Saturday, November 30, 2013

Supremely missing my Baby K

                                    Supremely missing my  Baby K
                                     Still, furry babies .. must play ..

                                     Into the rain, we did happily go ..
                                     Skipping puddles . they do grow

                                     Bound only by wonder and glee
                                     puppies drink.. rainwater, free

                                    Unfettered by societal rulings
                                    Letting go of leashes and things

                                    Removed from circumstances
                                    Breathing in beauty, ever fresh

                                    Giggling over Edward with ball
                                    Held tightly onto, with his jaw

                                     Thelma  is a wet, golden Angel
                                     Whom when dry, I' shall cradle

                                     I feel my Son beside me, skipping
                                     To deepest love; my hat- be tipping!

                                     Katherine Marion

I Hugged a Mossy Tree

                                     I hugged a  mossy tree

                                     Hope is what she gave unto me
                                     Reassured - to play; brave and free

                                      I hugged a mossy tree

                                      Mother energy reached into me
                                      Blessed for my heart can see

                                      I hugged a mossy tree

                                      Earth plugged-into magical me
                                      Cradled my head, so tenderly

                                      I hugged a mossy tree

                                      Filling this heart with infinitiy
                                      Breath of  enchanted ..  Divinity!

                                      Katherine Marion