Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Magic of Movement

Movement moves me to such utter depths that I am stirred to make a move.

Sitting down for far too long can merely bring upon ones sad face a frown.

Jumping up to strike out at life does merely raise us to the heights of ecstasy.

Falling down and feeling sorry for ourselves means only dying in self misery.

What keeps us from smiling when all we really want is to enjoy our very life?

Unhappiness is of pandemic proportions in a world seemingly filled with strife.

How do we know it isn't bette to make the change than sit in our own refuse?

Getting up to let go of yesterday's old shit literally offers us nothing left to lose!



For two days ... I walked for many magical hours and felt like a new breath of  fabulous fresh air. Stetching on the mats, working out at the gym on the weights,enjoying detoxifying sauna's and partaking in my first 1 1/2 yoga class in years.

Today, I have sat at my handy laptop for far too long of an expanse, watched many people having a life on various youtube channels and wondered why I didn't get outside in the sun, instead of supposedly catching up on much needed rest. Being hard on myself for many silly and self-torturous reasons.

And, to remember that this is sadly, the way that many people live, everyday. I do like to stir things up. Yet, I AM all too aware that my inspiration comes hugely and happily from freely walking and expressing myself in the freedom that only the outdoors can really and truly offer.

With each new breath, one more magical opporunity ...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

At Home With Nature

Walking in the winter warmth of spring weather;  delicate flowers blooming alongside sprigs of blossoming Heather.

Breathing in the enchanting elixer of fresh Spruce and Pine; into the bluest skies Mother Earth's miracles climb.

Feeling light upon my steadfast feet; thrilling to the ecstasy of every new touch and aroma my growing senses meet.

Wrapping my arms around Gaia to offer her a hug; within my own heart I AM reaching inwards to welcome real love.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin took these pics of me on our way to the community center, where he met his homeshooling friends for a game of basketball. After holding pretty yellow flowers in my loving hands and breathing in the beauty of one more day, I am always ready for a new and supernatural day!


A balmy 9.5 celsius in Vancouver, B.C.

I Have Learned

I have learned to forgive all in order to truly live

I have learned to let go ... enabling me to freely give

I have learned to say 'no' to others and "yes" to me

I have learned to allow myself to really become free

I have learned to love myself before mine  brother

I have learned to remember we are all one another

I have learned to slow down and smell the flowers

I have learned to grow up and own my own powers

I have learned to reach higher and expect the best

I have learned to fall down on my knees and rest

I have learned to be grateful and pass on gratitude

I have learned to be the one with a positive attitude

I have learned to breathe easily into the raging inferno

I have learned to dig deeper the further I may ever go

I have learned to stand in absolute rapture and awe

I have learned to lay down rules and spiritual law

I have learned to leave the past panting behind me

I have learned to trust the present and simply be

I have learned to love myself no matter what the risk

I have learned to be the princess needing no frogs kiss!

Katherine Marion


I have learned that even if I woke up with these first verses marching merrily through my magical mind, last morn, that no matter what  ... allow the band inside my beautiful brain to sing its own sweetheart song. As long as I continue to consciously sing along ....!!!!

Wouldn't It Be Great ....

Wouldn't it be great if we'd be taught that  all we had to do  ...


"Unto thine own self be true?"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Walk In Wonder

Walking under a full and generous Mother Moon, with my love-child; I gratefully give thanks for a universe that supports me and my wildest child-like dreams.

My 13 year young homeschooler; scoots by on his silver scooter. Along the railway tracks ... we tirelessly travel. Traversing the torn-up ground of winter, where blackberries once grew, and shall, soon again.

Gazing into heavens that beg to be touched by love such as ours; we surrender our sweetest souls to become fully whole. Strolling into a world of our magical making, luscious life is ours for the taking!

Giving Gratitude,


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where The Wiccan's Live

There lives a lullaby

Outstretched to humanity

Heard by only me

Voice brave and true

Outstretched to humanity

Opening up to you

Gifts truthfully free

Outstretched to humanity

Blessed are we

Katherine Marion


After a power weight workout and long stretching/yoga session at the gym, I give one more healing session. Àfterwards, this is the soothing music I listen to ....


Wiccan Lullaby


Simply one more pic I share ... of myself at home with me.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer Wishes To Come True

Clamshell bikini encrusted with gold

Bronzed body warm enough to hold

Toes digging into heavenly heated sand

Human kindness to hold my happy hand

Pretty pail filled with love and support

Full sail for a sexy Vancouver beach port

Headed full-tilt for Wreck-beach at best

Headlights put to the ultimate teasing test

Holding empty head high for sunlight to kiss

Healing with happiness is my wondrous wish

Biking to the beach every day this summer

Pumping my muscles could never be funner

Taking my son along for the rawsome ride

Pedalling up winding UBC hill; oceanside

Selling homemade living foods on the beach

Flavourful fantasy to be found within reach

Gathering momentum to keep magic mine

Slowing down to catch up with sunshine

Keeping in touch with ideals of blessed own

Gathering Goddess-sent dreams now shown

Believing in myself as I choose to wisely be

Spreading joy in my sand-swept sanctuary

Holding court to nature at breathless best

Barely covering my gorgeous naked breast

Seeing all I AM is always forever enough

Building sandcastles I know to be a must

Dreaming of a better belief only I may create

World of wounded yesterday to safely escape

Sharing divinities of inner wealth and wonder

Listening closely to one more clap of thunder

Feeling the ground beneath my sun-kissed feet

Climbing steadfastly to reach perfection's peak

Ultimately to arrive where I first blessedly began

Content in simply being the best I know I AM!

Katherine Marion


This particular pure and precious vision ... is something sacred I have been envisioning for a wondrous while ...

Timelessly aging bombshell coming out of her own ... Growing new Pippi freckles and glad to simply be alive!

Isn't this enough?


No make-up or itsy bitsy  ... Merely the magic of me and my full spectrum light as I lay upon my blessed bed of mine own magical LOVE-MAKING.

Enjoy one more very recent self-portrait study of this woman in momentous motion - even when wondrously still.

How About A Yummy Date With Me?

My dates are fresh from California

Organically orgasmic

To the taste

Not to order ...

What a waste!

All the breast in wholesome eating

Loaded with loving light

one whole case

Place your order ...

Fill your smiling face!

Sweet divinities hinting of caramel

Enzymatically alive

Calories erased

Join the new order

Wrinkles to erase!

Livng fruits of earthly Gods

Sun-dried jewels

Sweetest craze

Enjoy your order ...

Vibrations forever raised!

Katherine Marion


So what if  my Xmas tree is up and it is almost February!

What truly and most sweetly counts is that all that I AM counting is the divine day my next delicious order comes in ...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Friends are meant to touch your soul

Open your heart

Fill you up to make you whole

Friends are put there to get you here

Bring you up

After dropping one more last tear

Friends are bits of Angel fluff

Landing on you

Shedding light on forgotten stuff

Friends are what we need most

Offering unto us

Burrowing into our deepest woes

Freinds are never what we thought

Silently to bow

Loving teachers to be kindly taught

Friends are treasures to all they touch

Grateful am I

Blessed for receiving ever so much.

Katherine Marion

I AM ever so grateful for serenely sitting and sharing with a caring homeschooling Mom whom I just met. While my beautiful boy plays with 2 new pals in the hallway, I allow ...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Blissful Being

Within a flowing stream

Lays an awakened dream

Dreamer waking to live

Living wholly to give

Rising as sunlight may

Wiping darkness away

Holding hope a high

Sending out her sigh

Breath of beauty She

Floating ever carefree

Tousled mane wild

Sweet playful child

Holding beauty close

Highest energy flows

Sharing infinite love

Goddess from above.

Katherine Marion


I love to capture my truth.

After giving a 3 hr healing massage and feeling so absolutely empied of mind and full of heart ...

These self portraits reveal me as I truly am.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be Your Own Avatar

3D glasses upon a tiny face
looking up at beloved me

son-lit smile to gently trace
hand to gladly hold in mine

looking upon love's kind face
walking into a world to see

slowing down to win the race
beaming light so fair and fine

precious is the dreamy pace
perfectly at peace are we!

Katherine Marion

A Day In The Life Of An Open Heart

After a long day of listening to many and helping even more ... I am brought back inside to the never-ending knowledge that I have been cast out and put upon this planet for a purpose: to help my sisters'. Blood and bone ... wherever my truth does divinely find a home.

Hearing the words of sister wounded heart as she does unconsciously confide. A love letter sent to a place whenceupon Angel wings she did ride. Staring into the face of a tearless lover whom left her and lied. Little girl so utterly lost. Even longer since she truly cried.

Young niece bleeding pain and being told it must just be another bladder infection. Denial acting as the ultimate protection. Vicious cycle repeating itself over and over. Mother passing her own sins unto her blessed daughter. Breaking winds and flooding water.

Friend falling all over herself as she fractures one more bone. Fading fast as she climbs even faster into an early grave of her own making. Hurt doll with tiny heart breaking. Is a broken body really worth  taking when smiling Barbie finally tires of faking?

Mirrors surround me in a universe that fully supports my happiness and healing. No matter how I try to disquise how I am feeling. Always evidence to attest to my inner world reeling. Gound myself and offer my innate wisdom. Breathe with pure and precious precision.

Being there for me lends so much more to those in need of help. Attending to my own needs sets me apart as a shining star whom shall never fade. Focusing attention within gives me the strength to travel. Rather than unravel within. For I am the constant light that forever burns bold and bright!

Katherine Marion

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be true
Or, die trying?

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be love
Or, die smiling?

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be kind
Or, die crying?

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be gentle
Or, die sighing?

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be wild
Or, die lying?

What's A Woman To Do?

To her own self be light?
Or, die whining?

What's a Woman To Do?

To her own self be all
And, die shining!

Katherine Marion

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Brother's A Handsome Bugger!

Living in lost and hopeless boys homes before tender age of thirteen
Tossed into men's prison; fair youth, losing a world he'd never seen

 Pre-puberty; hyperactive, grossly neglected and virtually abandoned
Sent away from single mother and 4 siblings, whom had highly intended

No mommy to nurture and faceless father hiding from taking action
Drink, Dink, and 'no think' ; unmanly mantra of deadening attraction

Macaroni and cheese; all one gentle uneducated being was often eating
In seedy bars filled with thirsty squaw's; whom he was madly meeting

One dark night an angry squaw took in her hand, a heavy silver wrench
Smashing down; deep enough to leave a lasting scar from drunken wench

Little girl; taken away with cooties in her hair, by other sister meaning well
Another ignorant daddy being insanely sent, into his own delusional hell

Only savior son left to his dying mother at the fading age of fourty-five
Selling on the streets, between frequent bouts in jail, kept him barely alive

Living homesless; best friend - stabbed and left bleeding to die in his arms
Left virtually alone with deadly demons that needn't care of boyish charms

This very Christmas, x-wife dying in a wintery casket; called Whitehorse
Forgotten woman whom gave up believing; to die of a lethal drug overdose

Sister says he's been clean for 5 months and is now gainfully employed
Intuition has told me that his fading hopes have finally been bouyed

The last time I saw him was upon our Mothers crowded death bed
Not to be judged by those claiming to love; going his own way, instead

Big, brown eyes; still so full of love and light, one day to fully open
I look into my baby brother"s face to see a heart mending the broken

The rest of the best is rising to the top like cream after a long drought
My hadsome brother with the high cheekbones is soon coming about

Maybe a kiss from a fairy princess could fix a life of dirty deeds done
Or forgiveness for others and himself, could win a war before unwon

Either way, I am gratefully writing him a loving letter from his big sister K
Sending a wondrous world of unconditional LOVE his handsome  and healing way!

Katherine Marion


Interestingly, today, I had decided not to write. After laying in silence with my son, I began to speak of my brother. Kaelin sagely suggested I get out my trusty laptop and share my poem. Here we so boldly and beautifully be!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Early To Bed And Earlier To Rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Healthy, happy and wise

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Wealthy beyond surmise

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Soar before sunrise

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Sing into bluest skies

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Eat her rawsome pies

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
With honey catch flies

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Early morn to exercise

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Emit new cries

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Fears to exorcise

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Let go of old ties

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Remove her sighs

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman

Keep toned her thighs

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Create new high's

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Form healing ties

Early to bed and earlier to rise

Makes a Supernatural Woman
Whom never dies!

Katherine Marion


Just having a little bit of Supernatural fun!

Further inspired by Shel Silverstein and his book: 'Where The Sidewalk Ends" - that I so wisely bought for my silly and most sacred son.

Never Eat Sogger Waffles
doggy woggy

Warmth Of My Son

Rising son

greeting me

one more day

Shining son

meeting me

more than halfway

Brilliant son

treating me

multi-hued ray

Setting son

teaching me

again to pray.

Katherine Marion


Certainly the biggest reason to carry my camera is to focus on the brightest flower in my Garden of LOVE.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Once Met a Snake

I once met a snake

whom told me I would never of him
 ever be truly free

I once met a snake

whom told me to fly not too high
enough to really be

I once met a snake

whom told me I was so very vain
he felt I'd never flee

I once met a snake

whom told me I was who he owned
rather than really see

I once met a snake

whom told me I was nothing at all
and naught to be glee

I once met a snake

whom told me I was a sex object
merely worth a lowly fee

I once met a snake

whom told me I would rot in hell
upon his decree

I once met a snake

whom told lies with rotten teeth
smelling of old pee

I once met a snake

whom told tales of virgins spent
not too very kindly

I once met a snake

whom told women mean things
that was his key

I once met a snake

whom told himself the worst
innocence lost is he

I once met a snake

whom told his heart to stop
beating lovingly

I once met a snake

whom told the broken child
to wander fearfully

I once met a snake

whom told all he did blind
live in fear like me

I once met a snake

whom told love to hide
shadow cast clearly

I once met a snake

who told the sin to only he
whom mattered firstly.

Katherine Marion


Questions. Phrases. Ultimately, a Title.


Thus, I knew this truth had to be written.


It was never only "Once ...."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Dream Etched In Mine Own

Within my eyes I see the calm of a dreamy riverboat cruise

Atop my head I feel the weight of a world needing lifting

Inside my heart I know the openess of  an innocent child

Under my feet I become the feel of a pebble after the rock

Beside my breath I trust the presence of mine own self

Without my truth I am the dreamer and never the dream

Katherine Marion

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cosmically Comical

Sometimes isn't it so cosmically comical how we choose to suffer it and at all? Rather than own responsibility for our unconscious thoughts preceeding definately impeding action .. we hesitate to own our given power.

Thus, giving away our blessed beauty and blindly walking  away from the loving light that enchantingly emanates and potently protects and provides for us all.

I actually know unsmiling people whom I would not prefer to refer to as individuals; whom are afraid to laugh out loud ... let alone to live the wondrous way initially intented.

There are a sad and sordid many whom marvel from afar; yet, from close-up, grump and grimace at one or some whom are truly true to their wildest spirit kept intentionally intact.

Why is it that drama is such an easy and throw-away thing to mis-create, yet, PEACE is a faraway and far-fetched dream, reserved for spacey artist's with lofty ideals?

Who says happiness is a delusional reality you search for outside of yourself? When we look deeply within we are so much more easily and simply satisfied. Then, only, is serenity sweetly ours.

Where on Goddess' green earth is there a spiritual law that decrees we are not to be the most magically divine creatures we are glowingly and knowingly meant to so majestically be?

What keeps us from our own happiness, except our silly and impertinently pouty selves. Hoping not to be discovered, yet merely uncovering our fears for all our own interplanetary planet; warts and all, to see.

When will we all grow up to own our glow and bow with childish delight as we shine in the reigning rainbow of a new day we miraculously create? All on our magical own!!!!

Ask And It Is Given,

 Katherine Marion


Just looking at this recent pic of me ... standing so calmly in the bathtub, clothes and all; makes me laugh with a delicious diva-like delight.

Talk about more cosmic comedy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dreaming Of ....


A world where nothing matters

except LOVE


A world that evolves on its own

with LOVE


A world where everyone transforms

with LOVE


A word that lives forever

with LOVE


A world where everyone heals

with LOVE


A world that shines brilliantly

with LOVE


A world where we are glowing

with LOVE


A world that is alive and well

with LOVE


A world where all are fed

with LOVE


A world that is clearly growing

with LOVE


A world where miracles happen

with LOVE


A world that compassion rules

with LOVE


A world where all are supported

with LOVE


A world that is a thriving success

with LOVE


A world where nothing matters

except LOVE!

Boldly and Bravely Believing,

Katherine Marion


Trusting you appreciate the glimmer of a Goddess-sent smile upon my own luscious lips; whilst recently capturing my own supernatural self portrait.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Mission

My mission

Is not that of Mother Theresa
with tits

My mission

Is not to save the world
with sexy

My mission

Is not to feed the masses
with promises

My mission

Is not to live my life
with vanity

My mission

Is not to die first
with pride

My mission

Is not to come last
with love

My mission

Is not to see light
with lies

My mission

Is not to help others
with me

My mission

Is not to save souls
with money

My mission

Is not to lose myself
with sex

My misson

Is not to find myself
with men

My mission

Is not to recover
with drugs

My mission

Is not to uncover
with conditions

My misson

Is not to heal
with hell

My mission

Is not to mend
with madness

My mission

Is not to bend
with beauty

My mission

Is not to hope
with open eyes

My mission

Is not to dream
with death

My mission

Is not to die
with fame

My mission

Is not to burn
with desire

My mission

Is not to froth
with anger

My mission

Is not to find
with hope

My mission

Is not to hide
with joy

My mission


Katherine Marion


May you enjoy this brand new self- introspection of magical me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Matters Most ... ?

What matters most ...

A couple more accolades
Another heated host
Or an even bigger toast?

What matters most ...

Audiences cheering my name
A fan beyone berserk and  insane
Or, an even bigger claim to fame?

What matters most ...

Lies told by ass-kisser's on the make
A bed of roses found to be absurldly fake
Or, the Garden of Eden, replete with snake?

What matters most ...

Promises left to trip upon down the aisle
A groom with a devlishly handsome smile
Or, continuing to barely live in deceit and denial?

What matters most ...

Fantasies so old and dried up in a world of nothing new
A life laid to waste because you never really did become you
Or, dying in your own dream that you never bothered to make come true?

What matters most ...?

Consciously Co-Creating,

Katherine Marion


Keeping my heart and shutter ... open.

Please enjoy this recently captured vision of my love-child and I; whom matters most!!!!

Creating A Conscious Collage Of Highest Intentions

Never again, shall I leave my blessed bed
Leaving all lies told inside a helpless head

Letting go of ideals in someone elses hell
Holding onto dreams that divinely foretell

Remembering I am simply a child at play
Forgetting my own name upon this very day

Catching up on the kid inside of magical me
Dropping out of the  race to finally be free

Releasing all hopes I might once have had
Gaining momentum and simply being glad

Owning my power to save the finest  for first
Arriving at the best and declining the worst

Saving myself for my own blessed soul's sake
Now is the magical moment I am told to take

Goddess-sent gifts gain my utmost attention
Magcially mesmerized to enter into ascension

Climbing inside myself to dig deeply as able
Reaching upwards to create a world more stable

Finding I am the fruits of my longing and desire
Arriving at heaven's gate long before I do expire

Katherine Marion


Some sort of sacred life map do I consciously cut forth from my favored "Sage Woman" magazine. I have spent hours happily trimming away the edges, so I may see even more clearer, my brightest and boldest future!

Relaxing Into Rawsomeness ... Jan 9, 2010

"No, Mommy. You're not going to get out of bed, today. I am going to look after you," my beloved boy tells me. After sleeping all day, to finally awaken to the tune of missed massage work and even more eager inquiries, all I want to do is climb into an unconsious cloud and lay for a wondrous while.

Then, the clincher comes ... 'If you get out of bed, you aren't going to go on the computer for a week!," Kaelin offers me as a final warning bell, before he sets out to our tiny galley kitchen to prepare the most divinely delectable raspberry, strawberry, banana and tahini smoothie, sweetened with honey. Heaven!

Induced to produce while laying in prone position, I sublimely recline for hours upon happy hour.  Preciously productive and quietely proud that I may still slow down and create a masterpiece called relaxation of the most rawsome and sensationaly tasty sort. Sweetest dreams shall be mine in no time ...

Later, eating apples in bed and watching my sacred son succesfully finish one more challenging crossword puzzle, I am living in utter contentment. Biting into the cold crunchiness of a luscious local Ambrosia apple and reminded of the pure delight that awaits us, as we surrender to the magical moment.

Being treated to the treasures of forgetting about any world outside of oneself can surely be such a telling treat. Remembering all that matters is what is going on inside, right now. Needing nothing and no one to validate, verify or evacuate from the childlike wonderment that awaits my own succulent self.

As sure as John Lennon can make love and international news in a hotel bed; I can lie in mine, and sincerely speak my truth. Tossing back the covers that have held me hostage for far too long, I revel into the rawstruck news that comes from my own inner sanctum. It is safe to sometimes hide away and find peace!

Katherine Marion


Kaelin snaps this quick pic of Momma K as she sits to sip the fabulous fruits of her loving labor's.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Banned From One More Organic Grocery Store!

Just who could get themselves banned from one more organic grocery store?

Only a force to be reckoned with who has an even longer shelf life
Only a high vibratory frequency with no fear left to nary carry a knife

Just who could get themselves banned from one more organic grocery store?

Merely a magical being who needs no drink, smoke or drugs for a high
Merely a light-loving creature whom chooses to rather share than die

Just who could get themselves banned from one more organic grocery store?

Simply a giving being who lives freely as a blessed bird in the present
Simply a forgiving soul ascending while lost smiles gain on the descent

Just who could get themselves banned from one more organic grocery store?

Someone who spends every dollar on optimal health and healing
Someone with a conscious cause who speaks what she is feeling

Just who could get themselves banned from one more organic grocery store?

Goddess-sent that offers all she has because she owns really nothing at all
Goddess-sent for she is still gonna eat and shop and have a rawsome ball!

Katherine Marion


Guess what?

Yes. Just after my Big 50, I was offered the greatest opportunity to let go and continue moving on ,,, 



"Cheers!" to Katherine and Kaelin as they enjoy delicious fruit smoothies at 'Supernaturally Yours" on Davie Street, before one yummy juice bar was eventually shut down.

I had nothing to do with it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Kind Of A Woman Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Feathery soft with a heart of shining gold
Firmly grounded with no secrets untold

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Toned and tight in all the right places
Gently looking into grateful loving faces

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Whispering truth to all I trust and see
Owning my power so I may truly be

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Wild flower potent as a new spring breeze
Roaring river bowing at the ocean's knees

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Sacred soul rising up from the dust
Gentle rain falling where I must

What kind of a woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Hottest ash after a fiery brimstone
Cooling drink with a welcome home

What kind of a woman do I want to become when I grow up?

Subtle as a hot cup of brewing tea
Loved just cause I AM finding  ME!

Katherine Marion


I would like to give Goddess-sent gratitude to Jeanne, another single Mom, who chooses to find fault with me, from whatever divine distance she sets herself apart. For all her unkind words and inappropriate behaviour toward me, I consciously choose to wisely remain planted and offer her the sweetest fruits of my wondrous wisdom, rather than strike back as she would have wanted. Instead, this ode to my honor and the honoring of all women, is the gift I impart and the seeds of LOVE I do so tenderly plant. Fertile soils shall bear and only open hearts may truly ever hear ...


Please enjoy this self portrait I recently captured of my magical self. Simply because I haven't sat at my refurbished teak table, in the last while, naked with nary a cover up; not even a beguiling smile.

Sexy Spaghetti To Grow And Glow On! January 6, 2012

The day after my conscious celebration leads to sensory elation of the highest vibration. Tempting my tittilated taste-buds with beauty plucked from a pure and precious garden grown. Magically measured and mindfully treasured. Goddess-sent and gratefully shown.

Sexy Spaghetti concously created in Katherine's kitchen. Long, green, and fabulously firm to the tender touch. Ripe and rawsomely packed with as much flavor as a gorgeous Goddess could give or get. Moist enough to almost call wet ...

Sun-dried tomatoes and garlic to tilt your head heaven-ward. Basil to babble over as you cry tears of joy. Heart filled with happiness as your health improves while having fun. Natural, unproccessed foods, transforming you into the gorgeously glowing One!

Rawsomely Yours,



Simply part of my earthly treasure; another rawstruck recipe for Sexcess!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

50 Reasons To LOVE ME

50 Reasons to LOVE ME!

Let me count the wondrous ways ...

1.    I AM


















































In a stream of dreamy, creamy consciousness,

Katherine Marion


No use keeping a voice that speaks volumes .. under wraps for so long.

To keep my long and luscious legs under the table; a shame and assuredly wrong.

Better to whet my vocal cords than to merely hum a cord or two.

Wrapping my thighs round a black or white key feel so right, with wonderful you.

Breasts to the wind and toes to the table while I sing this melody.

Bare butt; tight and toned, as I gleefully play. Might I touch your organ?

Oh, please say I may!

Organ - smically Yours,

Katherine Marion


What does it feel like to be naked with no shoes

Sitting at my organ singing the blues?

How good it feels to stretch a nipple or two

Sitting at my organ singing so true

Who gave me permission to act without cue

Sitting at my organ singing like new?

So fee am I to raise a hair or a few

Sitting at my organ singing with you!

Gleefully Me,

Katherine Marion

Monday, January 4, 2010


Naked I sit                                                    

Feet on my organ

Night before 50


For all the world to see


Doing as I please

Night before 50


For all the world to see


Free to play

Night before 50


For all the world to see

Happiest am I

Naked at the piano

Night before 50


For all the world to see


Katherine Marion


                                                                         Sunday, Jan 3, 2010

I am posting this partial list of my immediate priorities in order to remain clear and stay focused on my dreams. For those whose wishes are to help us, please feel free to open your heart, spread your wings and make the world a brighter place by shining your loving light our wondrous way.

Thank you.

Special K

                                     Supernatural Wishes Come True

Personal Peace for all those whom I hold close and others I wish not to

My son's absolute safety

My 100% healing

Universal support from family, friends, community members and government

Private Angel Investors

Generous Benefactor

The happiest home for us to live our loving lives

Finances and land for straw bale or cobb house on Saltspring or local island

Prime waterfront property

Living foods B&B retreat center

My own Goddess Gallery

On-line store for Kaelin's hand-painted t-shirts and amazing art

Newly designed site

Genius graphic Designer/Artist for various conceptual art ideas

Bestselling line of Supernatural Posters

The perfect publisher with a generous $$$$ advance

Kundalini Yoga Cerification

My own Raw Food/Yoga Workshop Classes and Consultations

Award - winning documentary of our loving life

International media recognition

My own internationally syndicated cable talk/call - in t.v. show

Top lawyer to file class action suit against MCFD

$$$ Government Grant to assist me in my dream endeavours

Successfuly sue The National Parole Board of  of B.C. for my 78/79 rapes

Award winning scripts written and sold - of our life story

True and trusted confidante's

Positive -minded primal male: pure and precious magically powered partner

Possibly another baby; birthed in the ocean with Dolphins

Financially rewarding blog and websites

Bestselling line of conscious dvd's - raw food, poetry, life stories ...

The best Editor's on Earth

Easily and Effortlessly receiving $$$$ money for my highest efforts expended

Tx for 2 to Costa Rica

Tx for 2 to Machu Pichu

Various trips to a Resort/retreat; time to rest, relax and rejuvenate

Paid top dollars to play and say

Infrared Sauna with Crytal Emitter's

New bikes and biking gear

Compassionate, energized spiritual healer



I shall be adding to this list. As long as I am focusing my attention on myself and mine, I am continueing to head onwards in the right direction.

Disturbed am I, today, due to a far from discerning viewer on my http://www.lifeofagreatmommy/ who has made gross assumptions and does not see the bigger picture, due to the flaws looking back at her when she looks in the mirror.

Thus, rather than give her and so many others, the attention they are far from due, I shall simply rememer who really counts!!!!

For, it is only when  we take care of ourselves that we can look after anyone else. Now, to be allowed to do just this ....

One thing I have learned by trying and most saddening experience; that when we put our thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideals out there, we inadvertendly make ourselves a target or subject of malice and libelous slander Yet, if this be the cost of making my innate wisdom and wonderment available, then so be it.

And, at the same sanest time, I shall quard and protect what and whom I hold dearest, in my own special and sacred ways.

Due to a lack of deep rest, this is my blog entry for the day. I promised myself I would write on these pages, daily. A beakon of light for others to find in the fog. May my words light a path for you.


Katherine Marion


I am so excited to upload this darling shot of my beautiful soul-mate of a child and I. The other evening, after shooting my camera into the pretty little mirror in our tiny kitchen, where we spend so much tasty time, this is the rawsome reflecion that so lovingly looks back at you and sends so much LOVE!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Upon finally going to sleep at 7:30 a.m., this early morning, I knew my phones must be turned off in order to sleep without distrurbance. Especially since; after a bowel movement, post late night raw meal, my rest would be a much needed one. Nothing for my body to do, except repair and heal.

With a few good hours of healing silence, I awoke to recall vivid dreams from the past 6 1/2 hours. Cleaning my face with warm water and a final cold water rinse, brushing my teeth with my new live tooth soap and essential oils, and giving my hair a couple hundred strokes, felt like a good beginning.

Bemoaning the fact that I had run out of fresh lemon to squeeze into my first of three glasses of filtered water for the newest part of my day. Mixing up a large and delicious green drink, as my second glass of neccesary fluids for a long bout of luscious energy. Ending with a cup of himalayan crystal soaked water as a natural detox, I was feeling even better.

Kissing and hugging my beautiful boy who is always so full of affection and unconditional love, warmed the cockles in my morn muzzle. Cracking Kaelin's back as I picked up all 5'6 of his 13 year young and vegan, raw food self, put extra pep into my step. Yet, little did I know there was more coming up, yet ...

A couple of washed locally grown Ambrosia Apples from Cawsten, after the juiciest pink grapefruit, cut into quarter's; whet my appetite for a good workout at the gym. A kind call from a friend made so many succulent fruits, all the sweeter. With a few organic Japanese oranges tossed into my workout bag, I was becoming even more inspired.

Thanks to Kaelin, my freshly laundered lululemon tights and hoodie were folded in silent wait for me to don. My happy heart smiling even more, once my favorite uniform, I put on. Grabbing the cellular in order to allow money in. Leaving on the music, in case a visitor outside our door, may somehow doubtfully lurk. A few rawstruck rituals that really seem to work!

The final gift arrived when we opened up our door to leave for our daily walk to the community center. Kaelin holding onto the garbage with one hand and a laundry basket with the other. Mommy pouring 2 water bottles full of water for her soon to be smiled upon reward of a sauna. Time to lock up our home and venture into the Vancouver rain.

Our broken front door cracked and creaked, as we practically pried the heavy piece of wood open to peek into another world. Warm and toasty in my pink down-filled winter jacket, I was ready for the touch of rain-drops  upon my grateful skin. Braced for a new world, I firmly grabbed the door-knob and there lay ... at the tender mercy of my Adida's air-cushioned covered feet, a blushing, early birthday treat!

18 pink Roses laid to loving rest in a bed of fragrant Babies Breath. Wondrous aroma that almost bowled me over as I acknowleged the love and consideration so kindly deposited at my divine door step. Sexy, long, green stalks, safely tucked into a make-shift vase of water. A beautiful birthday card in a  handwritten envelope, just for magical ME.

Thanks to a once upon a time lover whom shared so many mutual dreams. Grateful for the absolute compassion from a man who respects all I so diligently stive for and the light I forever keep shining. Blessed to be remembered by a soul-mate I once met. Gifted with so much love around and delivered divinely unto me. I am one smiling birthday baby - you bet!

Pushing 50 - but not Daisies,



A few hours ago, I did remember the rest of my day's dreams ... A pillowy soft sky-full of bouncing pink balloons. Just like the ones in real waking reality ... that Dear Alexis ( who used to own "Balloon Action" )so thoughtfully gifted me with at my 42nd Birthday Bash that I gave myself at art gallery, in Gastown, 8 triumphant years ago.

Must have been a premonition ... Not just of an impending and must assuredly; conscious celebration, sure to soon arrive. An instinctual and most primal knowledge that Antoni had wondrously left at my welcome mat, a marveleous reminder of  the tender and telling truth that I so gently and generously am. MMMM....


Since I am allowing Kaelin to bring out his own talents as he un-schools, I knew I had to reveal the loveliness he captured an hour or so ago, after I planted my pretty posies into three different crystal vases, lit beeswax candles, and reveled in the soothing scene.

Please enjoy. I AM.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hip, Hip, Happiest, Healthy, Healing New Year!

May your calendar be filled full of divine dates with a destiny that you meet more than half a hungry handshake way. As full as your fridge after a date with a nut. As long as she/he is as tasty as you are treating your yummy yourself.

May your days be overflowing with wealth of inner wisdom that saturates your very being. Entering into the essence of all you are and to become. Becoming be your life as you are living yours to the infinitely fullest.

May your nights be as silent as the sweet slumber that sleeps on the lids of a baby upon the softened breast. A sanctuary unto your own peaceful personage. Mindfully to arrive easily and effortlessly at peace of mind.

May your friends be as supportive of you as a knowing universe loving you unconditionally. Conditioning yourself to nurture and love thine own. Loving that inner sanctum you are proud to care to call a home.

May your family be as kind as the kindness to own sacred self. Kindred spirits to gather round your perfectly shining mirror. Looking into a kinder world filled with light and love and laughter, happily ever after.

May your soul-mate meet up to your highest vibration. Reverberating to all of conscious creation as your heart opens with expanding elation. Opening into the most fruitful fascination you have ever tenderly touched upon.

May your work be that of utter enjoyment rather than simply simple employment. Raising you up higher than any raise you could stoop down or beg for. Reaching heights never before imagined and before merely dreamed of.

May your body be the designed temple of delicious divinity. Delectable may you always look and feel. Every layer filled with life's loving lusciousness. Creamy center laying in luscious wait for just the single right bite.

May your spirit be as soaring as a kitten flying on a long and endless kite string. À gentle breeze flowing through your soft hair in sweetest spring. Seamlessly to flow through every page as if writing your own magical fairytale.

May your mind be as empty as a vase before making love to the flower that sits gratefully within. Emptied of all else other than the sumptuous space to receive. Letting go to enter into today to firmly and bravely believe.

May your face be lit by the infinite self recognition that you are all that you will ever need. Ulined and outlining the path of least resistance. Smoothed by a  smile that that defies gravity, grave stones and grieving gnomes.

Lastly, and ever beginning ... a happy heart beating with a pounding purpose of only your blessed own. Red and rapturous from the first beautiful beat. Beating in unison with ideas and ideals felt by the person whom matters most.


Katherine Marion                                                       January 1, 2010


Photography by Kaelin Marion - Dec end ( pardon the pun ) 08





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Gratefully Yours,
Special K