Saturday, February 26, 2011

Michael Jackson Forever Sings To Bring In PEACE

Man//Child growing up in neglect

no more innocence left to protect

torn world of uncountable abuse

how can a baby, the breast refuse?

Mother Earth loves her children

one  heart open to truly listen

can't anyone see her shed tears

needless spilling of others fears?

Nature knows that every season

guided with a healing reason

allows for death and new life

never to harm or kill with knife

Every creature great and small

is the sum total of blessed all

man un-kind need merely do

 carefully think things through

For mis-spent millennia past

things have been going too fast

wars make money and maim

greed is a hard beast to tame

Hold the hand beside your own

do as your soul has shown

look into the mirror and see

the best that we all can  Be!

Katherine Marion


Michael was born in 58 and so sad that his life was one more that this reckless and greedy world did take.

One more creative genius and gentle soul,  misunderstood and abused, until a life of deepest loneliness took its timely toll.

Bless one more magical being and the blessings he does thus and forever, excruciatingly beautifully extol ...



Touching Beauty


that I LIVE for

Touching Beauty


WORTHWHILE to ignore

Touching Beauty


'fear'  for  LOVE

Touching Beauty


JOY from above

Touching Beauty


HEARTS with breath

Touching Beauty


Ego left undressed

Touching Beauty



Touching Beauty


with new latitude

Touching BEAUTY


dark doors of past

Touching Beauty


DREAMS that last ....

Katherine Marion


After fulfilling hours .. soulfully spent - reading positive comments posted on my channel and chatting with a couple of positive FB friends, and watching wonderful youtube selections,  I AM TOUCHED!



Friday, February 25, 2011

Feelings about ... Kim Bassinger

Today, I  awoke

thinking of Kim

reading her quote

Troubles we let in

ignoring instincts

mirrored is our twin

I can relate to her

once lovely, long hair

sexuality a slow purr

Others may prefer

judging us from outside

kindness be the cure

Who needs a pedestal?

other than those weak

better to just be still

Essence is the thrill

digging long and deep

to receive your fill

Most will never find

truth that lives within

for they are far behind

Suck'n  on bitter rind

their own deadly sin

rather tan just being KIND !!!

Katherine Marion

p.s. - to read KIM'S ...

Why did i awaken to immediately think of Kim Bassinger?

Even seeeng her beautiful face.

Not that flawless skin that once has been portrayed upon the silver screen.

The real person, is whom i do so intimately mean.

For she is parts of precious me.

i can identify

After hearing from many sources, that many of my pictures cause them to identify me to her.

This is why ...

And, before realizing that her and i share so many of the same insane 'obstacles' in this often seemingly confusing life.

For instance, we both have many who idealize and envy us. Rather than truly seeing and being as one, with us.

I shall continue showing my vulnerability.

Sending love to beautiful Kim and blessing both of us, as we continue to brim over ..with Goddess-sent Sensuality!!!


Sister J Lost Her Intuition

My sister, Jacqueline,  once brought me up North,  to check out her beau, whom she'd already birthed a son by, after having her first 3 beautiful daughters, years earlier, to another 'husband.'

She told me, her eldest sister, "You gotta help me, sis. I think i have lost my instincts."

So, she must have figured out that i still had some ..

 Lovely Jackie,  did not like what i had to say ..

Since then, she has 'seen the light'
 .. a dozen years later

And even lighter ....!

Katherine Marion 


Inspired by a quote about instincts - i wrote a few sentences on fb and brought a few of my thoughts over here ... Much more to add.

First, since it is past 5 am, i must sleep.

Even though i would love to read my newest reading material to stay wide-awake for ... "The Intuitive Spark{ by Sonia Choquette


Wednesday, February 23, 2011




In Deed



his SEED



In Deed






In Deed









their SEED!

Katherine Marion


After jotting down totally fresh lyrics  to that beloved old stand-by: "All The Girls I've Ever LOVED ... ," I AM Special K  safe-keepng -  even more empowering verses for all the HIM's and HERs.. in my home journal, right now and forever Clever!

And, then, afterwards, came  a very big ... pardon me - Poop ...


Seriously, a real release always comes after the truth shows her pretty head  .. to be lit by a sun that prevails and never fails to shine ..

 Upon blessed ME and MINE!



Sometimes the only strength

that comes in numbers ...

is trusting the POWER

of #1!

Katherine Marion


You figure it out ...

Hope so


Who is the one you wake up with

every single sobbing day?

How might you satisfy a Kat

wanting to kindly play?

Why would it matter what they say?

safer to be a protected gay

How do you cast away darkness

to find your own way?

Where does a forgotten inner child

have her  long overdue say?

Which is the best route to take

or be forced to really pay?

What difference does it  matter 

if I choose to dance - everyday?

When skeletons are out ' to air' 

no more need to sit in fear to pray!!!!

Katherine Marion


This poem .. and series .. thereof, is for my many 'sister's' whom have lost sight of their own magical reflection. 

Look in the mirror ...

Shine 'er up is she is cloudy.

Cause if ya break ...

A lot more than '9 years bad luck!'


Never your own tail .. to tuck.


Judgement Be Thine Own Worst Friend


a big burden

to carry


an ugly sister

to hide

Self loathing

too heavy

to bury


Death's skirts

to ride


stories hidden

too scary


healers made

to heal

Open wounds

sometimes fester

too hairy

The past

can live or die

to feel


I choose to own

never to tary!

Katherine Marion


Thanks to all of 'those' whom forever make me SHINE ... as they lay in their own swollen pool of empty brine!


Judy was given her name

Not my soul

to bend and defame

Judy was given her name

Never my spirit

to be set aflame

Judy was given her name

Stealing my power

mad monster insane

Judy was given her name

Abusing inner-child

her pleasure - my pain

Judy was given her name

Robbing innocence

tough kid to train

Judy was given her name

Feeling justified

hell does surly reign

Judy was given her name

Ignorant babysitter

empty mind to maim

Judy was given her name

Wounded little girl

might  never be the same!

Katherine Marion


I know someone who's mom hit him with a telephone cord, once. And, he has never yet, forgive her. Let alone, told her, " I love you."


I just look the 'demon's' squarely in the face and all thoughts of vengeance to erase ...

They disappear

Such as the fear

Long gone

and never too near!


Oops, on an empowering roll ...

Rolling off my tongue


does thus extole!


If you can believe it - all because of a can of peas .. that i asked for at the store

She told me to remind her that i had a spanking coming.. when we got home.

The last time ... i farted!

Right in her face ...



if you believe the spoon hurt ..

Try standing on your head, forever .. on your bed. With school the next day ... And a mere 7 or so years young. Keeping quiet about it . cause she told me that it would hurt more, if I ever told!

A Wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon

she would use



A wooden spoon

to readily abuse



A wooden spoon

unconsciously amuse



A wooden spoon

never to refuse



A wooden spoon

voice to lose



A wooden spoon

not to choose



A wooden spoon

such a ruse



A wooden spoon

she did accuse



A wooden spoon

before to snooze



A wooden spoon

screws are loose



A wooden spoon

inner child's news



Katherine Marion


We all have stories to share ...


Thank Goddess for those who care!


Years later, I told my lovely mom ...

A total surprise that upset her, greatly.

Maybe more than it, hurt me, even.

Goddess, Go To Bed and Empty Your Head


go to bed


empty your head


go to bed


stagnate, instead


go to bed


drop like lead


go to bed


do not be fed


go to bed


merely see red


go to bed


sleep, instead


go to bed


just play dead


go to bed


hide lies to shed


go to bed


take their med


go to bed


stand on your head


go to bed


dont' move ahead


go to bed


a prince to wed


go to bed


never be said


go to bed


just dream, instead!

Katherine Marion


See, i have done it , again.

Stayed up, beyond and above what any mortal .. should seemingly do.

Yet, sometimes wee keep caged tigers .. for free.

And, the only one who pays the price .. is no longer me!


O.K  - another ab-norm storm is a brew'n

Make it write - baby!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexy Ms. Santa Picture - Deleted From Facebook

Well, rapist's get out of jail on the word - :"Go!"

That's if they even make it in ...

Pardon the pun.

And, yet, my sexy, Ms. Santa shot,  you will note - is missing from my Xmas dvd collection on fb, has been deleted.

You know, that purringly pretty pic of Katherine The Greatest and that Great Santa - helper - behind me. Merely with his leathered hands - it's cold out in the N.Pole - wrapped protectively around my sexy, lace, black brassier ... that I just happen to be wearing.

I don't care if he wanted to. T'was the season - and my turn.

Not the first time.

Nor, possibly the last ...

As long as 'overly concerned citizens' are watching out for my Breast Interests.

Could not resist.

Nor, did HE or SHE.

Golly Goddess - who could it be?

Guess I shall keep being magical me!!!

Katherine The Greatest


So many tests in life ... Have I  passed, yet?

Back-down, get my back-up against a wall - sounds sexier, - or get right back on the write-track ...

No room for wondering - which wondrous route I do deliciously choose .. to call my blessed and beautiful babe of a ballsy own.

Wait til me own wee and wondrously telling video comes up on


There are pedophile's, sexual predators' - of the same insane .. on the rampage  - many pages .. - on facebook and elsewhere - on line.

Guess I should have simply worn a gun onto the Sunday School bus. Or, something simpler and far more acceptable  .. such ass hypocritically subscribed to in this spiritually and emotionally immature society.



As soon as we pick up our other computer, I will be uploading 'THAT precious image, atop  ... - cause that is precisely where I LIKE IT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream of Pooping Women

Yesterday was a very 'shitty' day

Awoke to sit upon my  throne 

Remembering dreams that say

"Please leave this Goddess, alone!"

Pooping Women;  were everywhere

Even on their bellies, legs all over 

From above, I saw butt - laid bare 

Friendly fields of brownest clover

I wondered where my offering was

A woman told me what it looked like

Not wanting to behave as a real ass

Who knows, she could be some dike

Every sphincter's fending for itself

No shyness or falsetto's modesty 

German's honour their's on a shelf

Maybe I ll sell mine  .. on E-Bay!

Katherine Marion 


Of course, there is more ... 

Always is.

Basically, the message .. that came though - pardon the poopy pun - was that too many poop-le are messing in my 'business.'

Clearly, all I can do - keep my own butt clean.

And, they will leave me .. well alone!

10 Sexy and Supernatural Things You Need To Know About Me

1. My nipples actually are the size of a chinaman's penis

2. I could easily be known as a full-grown 'squirt'

3. My 'twins' have names

4. My breasts are a couple of the only real tits in N. America

5. I even have a  name for "HER'

6. A flower can begin to blossom at any time ..

7. "Multiplicity' to me - simply an endearingly orgasmic term - in my Katology

8. I gave up on' 'sex' so that i could really BE LOVE

9. I have already won all pissing contests and my 'dick' is bigger than yours ..

10. My strongest 'point' is my sense of humour!

Katherine Marion


Rather than cry tears of anguish .. why not tickle our own .. funny bone!

Hope this brings a hope-sent message home.



Mmmm... Wonder what I would write if I had written; "25 ....?"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Protecting The Guilty

Protecting the guilty

simply too much work

for us

Protecting the guilty

only hides the truth

about them

Protecting the guilty

merely sugars the pain

of the past

Protecting the guilty

hurts our own children

their future

Protecting the guilty

takes too much energy

for me

Protecting the guilty

really will not ever

help you

Protecting the guilty

is holding onto the past

still alive

Protecting the guilty

kills our happy hearts

staying dead

Protecting the guilty

gives life to more deceit

birthing dark

Protecting the guilty

takes away our strength

losing hope

Protecting the guilty

destroys our very trust

speeding death

Protecting the guilty

means that we bury joy

with our heads

Protecting the guilty

mostly makes us feel

the 'sinner'

Protecting the guilty

complete self-sacrifice

no winner!

Katherine Marion



The persecuted are often, the most wounded .. Oh, no, another poem.

Uncle "H" Really Loved Me

He used to sit, smiling, during tea

Telling us all, one more dirty story

Big, brown eyes, crinkling with glee

Uncle "H" really, really,  loved me

He used to send me, early in morn

To his room, to read stacks of porn

That house, you would have sworn

Out of that scary book; "The Corn"

As Grandma, put sugar in her cup

"H" held on, to try and rub me up

Told my sis "C," one day, at sup

Eldest Uncie was morally corrupt

Incest family, so much in total denial

3 children of his own, did he defile

Even cousin "W," after a long while

Legally uncovered, going into exile

Aunt "T" refused to ever believe me

As did my beloved Auntie Chicke

Hailing from the same insane family

Torn, bare branch of dysfunctionality

So hungry for any type of affection

Fell right into that age-old affliction

Sick members of abuse and addiction

Many to pass on that very prediliction

One eve, at "Church On The Go"

How was I ever to guess or know

Where on stage, my poetry did flow

Truth was aching to be told, and grow

Asking my Cousin "J," if "it had ever ..."

Staring at me, so above it all, and clever

Uncie's hands in her undies, since forever

Birds of a flock, fly and die - together

At that table, that very Godly evening

Uncle Jim, shared tales worth believing

With "H," dead; gone was the deceiving

Untold  truth's ...   I was finally receiving

Just as I had already, wisely ascertained

Before "H"'s dead Daddy was named

'Did' all his 5 children, before he 'shamed'

Saddest way to become so secretly famed

At least the dick was out of the dirty bag

Future generations, playing incest tag

Not so easy, with telling tongues, a 'wag

When it's your blessed children, you shag

Can't you see, how it does surely prove

Away from some relatives, to move

Before our mental health may improve

To get into a truly functional groove

So many were hurt; one dark travesty

Sins; passed along .. can sickly be

The end of essential practical sanity

Thank Goddess, I now, respect ME!

Katherine Marion


Just tell me .. Why have I been protecting the guilty for such a lonely and long while?

Oh, the beginning o f a new poem ...

Sorry, if you may not find my Truth ...  sweet and diluted - enough. This is my Valentines Day, and the way i am going to love myself .. is to further heal.

So, better to look into your own loveless lineage, before you run away to squeel ...


My Valentine Gift To You - LOVING 'ME'

The more kind acts  that I do for me

Creates infinite sacred space for you

Choosing to always speak honestly

Is all a Supernatural Woman can do

Valuing myself is of utmost priority

Sending the message far and wide

As deep as my Third Eye choose see

Goddess'' Law; that I  do holy abide

Self respect must  be a virtual reality

Sharing love and speaking our voice

Responsible for setting hearts free

Otherwise, we stay lost in the noise

Human rights start right at home

Loving ourselves first; is paramount

Setting the highest vibratory tone

"#1" is the only ONE, to truly count!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes it can pay - literally  - to become so burned out, that ONE, simply does not care.

Especially about what others may think ...

Thus, this Valentines  Weekend,   Supernatural Woman ; representing so much to so many, and maybe not much .. to  few - has decided to gift a precious poem unto you.

On my facebook page, I am even more implicit. Saying 'it' like it need be

Donate to - if you ever wanna 'chat' with magical me!


Thank you for allowing this rising star to consciously continue to shine ....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pregnant with Hope - Creating a Raw Reality!

Talk about giving birth .. to a wholesome new world!

At age 36, I was blessed to grow within my blossoming inner sanctum, my first and only child - Kaelin.

No 'dead red' as I choose to name it and them, since age 19. After too many years of an unconscious childhood, forced to eat my "Shake and Bake" covered pork chops, that my dear mommy felt inclined to feed us all, for fear of 'not enough protein. And, let's not forget that deadly fried liver, excavated from the innards of some poor farm animal that I was never afforded the opportunity of meeting. Only 'eating.' "Gotta have your iron" - at least once a horrid week. Every day was filled with some sort of sordid leftover's from some animal - killed for the supposed sake of children that would never starve. If anything, mis-create a mindless society of mass murderers!

Dropped 'the dairy,' way before I became one.

No drugs, did i believe in - until that taunting Doc came by to seduce me with not one, yet - 3 deathly epidural's. Not even able to feel the pain of my baby's huge bowling ball of a head, as it was pried out of my teeny, tiny vaginal canal . That holy and rosy hall, that I would not even want to force the Friendly Giant through its precious pathway's.

Alcohol was what I realized to be one of man-unkind's many deadly sins. Thus, this was easy to drop, the minute I realized I was pregnant. Especially, living with an alcoholic, that I was soon to send packing. A few merciless months, after he would give me a wee slap in the face and a kick in the leg - in front of my 3 month or so .. rising son.

I already knew that I wanted to have a home birth, yet, made the joke that it would never happen .. since I might have to clean up my bedroom, first!

Thus, I was relegated to 34 hours of contractions, called "labour." So what if our travail's were spent in the hallowed halls or too often visited semi-private room at The Women's Hospital in Vancouver, B.C  After my female doc sagely suggested this option, when she was informed by me that I intended on dropping my baby into the warm waters of the South Pacific - possibly assisted by a small staff of playful Dolphin's.

I can have my dreams.

Years later, I found out that same M.D., who many might have once seemed, somehow, sane, had left her profitable clinic, to die of cancer. Filled with drugs and no hope - glad she at least wanted to be at my side as i screamed obscenities and pooped out something other than baby. Well, they did tell me, "Just push .. like you are having a ... " So, I idid. Good thing i stopped listening to people in authority. At least, those dressed up as knowledgeable wizards of the whack, that only speak 'quack."

Glad that I had already begun 'cleaning up my act,' my child was the ultimate gift and caused me to do more of my sacred 'work' - way the quicker.

It was when my child was 6, that we became vegan raw. We did miss that salmon sushi and over-boiled rice, for a while. We created healthy substitutes and our cravings diminished and cleared. Becoming more inventive as man-made time prevailed. Adding up to the Gregorian calendar of over 8 years, now and forever raw.

So what,  that age 8, the government took my child to a gay foster home and batardized him on Barfer King for 7 soul-depleting months of agonizing pain. It only took years, to fully rid his tiny and toxic system of all the poisonous pus, oozing out The same vile secretions; drunk by sleepy day-walker's, still not aware enough to know that they are drinking that same un-sanely stuff .. As they innocently sit down to their glass of milk, that mommy used to so lovingly feed them, as a malnourished child. A beloved boy or girl fed the same lies that their precious parents were more than prone to swallow.

Close to a decade ago, the public sector did not have the prized info that the highly valued internet, now dishes out, so deliciously. We were all warned it would all be all about porn. Never did we realize 'in our wildest dreams,' that we would finally be able to own our power, with the dis-enfranchisement of legalized lies that have lingered too lonely of a long and foul-breathed torrid time.

Where 'ignorance is bliss,' we have learned to hold our future in our own hands. To mold magic into what we envision beauty, truth and prosperity to so bountifully and beautifully be.

And, the wondrously rawsome fact that some mothers choose to align themselves with all that is raw and real, as the life inside of thought-provoking them .. grows and glows. YES!!!

Co-creating a conscious community,



If there was ever a reason for a 51 year young Goddess to give birth, again - here I Am.

Now, for that 2nd Immaculate Conception ...

The Long and Thick ... of it!

In direct and divine response to Tim Boe's Facebook inquirey as to why i deleted that 'swollen member' that does not deserve to be my friend or even witness to his nearly full-blown .. antics ...

I would tell all .. except i do not want to give him or his ... too much credit.

I advertise that which I KNOW to be true and beautiful And fills life up with warmth, wonder, hope and happiness

Not 'THAT' other spelling - see above

I was offended, as you so rightly write, due to the fact that what he sent me was impersonal, cold and although, it was far from flaccid; lacked vitality and positive energy.

Thus, porn is not here to stay - at least - in my wonderful world.

And, the sad fact that some ignorant wasted mind thinks it is his .. to send me something .. that represents all that is far from intimate, intelligent and filled ... (pardon the penile loaded pun) with integrity.

Hope this helps to further illuminate an almost emptied subject .. that to me, should be fully loaded .. with immense light and love immortal.

There, now i feel better.

And, even wetter .. upon this rainy Wet Coast kind'a day!

Floating on a bed of roses - with no pricks .. to act as thorns in my supernatural side,

special K

Friday, February 11, 2011

Incest Is Not Best

The first penis i ever felt

was of my dirty uncle's

after he undid his belt

My mom sent me away

in the basement - to sleep

with  my uncle - to  play

He was the dirtiest  old man

why his wife wisely left

 wishing nieces; to slam

Only thirteen - at the time

i had been taught' right'

and what was not fine

As i lay upon the bed

lowering himself atop me

this is what he said ...

"Why not," so softly

after I loudly told him

"Get off of me, Harvey."

I was left alone to sleep

he never tried 'this," again

no one mentioned a peep

Until my mom asked me

about her eldest beloved bro

and later, telling her family

No one believed his baby sis

threatening to put her on pills

story of dysfunctional bliss

My mom was never believed

i was just some silly, stupid girl

dismissal, we both received

A throbbing 'hard-on' to me

felt through my underpants

not my idea of real intimacy

Even then,  i already knew

to trust my own instincts

while honouring myself, too

Sick man - died at an early age

with a bedroom-full of porn

a gun collection; prized rage

His Daddy did worse to him

my mom suffered the same

Silence is the deadliest sin

I paid the price for speaking

relatives sent me packing

truth was all i was seeking

My son shall never suffer

for sexual abuses in his life

for  truth's told, by Mother!

Katherine Marion


Thank you,  Jamie, on facebook - for the very erect member of your own dysfunctional family .. that you sent to me, on my message page. Now, that i have duly reported you, i am rightly reminded of why I would wish to protect my precious self and others souls as sweet and pure.

Thanks to abusers and predator's online and off .. such as tasteless and telling ..  you!

Jared Naiman Keeps a Really Happy Hard-ON!

‎"JARED NAIMAN" is this 'name's name.'

A HUGE PENIS pic of himself. He has been sending my emails for months and trying to get my attention, various ways.

This does it, though. I just reported his sexually flagrant and beyond rude .. self portrait of the big head with the least brains fb.

Let's see .. what happens to him.




Both of 'em