Friday, December 28, 2012

My Puppy Licks My Eye

My puppy licks my eyei
wish I had a tear
to feed him

My puppy curls up tight
wish we'd eaten
last night

My puppy is onnocent
wish  for kindness
where it went

My puppy is patient
wish for monies

My puppy smells fear
wish for trust
need love here

My puppy tastes Elk
wish was true
dreams for you

Katherine Marion

p.s .
Noone will be able to say that i did
not ask, or create, or put forth my
request to a 'Father' i was never blessed
to have as guide or protector, or faithful
servant to my heats tender cry

No one will be able to forget me when i die.

Foir, I aave lived a life that no sinner could
bear to live rhrough. Many have watched me
dance on hot  red coals, whilst they
played witness .. in the same wretched bed,
they so lovelessly laid me down upon.

To live forever .. may be the geatest torture.

And, I am.

Far much worse .. are the lifeless corpses of those .. who
did nothing for anybody. Except when it was to serve


In the forest .. one is able to see the trees.

When ONE is a tree, the forest is visible ..
for all to see.


No One Should Be Alone

No one should be alone
deep hearts need a home
every puppy loves a bone
old maid turns into a crone

No one should be alone
all that is torn can be sewn
hurt feelings need be shown
truth deserves to be known

No one should be alone
loneliness not to be or roam
\sweet seeds must be sown
love needs conscious clone

No one should be alone
let go of old winds blown
hear beggar woman's drone
she to never leave you alone

Katherine Marions


A succesful businessman in Vanvouver, who
also happened to be our neighbor, helped me
when we first moved to Marpole. In so many
kind ways ..

Soon after, he stopped feeling and began to
think .. too much. His thoughful feelings ..
went out the door and his gratitide was no more.

Turns out, he knew a kind heart who was
brilliant and beautiful, before she comitted
suicide. I knew he felt guilty for not seeing
or doing somethng to make her life better, or
even leave her with one ..

There are many i have known, who have
shown me and my child, or even puppies . much
kindness. And, almost always, they turned
around and bit the hand they fed. Why not rather
instead, be grateful, for one never knows who
that 'beggar' at life's door may be - in disguise.

Just like in a fable or childhod story, nothng
means as it might seem. So, for those who let
out a fearful scream and are callous and mean,
i wish you well and I offer you the food of
insight .. allowing you to see beyond your
long nose that picks itself as you dig into your
wallet one more tested time, to see a piece of
gold that did not for long enougt shine.

Yes, that is right. Your heart is your winning
purse. That sparkle could be in your eye if
you did not permit what is precious and pure
to cry and beg and waste away ... No. There may
not be another clean or perfect or surer day
to do what is right .. for thosw eho are attacked
by your internal war that you wage. When you rage
you engage an unparalled universe to bring forth
one more wise or wizened sage ..

And, thus you begin your joyless journey .. again,
and again, and agian.

Start over in this lifetime. Be the lifeline for one
or many.. who can teach you much and have more
to offer than you know yourself to be worth or
worthy of. This may be tough, at first .. Try.
Practice. Even pretend. And, guess what?
Your worldly pain .. shall end. And, as you begin
to bend ... Joy to yourself and all others .. you will
forever send.

In sincerity for all sinns doen utno me and my brothers,

Katherine the Grateful


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mother Sun

Mother Son
fears no one

She is ALL

Mother Sun
will not run

Stands TALL

Mother Sun
many shun


Mother Sun
never undone

Wombed WALL

Mother Sun
aches for Fun

Shakes her SHAWL

Mother Sun
'under the gun'

Never to CRAWL

Mother Sun
war 'hard won'

aches to BAWL

Mother Sun
harms noone

thus, never to FALL

Katherine Marion


After a multi-houred divine discourse on fb with a
good and near to lost 'old' friend, Richard, I am
emboldened, for conscios comparison, not for
the first time .. to write of myself as Mother Sun.

Escpecially since my own, once so shining Son, often
wrote of me, as thus ... Even in picutre form, epressing
his seemingly, tiny visual part in 'the picture;
 of our multifolded love.

As a Butterly: my gentle soul of an innocent child,
 himself. As his brightest light .. alwasys to remain in a
cloudless  sky, for as long as he so longs ...

Now, other courrupt forces have taken him from his
steadfast and studious 'stidemt of life' who's forever acted
on her heartbeat]'s beloved behalf, as teacher, guide, mentor and
'Mother,"as insanity might tend to falsely refer to all too seldom
honoured .. HER.

She shall hold onto him, with her warmth. Her heat
shall heal and restore his truth, back upright. They shall
reighn supreme in a sky unclouded by others who only
hope to smother that other .. which they, themselves
envy and hold in higher esteem than they wish to

Non-believers are not even owrth holding in comtempt,
in or out of court, for they are their own  worst judge
and jury. As long as they attempt to rule .. they are
 already, over-ruled

Mother Sun  - SHE sees all ... and what she knows best:
HER power is immense and she shall keep her head
and all splendid selfless self; above highest waves and hell
water,that bespeaks of anything less than empowered,
emboldened and worth holdign onto ...

LOVE is what shines BRIGHTEST - first and foremost,

Katherine in Greatness and Goddess-ssent Glory


I Hugged a Girl

I hugged a girl
this moonlit eve

She was shriekng
at her boyfriend

I could see them
throught their window

He was stadnig up
 she wass set afire

All i came to borrow
were some matches

to light my fireplace
and warm our home

Knocking at the door
feeling safe and sure

Providence in hand
with unversal flow

I felt all was good
everything; so right

Whch is why I did
hug a girl, this night

Holding her close
palms face down

Giving her love
feeling the pain

Soothing her hurt
I was restored

Offered a lighter
before I left

I wondder how
they are doing

May she be loved
for i know I AM

Katherine Marion


Some may say, " Life is funny," yet i know
that this world can be filled with sharp
pins and pricks that hold on tight ...

After being accosted on the dark
highwary, up the way from our
new home, just prior to borrowing
more firewood from a friendly
neighbor, I know what it felt like
to be filled with another's darkness.

The fellow who came up to me and
our innocent puppies, was filled
with rage and maybe even drugs.
Possibly, " off of his medication,"
even. Attacking us, psychically,
and targeting me with wounding
words that can kill. A fellow
female came out of her peaceful
Saturday eve, after her daughter's
birthday party, and hollered at
the countrified creepy crawler
who didn't like it that i had a
couple of quiet dogs, on- leash.
Claining that i was "not allowing
them to socialize," and refusing
to stop cornering me and my
pets. So, I know pain .. and I
know kindness.

Of course, all the love
.. comes full circle. So, do
 the ashes that drop like hot
stones, to burn and maim.

And, "If I had it to do, all
over, again", I would do it
just the same, for I am one
of the seemingly, sometimes
few sane.

Kindness is everywhere,
when we keep an unlocked
heart; ready to open up at
anytime, even wider .. to
let int the light and offer
refuge for those who are
in need.

It doesn't matter who you
are, I love you. I understand
what life can throw your way
and my wounds are deep.
Yet, my hope is huge and
my happiness does not
depend on being loved
in return.


Lovingly Lighting a new Path,