Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do you like my Freesias?

                                                Do you like my Freesias?

                                                didn't mean to tease ya

                                               Do you like my Freesias?

                                               know I'd rather squeeze ya

                                               Do you like my Freesias?

                                               hope they do please ya

                                              Do you like my Freesias?

                                              hope this day does seize ya!

                                               Katherine Marion


                                             This early morn, after a good night's sleep, I
                                             felt like sorting out my lingerie drawer. So
                                             gorgeous gifts and pretty things to carefully
                                             too peek at ..

                                             And, to think that I was inspired by a loving
                                             man, who asked me to give him another pair
                                             of my panties ..

                                             Goddess! Whats' this world coming to!

                                             Fetchingly yours,

                                             Baby K


                                            Isn't it amazing what a rested woman will be
                                            motivated to do ..?


                                           And, the flowers ..hanging, are my pretty posies,
                                           purchased for myself, the other divine day. Simply
                                           call up Sunshine Flowers .. on Granville Street, in
                                           Vancouver, B.C., and they will deliver my precious
                                           presents to magical me.

                                           Goddess ever Grateful


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goddess, I miss this Innocence ..


                                  I miss this innocence


                               Tenderest soul to bless


                              Life seems such a mess


                           Consciousness must confess


                           So much pain and duress


                            Few have much finesse


                           What's left to impress?


                        Where's love's soft caress?


                      Who listens to what he says?


                    How may we deal with this stress?


                      Why not more, rather than less?


                How may a hurting heart find some rest?

               Katherine Marion

               Third Eye Photography - K.M.


Melancholy often sets in .. as I look upon my shining son's beautiful face. I wonder how so many unfortunate event could ever have befallen our sacred real-ationship. Looking within .. I wonder how I may have inadvertently forsaken my child. Seeing his purity and remembering his joy, all I know is that I most assuredly miss the magic that I rarely see peeking out from the precious folds of my once so very loving little boy.

I begin to cry as I write this heart-felt stirring ... Knowing that my feelings are mine and that there will be people peering int, who will not relate or even understand what I am sharing. Yet, at least I know that I am caring and courageous enough to divulge my divine divinity. With an ever hopeful heart, pray that these pieces of truth that I am continually putting back together, help support the healing of even one person. That means everything.

My son and I have surely paid the price for me speaking my truth, dancing my passions, publicly displaying my affection, and expressing my highest and happiest self.

All I can do is believe, hold onto the child that is still crying for my attention, and allow that which and whom I conditionally love, to come back ...

In the meantime, I am loving myself in wondrous light-filled ways that I almost forgot how to.

This evening, after stretching outside, with my beloved tree, I danced in front of a big mirror, to music that makes this forgotten hot house flower, bloom.

Looking after what is right and real.

Goddess-sent Gratitude,

Magical Momma K


I captured these illuminating images .. close to 2 years ago. Kaelin was creating a lot of fresh, organic fruit smoothies. He still had his best and youngest, downstairs neighbor friend; Charlie, who has since moved out .. . They were like brothers.

Soon after this picture, my brilliant boy began to really change. Deadly trolls began stalking us, online, causing our famed and well loved youtube channel; " Life of an Amazing Mommy," featuring almost 500 of our video's which took 4 years to create and upload, to be deleted. Kaelin began really withdrawing. I filed a police report.  I was told that our local protector's were in no position to defend me, even with the reporting of rape threat on Facebook and  death threats on youtube. Even kidnapping threats to my growing young man, did not seem to make a difference. Not to mention the sorrowful fact that my son was and is still .. inundated on his own,  later and courageously created youtube channel, Slanderous projections of the most impure type and ill-minded ilk. What KIND of developing mind, would not be adversely affected by a segregated, yet .... outrageous public outcry of insanity, over a supremely bonded Mother and Son, who were once so very happy, many would and are inclined .. to call it  and see it as purest BLISS?

My son has been scarred, badly. I see his pain and it brings me much sadness, on a regular and enduring basis. And, the saddest aspect .. rarely a soul speaks out ... concerning what has been allowed to occur!

Well, time to wipe my tears. Trust that my son will come home, tonight. Keep positive, no matter
the amount of utter sleep deprivation and hurts, that persists in coming out, to be looked at and tended to. Being real and honest with myself and continuing to be the best possible role model that any rising .. son could ever wish for, dream of, and be granted the Goddess-given gift to live with and be offered the love of ..!!!!

Very special K

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Home is OUR Healing Haven

My home is our healing haven

when it is sanctuary you be crave'n

Drop by to get a love-felt hug

at your heart stirrings, I tenderly tug

Some say to take a posh holiday

"simple time," alone, is all I need say

When you get the itch to bitch

opening a heart, soothes a knotted hitch

My home is your castle upon earth

filled with tears of joy and gentle mirth

Sanded down by sands of sorrow

from life we  allow  all, to kindly borrow

Sharing is all that is needed to help

reach out rather than vent, yell, or yelp

Sit yourself down and rest for a time

I know love is greatest healer and lifeline!!!

Katherine Marion


I captured this picture of part of my pretty purple-toned
(highest healing color ..) living area .. last year.

Our surrounding matter so much, to us .. and all that
enter into our conscious space, thus co-created in
the light of a new and even more divine day.

Sublimely your wondrous way,

special K


Our for real.. Rawk'n Retreat is available...

The divine day .. my 14 year old son, bladed to buy me LOVE!!!

Two Mothers 'Daze' .. ago, my sacred son gave unto me

a boxful of pretty pansies that caused me to thrill in glee

Rollerblading miles .. to bring "Mommy" scented smiles

all i could do was hug and hold him him; posing on tiles

So proud of himself that he had some money to bring joy

i am still remembering the face of self esteem upon my boy

We all know what one another truly needs and even wants

what happens is, that when we can't give it .. hurt haunts

I know this for i have watched my son turn inward out of fear

Stealing money from my paypal account, to disappear, last year

Situations can change in a families life, yet, we must stay sane

It is only by keeping love, that we all shall win life's long game

This year, he is already 16 and filled up on manly testosterone

may he soon remember that my heart is forever his first  home

I am the light that keeps him safe on the unpaved path he choose

With forgiveness and a whole lot of gentleness; no one can lose!

Katherine Marion


I was actually looking for a "goodnight' pic to post for my facebook pals,
when i gratefully glimpsed this Goddess-sent gift.

Since i am so very appreciative for King Kaelin's most recent return
back to me, this blessed evening, just felt it only fair to allow
another Mother and Son and other .. to enjoy some supernatural
receiving ...

Enjoy my Flowers of Love,

Momma K


It takes so little .. to give Love!!!!

I Can Feel My Power Coming Back ...

I can feel my power coming back

Removing my head from that sack

That last one, was quite the whack

Anyone else, may have lost track ...

Losing one's innocence is one fact

Felt like I got hit by another Mac

Like when I was raped in that shack

Decades later, online, esteem to hack

My son getting hurt is the final hit

This teen may as well be on the tit

Upon my raw roost, no longer to sit

No doubt about it, this is finally it

Anyone can sign a plaintiff's writ

Most, over less, would have a fit

For now; write my message in crypt

Justice prevails, and bad guys get shit!!!!!

Katherine Marion


Yes, i asked my blessed boy, King Kaelin, to
snap this picture, the last time i went out .. to a
young gal friends birthday party. That was two
months ago - at least. My last dress-up event.

For weeks i won't even wear mascara. Wearing
my favorite 'uniform,' Lululemon Yoga gear, i
 get a wholesome lot more done. And, have
more of a tendency to look after my self, even
better  - since i am already dressed and ready for
a workout. Gotta bring in that self-love ...

When I look at this pretty picture, i feel empowered.
As i hope many others ... will, also.

For , it seems that when i dress it up and put on my
lashes - eco friendly and biodegradable mascara
that scares not a soul, I am reminded of the many
'fights' in court; family custody wins, battles with the
MCFD to get my child out of that gay foster 'home,'
and of course, keeping that repeat offender - off the
streets and behind bars, for close to 30 trauma-filled
years. You know that friendly psychopath who raped
a 12 year old girl, killed her, and buried her body ..
before he went home to tell his wife and have dinner
with his kids. No kidding.

So,now i am gearing up for something really big . again.
I can feel it .. sitting ever so right and bright, in the
depth of my divinity.

Oh, aren't I looking simply the prettiest picture of robust
and rawk'n supernatural inner wealth?

Nice sharing with you ..

Now, please help others .. Women; especially, to empower

Share my truth.

It is all of ours ...

Honoring the Woman inside of magical Me who never got
to be that 'little girl.'

Yet, whom is now about to help her 'getting real big' little boy;
silently ... crying out for help and attention.

Some of have the skills and tools.

Other's don't.

Most give up, before they've even begun.

I won't.

This Powerhouse .. has merely just begun ....!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Eat My Cookies .. Moist and Sweet

Eat my cookies .. moist and sweet 

you are in .. for the biggest taste treat

Eat my cookies .. fresh and organic

you  are gonna turn positively orgasmic

Eat my cookies ... alive with light 

you are sure to feel purest delight

Eat my cookies on the floor with me

Fueling up on Goddess-sent ecstasy

Eat my cookies .. as i tell you to do so 

what is real within .. shall glow and grow

Eat my cookies ... created with heart

of yours .. this is the greatest, greenest part 

Eat my cookies .. touched by Nature 

Allow Giai's Love to fully nurture 

Eat my cookies ... I do thus implore

Fresh from dehydrator, into Divinities door ...

Eat my cookies .. to explode with Joy

Enough to turn grown-man, back into Boy

Eat my cookies .. stoked by power true

Goddess putting the healing heat within you 

Eat my cookies ... under my loving gaze

all day and night . may you gorge and graze 

Eat my cookies .. created with you in mind

Breast thing coming ..and going, for ManKind

Eat my cookies ... spent by fervor and fantasy 

Connecting to sexiest spirit within Supernatural Me

Eat my cookies .. with a glass of cold almond mylk

You might say that i am your eternal MilLF

Eat my cookies .. as they sit on their pretty plate

Please, to watch .. i can barely afford to wait ...

Eat my cookies .. as we licked the platter clean

To live in the Raw with me .. is to die in a dream!!!!

Katherine Marion /rawsomechef 


Now, show your humbled thanks as you help support my rawk'n poetry and rawsome 
lickability ... 

To order your delicious dishes, hire me for an enchanting speaking engagement, work it out in a workshop format, or simply donate .. via paypal. 

I am moving to the country to feed myself, my son, and a sis and brother black and golden Labs puppies that are coming home, real soon. Slow to leave the ten tits and 6 siblings they left behind. The perfect setting and happiest home .. unto which, we gratefully now align ...

Oh, not to mention the haling acreage that i am already visualizing .. So many others to love, as we lead our newest life .. of rawstruck Love.

So, thanks ahead of time .. and  of the victorious vine.

Heading forward .. to our Rawstruck Retreat, 

Your very own  hard-core and bodied Angel K ; divine deva from above

Last night, we invited Freeda to sup ....

Last night, we invited Freeda to sup

Goddess-sent Goblin; gobbling up ...

By honeyed beeswax, she did dine

Never saw a table set so fit and fine

With love; I prepared her Green Pie

Avocado's, Lime, Honey, and I  ...

Crust of soaked walnuts and date

She stayed up eating, until real late

Last night, we invited Freeda to sup

Her health has really been looking up

By honeyed beeswax, she did dine

To eat other than raw; such a crime

With love: i prepared her Green Pie

In sharing living foods; be never shy

Crust of soaked walnuts and date

Later, our old friend; licked her plate!

This morn, old lady; waking refreshed

On cooked food; so easy to be depressed

Bowels working cleaned and ready

Faith in Gaia's garden; to hold steady

With heart, we can do as we please

So says, Monarch of the Queens' bees

Fueled by light of miracles purely born

Fed by Angels; of heaven, foresworn

This morn, old lady, waking refreshed

Knowing 'more' goodness is always best

Bowels working; cleaned and ready

All slept well, even her stuffed Teddy

With heart, we can do as we please

Clear passage-ways, leave nary a sneeze

Fueled by light of miracles purely born

Momma K; curing Woman-Kind and Worn!!!!

Katherine Marion


Please enjoy my pleasing portrait of our fabulous friend; Freeda.


Friends are to heal and help along life's sometimes wounding way .. I feel better, is all i can positively say!!!!

Love you, Freeda!!!!