• Last night, after a "recovering drug addict, of over 35 years" who professes to nowadays, only buy and sell, - "Gold", stopped in my sunlit alley, to talk, "only for a few minutes," I got a wee bite pissed off ...

    Finishing up by leaving me with; " You are an attractive woman, and your in pretty good shape ..."

    This is after I had already openly admitted to my earlier aDICKtion, in my 'other life,' before my son and new self-designed world of love and personal healing.

    Well, it is not like I go to the gym to please any man or lesbian. My muscles are simply a supernatural by-product of energy expended .. producing energy conducive and purely producing profits for gain. Mine - not his or hers!

    Just the sanest same .. I was not seeing myself in the sweetest light, after the load of stinky dynamite he dumped on lovely me.

    Sleep deprived momma K and all she has to carry .. became an unwholesome lot heavier, after that.

    And, we are not just talk'n my 34 F's!

    As I write this, i begin to sing in soulful unison with Sarah Brightman, one of my brightest shining stars .. My bright and beautiful ever-rising Son, has so thoughtfully set up my laptop, so that i may write to you, and listen to my beloved songstress. Opera at is operative best ... Lifting my spirits - if not my chest.. at least another few octaves and inches.

    Even though, I have not walked under the full moon, yet, this morn, i am all too aware that it is a shin'n .. as many are not - just tongue tied in tiresome knots.

    Still remembering, the far from handsome road-hogger who drove his big mobile unit, and slowed down to give his unhappy head ' a shake,' as he watched me .. pushing my own mini vehicle on 4 wheels down the road. I had just picked up our Bamboo sheets from the laundromat, and was wheeling $100's of organic foodstuff from our local grocer. In my very own borrowed, "until tomorrow," buggy.

    Happy as a lark, and sporting my tanned, toned legs .. Feeling good about seeing my brilliant boy - after his buddy-time, playing laser tag, to meet up, for a brief while, before biking for the gym, that i never did manage to get mine tired and inspired self to ...

    I know none of us are supposed to care about what others do or say or ...

    And, so what?

    Just the sanest same .. i am allowed to vent.

    Safely and Sacredly.

    So be it.

    Telling tit like tit is,

    Purring Kat might soon Roar .. some more


    As excerpted from my facebook sharing ..


    Oh, just give me a little more warming fall sunshine and I will get over it .. alright!