanne, who just turned one more year
'wiser,' this past Lucky Friday the 13th - sad .!
 Lately, as noted on
her facebook page, last week or two . ago.

And, remembering how her baby sis, Chantelle, had
asked me to write a poem as in poster up.. that she could
mount up on her wall where she so kindly allowed me to stay with
my beautiful boy, when we were healing my magical Mommy- one '
more time I was permitted to save beautiful her ..

So, here I am
and - it is

All my love



Saturday, September 7, 2013

" Mommy, please wake up!"

                            " Mommy, please wake up!"
                              my 10 year old Son, said
                              seeing me almost dead          
                              upon knocking my head

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              I saw him standing there
                              on the ground, laid bare
                              for he - only, did i care

                              "Mommy, please wake up!"
                               he was almost in shock
                               biking; one more block
                               then, forced to stop ..

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                               I did not want to do so
                               rest; all i wanted to know
                               knocked down, very low

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              how would he fare without?
                              Love allows no real pout
                              a voice gave me a shout

                             "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              my heart swallowed itself
                              this boy is my inner wealth
                              on his own, lacking health

                            "Mommy, please wake up!"
                              his scared eyes did beg
                              no true heart can renege
                              first my arm, then my leg

                            "Mommy, please wake up!"
                             knocked out cold and flat
                             on wetted sidewalk; splat
                             Farmers Market fare, that

                            " Mommy, please wake up!" 
                              little soul whom loved me
                              face of love i can still see
                              held onto mine; tenderly

                           "Mommy, please wake up"
                            stayed awake for his sake
                            not my life, to then, take
                            Loving child; be mine fate!

                            Katherine Marion


                            Before i finally go to bed, by 
                            8 am, this dusty skied new morn, i
                            shalt remember that upon love,
                            it was his own heart; foresworn

                           " I am here to love you," he used
                             to say. What happened to that day?

                             Raising him as a genius, growing
                             into his worldly skin. Never imagined
                             he'd later be reeled  .. in

                             Lies told,  mcfd papers read, books...
                             like bombs .. in his head. While he
                             lay, for almost days, atop bed, in a fog.

                             Asked for help. No one cared to hear.
                             Sooner, every day, the end may be near.
                             Too many dead heads .. left to clear of fear.

                             Best to love myself;,  as i so well, did
                             for precious kid Kaelin. Whom so many
                             set and left traps for - 'Mom not needed,

                             A Mother - knows best for her own kin.
                             Unsurping  Womanly Power - fatal sin.
                             Sore losers, lost in envy; hell - they do win!

                             No matter if he never picks me up, off
                             that ground, this time round. I have found
                             that karma always takes her own pound.

                             Sleeping babe may lay for too long
                             Lose their Mother: with head on .. wrong
                             Then, who shalt sing my love-sent song .. ?

                             K2 Forever




Thursday, September 5, 2013

"What are you thinking about, Mommy?"

                                               "What are you thinking about, Mommy?"
                                                 my caring Kaelin,  used to ask me

                                                 walking seawall or running to the store
                                                 how could this heart not listen or ignore?

                                                 I would share what was on my own mind
                                                 and he'd say nothing, every single time

                                                 Always concerned that his very best friend              
                                                 might need his ear of healing heart to lend

                                                 What are you thinking about, Mommy?"
                                                  my caring Kaelin, used to ask me

                                                  riding our bikes from UBC to N.Van
                                                  right beside, keeping up, my little man

                                                  I'd empty my head and fill our hearts
                                                  carefree times such as these; best parts

                                                  Forever do i miss my stolen heartbeat
                                                  Eternity, allows us lifetimes to again, meet!     

                                                  Katherine Marion


                                                 Another 'rough' and lonely time
                                                 Taking pups out for a n early morn run,
                                                 was my days highlight

                                                  no wonder i naught sleep at ngiht
'                                                 rather later, when light swears off
                                                  loneliness' ghost's - torn.
                                                This grief - should not be mine!