Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Little Boy I Will Always Love

Once upon a Supernatural fairytale time ...

Two souls lived a loving life - Supernaturally sublime!

Upon a rawsome rooftop garden so green

Minding their own beeswax and happy as in a dream

Under the  stinking spell of evil witches, many

Jealous fakes who allied with Children and Family Ministry

Strucken down by blond sunshine and smiles

Women witches with varicose viens and plentiful piles

Afraid of their own light so they chose to shut us down

Powerless dis-abled hearts breaking their broken-down crown

Casting putrid projections rather than good intentions

After a willful while it was too late for even well planned preventions

Deeming us as the homeschooling family to go down

Long hair and happiness while all they wore to bed was a frown

From the first day we moved into our penthouse suite

All we heard from meddlesome mice was a constant unconscious peep

Lying through ugly fear-stained teeth waiting to bite

Constantly calling authorities to hurt us with gleeful delight

This picture was taken when we felt we had nothing to lose

Not yet, legally torn apart, we gave and offered only LOVE to choose

Anonymously claiming my raw fooder was unfed

With "heroin needles" under our flowery queen-size bed

Wretched deceivers feigning as friends, really foe

Wonder where their wondrous light did ever ever gruesomly go?

What could cause a person to hurt another as they did to us

You'd think they'd pay us millions to teach, "In Goddess We Trust!"

Even though my son was just caught and taught, this week

By back alley Butcher's that his 2 ft braid was no longer 'so to peek'

We shall continue to live our loving lives as we see fit

The blasted rest can go and suck on another's milky-white tit!!!!

Katherine Marion


That's it! Now, I feel better.

Thus inspired by the crazy comment on my previous telling post, I went into my archived pics that my blessed boy has so kindly been keeping for easy access, and found the above beautiful memento.

My son was 6 or 7 years young, at this torrid and tumultous time. Copious amounts of horrific paperwork
was already in the willfull making .. which would have him ilegally taken away from me by imposters claiming to care for children, whom actually are given bonus' for stealing them away from single mothers like me and millions more ...

We actually felt invincible, becase we all are! The only thing is, we did not know our rights, yet. And, we are still learning. As ever, the 'hard way' ; with experience as our patient teacher.

Yet, why in the wonderful world that we choose create, should their ever be served up, anything other than bliss?

We are soon, moving to a magical place ...  and shall continue to have our magial mirrors match up ...

Believing in the same sanest beauty we see within ... Other  and always wise, we shall simply go without!

Here's to remembering,

Katherine and Kaelin

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Brave being who can with-stand virtually anything

Magical  Mommy remaining eternally  rooted

Electrifying energy brightening every room

Woman of instinct safely guided none too soon ...

Losing my 8 year old son to the government

Gaining insightt with another knife in my back

Forgetting sleep while remembering to watch my step

So much pain that I have not yet written, spoken or wept

Pulling out my own hair for two trauma-induced years

Letting go of fears that keep me from moving forward

Remembering  to dust off my Angel wings and fly

Leaving behind the sordid past to let my tears naturally dry

Loving people who still do not know how to love themselves

Knowing that I am no one's caregiver or caretaker unless I choose

Seeing that my son must shine in order for me to really stay alive

Trusting Mother Nature to nurture me as I begin to really thrive

Preparing for internal success of the most sacred Goddess-sort

Observing warning signs to be seen and listened to carefullly

Leaving nothing to guess-work and only to universal design

Allowing all highest vibrational forces to universally alighn!

Accepting The LOVE I Am and so Divinely Deserve,

Katherine Marion

http://www.agoranews.org/ - feature columnnist


Last night, my sweet and soaring star, had not much opportunity to soar ...
under the brightest full moon, that had not yet, enterered the bluest evening early evening sky.

A gang of teens jumped out of a small green vehicle, in the alley next to ours, and pinned my son into position ...

Within a moment his marvelous mass of magical hair - all 2 ft of it - was severed from his bright and beautiful being!

Within a few minutes, Kaelin came crying, in the most 'man in the magical making' way, befitting a real lion of a gentleman, to his Amazing Mommy

Holding his golden plait, outstretched in his openen hand, as in the Lion Cub  offering the Lioness; his worthy offering of LOVE

Within minutes of my severely shaken, and yet, very brave boy, sharing his story .. a scared child was laying his heavy head - sans sunlighened -gold for hair- in the safety of his Mother's loving lap

Oh, what a cruel world this can be, is what I feel tempted to say to my growing son, as he feels the ache of leaving the innocence of childhood, to enter into a far less enchanting forest, filled with monsters and demons of the most life-like and sordid earth-forsaking sort.

I keep my mouth hushed and I whisper into his open heart ... how truly proud I am of him and his achievement in simply being here, upon this precious planet, as he breathes beauty into each and every soul whom enters his sphere, no matter whether over there in a sunlit back alley or righfully and happily, right here ...

Biting my tongue, I trust my instincts that tell me to carry my soaring old soul over to a safer place, so that he may remain as gentle and untouched as the sacred flower that he so genuinely is meant to be - allowing him to grow and glow as Nature and Nurture , are  gratefully intending ...

Bless me for I am his Mother and I know no other Power stronger than LOVE!!!!



This pic was taken by my happy homeschooler, Kaelin, after he raced ahead, as sure-footed as a gorgeous Gazelle .. atop this Goddess' gorgeous graxing point - at Frosty Peak, 14 km above luscious Lightening Lake, that I swam in later ...

www.youtube.com/lifeofagreatmommy - to watch our http://www.supernaturalwoman.com/ series of video's recently uploaded and still .. uploading - "Rawsome Road To Recovery" - or 10 DAYS TO BANFF AND BACK\!!!!

Feel free to join my consciousness-raising channel and post your life-affirming commentary.

Thanks from my sunniest peaks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Protect, Honor and Cherish

                             Upon the sunlit sands of Okanogan Lake
                            My breath was his to take ...

                             Before a dust storm on the heated beach

                             His loving hand within reach ...

                            After hiking up Manning Park's Frosty Peak

                            Kindness is all our hearts seek ...

                            Upon our Rawome Road Trip To Recovery

                            Both of us makes up WE ...

                            Travelling the highways of beautiful B.C.

                            Two spirits set free ...

                            Eating organic peaches in Kerameos,

                            Rawsomely looking after US ...

                            Swimming in frigid Lightening Lake

                            Courage is all it does take ...

                            Soaking in a sauna to warm the core

                            Allowing healing heat to soar ....

                             Driving through the Rocky Mountains

                             Strangers becoming new friends ...

                            Watching Deer walk freely in Banff

                            Offers a spirit a second chance ...

                             Eating not a fish in Salmon Arm

                            An Okanogan filled with charm ...

                            Strolling under clear starlit skies

                            Motherly Love never dies ...

                            Katherine Marion




                           Before deciding on whether or not I shall take my on on a 2
                          week adventure to Gambier Island, where we may very well
                          be receiving a bursary for us to attend, I am listening to Kaelin
                          as he watches a video from 4 years ago, from when he was
                          being chased by a squirrel and keeping his nuts ...

                          Missing my life/deadline for http://www.agornews.org/ where I write
                          my monthly "Co-Creating a Conscious Community" column;
                          due to immense sleep deprivation and first having to interview
                          http://www.pivotlegal.org/ before I put forth the statistics on single
                          Mom's having their children stolen away by the bungling B.C.
                          bureacracy; Ministry of Children and Families, whom launder
                          toiling tax-payer's dollars at every flip of the magician's hat.

                          Watching my 14 year old son's wonderful series of self-creat
                           ed video's from when he was 9 and had just been returned by
                           the misfit ministry who stole him away for 8 months of our
                           mystical and magical lives. Whereupon, he puts a faux budgie
                           metal stick and makes it cry and talk. Art therapy at it's heal-
                           in and self-expressed best.

                          Trying not to think about that rat that keeps coming into our
                           once so happy home, through the window of our loving
                           room. Finally hanging up on the other rat on the phone, who
                           calls every 6 months or so, to spew his vile poison and blame
                           me for "his son' being taken, all else that he chooses to not
                           accept responsibility for.

                           Dreaming of the nearly island 3 bedroom cottage rental
                            that awaits our emminent arrival, by the end of September.
                            And, all the hurting that shall soon subside when we get
                            out of the stress-inducing city, to perfectly place  ourselves
                            into the soul-aligning and "perfect timing" rhythm of things
                            and precoius people as Mother Nature so abundantly intend

                          Merely one more day  www.youtube.com/lifeofagreatmommy
                          in the luscious and well-lived lives of a couple of happy
                          hearts that shall remain open ....

                         Supernaturally so,

                         Katherine Marioin





Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Have Only Just Begun ...

                         I have only just begun ...

                         Life really does start at 50

                        Around the corner from 21!

                         I am only getting started ...

                         Life really does start at 50

                         Soon after the baby farted

                         I am going to dearly warm ...

                         Life really does start at 50
                         After you leave the hobby farm

                         I am my very own wet dream...

                         Life really does start at 50

                         Knowing that which is not seen

                         I am trading my slipper for a glove ..

                         Life really does start at 50

                        Little devil - once Angel from above

                        I am owning my power as never before...

                        Life really does start at 50

                        Not that anyone is keeping score


                       I am speaking my voice in new light ...

                       Life really does start at 50

                       Shining bold and beautifully bright

                        I am ready to play with energy...

                        Life really does start at 50

                        Come and play with magical me!

                        Katherine Marion



                       After the horrendous dust storm in Penicton, a couple of weeks
                       ago, my trusted Canon AE1 has not been quite up to par .. Thus,
                       I decided to haul out my client, Michael's gift of a Canon movie
                       camera, and practically beg my son to shoot a few stills .. since
                       this clear evening is the first time in p;robably 6 weeks that I
                       even contemplated putting on a few coats of a my eco-friendly
                       black mascara and some natural tinted eyeshadow. What the
                       heck, with my new hair, or shall I say, "less of my old hair", I
                       was feeling kind'a sexy and really wanted to capture the mom-
                       entous moment on one more soon to be running out ... 16
                       GB memory card, worth remembering.

                       Besides, my intentions were of the highest after speaking to
                       Stefan, a raw, vegan who drinks un-pastuerized milk and is a
                       faithful follower of a Maharaj from Bombay, who just
                       happens to be doing his swirling ddervish best to guide this
                       wayword world to dance more and listen attentively to the
                       their own guiding voice. Or, this is what I astutely assume,
                       since I decided that I did not deem myself to be of the covert
                       type, even though my visit to Banyen for a "Free Book Signing"
                       was to be to interview Swami Rahda for Vancover's only
                       REAL NEWS - http://www.agoranews.org/  Looking
                       at myself in the new light of my co-publisher Dan Merchant;
                       giving me the greatest green light on going ahead on my newest
                       inspiration: a story on David Icke and how he is breaking the
                       news-front on a ground-breaking new story about the "Mafia"
                       Ministry Of Children and Families in the UK, that routinely
                       steals away "homeschooling children" left to play outside of
                       the box and to think for themseves. Imagine the audacity!

                       Oh, ya, that happenened to my child, too.

                      Funny, how so many ignorant many have said to me; "That was
                       a long time ago ... Aren't you over that, yet?"

                      Well, 'getting over' their own ignorance is a lot less challenging
                       than forgetting what must always be remembered .. And, effect-
                       ively dealt with in a manner befitting this http://www.supernatural/
                       Woman.com and the truth she so diligently and divinely repres-                       ents and epitomizes.

                     See you at the head of the line ...!!!!!


                     Please feel free to post your positive commentary; it is only fair.
                     And, even I  - really appreciate being fed kind words ...



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upon Sands Of No Man's Time or Land


I am 50 and wear purple panties to English Bay
He is 14 and don's more attire than me

As far as any lookie-loo can look ...
What might the government say?

I am his Mother and perform strip-a-grams at 'mid-life"
He is my Son and loves me to laugh and crack my whip

As far as any lookie-loo may see ,,,
Enough to cause a governing body outright strife!

I am his only real role model as long as I live
He is the old soul I am guiding with my heart

As superficial as any lookie-loo can be
Government's still takes  more than all freely choose to give

I am the light that shines down upon my land
He is the Butterfly unconditionally gifted unto me

As far any lookie-loo can ever find 
 Governor's never win over we whom hold kindness in our hand!

Katherine Marion

After a wonderful day, spent at English Bay, I just had to stay up a little later ... after 48 hours with 0 hours of sleep.

Where others are fixing their hair and applying make-up , I am shedding layers to get real and raw'k on that sandy beach.

After spending the night in the wretched heat of Jeanne's and Gabe's, Mommy made it to the weight-room for a power leg work-out and a long, soak in the steam room.

All I cold do to stay awake; was bike one more block, breath another breath of fresh Vancouver air, and offer infinte thanks for all I have there and here, in my happiest heart of hearts!