Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Elvis Lost His Velvet Voice

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

talent never lies
hunger always dies

ate himself to death
with pill popp'n highs'

a pelvis that did stop
did un-divinely drop

used up all his energies
that sexy soul of Rock

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

girls giving free panties
not worth living for

The Colonel ruling
forsaking; forescore

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

virgin wife no more
no truth at love's door

vows he once swore
before bedding $ whore

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

little girl; left behind
life was not too kind

emptiness can find
heart dead on rewind

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

one more mansion
hopeless  to fashion

an imperfect passion
for traitor's to cash in ..

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise.

Katherine Marion


I write for me.

yet it is for all to see

and learn from.

Has anyone heard from my Son?

cut off his tongue

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

are hurting his dear Mom

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

forgets, SHE's his Sun

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Slum buddies
always choose .. run

Has anyone heard\'
from my Son?

Shove these ...
up your tight bum

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Above knees
the water's now come

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Love to please
crowds and no one

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Above to sneeze
creeps forever to shun

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Thugs are these ..
from roar to dead hum

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Hugs on freeze
help not a silenced one

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Somebody's rala
cut off his tongue!

Katherine Marion


I KNEW I had to begin to write .. when
I heard the words .. as i was walking to the gym,
this past evening, after a day riddled with chaos of
unmentionable other's ... who do not believe in beautiful
Mothers ..

Later, after an intense 1/2 hour spent working on
upper body in a quiet weight-room, I was so
grateful to be allowed to stay, "after hours, " in order
to do one powerful 10 minutes on the mats; 300
ab-smacking Pilates crunches with alternating elbow
Followed by 150 leg raises to raise core body temp,
and tone all areas of sexy feminine.

I was revved.

Then, as i was literally talking to the rain.. outside where my
steel horse was locked, I realized that someone had
slashed my bike tire.

Since one Supernatural Woman - never tires, it was a nice,
refreshing walk home!

I walked home, gladly. Wishing to climb that apple tree that
Thelma had recently sniffed out ... Without poking another
hole in my newest  pair of black and shiny Lululemons' .
Rather, breathing deeply and seeing a clearer picture .. minute
by mystical minute ..

Just before turning the corner to our abode, I  spoke to a small family
 of pet owners and converted them to a raw, healing doggie diet
. Of course, it seems .. I  missed my son coming home at this un-Godly
 hour. He did not wait, as do .. our patient puppies.
So, he left.

Disappointed .. again.
Nothing new .... for me.

Or, fear-filled ... him.

Most of the time, i feel like i am running a sick bay in some crazy
Mash unit and that my life must be some sureality t.v. show that no
one has paid me for .. yet.

So, guess i will start my own GuruShip

Keep sailing, baby K

Cause ' floating' ain't barely enough.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goddess on a Green Blanket

Goddess  on a Green Blanket
If there be sunlight; she will thank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
  If served Nectar of the God's; she has drank it
Goddess on a Green Blaket
If she's shot a falling star; she will spank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
If gifted with Love; she can bank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
If served an overflowing cup; she drank it!
Goddess on a Green Blanket
Katherine Marion
Today, Peter 'made my day' when he sent me over a dozen lovely
images, that we had captured a few months ago.
So much has happened within this fractured time-frame, that i feel I have
barely been allowed 'time to breathe."
So, here I AM
Breathing into Love.
Queen Elizabeth Park, Vanouver, B.C. is where we shot this lovely pic. Such a warm and wonderful apace to creat powerful energy and let go of others .. who do not serve any ..
special K

I am Supernatural

                                                                                                    I am Superantural
                                                    beyond factual

                                           inner wealth
                                          my 'cash flow'

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                         never bashful

                                                           true health
                                                        ever satisfactual

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                           upper shelf

                                                          sweet stealth
                                                       certainly to excell

                                                        I am Supernatural
                                                            uber milf

                                                            to  melteth                   
                                                            what if ...?

                                                         I am Supernatural
                                                             kit kat still

                                                              sexy elf
                                                            new capsule

                                                          I am Supernatural
                                                             love's fill

                                                              uphill ...


                                                         Katherine Marion


               As i ready to re-invent myself, again, and move to a whole new 'playful
station' in my new life "as a puppy," or, shall i say, 'purring puss,' I am shedding old dead,
worn-out tired layers of lovelessness. That cost me more .. than this swimsuit that i am barely

Picture taken by P at The Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Vancouver, B.C. - Mid August 2012

So, this is how 'it looks' on me - to wear 52!
How about you ...?



Thursday, October 25, 2012

I most .. long for; Intinacy!

What i most long for ..

How i find friends

When i hide away
no one

When here i find me
my heart

Why i share love
for all
touch tenderly

Who i know really
she is ME!

Katherine Marion


This past day, was a day out of
a living nightmare.

My landlord taking my rent for
our new place.

My son's scowling, mean face.

My x - his dad, neglecting his
duties as a role model and

My old boyfriend treating me
so unkindly on the pone, as he
rents from his mothers home;
where in 'middle age' he 'lives.'

My local raw foods provider,
not careful enough to even
lightly shower  me. with ...
kindness or common courtesy.

My sleep defeccit climbing
the unchartered charts

My delinquent son, neglecting
hs pups and teating me as if I
do not even exist. Or, may soon
choose .. not to.

My life - feeling empty and void
of meaning , with all the 'hits'

My sanity to now preserve .. as i move
away from al itroublesome ilk - to
 preserve my sanity!

My eyes, literally dropping closed ..
keeping me from revealing all .. that
until one or many days . later, i shall
be wise enough to not expose!

Very special k

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One more 'grown man'

One more 'grown man'
last night
to slam

One more 'grown man'
in fright
to slam

One more 'grown man'
made right
to slam

One moe 'grown man'
saw truth

Katherine Marion


Raising dogs can be a very painful 'job,'if
you don't own your power.

They will piss all over your shoes.
Devour your slipers.

Trample your flower beds.
Shit in your garden of Love

Bruise your legs; bounding off of you.
Puke on your polished floors.

Beg for any old stink';n bone
Or, you can warn them, "you'r going home."

So I did,

I was with my puppies, tied to a tree. Them - not me.
At the local organic whole foods store, spending
money for my furless and furry family.

Outside, content to chew on a couple of Elk Steaks,
Thelma and her baby Brother, bided man-made
time, awaiting their Alpha female master

All of a sudden .. i see him.
Oh, Goddss. Now what ...
Breathe .. Katherine
Just inhale ...

K.D. Lang has a song of the
same snaest ilk...

His face is gnarled in furor.

Thee is no way in my own
heaven.. that i am gonna let
him intrude on my PEACE.

So, i allow ..  him to know.

Cause i choose not to be
privy to his far from pretty
'pity party.'

He calls me, " Cold."

I am
It is only a mere 6 degrees out there!
And, i did not bother to wear more
than one layer of Lululemon.

What must have i been thinking!

I begin to warm ..

After i tell him that i do not want
him to carry my many bags of
groceries home, IF he plans on
behaving in his scowling faced
way, he almost has a temper
tantrum on the street

Well, this sinle momma who must
be out of her rental by the end of
the month  .. and so much more ..
has nil energy to expend on those
who's wanton will's won't bend.

He puts them .. down and i am
all too willing .. for him to divinely

He thinks .. better. And picks up .. yet,
not where he left off.

We walk. Or, more like .. he crawls.
I sugggest; he breathe. Barely.
Although he must have .. For he did
arrive at my front door.

I carried the 2-ply toilet paper and paper
towels up the stairs. For, i still had his
heavy burden to leave .. behind.
He followed...

I said "Thank you.": He was
a gentleman. At my muddied feet; carefully
depositing high alkaline greens ..
 that he knew could turn his own demeanour,right
around. A lot healther that that starchy, yeast-laden
gluteneous muffin, he mentioned that he '
ignorantly ate, hours of soaring blood sugar
and empty calories .. before.

"I really need someone to help me, " he
tried moaning .. again.

"Breathe, " I reminded him.

There was more .. That is enough
.. aleady, about him, for now.

If he lived here .. in the present..his pain
would not have occured.

Is it a wonder that he almost lives on '
the steet, has bedbugs as playmates in
his cheap digs by the river.
That is not a question.

I am his friend. As far as i care .. to tow'

I KNOW me.

And, i have one stuggling teen, and 2 puppies. Not too
mention 'motherless' and 'fatherless; me. - seeking
Peace and co-creating consscious community.

All i can do , is give thanks for what few .. possess
A damn good attitude.

A Woman of Independence sometimes has to pull
the leash in .. to get out of what may have .. inadvertendly,
 be put in place .. to trip her up.

Well, gotta unpack those tres chic .. groceries, now.

Soon to Sup ...

Feeding time for me and a 2 of the sacred same; loyal, obedient and
very well behaved loving Pup!!!

Purring Kat

I love him like a broken brother

I love him like a broken brother
today counts
and none other

I love him like a broken brother
yesterday's gone
ran for cover

I love him like a broken brother
alone is better
never to shove HER

I love him like a broken brother
looking after me
his Son's Mother!

Katherine Marion


He hugged me the other night in the bank,
before I kindly cashed a cheque for his female
"roomate's" share of the rent - on a Saturday eve.

He reeked of alcohol from the night before ...

I personally like to hug.
 Not anyone, anymore, though.
A lot more discerning with my sharing's ..

Thank Goddess.

Yet, how could i not hug the male who gave me
a part of my son .. to weave into such a wondrous
tapestry . that is not even finished .. yet?

He rocked back and forth . I could tell he really
needed it.
And, ME ...

I was mainly thinking of how affectionate he
was .. when he wanted something .. just like ...

 Hard to ignore.

I hid my P.I.N. as I punched in the magic
money .. numbers.

He did manage to turn .. the other way

We both knew.

No one said a thing.

Our son could barely stay awake .. already sleeping in
a chair at a local coffee shop, after a visit .. waiting for
"Her" to come and take care of one more ...

Good thing i forgive 'trespasses against' me.
Besides, all that really hits home .. is compassion.

I have so many children...

No wonder i am single!


It has been 2 years since I last saw him. That was soon after
the Xmas where he called me a "Cun_," for something or
nothing at all.

I have learned to not take it to heart. Expecially when some
.. are rarely in theirs.

I have become a stronger person with the knowing that
is up to me to do the growing .. when another can or will

I have dedicated my life to letting go .. of what and who ..
does not count. Rather .. counting my blessings ...

I have seen too much to be bothered by little loveless

I have heard too little to not listen to my own inner

I have trusted those outside of my comfort zone, after
they .. their chances of reconciliation .. blown.

I have known for the longest loveliest while .. that it
 is ME who looks back in my mirror ..
and must Smile!

No one else.

With gratitude for my own gracious atttude.
And, and at the same sanest time - giving myself
most if not - all - of the consciousness-raising credit,

Very special K


He did offer me half of the funds. Pretty generous, considering
all  of any monies .. go into  raising the young man in the magical
making .. who has rarely, if ever .. really received any KIND
of child support from the broken-boy of a 'dad' who says " I
love you, " so very easily and effortlessly.

Sending out Love and remaining Honest with myself, the
person who matters, first and foremost,

Momma K.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

King Kaelin Wants a Calico Cat

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
at our home
by the sea

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
living there
pups and me

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
climbing our
Arbutus Tree

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
leaving Van
brave and free

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
as one we knew
content; was he

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
purring for him

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
fur; soft as silk
content as can be

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
his to really love
bonding; beautifully!

Katherine Marion

After Kaelin's Grandma; my beloved Mommy - Thelma- passed away, uneccesarily, a few
grief-stricken years ago, my son really wanted something .. to love.

One eve, he rescued a Motherless baby bird, out of a tree. Only to have it suffocate in his
 long hair, that he used as a  nest, while he slept.

A mere 11 at the time.. Yet, still  so innocent, trusting, and full of light.

He sobbed, hysterically.

Then another bird - different story ..

We performed a burial in the back yard of our pretty UBC rental.

Next, a gorgeous Lab dog, came to him ... no collar  or ID.

Spectacular to watch them fly through the fields ... for 2 days, untill
he was delivered back to the lonely little girl's .. across the street.

It was the Cat .. who kept coming back - though. everything and everyone
else seemed to die or be taken away  ...

Now, i ask him, " Do you still want that Love Bird, you mentioned... years ago?"
At ever so sauve, 16, he tells me," No. I'm more of a CAT Kind' a GUY."


So, I am giving my darling son - Pussy - before Xmas.

Should be nice.

Mooma K - something's a good Mother, doesn't have to
ask twice.


Maybe when we move to our Pacific Island, we need bring oue Marpole


Monday, October 15, 2012

Supernatural Sanctuary

Supernatural Sanctuary
in Actuality

Supernatural Sanctuary
not comformity

Supernatural Sanctuary
my Son and Me

Supernatural Sanctuary
in order to Free

Supenatural Sanctuary
to Create Community

Supernatural Sanctuary
within SHE

Supernatural Sanctuary
Truth's intangibility

Supernatural Sanctuary
those Blessed by Thee.

Katherine Marion


How long has my soul ached for a sense of community!

This is no longer a question to ponder. Now, an eventual

For nights into mid morn's on the computer, i have
scoured the web; seeking the ' perfect setting' to live
within. Realizing that no one can ever offer me ..
that which they may not possess.

Thus, embarking out to put together the dis-jointed
pieces of my previous body of work, that has been
left to the wayside. As a breaker .. that musn't ever break.
A tide that may not turn. Or a wave that shan't
be ridden.

Not so.

"Never say; can't"

Forget about erections .. My rawk'n resurrection is long

For after creating :"Supernatural Sanctuary," online, 2
hopeful years ago, i was reminded of my desires dream;once
 again.A well respected Light-Worker came forth via email;
offering his loving  servitude; beleiving in my molecular
magic .. as his own 3rd Eye, could already SEE...

Mutual dreams .. we all share. When we allow ..Only
Brave Hearts care to DARE ..

That was all the impetuts i needed.

Remembering the few gorgeous souls; Midwives, Intuitive
Healers and .. that saw my vision as part of their own;
within these couple of years, merely helped cement my
resolved conviction; to not only, to 'get things off the ground,'
yet to build . from the goundfloor .. up.

Here's to a fit and fabulous foundation.
May we all start from the beginning ..
And work our wondrous way  up!

As am I.

In Highter than Hopes,


Imagine .. if we had not been evicted for breaking a "no dogs allowed," bylaw,
we might still be living here.. in the future.

 Rather we are co-creating a
conscoius community; by 'never settling for less' as we all, sadly, have done.

So, just 'hit refresh' and we are well on our wondrous ways ONE.

Be sure to connect on my twitter act - MYRAWTRUTH

Stay tuned-in and turned on!
A very special K in your valiant and victorious every day!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Slayed By Abused and Abuser

I''ve played the muse and the amuser
Slayed by abused and abuser

I've danced the dance and the dancer
Entranced by romance and romancer

I've fielded the game and the gamer
Wielded the insane and saner

I've tested  the self and the selfish
Bested by health and inner wealth be cont


Today, after the rain's poured and puppies
snored .. I awoke; refreshed and ready to

The first words of this first telling verse ..
may make too many .. terse. Yet, I know
that i must write what comes in .. and
through me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Martyr's Die Young and Penniless

Martyr's die young
and penniless

firstly; they steal
your party dress

dying to undress

thirdly; they make
your life - a mess

fourthly; to suck
life, as they regress

fiftly, they betray
your innocence

sixthly; sick mind
forever does protest

seventhly;they drain
your hope's, immense

eighthly; old habits
mar your magnificence

ninthly; they hold
your spirit as hostage

tenthly; new re-birth
can be painfully savage

Katherine Marion

As I rekindle my own fires .. I see an old insane self
dying away ..

That is quite alright. For they will never touch my soul
that sails .. sanely and satisfied, forever free to make
or break .. my life and selves, up and over - again.

This is my loving life and you are simply riding the
stage-coach who's wheels' are merely in motion ..
because of me and the magic I choose no longer contain.

For, an emptied vessel .. you can never drain.

The pain you feel is your own.
So, do as you've kindly be shown ...

Leave the room and don't come back
until you; your dirty thoughts .. you
do retract.

Which is surely never.

Thus, glad this poem is written...
with warmth and wonder - wrapped
ever so clever!

Good riddance,
Very special K


With the good forune .. to know how an
abuser,perpetrator, abuser, psychopath  'works,'
I trust that someone' get's i't - before experience
has to also make himself ..her unforgiving teacher.

Come home, King Kaelin.

And, all you others .. being so blindly misled.

Separate your wants from you needs and focus
on your strengths .. many.

"Amazing Mommy" K


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Courting Success

Female lawyer
in court

had someting
to say ...

family law
for years

adds up
many fears

i love

while others
may run
so frantic

can be

gavel down
of gray

was I
stood firm

full term

set free

letting go
in me

by the

no words
or terse

held strong

single Mom
go wrong





Katherine Marion


I promised myself,  after a mere 2 hours sleep, and
 attnding court, yesterday .. that i would go to
the beach, as 'just rewards', post 'war hard-won.'

Rather, I spend hours filing papers of many sort. Re-learning
lingo that courts appreciae.

 For soul .. did ache.

Blue skies, i will touch ... again. Yet, to feast upno
that appreciaive look.. upon
a woman's face; that I just met.

 After Judge Powers sets' down and order for stay..
Best thing .. yet.

,Empowering Day!!!

Kat purring


Now, that lengthy bike ride back, felt a little daunting ..
Only when i began .remembering ... the fairy queen
weasel at the downstair's front wicker.

Pushing  his buttons, inadvetendly. So, he began,
to start bullying me ...Almost lost my Joyful 
Wise Woman's Woman ticket.

Instead, before blessed bed, at 6 am, I will fondly
'thank all of them.' Drawing up - my formal complaint;
withing ... emptied head.

Opting for perfection of  Peace ...ass joy
buster's opt for  insane old piece of
joylessly dead!!!!

Very special K