Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tennis, Anyone?

What's green, fuzzy and keeps bouncing all day long? You're getting as warm as they come .... Close enough, they could have hit you right in the head. Here goes ... Ready?


In my gloriously comedic 'hay day's' I proudly boasted, "I have more balls than most men will ever have". Now, I sometimes joke, " I've grown hair on 'em". It's all in the timing, alright!

Besides, it's better than growing it on my chest!

How much do you weigh, anyway?

So, back to tennis ....

It's a real racket.

Playing with my son is so much fun.

Oops, did I actually say "that?".

No. I simply wrote a few innocent words.

Make out .... of it, what you may.

Cause I am not!

Maybe I will delete all these silly verses.

Maybe not.

Possibly I have been editing myself for far too long ...

Now that MCFD is officially 'out of my hair'

As of the wondrously 'lucky' day of October 13th

I am a free Woman.

So, how do I celebrate?

Post an image of this bronzed Goddess

Captured a mere 2 weeks ago

Just to remember I am beautifully alive ...

And, you're still breathing heavily!

Having Fun,



Please enjoy the sweet pic's ...