Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victory Is Mine!

Won my case

against  my landlord

and jealous tenants

in my face

Won my case

at Tenancy Branch

an arbitrator's

paper to trace

Won my case

three slanderer's

written lies

truth not erase

Won my case

after much fear

many a tear

their disgrace

Won my case

2 hrs sleep

what a treat

smiling face

Won my case

so much ease

off my knees

no more chase

Won my case

showed 'em

used not poison

or even mace

Won my case

stood tall

up to all

hopes to raise

Won my case

power mine

my time

Goddess praise!!!

Katherine Marion



Guess it's time to start my own reality show!

Who has a more exciting life than me, anyway. Others toss their dirty laundry my way and expect to clean up their messes.

No way.

How am I supposed to raise my teenager son, if i allow filth into my home, heart and head?

An old man once told me, after I had taken out the garbage, "Get rid of garbage. Throw it out. It stinks. Next thing you know ...." At that tumultuous time, I was still involved with that x abuser who shall remane nameless, until the book comes out.

 Then, was not ready .. Now, i am way past.

Victorious am I.

With an open heart, i truly listened, this morn, on a tele-conference with a very professional and un-bias Mrs. Miller, at the Tenancy Branch, along with Mr. Landlord - just doing his job - and 2 tenants with conflicts concerning me and their own unresolved personal issues.

I wrote copious notes and videotaped this precious piece of Herstory.

Prepared for any outcome.

Already, the day before, contacting my potential landlord and letting her know I had a legal matter to tend to and the timing was not right for me to make the big move to her oceanfront rental, yet ..

So much fear to deal with.

Realizing that I might possibly be leaving ... simply because of bullying.

Not a good reason.

One should always base her/his decisions on a well grounded and wise choice.

I asked myself, "Do I really want to leave?"


Being evicted by a landlord that felt pressured to do the right thing for two tenanats and gross allegations, has caused huge duress for myself and my son, over the frame of the last 2 months, in particular. My appeal to Tenancy and my eventual win  ... arirve at undefinable cost.

Took a lot of guts.

Always listen to your instincts.

It is simply clearing the way to really hear ... that is truly the real hard work!!!

Winner Take All,



Now, to take me and my pretty black designer bikini out to the front lawn, to sunbathe. Even though that angry guy who lives below .. told  Mr. Landlord, " I don't like Katherine. I want you to evict her."

Mr. Landlord of course, hoping to head off any confrontation, whatsoever, and feeling overly pressured, did outrageously promise, " Well, I will see if I can ban everyone from using the front lawn."

Well, if my pretty flowers that I paid to so kindly purchase and plant, are so kindly afforded a warm spot, over there; where dogs may piss on the ground, and people can throw their garbage around .. guess i can lay my slim, trim 50 year young and youthful body down.

Butt for a brief while!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

When you are hurting - where do you go?

Sometimes I bury my head

and stay in bed

all day

I wake up sobbing with pain

close my eyes, again

to awake

Praying to get over the fear

wishing I was not here

to hurt

Feeling so very much alone

my power to not own

to fade

Knowing I AM a huge light

yet, caught up in fright

to run

Dropping to my very knees

light as can ever be

to see

Katherine Marion


Today, was one of these days ...

Missed the sunlight, outside.

Looked after the hurting girl, inside of me.

Silenced the fears.

Shut out the pain.

Listened to my dreams.

Touched my Daddy's leg.

Decided not to move ....

Felt connected to a higher souce.

Awoke to Angel Soldiers, so kindly sent.

And, my sweet son drawsing me a beautiful picture.

Going for a walk to buy some water, now.

Open for LOVE,



I AM made of LOVE




SAFE wherever WE may FLY



LOVED by all whom WE meet









A beautiful soul on facebook sent me Angel Soldiers to look over my shining son and I.

I sobbed with JOY.

How little does it take ... to send out LOVE?

With so many energies that are not positive, pointed our wondrous way . Hurting hearts that closed a long and lonely time, shutting down. We are not of the norm, it would so clearly seem.

And, thus it is ...

Filled with infinite love and light,


Pussy Clitter on Twitter

If every pussy donned glitter

to be devoured

on Twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful  smell'n world.

If every pussy had a sweet fitt-HER

eaten alive

on twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful smell'n world!

If every pussy went a quiver

frosted flakes

on twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful smell'n world!

If every pussy knew what bit 'er

no mistakes

on twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful smell'n world!

If every p;ussy got off the shi__er

bared all

on twitter

went  tell'n

What a wonderful smell'n world!

If ever pussy didn't quit here

no fear

on twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful smell'n world!

If every pussy had no litter

hole truth

on twitter

went tell'n

What a wonderful smelli'n world!

Katherine Marion


And, of course, whether the readers of this pussy lick'n or like'n poem, prefer their pussies with four legs and a long, slapp'n tail or just can't get any of their own, I want you to remember  ...  have FUN.

Cause even if you're not hav'n any of MINE ... speak your voice, take that there hair out of your mouth, and start roaring instead of that whining o"l pantomime!

Sweet to the honey'd core - everytime,



Now, I really wish I had ALL OF ME uploaded .. and ready to share.


What are you waiting for ? Stop swallowing air ...!!!!

Fighting For Our Rights

 http://www.3rdeyefoto.com/ - pic by Katherine - N.Van DOJO - Kaelin in back

As long as the system is here - not to stay -  we might as well accept some of it's often unheralded gifts.

For me, one of which was, sad to say;  keeping my own D.O. behind prison bars for close to 30 years, until his deatth, last year, in prison.

The system is corrupt, without a fool's doubt in earthly hell.

I began to most intimately understand .. many maddening moon's ago .. what the world is far from wondrously all about. Isn't it so ironic that thieves, rapists and con-men ... are one of the insanest same?

No wonder they spend so much 'time' together.

As they shall all topple ..

Be sure and read my rousing article in this Oct publication of http://www.agoranews.org/  - how "Beautiful British Columbia's"  ministry of children and families - in 2008 - had close to 10,000 aboriginal children, alone, living pathetic lives in foster care.

This is nothing new.

People are simply afraid to feel.

Gotta go deep .. to remember.

If they stop their own numbing and allow no more wretched dumbing, they may have to do something about what has not been done.


What a terrible amount of responsibility.

Besides, isn't that favorite old repeat of a tiring tv show on, this eve, again?

We can watch it all together, with a bag of cheap chips from Safewy, and a poison pepsi.

After all, family time is so important, nowadays!

Katherine Marion


Ever inspired, I was drifting the wondrous waves on my facebook pages and felt inclined to respond to a gal who mentioned how she can hardly believe that people are just waking up ...

A few of us were forced to wake up.

Or, die.

Isn't it so easy for 'molly-coddled' citizens out there, sleeping in their expensive beds, to pass on the latest report on homelessness, and yet, not give a beggar a meal?

Very few do what we can for those whom are not able to.

It does not matter how or why it happened to 'that person.' We only own our power when we start giving from our hurting hearts. Expecting a system to feed, clothe and imprison your brother, is utterly ridiculous. That old lady blathering to herself at the bus stop, that beggar's child in smelly clothes, or one more drunken pig - chasing you down the street, calling out horrific names, is someone's mother, daughter, father or holy ghost left out to rot in the same uncared-far carcass they came in with.

Even a wounded animal feels the pain.

Does that mean he/she would not get up to fight for another if it was necessary?

Of what good is a heart if we do not use it?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Standing Up For Myself

You may get me to chop off my long, sun-bleached locks

Jealous of my legs that you hope will no longer hold me

Planting seeds of doubt while playing your game, gleefully.

You may wear your fear as you buzz cut your boy's hair

Afraid he will be "called a girl"; hating my son for his own

Yet,  clearly seen by me is your deep-rooted envy, shown

You may tell me not to talk to that young x who left you

Begging the landlord to ban me from talking to your friends

Sadly, libelous claims against my child, is where it ends

You may grow your dyed black hair, like a 'witch in hunt'

Friending me on facebook with knives behind your back

As you nestle up to the next guy with money for a six-pack

You may have me babysit your sweet boy, a while ago

Call that cute cop and send him  right to my open door

Where was "he" when you fell down drunk, on my floor?

You may tell your child that "big boys do things" to him

Manipulating everyone you keep in your public drama

Imagine spiking cookies for all, when you're a Grandma!

You may tell that younger man who's 8 years your junior

Lies through your shark-sharp teeth in your life of woe

Allowing others to wonder why true tears rarely flow?

You may say you think we have a "love-hate relationship"

Sober eyes like mine speak with a heart that opens up

Why is it that this life of ours you would ever disrupt?

You may say one thing and do the very opposite other

Hating anyone who loves themselves as well as you

Some are wiser to a loving kiss, than a fiendish screw

You may protect yourself with lies that hurt all you know

Seeing yourself as the helpless victim no one loves

When your hands are out ... tiny pushes into shoves

You may condemn your Daddy for what you say he did

Using him for money and hurtiing your son by pretending

This loveless lie you weave is soul-lessly never-ending

You may try and get me to move by scaring me to submit

Smiling as you tell me words you believe I want to hear

Soaking in your own stinking snake-oil infested by fear

You may throw any kind person you've ever met, far away

Grabbing onto doubts, you land yourself in trouble, again

Even though I will always send love, you were never a friend!

Katherine Marion


Funny how things, turn out ...

A little note ... to be left on Facebook, as my most recent "status update", was mysterious eaten alive in cyberspace.

So,  forced to start all over ...I  decided to have even more clarity and really own my power.

Thus, feeling so overtly coerced, as to fearfully move, almost 5 hours by ferry, up; the Sunshine Coast!

Now, I feel it only fair to speak my powerful voice, to finally say ...

"Wait til you, later, read what i first wrote."

Firstly, my priority - my son Kaelin.


And, standing up for myself, on two salty rawsome stalks ... shall be sweetly and unmercifully sublime!!!!

Katherine Marion

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes Little Girls ..

Sometimes little girls get really scared

they see another monster hiding in the closet

shadows they feel are so awfully real

Sometimes little girls get really scared

with dirty old men and mean young women

hurting her cause they never cared

Sometimes little girls get really scared

they have nowhere to run or anybody that cares

so they shut down and get terribly quiet

Sometimes little girls get really scared

so they use their imagination to become free

guess that little girl is now loving me!

Katherine Marion



I love my picture of this beautiful rose.

I saw this amazing vision, last year or so, ago. Many beauties am I able to capture ...

Grateful am I to be able to share this Precious One.

Never captured  - Heart Enraptured,


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Met A Guy

I met a guy the other day on the bus. He did not smell good and when I touched his shoulder, all I felt was skin against boney bone!

He talked to me.

No one else on the blue bus going up upper Granville where I live, was even bothering to strike up a conversation.

He lives in a small room, downtown in the not so nice area. Out of his meager govt cheque, he pays $400.00 for a paltry patchwork of a square pen.

Never complaining, he gets off the bus to panhandle at 7-11, a few blocks from our 1000 sq ft 2 befroom apartment, just off of 71st. I hear his coughing;  like something out of a bad movie. Probably not much older than me, he seems ready to ... croak!

What does this man need more than anything?

Human kindness.

Soon after, walking to Safeway to buy some water and flowers for myself, all I can think about is HIM and how I have been touched ..

Blackberries and grapes are my gift.

Since this man has no teeth.

Beaten and thrown him into jail for searching through downtown back alleys for bottles, at the wrong hour.

What does it take to raise somebody's spirit?

I buy him a cup of warming tea, before he goes back outside for the night, to beg for money from people driving expensive cars,that barely care to slow down to ask his name.

I figure if I could spend $100.00's earlier that day, at Chapters, on good books for my mind, I can do something even better for my heart - by loving another in such a seemingly insignifigant way.

In a wounded world, severely tilting on its angry axis, how far can a little kindness go ....?

Hope to see my new friend, soon.

Katherine Marion


Thanks Jennifer, for inspiring me, with your recent facebook post. More people just need to get out there and do something. Simply 'knowing' is not enough.


Sadly, this is not my home. Mine is being taken form me, as you read. I have just received filed papers, from my landlord whom I am  legally ' fighting' in Tenancy. Yet, as good a time, as ever to be grateful for what I do have ... As we all should be!


I captured this pic a few years ago, after a heavy and happy snowfall in magical Marpole, when we were living in a cozy cottage on a retired UVIC's Professor's property, a few blocks away.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Souls As One

Hugging on the floor at quarter to 4 in the A.M.


Or, is it ehem?

I was laying flat on my back in the morn


To be just me

Out of his bed came a hairy sleepy head


Came on in

Kissing me on the cheek he took a peek


Light of mine

Falling slack to lay himself on his back

14 years

Young - no fears

Right beside me to stetch out, naturally


Floating in comfort with straightened backs

Silently communing with one and everything

We sail

With masts set to send out a healing exhale

Knowing we as one - meant to have fun

Two souls

Bodies as whole as LOVE does extole.

Katherine Marion



Since my Canon EOS stopped working, after getting caught in that exciting Penticton sand storm on the end of July long weekend, I have merely existed!

Just this week, and going strong ... I utiilized the convenience of my other trusty Canon  ... movie camera, which is what I shot this shot upon. As my no longer to be termed "wee soul-mate" and I lay on the beaten-up hardwood floors of the home we are soon to leave for fresher parts of this pretty province that we really have to get to know.

Knowing doesn't always come while standing up. Sometimes you have to find a place to rest your head and throw your feet up ... wildly into the air. To linger there, for a consciously connecting while. Enough to make your starving soul smile - especially if you have travelled a weary and wounded while.

Doesn't matter what time they tell you it is. 'Time' is ours to make and not to borrow. Fears are never to swallow. Letting go ... can mean being kind. Catching up on creating space for yourself can be done anywhere. Fully clothed or close to bare .. Naked is the truth and more tender is the heart that digs deeper ..

Now Sweeter,


Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Shining Son

Yours is the light that shone through me

Yours is the heart that loves ever truly

Yours is the love offered unconditionally

Yours is the truth accepted gratefully

You are the blessed one with new hope

You are the old soul who in me awoke

You are the Angel with wings to cope

You are the poem I freshly re-wrote

I am the grateful one with you as mine

I am the receiver of these gifts sublime

I am the thankful for knowing you in time

I am the better as I touch this new divine

We are as perfect as two hearts can be

We are so special the world must see

We are all love, honesty and intimacy

We are forever with spirit's set free!

Katherine Marion



This rainswept Vancouver evening, rather than go to a party I was invited to, I perused through pics ... Finding this enchanting photograph of my 8 year young homeschooler, after he was taken by MCFD, and not yet, returned to me.

The year was 2005 and I feel like we both have been through a couple of world wars. And, survived! Yet, within me, and surely, both of us, lingers this longing for an innocence lost, never to be seen or felt, again.

Thus, I choose this image as a heart rendering reminder of a beauty that lays embossed within the beautiful bowels of my lonely, lost heart, now being re-found and restored. After wandering in bewildered anxiety for the longest loneliest while, I am slowly picking up the precious pieces of a fragmented dream and putting our loving lives back together, again.

I captured this picture of Kaelin at the gate to our cozy cottage in magical Marpole. This seemingly tragic time was the most blissful period for us. Torn apart and returned unto one another, we appreciated every stolen second we were given or not ... Apart, we prayed and affirmed and held onto hope. It worked. Bringing us back together came about because we believed.

The power of love can transfrom anything. I am, I have and I offer ... living proof!!!!

Keep Believing,

We are


Monday, September 6, 2010

I Can Only Dream ...

I can only dream ...

Of my raw vegan pie - Coconut Cream.

I can only dream ...

Everything tastes as good as it may seem.

I can only dream ...

Life treats me in the kindest extreme.

I can only dream ...

Love makes me host to a yummy team.

I can only dream ...

Creating joy from a flowing stream.

I can only dream ...

Plucking bliss from a moon-beam.

I can only dream ...

Making ecstasy from a silent scream.

I can only dream ...

Katherine Marion


I created this rawsome gift of Mommy's yummiest; Raw Coconut Cream Pie to Dream On ...

Greg had driven over to visit from the Valley and I went to wondrous work .. in Purring Kat's kitchen.

Since I had recently smashed the last of my lovely crystal plates, all I had to display my 'gratitude on a platter' was a soft pastel blue plate that my happy homelearner and I had purchased at some big box store we should almost feel embarassed to have ever step loving foot in.

Thus, holding up my rawstruck trophy, I posed in my new Lululemon hoodie and smiled for a camera that loves food that looks good and tastes even better!


My non-fattening crust combines various soaked seeds and nuts and low on the glycemic scale - dates.

The filling is pureed banana blended with fresh, baby Thai Coconut and more delicious dates to add natural sweetener to the best consciousness-raising cake, ever.

Top with a few fresh blueberries and you have got yourself more than a few bite-full's of BlISS!!!!

Eat up ... and here's to the Beauty to be found making love to our food.


Join my channel and post your positive commentary, please.

Happy 8th Birthday - Charlie Bear!

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Share a wee bite of joy with me

Single Mommy M and her son C
Enjoying a belated 8th birthday

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Eager to eat healing and healthily

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Receiving love given; unconditionally

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Appreciated by our raw family

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Filled with excitement and glee

Single Mommy M and her son, C
To honor them, grateful are we

Single Mommy M and her son, C
Welcome to our yummy party!

Katherine Marion


There are 4 at this conscious celebration of friendship and forgiving. Kaelin is behind the scenes, documenting this delicious scene for his own rawk'n Mommy.

Last week, we prepared a rawstruck treat for Charlie; one Banana Coconut Dream Pie.

Arriving at the door, we surprised our downstairs friends and fed them .. on many magical levels.

Bearing gifts of gratitude; meant to melt in your mouth .. we dug into divinity.

Happy 8th Earth Years - Young and Effervescent Charlie!

We all love you - now and forever.

Rawsomely yours,


Friday, September 3, 2010

Connecting To A Higher Realm

What's the real value in this superficial society of focusing on making money?

A severely inflated economy and  a deepening sense of senseless inequality.

Why do people like my Father work so hard; dying 3 years before retirement?

Thinking they will never get out of debt, their fearful heart attack is hell-sent.

Who is the governmet but a group of fat-cat's licking up your sweet cream?

Selling you a ton of lies and blindly stealing your most delicious dream.

Where will you ever find respite from one more mournful ruse and legal ploy?

Most find  solace in pills, cigs and booze; addictions paid to skillfull destroy.

When will fools wake up and count their blessings by the beat of their heart?

Only after most of what they have learned and earned does to early depart.

What does it mean to get caught up in a counting machine of a lovesless life?

You marry for money, forget about love and bury your dead,beloved wife

How did anyone ever forget about the one universal truth that does count?

Hold onto kindness, share compassion, or to not much shall you amount!

Katherine Marion



Often, I wonder what essentially makes people happy.

Deeply sensing that those we somehow 'lose', also lost their dreams, around the same insane time their taste for life was destroyed.

Knowing that I am meant to do more than search for one more over-priced  rental and bash my head in ... feeling guilty about so much work that does not seem to be getting done.

Remembering, that if I keep on believing a myth that has been sold to me as long as I can remember, I might as well my breaking heart; to dis-member.

Every moment is so precious and we rarely truly experience many such magical momento's in a lifetime.

Why would we waste a tear or a dip into the endless flow ... to needlessly buy into a dead story, when we already truly KNOW?


This is the magic mirror I can not enough give conscious cause to look upon and into ... Kaelin created this wall colloage of collective consciousness, from our buried-away pictures in the dreaded and ever so messy "Blue Room", last year. He is so proud as he sits in front of his wonderful work.

Now, this works for me!!!

Hot 'n Ready To Heal and Squeel

It all began the other blessed sun-kissed day..

After travelling outside, on my bicycle to play.

Meeting a handsome drug addict along the way

$20.00 - to talk to me, is all  I made him pay

Stripping off his fancy shirt in the light of day

While flexing, the wierdest things he did say

Senior Center secretary seeing the display

Wore  a smile rather than a frown of dismay

Walking down back stairs to avoid the fray

I ran away from him, pretty pronto and amskray

Cycling downtown to file my late tax return

Finding out a phone call costs 50 cents - to burn

A man at the booth, with wanting did yearn

To teach a lesson you must also be keen to learn

For gourmet raw food; my belly was set on churn

I asked that music promoter to drive down ..and turn

Afraid I was a Woman who was intent on him to spurn

He took his time parking as his gut did surely set churn

Gorilla Food; where we talked for a tasty hour or two

6 ft 3 telling me," Gain weight" with my pounds too few

I let him bite into my hemp seed chocolate cake so true

Strangers come together while senses  rawsomely renew

For a  Monkey Sandwich a woman will almost anything do

Takes away the hunger of treats too sparse and seldom few

Some of us have no intention of setting up someone to screw

Beings, actually of the sweetest and sanely conscious few

Besides what's a mid-life Momma wearing hot gear to do?

Rather spread this joy to a deserving and attentive crew

Before I wrangled a free Yin class, at YYoga at its best

I met a man on his bike, whom in artistic sexuality does attest

Partner with "The Art Of Loving",  where sex never takes a rest

Woman writing "The V-Spot" works for our mag, with sexy zest

1 1/2 hrs of  muscle and ligament stretching took us to the crest

As one of the full class of 30, "Never felt better," I gratefully confess

Dan was our kind intructor who gave beyond his all rather than less

Time to take care of ourselves and leave behind self-induced 'stress.'

Later,sweating for 25 minutes in a healing infared sauna, prepared me

For what no sweet soul upon a couple of wheels would ever wanna see.

Spying a guy on a racing bike, with 3 bags of empties; nowhere to flee ...

Hit in ,the face and knocked to the hard pavement, to fall upon my knee

It would have been less painful falling out of a friendly old, oak tree

Rather than being befelled by dirty, hard-core dumpster diver energy

An Angel came up and offered her healing touch Reiki services, luckily

A Victoria homeopath, staying at The Sutton Hotel, set my heart free

A generous gift of a paid cab ride home, along with some freezing ice

Allowed me to thank this loving universe; always ever so kind and nice

Doesn't matter if your "slumlord" still won't take care of the hidden mice

My homeschooler has a bath ever 2 weeks and he doesn't carry head lice

Who cares if I'm evicted and my coward neighbours called MCFD, twice

In this world, meddlesome rodents make themselves known, and are rife

All I know is that every hit feeds my creativity and lengthens my life

And, I'd rather be single and loving my son than be any whiner's wife!!!

Katherine Marion


Well, my right leg can eaily be dragged or lifted, as long as I do not willfully bend it past it's now breaking capacity ... a mere 45%\!

So much for my plan to take a slow ferry out of this far-fetched and often falling apart village of Vancouver. My upcoming landlady is probaby beyond tired of me concocting one more seasoned excuse; " son's assault in a back alley, by 3 teens" - just this week, "Going into anaphylactic shock" - after eating some over-heated thinly sliced rye slices, and finally, being "hit by a mad cyclist" -  and dropped merilessly to the ground.

With days needed to get my leg back in working order, after immense and necessary swelling goes down, all I want to do is write, as I sit firmly, upon my firm, suntanned butt, as I find one more excuse to pour out my feelings, as I express .. rather than depress myself.

Who knows, maybe I will work on my tan-lines, during this warm Indian Summer, "Without The Native", as I have been affirming for over a healing decade; after being kicked in the leg and smacked in the face by my x- the one who so lovingly gifted me with a child!

Not only is he coming back to town in October, as he has so kindly shared with me, in a recent strained phone conversation .... I can still feel his heart is more frozen than the ice I hold against my leg.

Besides, his passive-agressive behoviours led him to get his then girlfriend, B, to throw gravel in my face, from a moving car, the day before family court, so many maddeninly crazy yeara ago.

The most recent rat  - of the 4 legged and harmless ilk - has left the building, thanks to peanut butter and a Rogers cell phone box that Kaelin rigged up, this week. Don't know if I have guts to work my abs on that floor, yet. But, I will get off my own butt to ready for my fill of rat's tales ...Tenancy meeting, via good 'ol fashioned telephone at month's end, unless something else grabs my magical attention, and I move into the perfect place - before I break - to preciously mend.

To you and your insanely sane sense of humor, my thought-provoking concepts, divine discourse and humorous happenings .. I do graciously send!!!!


This pic of me in my new Bilabong Bikini, was taken at The Fox Hotel - one deluxe multi-star resort, up in beautiful Banff, a few wonderfully relaxing weeks ago.