Saturday, May 29, 2010

String, Button and Two Beautiful Boys or "Making Your Own Peace."

String, button and two beautiful boys
Stop the world ... what's all the noise?

Playing can be without guns or violence
Stop the world ... listen to the silence.

Men can be made by their own magicl
Stop the word .... anything less is tragic.

Opening hearts fills a mind with peace
Stop the world ... lest you catch the dis-ease

Slow down and touch the afternoon sun
Stop the world ... be the forever shining one!

See the beauty that life has gifted unto you
Stop the world ...blinded to all that is true

Offer yourself up for joy to gentyly unfold
Stop the world ... worries make you grow old.

Accepting love at every joyous juncture
Stop the world ... it will your heart - puncture!

Embracing light that flows through love's veins
Stop the world ...grab hold of happiness' reigns ...

Katherine Marion


How absolutely apropos that Simon and Garfumkel's classic - "Sound Of Silence" should just now begin playing ....

One more pure and primary piece of precious synergy.


After putting off writing for almost 2 weeks, I am hungry to express my deepest and selfless sself.

These precios pics of my happy homeschooler and his school-taught 7 year young schooled friend, Charlie Bear, were captured, or shall I correct myself ... bequethed unto  me, a couple of wondrous weeks ago, on our front lawn.

Playing with a button and a long stretch of toothfloss terrrain ...  two boys at Peace - above all other earthly noise.

Inpiration is found everywhere and within everyone!


Grateful to give the inside consciousness-raising scoop,


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Published - ONE WORLD ART SHOW AND HAITIAN FUNDRAISER - Science World - by Katherine Marion

by Katherine Marion - - May/June 2010 issue

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals. We all must work for our own improvement and at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity." - Madame Marie Curie

ONE WORLD ART SHOW - showcasing local Vancouver luminaries in the art scene;, Jimmy Cummins, Raymond Chow and over 60 featured and fearless artists; bodypainting beautiful Blanche McDonald models, auctioning off spontaneous works of the bold and brilliant brush, to genereously donate 100% of all proceeds, directly to charity. , artist and ingenius promoter, held her own,':as founder, fundraiser, poet, painter and artistic workshop leader, of newly created MAB Ventures, at this magical May 1st success story of a fundraising extravaganza. With Polish parents, once relegated to a refugee camp, one young wise woman already holds compassion considerably close. After the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, this January, already helping hundreds of Haitian homeless, special needs children find a home, through the thought - provoking efforts of Matt Chambers of Conscious collaboration with Erin Kay Productions and a bevy of beautiful art works displayed, gallery style, throughout two levels of Science World.

With Matt's near to surprise special guest appearance on enter stage, there was a sacred hush. Enthralled to hear the outstanding story of how even UNICEF has duly and divinely noted Mr. Chambers endearing efforts in creating a safe and healing sanctuary,"Joshua's Village Project." Sharing his sincere and synergistic revelations that his own son is also a special needs child, "requiring the help of 4 nurses, around the clock." One devoted Daddy, co-creates a more conscious community and unconditionally helps so many needy others whom no longer or never did have anything or anyone to look after them. A precious life-saving endeavour that has become a new paradigm for an ailing planet.

Janine Jones - had a few carefully chosen words of wisdom, to speak, from her well appointed mini gallery, under lights finely directed at a tiny black cocktail dress and beyond life-size works of amazing acrylic art. Standing boldly and brightly, in front of her impassioned streaks of blood red and indigo purple; wearing matching rouge high heels, once boundy and self confident brunette, began speaking of what really heals. An artist whom is healing herself through her own art; revealing, " We are all struggling in our own way to be seen and heard. Some for art, some for life."

Upon closing of one truly enchanting show, regretfully making my way out of a painters treasure trove of cascading color and consciousness, I decided to speak to a lovely woman who's glorious work I have been blessed to see, artfully hung, upon the walls of various local Vancouver business'.Grazyna Wolski, had awoken one morn, deciding to literally define her next painting with her highest intentions. "May Love and Light Surround You", became the title of this upstanding charity show-piece. Purity flowing from the touched and tenderest parts of a happy heart offering conscienteous contribution. Doing the research to discover that the national flower of Haiti is the Hibiscus, she set to work to literally create a glowing example of truth. One more spirited artist unveiling her own continued contributions of valiant values and immense integrity,"so we can see the beauty of that country and not only the disaster."

Can you even slow down .. possibly stopping your busy life, in a justifiable soul-searing second, and simply just imagine ... for a meandering moment, making un-earthly time stand still .... a world where every single person is really seen and felt as the rarest work of art worth saving?

There are vast and varied, far-ranging causes for deepest concern, right here in our own "most beautiful city in the world." We are the ones whom must open our dusty closets of closed and clouded-over eyes. Choosing to place our hands on open hearts and give from where it really counts. Knowing we can make a defining difference, rather than further defiling, abandoning or betraying one more neglected child or another forgotten country.

Yes, we are all ONE-KIND!

Katherine Marion  - under construction. - gorgeous gallery of ONE WORLD pics. Be sure to please post your precious and much appreciated comments.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Is Every Day

No Mother need go without

When she goes within ....

Every Mother lives with

anothers so called 'sin'

All Mothers need love

Labor pains into life

 What a Mother needs

Is not another's knife

Make a Mommy happy

Nothing else does matter

Mommy's love so much

Send grattitude at HER!!!

Katherine Marion - under conscious construction


That's tit!

When you don't find a pretty pic of me, or even not so ... simply know that i am too tired to share my less than hopeful dreams and fading face,  of the non-present moment, that seem to be far less magical than I so deleriously and delciously, usually and usefully dream.

My real world is filled with fresh lavender from my garden, planted last year, and gloriously blooming, again.

Some things, like nature, we can always rely upon, one wondrous way or another. Whether it be a darling dizzle or devastating drought, not a sister or a brother can make the same sanest promise than that of Gaia watering her Goddess-sent garden ...

Reminding us that rain, will always come as a gente or forceful reminder,  that before the sun does shine, we may be in for a few showers short and sublime.

Taking it all with an earthly grain of pain-free salt,



I so gratefully share this highest healing color - purple - with my friends, fans and divine detractor's.

Allowing others to see my truth, as light and bright as these vibrant plumes of deepest indigo, looking back themselves; as brilliantly and boldly as they see themselves, or don't  ... to bravely be.


Interesting, how with no water whatsoever, fed by my mine magical self, to my pretty herbal remedies; sitting so seemingly forlorn, in my front yard, for close to an eye-closing year;  these wild-crafted babies managed to somehow survive.

Thus, let us all now and forever , also,  allow the healing light ... to thoroughly Thrive!!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - Rawsome Juices Flowing ...

I have been lusciously embracing a 100% raw, vegan lifestyle for well over 8 years. There is no looking back at a wounded world I gladly leave behind. Entering into a proverbial sexy state of stunningly pure and perpetual bliss.

My first sexual orgasm was at the age of 19, since the first 1 1/2 years prior, were spent pleasing others and not knowing i was meant to be pleased.

Decades later, in the youthful years of my approaching prime, at fabulousy fit and fantastic 44, I was gifted with "Amrita." If you ever wanted to drink from an infinitely flowing waterfall ..

Now, at a newly turned feisty 50, I am still flirting and squirting. Funny how they rhyme in the most sublime.

I feel ... more than ever, that all the rawk'n joyful juices I injest, flow through loving me, best, with heightened sensory perception, personal freedom and no need for emotional protection.

They say it is when you find your Prince or Princess, that the yummy Yoni does moanie and groanie; finding your meant to be so called "TRUE LOVE."

Yet, a few years ago, after I broke up with my non-rawsome x-tricated meat-eating, smoking in the closet - man, I decided to see if I could possibly please myself on my magical own ... In the most dreamy, creamy, highest sense ...

Sure enough!

I had already discovered that this juiciness comes from my pineal gland. Thus, my long forgotton 3rd Eye opening up, in every sense of the delectable and divinely worthy word.

Therefore, it's gotta be the seeds of LOVING have already been planted in mystical, wet and wonderful me.

And, I am simply the Treasure of Pleasure that all that is Good and Goddess-sent flows freely and fabulously through ...

Embracing My Sensual Self - Supernaturally,

Katherine Marion


Sin-cerely, I feel I should be hosting Juicy-making classes!

Here's to the far from tight-asses whom claim carrots are for rabbits and hemp is surely smokey dopey.

Wanna keep your dreams wet and wonderful and your vessel firmly nestled?

Well, look no further than that coconut tree over yonder and that Yoni ya would love to fondle!


Rawk'n reminder: Drink up all her ... 'er, your juices!


Breast Man Or Woman

Drop the B.S. before you become your own titless x

I do not care whether you are a 'Breast Man'

Or a woman appreciating finers aspects of her same saner sex.

Everyone enjoys the feminine aspects of a plunging neckline

Underneath a black silk coat

A line of reverant reference can divinely look sublime

So, girls, why not wear your jewellery to bed

Boys get out of the closet

Climb into her body and out of your hurting head

Men, take valid stock in what I do candidly say

Wise women such as I

Teach more than we most seldom play

Everyone on this planet needs to grab a fig leaf

Lift up your disheveled shirt

Grab a cup or two of quick relief

No rapes or murders would ever occur

Hearts bared and beating

Merely a seed or two possibly cast premature

Hope for all whom bare their loving soul

Males without shirts

Banning bras will make HER more whole

Cup those babies in your open hands

Rid yourself of shame

Drop em in their laps and watch as LOVE expands ...

Katherine Marion


Now, I need the inappropriate picture to define the fabulous and fine.

Inspired am I

Even by my own sister set

Not finished yet ...

Drifting In a Swollen Sea of ME

After giving a healing massage to a client, afterwards sitting upon my windowsill, to drift in sunlight ..

These words are what spill forth from my marveleous mouth, where flowers grow and happiness does flow.

Gentle breeze to sail upon, as this titillating tale, you listen to and never stop to fail, for moving along ...

Knowing fingers that caress a keyboard meant to love asses, hungry men, and forgotton women of the masses

I pass my passing emotions along, to stir with passion, as your own potent style does fashion

Be sure to look yourself in the mirror, every blessed day, giving credit to every bumpy curve and hip sway

Honor the person looking back at yummiest you, since a shining promise kept clean is a living dream come true!

Katherine Marion

The Breast A Woman Can Offer

Lovely lace-covered cups runneth over with all of my womanly breast
Though the enchanted rest of magical me has been put to the utmost test

Naughty nipples nine times high set to measure Green Goddes on-high
Cleavage of mine shall forever live even if precous parts someday die

Heart-broken jokers think they have one more ace up their skirted sleeve
Sexy women such as magical me generously allow dreamers to only believe

If you have been given gifts many others wish they could somehow possess
Might as well hold ones self grounded with bodice in endless state of undress

Many traffic accidents have occured over far less than a peek of pretty lace.
 Grown men with wives whom find their rmanly frothing to be a marital disgrace

Uplifting fragrance can be found in flowers along the gardens winding path
Not many can match the matching set of a wicked woman practicing her craft!

Katherine Marion


If this is what happens when I sleep 3 1/2 hours?

Waking up to re-hire a family lawyer. Keeping ministry out of my ivory tower. Hear from an old boyfriend who's hinting at more ...Wish I was outside to be kissed as sunlight kisses a flower.

Giving a massage to a generous and loving client. Knowing that there is no freedom is acting compliant. Glad I left puberty's attitude of defiant. Long leaving small as I transform into my own Gentle Giant.

Guess so!


Last Satureday evening, my loving son, captured this slightly blurred version of his Amazing Mommy, before I headed out to the wonderful "One World," show, show-casing at Telus Science World. 

As perfectly presented by MAB Ventures, whom you can surely and sweetly join up with on

Make sure you read my upcoming May 15 article in the Arts Spotlight section of The Agora paper -


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dearest Heart You Are Blessed To Meet


Dearest heart you could ever hope to touch

Little boy who has already lost so unbelievably much

Dearest heart you are blessed to ever meet

 Sweet soul, giving unconditionally to all whom he  meet

Dearest heart you would wish your child to know

Friend forever in every way that kindness can simply show

Dearest heart a mother keeps open and filled with trust

Son so true the white light that shines from him is a must

Dearest heart a person could ever hope to even measure

Blessed boy so brave and true, he is such as earthly treasure

Dearest heart another can feel from near and beyond reach

Unconditional love that unto others he could surely teach

Dearest heart broken by many a fracture and early break

Mending fast due to my light that never dies or does forsake

Dearest heart so touched by by flowers and children fair

Opening as a sunrise that never sets and is always there

Dearest heart believing in the magic that it was told will never die

Promised by an amazing Mommy who' s own truth does not lie

Dearest heart feeling the pain of others injustices done unto him

Labelled by self-made monsters who project on senseless whim

Dearest heart knowing that happiness is all that will forever be real

Beating as gently as a beautiful Butterfly upon who's wings all need kneel.

Katherine Marion


How 'the sins of others' can keep awake the restless heart of a soul-crying Mother.

"Mommy, do you feel really tired? I do."

My blessed boy never says these telling words. Even when it is late.

He went to sleep really early, last night.

Totally emptied by what he shared, earlier in the evening, after my return from the gym. Something, that at the tender age of 14, he felt secure enough to deal with on his own.

On my way out to interview artists and to photograph a big art show at Telus Science World on Saturday night, my son heard himself being slandered by another single mom, as she spoke to her 7 year old son, of atrocious things no innocent boy would ever think to do.

Thoughtful HE - did not want to upset me, so he "dealt with it" on his own.

How must he feel?

Not just hearing libelous claims set against his 'amazing mommy', but that the little boy he has learned to love and who loves him, is being forced to stay away from him, because of sick accusations, put forth by a meandering mind, making mischief, because she has not yet and probably never will settle her own childhood war with her Daddy that she claims did sordid ill unto her.

No wonder people shut down and close up their heart!

Good thing I am exactly the MOTHER that even the above single mommy told me when she first met me, " I wished you had been my Mother," and " I wish you had mothered my son."

Is it ever too late?

All I can now do is write the wrongs by spilling my heart and somehow helping the hurt that never lies in my gut. Spilling over with someone elses treacherous words that mortally wounded my bravest baby.

Children do not know how to deal with what comes at them, by reacting with mindless chatter. What a young heart is able to do is feel. Sometimes, this may showcase its sacred self in a variety of telling ways.

I am glad I have created the safe space to grow into an emotionally mature being. Unafraid of noone and nothing. Not for long, anyway.

And, I shall wisely continue to do the sanest same for my bright and shining son who's glorious light shall never fade or burn out. Unlike the jaded burn-out's who consistently reveal their unconscious shadow side.  Allowing the light of love continues to shine her blessings upon broken-hearted them.

With compassion and forgiveness,



I captured this captivating vision of my roller-blading reader, a mere and magical few days ago.

Just how utterly divine is this sweet and fearlessly loving face to look upon!

Every Little Boy Needs A Role Model

Raised by a self employed single mom

his own man

my son

Born into a world with one less Dad

boy of joy

loving lad

Brought up to believe in himself

wise soul

inner wealth

Shown how cruel the world can be

happy child

loved by me

Finally finding the brother he wished he had

best buddy

so sad

 Mommy took her son away because of fear

lies spread

in his ear

Slandering the person Charlie loves best

dirty tale

no rest

Hurting the one she should love most

her secrets

held host

Spreading rumors to friends and child

coffin laid

animal wild

Beauty is two boys who's friendship endures

kept safe

strong and pure

Sick mind can never undo what the heart has set

real love

wins yet!

Katherine Marion


Our children are brought here to teach us of uncondional love, compassion and forgiveness.

What a shame that so many mothers and fathers still spend their wretched and limited time, bitterly enmeshed in their own morbid shame.

Passing blame to another  .. because you have not yet forgiven your father or mother.

Projections played upon the free-minded generation that we have the responsibility to look after and protect, rather than to project upon and ultimately reject.

Making a child do the work for another too selfish to become real enough to admit their own pain is passing on hurt, all over, again.

So sad that so many children suffer for the inequities of a parent who chooses to never grow up and thus, will not be able to properly teach their little one to ever, really glow.

Even sadder, that a grown woman would attempt to take down a loving neighbor 'friend' and her loving teen son, when she is the one who asked for the help in the first pure and precious place.

Some people will never learn and their precious children shall forever pay the endless price for that buried pain they hide as none too nice.

This evening, I cried after Kaelin shared his truth and held in his own tears. All because of a lost, little girl who barely lives in yesterdays darkest fears.

"If you could live anywhere, Mommy, where would you live?" was my son' s charming way of letting me know, after he unveiled his tale, that he would like to move and leave this painful story behind.

We shall always love the little boy we shared so many magical hours with and whom is so eager to learn and be loved. May you find us one day, when you have your sweetest and final say!



I am blessed to have gratefully captured this wonderful vision of two glowing, growing boys ... a mere few days ago.

May these two friend amd the beautiful bond they have so magically made,  make your happiest  heart smile.

I am.