Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sharing My Wealth

My gifts are many. Few are my concerns. Loving my sacred self. Empowering others to live the life they choose to create. Feeling happy because it heals everyone around me. Seeing beauty everywhere  I look. Creating space to really touch another. Making a divine difference in this world. Being the best I can purely and preciously be.

Simple is the truth. Not always easy to follow. Much easier to lead by positive example. Allow others to sadly wallow. Fear has no place in a life worth living. First comes gratitude. Then proceed to forgiving. Opening up a broken heart takes patience. Compassion for yourself is paramount. No one can be helped until you look after the only one who really does count.

We are the only ones who can win the war. From the inside out. The battle ensues. Too many "To Do's".  An overflowing casket of "What If's?" " I can't" until the unfed cows come home."You Shouldn't"... except when no one's looking. "Oh, I really couldn't" ... because I don't believe in magic. Well, you are your  success story. Write your  happy ending. Just start NOW!

Knowing With All My Heart,



My ever rising Son just plopped down on the bed to quickly read my latest LOVE LETTER TO BELOVED YOU. Before he jumped back on his bike, he hollered " I love it!" I trust you shall, as wondrously well.


Stay tuned in and turned on ... for my upcoming video upload: "In The Kitchen with Kaelin", as he kindly prepares me a Mothers Day Smooooooithie. Recipe for Love and Light - included!!!!

A Good Day To Live

I listen to my Son singing, "We are building a religion" by NWO ( New World Order), in the living room. And, my happy heart smiles. After showing me his newly created www.Facebook. com/kaelin.w.marion page, I duly impressed with the political statement my beautiful boy is choosing to so magically make, in his own unique way. Now, it is finally, my private time to express how I feel. Yes!

"Which tea would you like?" I hear a sweet voice echo from the kitchen
. I wisely decide upon Ginger. My 13 year young herbal tea-totteler chooses Vanilla Honey, his latest favorite. Soon, Kaelin shall continue writing  in his Gratitude Journal and I shall kindly allowed my space. In the not so mean-time, there is forever a world of wonder to savor and fully appreciate. Right here, in front of multi-blessed me.

Counting my blessings has become one of the most  favored parts of my day. Achieving in a moment or two, all that all too many never find safely contained within, in a lost and lonely lifetime. Fortunately, this is not my consciousness-raising case. Must be the pretty flowers I tend to on a divinely basis. Watering my wonders. Sprinkling with light. Covering with love. Taking care to nurture all beauties bestowed upon me. Knowing all together too well, how fragile life can be and how vitally important it is to sometimes take one's treasures  in from the rain.

Our very tipsy neighbors stagger up the stairs, before surely falling into a loving tryst. I slowly leave my quiet reverie and  remember this is Sunday morning,  While I may be content to choose a bike-ride, weight work-out, sauna, and meaningful spiritual encounters of the highest chakra balancing, I am merely a cog on a mostly unconscious wheel. Yet, since when did the the real truth of the matter deter me? Rather, I am duly, spurned onward ....

As rooted as the old  and trusty tree that towers outside our lovely living-room window, I remain grounded. As centered as the shining sun that bakes my browning skin and brightens my ever expanding horizon. As sure as the twinkling stars that never fall from a darkening sky. As safe as a newborn attached to  a Mother's loving breast. As right as the rain creating one more stream of consciousness. As golden as any sunset I have yet to feast my grateful eyes upon. I am.

"Would you like some honey with your tea?", the eternal voice of innocence beckons forth. Affirming, "Yes, please!",  I suck on a big spoon of sweetness that seems to permeate every living cell of my being. Tasting more delectable fruits of my desires is simply and truly one of the most gratifying and whole-hearted soul-satisfying gifts I am encountering on a regular and bold-faced basis. Thus, a short while afterwards, as newly blown bubbles mysteriously blow my wondrous way, I feel it is merely mine to quite unapologetically say, "Gotta go". You never know. This may just be my last opportunity to really and most sincerely blow .....

In The Conscious Company Of Angels,



Please enjoy this uplifting rendering of my darling Angel, captured by my and gratefully shared on one of my many sites set high ....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mothers Priorities

My sweetest Son rising .... and I share the most precious moments. So many of them, in fact, that my only time to write is in the wee hours! What a Joy ride!

Wait until you see the very silly video that erupted the day after we recently watched the new Woody Allen romantic comedy. I am not my prettiest site to be seen; with the warping of images, as created with our mac and a big screen. Many Woman - Many Wonders. That's ME! Besides, as the inimitable Bette Midler famously declared, "F.. 'em if they can't take a joke!" I say, "Don't bother even F.. 'em if they can't ... !"

So, how did posting a video of my 13 year old boy at the playground ( that hasn't even uploaded, yet ... ), turn into this ...? Simply more magic, I suppose! All I am intending to show you is that a Supernatural Mommy's priorities are never far from her happy heart. Which is exactly why I let go of my gym work-out, last night, to bike to buy Kaelin a new memory card. Although, I did arrive a mere 20 minutes late for my pre-booked TCM massage, I set forth my highest intention and followed through. Now, I feel even better. So what if that camera shall soon surely catch me in some improvisational bite of life? I gave up being shy along and lonesome time ago. No need to prove that one!

Monkey bars and Motherly Mayhem are one of the same. Anything to keep a popular hermit safe and a crazed society more sane. If looking after my ray of brightest sun-shine soul mate keeps me loving and laughing, then I am definitely one of the lucky ones'. Only because I allow ....

Please remove yourself from that contaminated cage of rage, where  you never belonged in the first and finest place. Know that you can have and Be it all. For, I am doing and being my best to show you that you can feel as free as a child to sing with the morning sun and shine as the brightest star. For whatever this gem is worth; the costs on the outside are nominal when you love what's waiting to brilliantly burst through ... from the bold and beautiful inside. Go ahead ... I divinely dare you!

Time to rest upon my laurels, now. Please do leave me your positive commentary and continue being incredibly inspired.

Born to Share My Truth,



Kaelin's brain-child. Again ....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keep Loving Yourself - I am!

This evening, working out at my local gym, I endured listening to "Goodbye, you stupid jerk", playing  on the radio station of poor choice. It took a lot of positive affirmations to help over-ride the underlying negative message of that unwanted music, sending out the most unhealthy message. Good thing I had my weights to lift and uplifting thoughts to carry me safely and soundly through.

In the sacred space of the sauna,  an overzealous European fellow, immediately  remembered me as "a vegetarian"; spraying the heat control mechanism, and sending the unnaturally occurring  heat, wildly soaring to close to 100 degrees. Could it be something in the poison meat he proudly eats? I briefly mentioned a "fast food f__", compared to "making love to your food".  As always, using my own unique analogy of "hiring a prostitute for lack of intimacy" as comparable to a "dead food fix". with nothing  real, vital,  or of lasting  value gained. No wonder he was sweating like a pig!

A quiet female, still  wearing her work-out gear, soon came into the melting hot box. A couple of days earlier, I had already gladly demonstrated a variety of stretches for her to do whilst sweating one's trauma inducing toxins away. So, I left her to fend for heated self,  as I went for cover under a cleansing shower and an intense cold water rinse. Before walking home, a mile, in the pouring rain. On the way out of the consciousness-raising complex of a community centre, I affirmed, "Keep loving yourself".  I was wished the divinely delicious same. Why not? I am always fair game ...

Must be why my umbrella and I arrived just in time to prepare the incredibly edible ingredients for  King Kaelin's Mother's Day Smoothie, made just for me and to be preciously presented on our own yummy channel: www.LitfeOfaGreatMommy/ Tasting just as delicious as I would have dreamed.  Now having the coconut dream of a marvelous memory to help the magic last forever. Flavorful to say the luscious least. 

Most fun of all was traveling  back outside into the rain, to upload my "Mother's Day Massage" video, since we are gratefully borrowing Internet until we figure out how to use our newly delivered wireless rocket. No wonder I am still removing foreign letters, that continue to appear on this screen. Surely,  a symptom of  whetted  particles falling freely from the night sky  and onto ...  My innocent  son, of course, sagely suggests,  "Just get a new keyboard". Yes!  It's all so simple. Maybe, it is. Why not believe it to so beautifully be. I am!


Katherine Marion


Be sure and check out Kaelin's own blog: www. Leave him plenty of conscious commentary,  too. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Week To Me ... Going Strong!

With an invigorating Mothers Day walk in intense springtime rain with my reigning supreme son; King Kaelin, I am ahead of my Goddess-sent game. One hour of TCM acupressure brings me great relief and even more energy, before our lost stop of the evening; Safeway to purchase avocado and water. What a wonderful way to painlessly place the final touches on one more Supernatural Day!

Of course, once we arrive back at our newly appointed home, we eagerly watch a couple of video's: "The White Masai", chosen by me, and Kaelin's pre-pubescent choice of Mike Myers "The Love Guru". Wait until you watch the Elephants 'making out' at the Maple Leaf's game, after the midget falls over and the generously endowed French hockey player, "La Cock" or something of that outrageous sort, create their own stir ... Never to be shaken, for too terrific of a family tale of a terrific fairy-tale,  of your own personal making, time. 

Later this afternoon, my sweetest Mothers Day gift shall blend me up a "Hemp, Hemp, Hooray for Mommy" smoothie, prepared with young Thai Coconut, Hemp Seed Nut, Dates, frozen Banana and whatever other earthly wonders we choose to so deliciously dig up and blend into a divinely conscious concoction. Of course, we shall be utilizing the aid of our Vitamix 5200, gratefully donated, last fall, by my client, Mike, whom so generously knew our needs and ate from our abundant table. Goddess-sent!

I am so excited to upload some sweet bites of spontaneous combustion created while 'running for cover' before my much needed body massage, last eve. Best of all, further adding to my growing and gloriously glowing collection of videos: www.LifeOfaGreatMommy/youtube. com .  Please take a peek, post your positive commentary and pass along the Bliss and the Joy my not so little Boy and I Share with all those Special Beings Whom So Consciously Care.

With Motherly Mayhem and Magic,