Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happier New Year

This early morning, I dreamed every single item was emptied from my suitcase, which sat in the back of a vehicle filled with many other voyager's items. I knew I still had a bathing suit to wear, since I was wearing the bikini under my clothing. My two sets of fancy Nike runners were safely at home and my hotel, replete with a swimming pool, was already paid for. I still had my hand-painted purse, address book, near to empty wallet, and an apartment to eventually go home to. Faring better than some!

I have learned to quickly take stock, re-assess and reassure myself that all is better in my world than it might seem to be. Changing my perspective has proved to be a huge and most valuable asset in my loving life. Precisely because I do not choose to measure time by the handful, even if I have been literally pulling out enough hair to fill a landfill, for the past 1 1/2 years. Real life is not always that pretty. Nor, do I often feel that way. Especially when I see and feel the blows inflicted by too many who have never lived, let alone, strutted, in my sexy stilletto's.

Washing my floors with cleansing tea tree oil and love. Wiping away all bitter traces of depleting energy that have no place in my wondrous world. Lighting one more healing stick of aromatic incense that floods my senses and happy home with new hope. I fall down and wipe off the blood and start all over, again. Remembering that if anyone has the strings to the marrionette, it is me, and they are mine to leverage at my discernment. Or, not.

Sleep deprived is no way to start one more day. Nor, is awakening to find one more anonymous subscriber to my - "No Hangups For Me" - has attempted to practically slay me down with a horrid bout of slander Like a knife in my already heavy chest, all my peace, temporarily laid to loveless rest. Who is she to point fingers and call me the horrid names she must see written in her own marred mirror? Doesn't she know that even living dolls, like me, can feel wretched pain!

Later, I visit the bank to far from divinely discover that my overdraft has been eliminated with no previous notice given to me. My rent money for this new month of my upcoming  January 5th birthday, has been indiscreetly devoured by a system that is methodical and merciless. Cold. Heartless. Just like an empty vase, broken by never feeling the touch of the softest rose petal upon its worn cheek. Good thing I still have the refuge of the gym to regain my composure and firmly shake off all that is not magically mine.

Tears can be good for you. Especially when my son awakens to find his Mother sobbing in the hallway. Sending the biggest hug my wounded way ... I am re-united with my highest self. This external plane of material matter is of no relevance to me in the spiritual place I inhabit. Sadly, one may live in a cardboard box in the streets of this Olympic Village if the monthly rent is not paid as designated due. Machines have not a a heart or an internal compass to compensate for cold calculations and dirty deals done wrong. Children have no home when Mothers need merely a long overdue rest and loving hand.

Life is most often like an endless obstacle course. Consciousness is not something found to be common. Conscience is not something to be bragged about in social circles. Warmth is what you find in front of a fireplace. Wonder is especially reserved for a child. Wild is a place you go to visit in nature. Beauty is something most have lost. Compassion is not the fashion. Passion is for making money and not love. Angels have wings and are kept  safely hidden in books. Slowing down is what happens when you are finally knocked senseless for the last ruthless time.

Breathing in light. Letting go of the monsters who rob themselves more than they ever have hurt me. Feeling my wet skin as I cry as only a mere mortal may. Knowing I am as pure and precious as any flower. Remaining grounded and owning my infinite power. Reminding myself that every moment, emotion, thought and happening, is fleeting. Remembering, I am here to express myself and pass every tell-tale test by filling my heart to the overflowing and endlessly growing .... brim. Honoring myself and the son that shines in my luscious life. All that truly counts. I AM in!

Counting my Blessings,

Katherine Marion


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This photo was captured by me of mine own seeing self. Self portrait by Katherine -

Supernatural New Year To Yummy You!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sobbing In The Loving Arms Of My Shining Son

This sunny afternoon, I sobbed in my sweet son's arms. Allowing the young man I am proud to have already raised so well; hold me, and embrace the inner child within the Mother that is able to relinquish control. Sharing my concern while the taste of fear was still fresh in my immediate memory. After a dream of us fighting and me locking him out of our home. Raw and all too real.

It was when Kaelin arrived a mere 15 minutes late from his promised time of arrival back at our suite, today, that the dreaded feeling came over me. If it were not for the deafening dream that still rang harshly in my ears and caused me heart to ache, I would easily have forgotten and forgiven. Yet, after purging myself of many old emotions, after writing last night's very brave and revealing blog, I was aware that so called reality may just be a vulnerable place to live within, for a wee while anyway ...

Rather than chide myself for not being the 'perfect parent' whom constantly supervises with due diligence and hypervigilence, I surrendered to my growing boy's instinctinctive need to nurture the Mother whom has so  freely fostered love, compassion and devotion within him, for the past decade and divinely counting. What a relief to let go and feel the heart I grew inside of me, beating soundly, on the outside, as a healthy and healing reminder of all I am and forever shall be.

With Truth and Tenderness,



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Monday, December 28, 2009

It Is Not Bloody Well All Right, Alright!

The first time I saw blood on my sheets was at the innocent age of 17 1/2, after my first boyfriend;  tall, California blonde, athletic, and gorgeously selfish, Clark Denill, whom referred to  himself  as "Horse", induced the period that I had been waiting for since the age of 12 when every other girl, except me, seemed to be bleeding. One more rite of passage done. Even if not quite neccesarily right!

Other than a few too many bike falls and sitting way ....down on a picket fence, I never saw a lot of blood, as a young girl. Even when my younger brother bashed my head with a heavy toy gun and knocked me out, I never bled. The time I sunk into the male cross bar on a borrowed bicyle drew a few trickles and no tickles. The inevitable often-administered wooden spoon across my young behind, thanks to an enraged babysitter whom all too often lost her patience, caused me to lose self control and pass some air. Yet, I kept most of my valued blood cells intact.

This March 09, I had my first hemorage. Hooray for hanging on that long. Even being forced to stand on my head for hours, as a kid, never made me much more than really light-headed, quite dizzy, and ready to sleep walk, once again. Yet, this new sticky trick ... I managed to do while lying in bed, after too few hours of sleep, and awakening to wipe what I mistakedly assumed to be a runny nose. I chose not to see a doctor. Since I had already, unwisely, slept with mine, decades earlier. Afterall, just the day before, I had my second acupuncture session, and was already working on healing myself with Eastern Medicine. Looks like I needed more than a few sharp needles in the face.

Within six weeks, I suffered 3 more hemorages. My 12 year old son was going through a real growth spurt and in what some might consider the misadventures of the onset of puberty. Another anonymous caller had malicously slandered me to the government. The Ministry Of Children And Families was harassing us and visiting our home on a regular basis. A crazy God lover lady had moved in across the hall and was telling me that I was loved by her Father as Art in Heaven. The West Vancouver Police were questioning me. Due to a paranoid Daddy who must have liked and been afraid of one of my eye-catching business cards. Receiving hate-mail over the internet and breaking up, for the last time, with my bitter x-fiance, was just too much. Not too mention the recent and uneccesary death of my beloved Mommy and my painful and prolonged rotator cuff injury incurred from too many truth's gone untold .... manifesting in my tell-tale temple of a beautifully neglected body.

Shall I mention that I was actually making a decent living for my son and I, by giving massages to others at this painful time? Not only were my male clients seeing me as the sex object most of the opposite sex and insane same, have always fantasized me to be, I was picking up on their stuff and adding to my own pile of poop. Although, I am still quite sure that the hemmorages were felt by me on a compassionate level, thanks to the heartfelt caring I still held for Antoni;  the man whom merely dreamed of being my dream man and yet, was still devoted to putting himself and the woman he professed to devoutly love, through his own private hell.

After my son turned 13 in April of this year and MCFD attempted to illegally apprehend him at Whole Foods, my hemmorages mysteriously ended, after taking much needed immediate action. Antoni and I drove by in a U-Haul rental, opened up the door as Kaelin was running, and literally scooped him up, before we fled and went into seclusion for many fear-filled months of continued terror. Safe in many ways and confined to a prison in so much as our freedom was lost; post traumatic stress disorder was in order for both my son and I. I certainly did not need any seasoned sugar-coated talker and certified and well paid nut-case, who would rather be spanked by me, to give this expert any professional advice. A damn good lawyer was all I needed. Not too mention weeks of bed rest. At least I gave myself the gift of the first ...

The pressure feels off of me, somehow. Simply because I decided to write a mere chilling chapter of my truth and be free of all the pretend. I am such a grand actress. The few months before my Mom died, 2 1/2 years, I was actively engaged in two acting roles withn the same piece; Eve Ensler's dyamic ''Vagina Monologues''. Totally focused on learning my lines and following someone elses script, that I didn't even notice my Mom, barely living up north, in Prince George, withering away, after falling and breaking her pelvis eight painful months earlier. What good am I to anyone when I am distracted by what others want me to do for them, rather than what I deeply need to do for me and mine?

So, here I am, perched over my beautiful boy's new laptop, with my own mac in the computer hospital and no extra money to pull it out of repair. Wondering where the rest of this month's rent will come from after deciding I can no longer live in self- deceit any longer. My aching eyes, that continue to  sparkle with joy, need to be healed from years spent writing on a pentium 3. Wearing glasses at the age of two and onwards ... until six years young, after my sister Carol stepped on my pretty rhinestone spectacles before advancing to a pirate patch for years, until my stigmatism was corrected enough so that no one could notice my one lazy eye. So much have I kept hidden.

Wait until I tell you about my mouthful of mercury! They say a teaspoon of that deadly chemical will kill all the fish in a lake. So what about what has happened since the damn broke, last year, and I went into anaphalactic shock after a sit-up and sobbing sequence, induced after a bout with grief over my darling Mommy's passing and the deep belief that I could have somehow stopped her death from occuring. Of course, eating my own mercury fillings from my malnourished childhood was not what I had figured. Especially since a couple of teeth had begun eroding and eventually breaking, due to decades of never having replaced fillings;  since my sugar - induced, empty-caloried, over-processed childhood.

I must say I have been very pro-active in taking a few minor steps ... Firstly, a Flexwood bed, built in North Vanouver, where we were living for a year, up until last mid April, when we fled for safer grounds. I called up the compassionate creator of the $4000.00 bed and told him I had given my bed to the last mover and had been sleeping on  an ill-fitting mattress in the rental suite for the past year. Since I am a published writer and a media savvy promoter who was once working in and with the media, writing my own popular magazine column and hosting my online radio show, my intention was heard and I am now healing on my eco-freindly queen-size bed with hypo-allergetic sheep wool pillows and comforter.

Next step, to live my life as if it is my last. Since it is. So, let's begin .. Ask the universe for what I want and I shall receive. I know it works. I have seen the miracles come into my life. My son is merely one of such sweet and sacred such. After two rapes, cervical cancer, eight abortions, breast lumps, rhuematoid arthritis and more .... I am a poster gal for rawsome ressurection. Now, for the faith. Trust that I can continue to let go ... in order to allow in what and who I choose. Stop selling my soul to the devil. Know that I AM enough as I am. Let others in on the no longer secret that not only am I able to help, I sometimes need it, too!

Well, world, get ready .... I am turning 50 spank-free years young on January 5th. Up until my bestseller book on my life of abuse is out on the shelves or I decide to instead tell the story of my Return To Innocence, I AM accepting conscious gifts of gratitute, offering my selfless service, and working on mutual trade for highest energies expended and a past life of inner turmoil and unhappiness ended. The next 150 years are going to be the best ever!

Gratefully Ever After,



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Bless you for being there and really reading between the luscious lines of my loving life!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Every Day Is Christmas

I feast my hungry eyes open my blessed child and I know that no other present exists as divine as that of which is already holy mine. Goddess-sent gift so gorgeously wrapped with flawless alabaster skin and golden hair. The only topper atop my green and naturally scented tree is my own Angel I place thoughtfully there. Thank you Mother Earth and Father Time for heavenly blessings so true and fine.

Every day is Christman. Gratitude lives within and without thought or form. To all too many, what may be the norm is not. Feelings have no face when unthought. Tinglings in the inner world must be listened to. Love speaks to rise above the chaos. Beauty shows hersefl to be deep and true. Remembrances of past a full heart may renew.

Each and ever magical moment we breathe in light, we are as that which we so desire. Forever lasting is our enchantment. Refreshed is our exuberance for life as we know it to truly be. As far as our third eye can see ... Soul soaring. Spirit set free. Surrendering to the beat of our own happy heart. Giving unto ourselves as to others we impart.

No need for fancy printed paper or bows that sparkle in the dark. A store-bought tree will never take the place of nature left in her sacred place. Glitter that is not a real shining star in the darkest sky is an outright lie. The best present is always presence of mind laid to rest. Peace is a child alseep in  his loving Mother's arms. Gifts are love kept real and warm.


May everday bring you the pleasures that nurture and foster you on your way to wondrous wholeness. The God and Goddess within each and everyone - I do gratefully bless!


More Goddess-sent news ... for my video - Dancing Naked In The Rain. One more tribute to the telling of my soul, making me and the rest of all earthly treasures happy and whole!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tennis, Anyone?

What's green, fuzzy and keeps bouncing all day long? You're getting as warm as they come .... Close enough, they could have hit you right in the head. Here goes ... Ready?


In my gloriously comedic 'hay day's' I proudly boasted, "I have more balls than most men will ever have". Now, I sometimes joke, " I've grown hair on 'em". It's all in the timing, alright!

Besides, it's better than growing it on my chest!

How much do you weigh, anyway?

So, back to tennis ....

It's a real racket.

Playing with my son is so much fun.

Oops, did I actually say "that?".

No. I simply wrote a few innocent words.

Make out .... of it, what you may.

Cause I am not!

Maybe I will delete all these silly verses.

Maybe not.

Possibly I have been editing myself for far too long ...

Now that MCFD is officially 'out of my hair'

As of the wondrously 'lucky' day of October 13th

I am a free Woman.

So, how do I celebrate?

Post an image of this bronzed Goddess

Captured a mere 2 weeks ago

Just to remember I am beautifully alive ...

And, you're still breathing heavily!

Having Fun,



Please enjoy the sweet pic's ...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Goddess With The Blue Dress On!

        Goddess With The Blue Dress On

         Dancing a song before unsung

           Long legs deftly grooving
         Slim hips marvelously moving

        Owning her power; hard won

        Dancing a song before unsung

       Firm breast's sweetly swaying 
         Open lips gently playing

       Owning her power; hard won

        Dancing a song before unsung

          Sexy stiletto's stepping
       Inner  passion un-forgetting

       Owning her power; hard won

       Dancing a song before unsung

           Sultry Diva out to play
            Bombshell with a say

      Owning her power; hard won

           Katherine Marion

     P.S.  May you enjoy my pretty 

             I am!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shining Mirror: I Wish I Could Give Birth To Puppies!

Sun rising over a vast horizon. Freshly washed blackberries on the prickly vine. Mud puddles fit for a fine pair of Goddess-sent galoshes. A lovely young girl and her puppy. Firefly found in shock on the pavement. Nature's gifts sent unto me, upon this fine September morn. A happier face ... no winged Angel could have worn!

A Daddy and a Daughter - furry mates forever; loudly bark from the back of an old beat-up truck. "I am going to get a real life!", I exclaim aloud, before I follow the lead ... May the universe be made fully aware: "Siberian Huskies don't bark". That's what Pappa Human told me, as we discussed his Bear-like furry friends. All I know is that we all need to be where we are most happy. I 'd sure be a heck of a lot happier, being found,  where I am not hiding a dog's inborn howl!

 I have been a city girl for close to a sensory numbing 3 decades! Yet, my northern roots still call out to blessed me. Every time I walk in sweet splendour of the wild outdoors, I am faithfully reminded of what I pretend so well that I don't miss. It is my total devotion to my son, that has brought back all that vivid imagery ... Wanting the best for this sacred soul. Knowing he needs a four-legged creature to confide in and care for. Unconditional love to carefully guide him. Thus, I begin to remember the little gal who still lives locked inside of me ...

Every day I ensure my son gets his daily allotment of fresh air, natural light , and the faithful outdoors. So many friends ... Playtime for hours. Yet, do I offer myself the same? When was the last time I jumped in the seemingly clear wetness of a puddle I could easily jump across? Why were the last puppies I witnessed; shortly after their birth ... viewed from a distance, even as a wee girl of 8 or 9? Where has my innocence gone? A blueberry still tastes like my #1 song. Yet, how often do I really sing?

A celebration is how I choose to live my life. A raindrop is conscious cause for a huge commotion. Thunder is a welcoming explosion; as confirmed by my son's recent to full moon, groans and moans of awe. The rainbow I walked under the other early eve, still sits in my mind's face, as room for re-union with my smiley place. Some men may attempt to walk on water. I shall keep my emptied head in the fluffy clouds and my moistened feet firmly planted. As long and forever as seeds of expression can keep my world from depression, I shall keep sowing. And,  my beyond well meant love-sent words  ... may they keep WOWING ....!!!!

Inspired and Desiring,


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dressed For Supernatural Success or Every Cloud Has Satin Piping!

It seems the only time' I dress up' is for one more court appearance. My only date for often months or years ... at a once upon tumultuous time, was with one more Judge. Wonder what they really wear under those spanking - clean robes? Surely a fleeting glimpse of a smile and a happy heart-on!

Wearing my designer prison striped suit; I am reminded of how I kept my own personal rapist ( - Oct 04 ), whom had previously raped and murdered a 12 year young girl, incarcerated for 30 years. No wonder this model prisoner was on parole ( one year for every one of hers ... ) when he first began stalking me. I have spent more than half of my overly stimulating life, ensuring a very mixed-up male was kept safely, behind bars ... until he died, a mere 6 months past, in that very same, insanely surreal setting. A couple of weeks ago, I actually cried for Robert Hewdlar ( aka Bob Kneiss ) and one torturous mind that became his own private prison. He was forced to live within a tormented hell of his own mis-creating, for most  of his war-torn years. I got off easy!

Liberating oneself should be as simple as donning  our gay, gray and grief-stricken apparel. Not that easy. Stripping down ... buck-naked, to the extreme depth of our despairing soul, is more of what we must do to place ourselves back into our naturally serene state. Alas, again, I am over-dressed for the job a simpleton could fearlessly set forth to successfully do. A wise-man to truly frown upon a woman of such inner means, acting so unkindly unto herself: as to dress in a manner befitting royalty. For it is a peasant, whom in his/her genius, knoweth, that no cloth may replace a heart, utterly torn to shreds or a cup that no longer runneth over. A blind babe and and winged Angel; both privy to precious and pure stirrings of un-wordly beauty, are aware that it is what we don't ever have need to cover ourselves with or unbecomingly become, that makes us healed, happy and whole.

I love to celebrate the sanctity of life, in all it's lusciousness, by saying to whomever need not listen: " Don't I look like a rape victim to you?" Nor would the typical person, really be able to easily tell I had my son taken away a still terrorizing 5 years ago, to be re-united by unconscious courts and many a loveless lawyer, a hair-raising 8 months later. Never need you care to contend with, or count ...  the pimply, white bureacratic asses I kissed. Or, the puss oozing out of pimples, covered up by never lonely lies, a poor make-up job and bad lighting. I am a walking and talking poster girl for fresh and innocent fun. Yet, like a lightening bolt; I can always be trusted to pull out my charm and my 100% silk, pin-striped arm, and dazzle you with my smile and forthrightness. Although articulate and very well-spoken, it is my compassion, forgiveness and sense of divine duty to stand up for justice that make me whom I really and most passionately am.

My life is a poem. I pretty much leave the verses to craft themselves. The weaver of dreams. A lover of life. One blessed child. Sacred spirit to set free. A few of the beauties I admit to so brightly and never lightly be. Ready and perfectly poised, to participate with an innate sense of purpose and healthy self-preservation . I shall resort to shameless time-told tactics to get many a tiresome task accomplished. Relying on inner-stealth to blessedly guide me and my pin- stripes to handsomely hide me ... For only if they see the bright and beaming aura that tirelessly travels wherever I land or happen to be dropped ( like a K-bomb) - then only am I lost!

Love is mine to bestow. No one can ever take away my soaring soul. My heart may someday cease to beat. And, I shall still live forever ... For what I have left upon this shimmering planet is a loving legacy of all that I believe in and am inherently, part thereof. My 'claim to fame' be not of sexy bikini pictures and poster girl postcards (of which I am proud ) from hell's heaven. Ideals. Morals. Ethics. Boundless beauty from within. But my only sin is that I have had so much fun! Out of trash I have created treasure. Out of rags; purposeful pleasure. From rage to sage. One sick and demoralizing saga after another. Chased for an eternity by hyena's that would bite off their own poison tail, if only they were smart enough. Too much genius for mine own good. More goodness than an un-whole load of 'bad men' put together and heaped in an ungodly garbage pile. Piles of dirt to sweetly share ... What do I care? I am the conscious carrier, sender and holder of the almighty and infinite light.

For this reason, above and alone, I shall stay alive for one more Goddess-won fight !!!!

Supernaturally attired and never tired of the Truth, 

Katherine Marion

P. S.

These pretty pictures were captured outside Vancouver courthouse, by an adoring male, a mere 2+ to 3 years ago. After my darling son was delivered home, and the crazy one year contract, fearfully prescribed by MCFD, was finally and legally outlawed. Before my magical Mommy passed away and my shoulder froze for the following 2 years. Now, the ice is rapidly melting ... Who knows, I may even venture forth to find my stripes still stripp'n and tripp'n all over themselves. Especially with a hot pair of hellishly high heels to seemlessly match. Natch!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Golden Is His Hair

My Song To Be Sung

Golden is his hair

Love in my tender name

Flawless skin set so fair

Plaited sun-lit mane

Light be his to bestow

Shining in mine very own

Little may he ever know

The path I have been shown

Boy of mine to adore

Sharing life as no other

Broken shell come to shore

Simply in this life: Mother

Feeling my heart expand

Opening up his bluest eyes

Holding my open hand

Promise of no more lies

Truth coming through me

One fine spring day

Soul kept pure and  free

Accepting gifts as only I may

Honor my duty to care for

See our way clearly 

Today and ever more

To cherish him dearly

Live each moment now

Facing challenges each day

Trust in our own Taoe

Following as  instincts play

 Goddess-sent power

Birthed to be set free

My brightest flower

Lovingly picked  by me

Katherine Marion 

Monday, August 24th, 2009
3:00 a.m.


Please, do follow ... post your positive appreciation and allow me to know how my happy heart touches your own. For all the sleep I lose over self-expression and sharing my feelings, this is the little gift I ask you to bequeath unto me and mine. For we are all one ... Bless you!


Enjoy the quick pics I snapped of US; captured this sumptuous Sunday evening. Kaelin wearing one of his freshly hand-painted designer shirts ( place your orders ... ) and reading his latest bestseller: "Enders Game". Simply the beginning ....


Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Miss My Mom

This early morn, I began to sob. Feeling all the pain of losing the Wonderful woman I loved most in this world. Remembering the real goodness tears can bring forth. Letting go of what I don't often enough allow myself enough time or space to feel. Now, I  am. Otherwise, how can a split wide-open soul, ever hope to happily heal!

A gentle man from Ireland commented on how moved he was when he watched me tending to my Mom. This is what started the long pent up tears ...  A 'complete stranger' viewing the beautiful heart-sent video of my Mommy and I. A moving pictorial of the amazing love shared between two special people. All I wished to do was to fully immortalize a myriad of magical moments that shall forever live on in the hearts of many. I succeeded.

I have met new friends on youtube, thanks to my heart and hand moving in unison, to upload a rare and informative video. Even though my youngest sister sent me hate mail and was banned from youtube, and my other sister's and most of my estranged family continue to condemn me for my supposedly thoughtless actions, I am pleased with myself. I am sharing the truth. This is all that has ever mattered to me.

To touch the heart of one more pure and precious person. Acknowledged by human kindness and validated by a heart that is as light as mine wishes to forever be. These gifts mean the wondrous world to me. For even though I live upon this precious planet, I continue to witness far too many atrocious indignities and have suffered multiple gross misfortune's of other's indecencies. And, yet, I keep on believing!

The only way I am able to keep my darling first love alive is by opening up ...

Thus, I am handing you one more key to your own personal happiness. Enjoy the movie ... 



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love Me or Hate Me ... I am Gonna Dance!

About 3 wondrous weeks ago, feeling safe within my sacred sexuality, I allowed a wee house gremlin to video an impromptu dance of the divine Diva that sweetly erupted from my sexy inner self.

The joy of revealing my warm and moist inner core. How can a 49 year young Woman who has been sent to hell ... only to return in better shape than whence she first came, not feel proud to lay luscious claim ....

If anyone knows the story of this bold and brazen body, it must be Me. When I am in sync with my own rhythm, I feel the best I should, could and can. Hearing the music of only mine ... I Am!

Movement allows us nothing to hold onto and nowhere to go, except inside ... where the beauty never lies and every conscious curve speaks the truth. A celebration of one more beautiful being!

I have danced on stage with Chris Issac. Upon the speakers at a New Years yacht concert of Doug and The Slugs. For 2 1/2 panty-free hours, after a Bachelor Of The Year Contest, at the Commodore Ballroom. Speak of freeing oneself ...

Bloodying my knuckles from gripping a metal cage, at an after hours dance party. Getting bounced from Richards for dancing dirty before it was in vogue. Gyrating table-side in Texas. Hired by one more casting director to cast the sexy dye.

It's as if I have been thrown into a corner and condemned. What can I do? Believe I am only imagining the pain? Let go of that precious and pure part of myself that wishes to merely break out, rather than be smothered in unhappy heresay? I'll just keep dancing!!!

"Free Your Mind" is my 13 year old son's favorite song. At the tender age of 6, he would play that magical mantra and simply dance. Now is the only time to do the sensational same. For one and all to truly remain forever sane, we gotta create our own gorgeous game.

Empty. Purge. Lighten. Move beyond. Transform into blessed bliss. Sweat. Burn. Twist. Turn. Your personal freedom you will earn. Brighter be your light. Smaller is your fight. Clean your aura. Cleanse your soul. Dancing makes you wondrously whole!

Gotta go ...

Freeing my Wildest Child Within,



Please enjoy the dance I share. Show me you care by posting your positive commentary.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Out Of Fear And Into Love

Staying up into the not so wee hours, offers multiple benefits only an artist can truly appreciate. I hail from a family of shameless night-owl's whom read, write, and talk themselves into many a bottomless tea-cup. Some of my fondest memories surface from many a chat around my uncle Harvey's or Great Aunt Thelma's overflowing kitchen table. Whereas other's may be glued to a one dimensional T.V. screen or in the hungry arms of another, we were cracking up laughing over the latest fun and fodder. Stirring store - bought  honey and eating too much burnt toast with home-made jam. Ah, joy!

Since those seemingly innocent days of childhood, I discovered the male role model whom my other aunt wisely left, to be a 'lover' of children. Of course, no one wanted to believe me, then... Now everyone knows, since his own son 'did time' for doing dirty things' unto his own. Sadly, it took decades for most of one more dysfunctional family to admit what I nonchalantly spoke of as a young and ever so lightly touched teen. Even my sister C wanted to believe those touches were merely loving strokes and squeezes of familial affection. Oh, the lies most tell themselves. Only to inadvertently hurt the beloved children they were put on this hurting planet to love and protect. 

My Mother was my soul protector, Goddess-sent guide and a real, good o'l fashioned Woman. Unassuming and self - assured. Placed into a far from gentle world, she gifted  me with worthy praise and healthy encouragement.  Allowed my independence, I was allotted space to grow and glow. At the tender age of 13,  I informed my Mom of what my Uncle had recently failed to succeed at ... one late night, left alone with her trusted older brother, in the basement of our house. My beautiful Mommy went directly to the broken circle of dysfunction to share the awful news. She was told she would be sent away, again, if the sordid story went any further. A silent hush order was put into place, and my self-honored Queen was ostracized, condemned, and labelled for speaking the truth to keep her eldest daughter safe.What a lesson!

So I spent most of my adult life rebelling in a myriad of very entertaining and enterprising ways ( ). Expending my phenomenal energy to entertain virtual strangers and keep myself from crying tears too long unshed. Writing poetry and prose to share ( with online fans and foes, alike. Shedding dead layers of fear and despair to fight back with love and laughter and here and there, a tear. Regaining consciousness and re-framing. Letting go of fears and gaining new and deeper insight into the shining jewel I am discovering myself to truly be.

Interesting how life can teach us lessons.  A few years ago, I lost my 8 year old child for 8 months, to a gay foster family. Realizing that I have been the unwilling victim of a lifetime of gross deceit and indecencies, only betters me and mine. Now, I am stronger and more prepared for true inner success. Where many remain lost in a maddening miar of greed and jealousy, I hold onto my sacred sanity and sense of self-preservation. Secure in the abundant knowledge that the embittered are bitter to the crazed end, I touch upon merely the beginning of a new and luscious life. Playing host to my own personal joy and happiness reigns supreme. 

Thus, this is why I choose to openly speak of the taboo. Being held hostage by The Ministry Of Children And Families does not serve me or the sick and ill-informed  society that put this backward government in impure place. People must speak their voices. Volumes have already been written about oppression, suppression, and finally ... depression. We only lose ourselves when we wait for another flounderer to find and feed us lies and diseased dissension. Ultimately we become our own worst deception. Healing does not occur when we hungrily hold onto a hurtful yesterday. Today is our only time to court consciousness and become friends with what we once believed to be disaster. Becoming our own best friend merely means being kind to that blessed inner child who's been reaching out for eon's to be consoled, not compromised. 

I offer you my heart to hold. My hopes are set high and my spirit's even higher .... Hitting my personal jackpot and secure in the innate wisdom that no matter what becomes of me in this wounded world, I have set the record straight by stating my highest intentions and illustrating through bright and vibrant illustration, what it is to feel and be  the love and light we all so want, need, desire and deserve. Leaving myself open for any fantaisical flight of fancy I so choose. This is the  end of terror. Centered, steady and ready for the consciousness-raising community I so crave. These glorious gifts I offer in exchange for glistening waters within which still to swim and mountains yet to carefully climb.




Trust you will enjoy the lovely pic I captured ( ) of my Mom ( after they sent her 'away' ), my baby pic ( my proud Daddy's camera work ), "Kathy"( school photo) at 13, and Kaelin and I - during a government allotted home visit - 3 lonely years ago. See you in the sunset!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Motherly Message concerning Massage and Benefits of Mothers Milk

The more I get ... the more I give! Must be the sane and safest reason for paying a healer of the highest degree, this most recent and magical evening. One hour past closing, I gleefully entered forth ...  after biking into an endless sunset, enjoying a power workout at the gym, and spending appreciated gifts from the universe on another late night produce purchase. Before my sweetest Son-Always-Rising, informed of the full moon arriving, and being given the pleasure of meeting the furry Bijou, whom I was told, "never bites,"  although this wee, gentle creature takes  a mere 3 hours to clip and groom. Must be my turn to roll over, 'play dead', and gladly pay to be pleasantly pampered ... 

Tom ( his new Canadian name ) was called in, after I let the sweet Asian girl ( she healed her dog's broken leg with her own herbal remedy ) at the door of New Feet know, " I have cash" and " I leave a good tip". Some of us just have that magic touch ( holy Goddess - the old song playing on the radio just sang the same words ). Gratefully, so did my 4 year TCM Doctor  of acupressure! One heavenly and most painful session, sure to heal the most touch deprived and yearning soul, this side of a new and sumptuous sunrise; sure to shine a world of loving light upon blessed me.

Pure and pricey Waleda rose oil in hand, naked in my glory, I lay my tired head upon the white toweled table. Requesting piped-in traditional Chinese music to lull me, I surrendered to warm hands and wisely let go of anything other than Love. Audibly moaning over the "good pain," as a couple of dozen pressure points were firmly pressed and release and relaxation was painfully arrived at. Finally, it was being shown that the heavy wall of knots in my neck and head, is actually my holographic "heart," that caused me to afterwards cry. Tears spilling forth over a powerful image of my beloved Mommy, whom I dearly miss. Over-riding pain ... Thank you. I am still alive !!!


Wait until you watch this darling video of Kaelin  and I. Oh, and be sure and sip some warm Mommy's milk before bed ... Sleep tight. I AM!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joyous June

Joyous June


Smelling the unforgettable fragrance of home - grown pink roses. Photographing friendly flowers swaying in the early summer breeze. Documenting one more memorable walk along the railway ties with my sweet son. Deeply immersed in the study of natural wonders Mother brings forth to so generously share. Marveling at the gentle beauty surrounding blessed me. Transported to that most magical place within …


Early evening filled with promise and delicious delight. Sun setting before warmth of West Coast night. Pubescent child dancing in the loving light. All that lives is this marvelous moment gifted to only us. Two breath’s of fresh air touching all whom we meet. Within our hopeful hearts to happily keep. Joy jumping from every pure and precious pore. Feels so good and right. May we gratefully ask for an never-ending mystery of more …?


Lingering In Love,


Katherine Marion

Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling The Warmth

Feeling good is all that really matters. We are most productive as a people, nation and planet, when we do what makes us happy. Not because we are supposed to. Not because we were told so. Not because we are afraid if we don't ... So simple to act according to our highest self when we listen to the wee voice inside that points us in the most divine direction. Upwards and across ...Listening to the incomparable Joni Mitchell sing: " Both Sides Now", simply affirms that all I have to do is allow myself to sing with the song of life. Dance i
n the light. Flow. And, glow ... like the beacon of beauty that I was put on this earth to be. Shine. Shimmer. And, sometimes shake with a joy that surely does reverberate. Doing what makes me happy - NOW. Why wait?

We spend too much precious time thinking. Moving forward isn't about waiting for the perfect moment to pounce, fall or drift. Getting out of our unhappy head. Stop the hiding. Dry the tears. Put away those old fears. Allow the past to simply lay still. Movement. Momentum. Magic. Feel our bodies. Trust ourselves. Open our hearts. Remember the truth.

Children need no push or shove. Flowers need no pressure to grow. Wind needs no hand to reign. Sun shines on her own accord. Water flows in every direction. Air breathes its own unique breath. Earth bends for no one, for too long. Nature knows no boundaries, barriers, or borders. We must do the same. The only sane game is the one we choose to play.

Pussy cat's awaken to lick themselves and stretch in the morning sun. Lolling about and foraging for a meal. Or, maybe not. Luxuriating in the warmth of a new and splendid day. Rain or shine, feeling as fine as they are able. No candles lit. No fancy table set. No remorse. No regret. Relishing what is. Licking up the cream. And, continuing to dream ....

A baby suffers no guilt for needing to be held. We need to hear our own needs rising above those of others. Going for what we truly desire. Stop the resistance. Accept love, nurturing, and human kindness. Accept a compliment. Allow a gift given. Give more than yourself by being your best you. Not much else to do. Simply, sweetly, and so deliciously ...  JUST BE!


Considering how I literally fought the impulse to write my innermost thoughts and feelings, for hours, I am so grateful I allowed these precious gems ... to finally burst forth to the sparkling surface. Enjoy.

I am!


Please be aware that I am charging $2.00 per pure and thought-provoking minute for my conscious consultations: via phone, online or up close and passionately in person. - paypal account for a healthy, healing, happy exchange of energies. Thanks for the contribution.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Testament To Love

This Saturday, upon arising, , my 13 year old son headed right to the living room window and captured an image. Quickly, Kaelin came into the bedroom to show me the results ... Not a flower. Nor the shining sun. Nary a bird. Or, a laughing child. Instead, all I had to woefully look upon was the unsmiling face of an aging, overweight male. "This is the guy I've been  telling you about. The one who's been following me and came in our side-door, twice," calmly explained my child. "Look, he has a tattoo!", one aspiring photographer excitedly exclaimed. I felt like I'd been placed in some spy thriller. A bright, new day beginning. And, here I was once, again ... privy to the gross imperfection that surrounds all things and people,  truly precious. A wondrous world that I intend to keep as innocent as any magical Mother, owning her power, forever may. 

After Kaelin began putting a real-life story to his unhappy picture ( ) we went for a walk in our pretty neighborhood. Stopping ever minute or so to treasure one more moment, with the quiet click of a shutter. Obligingly, my young teen slowed down to really smell the flowers. We shared life and it's many splendoured joys. I played impassioned witness as a young man swung on the midget monkey bars, sat on the shrinking  swings, tossed a giant  basketball, played with his pubescent pals at the playground, and enjoyed a forbidden solo pee in the schoolyard corner. I  honored the crossing of one more blessed  milestone into budding manhood. Motherhood offers many gifts. 

Opening up old and tired eyes that have been shut closed for far too long, we are finally able to tenderly touch upon life's eternal bliss. Children bring truth closer to home. Awakening to the reassuring light that envelopes, fills, and continually comes through us; we are kept safer and protected from merely silent shadows that can never overpower. For every ripening sunrise, there is a closing curtain.  For every ray of hope, there is a shade of darkness setting forth. Reaching higher. Digging deeper. Looking within. Beauty lives forever. For we are the conscious creator of our own new reality. 

Now, make it a Supernatural One!


With Wisdom Of  Wonder, 

Katherine Marion

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sharing My Wealth

My gifts are many. Few are my concerns. Loving my sacred self. Empowering others to live the life they choose to create. Feeling happy because it heals everyone around me. Seeing beauty everywhere  I look. Creating space to really touch another. Making a divine difference in this world. Being the best I can purely and preciously be.

Simple is the truth. Not always easy to follow. Much easier to lead by positive example. Allow others to sadly wallow. Fear has no place in a life worth living. First comes gratitude. Then proceed to forgiving. Opening up a broken heart takes patience. Compassion for yourself is paramount. No one can be helped until you look after the only one who really does count.

We are the only ones who can win the war. From the inside out. The battle ensues. Too many "To Do's".  An overflowing casket of "What If's?" " I can't" until the unfed cows come home."You Shouldn't"... except when no one's looking. "Oh, I really couldn't" ... because I don't believe in magic. Well, you are your  success story. Write your  happy ending. Just start NOW!

Knowing With All My Heart,



My ever rising Son just plopped down on the bed to quickly read my latest LOVE LETTER TO BELOVED YOU. Before he jumped back on his bike, he hollered " I love it!" I trust you shall, as wondrously well.


Stay tuned in and turned on ... for my upcoming video upload: "In The Kitchen with Kaelin", as he kindly prepares me a Mothers Day Smooooooithie. Recipe for Love and Light - included!!!!

A Good Day To Live

I listen to my Son singing, "We are building a religion" by NWO ( New World Order), in the living room. And, my happy heart smiles. After showing me his newly created www.Facebook. com/kaelin.w.marion page, I duly impressed with the political statement my beautiful boy is choosing to so magically make, in his own unique way. Now, it is finally, my private time to express how I feel. Yes!

"Which tea would you like?" I hear a sweet voice echo from the kitchen
. I wisely decide upon Ginger. My 13 year young herbal tea-totteler chooses Vanilla Honey, his latest favorite. Soon, Kaelin shall continue writing  in his Gratitude Journal and I shall kindly allowed my space. In the not so mean-time, there is forever a world of wonder to savor and fully appreciate. Right here, in front of multi-blessed me.

Counting my blessings has become one of the most  favored parts of my day. Achieving in a moment or two, all that all too many never find safely contained within, in a lost and lonely lifetime. Fortunately, this is not my consciousness-raising case. Must be the pretty flowers I tend to on a divinely basis. Watering my wonders. Sprinkling with light. Covering with love. Taking care to nurture all beauties bestowed upon me. Knowing all together too well, how fragile life can be and how vitally important it is to sometimes take one's treasures  in from the rain.

Our very tipsy neighbors stagger up the stairs, before surely falling into a loving tryst. I slowly leave my quiet reverie and  remember this is Sunday morning,  While I may be content to choose a bike-ride, weight work-out, sauna, and meaningful spiritual encounters of the highest chakra balancing, I am merely a cog on a mostly unconscious wheel. Yet, since when did the the real truth of the matter deter me? Rather, I am duly, spurned onward ....

As rooted as the old  and trusty tree that towers outside our lovely living-room window, I remain grounded. As centered as the shining sun that bakes my browning skin and brightens my ever expanding horizon. As sure as the twinkling stars that never fall from a darkening sky. As safe as a newborn attached to  a Mother's loving breast. As right as the rain creating one more stream of consciousness. As golden as any sunset I have yet to feast my grateful eyes upon. I am.

"Would you like some honey with your tea?", the eternal voice of innocence beckons forth. Affirming, "Yes, please!",  I suck on a big spoon of sweetness that seems to permeate every living cell of my being. Tasting more delectable fruits of my desires is simply and truly one of the most gratifying and whole-hearted soul-satisfying gifts I am encountering on a regular and bold-faced basis. Thus, a short while afterwards, as newly blown bubbles mysteriously blow my wondrous way, I feel it is merely mine to quite unapologetically say, "Gotta go". You never know. This may just be my last opportunity to really and most sincerely blow .....

In The Conscious Company Of Angels,



Please enjoy this uplifting rendering of my darling Angel, captured by my and gratefully shared on one of my many sites set high ....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mothers Priorities

My sweetest Son rising .... and I share the most precious moments. So many of them, in fact, that my only time to write is in the wee hours! What a Joy ride!

Wait until you see the very silly video that erupted the day after we recently watched the new Woody Allen romantic comedy. I am not my prettiest site to be seen; with the warping of images, as created with our mac and a big screen. Many Woman - Many Wonders. That's ME! Besides, as the inimitable Bette Midler famously declared, "F.. 'em if they can't take a joke!" I say, "Don't bother even F.. 'em if they can't ... !"

So, how did posting a video of my 13 year old boy at the playground ( that hasn't even uploaded, yet ... ), turn into this ...? Simply more magic, I suppose! All I am intending to show you is that a Supernatural Mommy's priorities are never far from her happy heart. Which is exactly why I let go of my gym work-out, last night, to bike to buy Kaelin a new memory card. Although, I did arrive a mere 20 minutes late for my pre-booked TCM massage, I set forth my highest intention and followed through. Now, I feel even better. So what if that camera shall soon surely catch me in some improvisational bite of life? I gave up being shy along and lonesome time ago. No need to prove that one!

Monkey bars and Motherly Mayhem are one of the same. Anything to keep a popular hermit safe and a crazed society more sane. If looking after my ray of brightest sun-shine soul mate keeps me loving and laughing, then I am definitely one of the lucky ones'. Only because I allow ....

Please remove yourself from that contaminated cage of rage, where  you never belonged in the first and finest place. Know that you can have and Be it all. For, I am doing and being my best to show you that you can feel as free as a child to sing with the morning sun and shine as the brightest star. For whatever this gem is worth; the costs on the outside are nominal when you love what's waiting to brilliantly burst through ... from the bold and beautiful inside. Go ahead ... I divinely dare you!

Time to rest upon my laurels, now. Please do leave me your positive commentary and continue being incredibly inspired.

Born to Share My Truth,



Kaelin's brain-child. Again ....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keep Loving Yourself - I am!

This evening, working out at my local gym, I endured listening to "Goodbye, you stupid jerk", playing  on the radio station of poor choice. It took a lot of positive affirmations to help over-ride the underlying negative message of that unwanted music, sending out the most unhealthy message. Good thing I had my weights to lift and uplifting thoughts to carry me safely and soundly through.

In the sacred space of the sauna,  an overzealous European fellow, immediately  remembered me as "a vegetarian"; spraying the heat control mechanism, and sending the unnaturally occurring  heat, wildly soaring to close to 100 degrees. Could it be something in the poison meat he proudly eats? I briefly mentioned a "fast food f__", compared to "making love to your food".  As always, using my own unique analogy of "hiring a prostitute for lack of intimacy" as comparable to a "dead food fix". with nothing  real, vital,  or of lasting  value gained. No wonder he was sweating like a pig!

A quiet female, still  wearing her work-out gear, soon came into the melting hot box. A couple of days earlier, I had already gladly demonstrated a variety of stretches for her to do whilst sweating one's trauma inducing toxins away. So, I left her to fend for heated self,  as I went for cover under a cleansing shower and an intense cold water rinse. Before walking home, a mile, in the pouring rain. On the way out of the consciousness-raising complex of a community centre, I affirmed, "Keep loving yourself".  I was wished the divinely delicious same. Why not? I am always fair game ...

Must be why my umbrella and I arrived just in time to prepare the incredibly edible ingredients for  King Kaelin's Mother's Day Smoothie, made just for me and to be preciously presented on our own yummy channel: www.LitfeOfaGreatMommy/ Tasting just as delicious as I would have dreamed.  Now having the coconut dream of a marvelous memory to help the magic last forever. Flavorful to say the luscious least. 

Most fun of all was traveling  back outside into the rain, to upload my "Mother's Day Massage" video, since we are gratefully borrowing Internet until we figure out how to use our newly delivered wireless rocket. No wonder I am still removing foreign letters, that continue to appear on this screen. Surely,  a symptom of  whetted  particles falling freely from the night sky  and onto ...  My innocent  son, of course, sagely suggests,  "Just get a new keyboard". Yes!  It's all so simple. Maybe, it is. Why not believe it to so beautifully be. I am!


Katherine Marion


Be sure and check out Kaelin's own blog: www. Leave him plenty of conscious commentary,  too. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Week To Me ... Going Strong!

With an invigorating Mothers Day walk in intense springtime rain with my reigning supreme son; King Kaelin, I am ahead of my Goddess-sent game. One hour of TCM acupressure brings me great relief and even more energy, before our lost stop of the evening; Safeway to purchase avocado and water. What a wonderful way to painlessly place the final touches on one more Supernatural Day!

Of course, once we arrive back at our newly appointed home, we eagerly watch a couple of video's: "The White Masai", chosen by me, and Kaelin's pre-pubescent choice of Mike Myers "The Love Guru". Wait until you watch the Elephants 'making out' at the Maple Leaf's game, after the midget falls over and the generously endowed French hockey player, "La Cock" or something of that outrageous sort, create their own stir ... Never to be shaken, for too terrific of a family tale of a terrific fairy-tale,  of your own personal making, time. 

Later this afternoon, my sweetest Mothers Day gift shall blend me up a "Hemp, Hemp, Hooray for Mommy" smoothie, prepared with young Thai Coconut, Hemp Seed Nut, Dates, frozen Banana and whatever other earthly wonders we choose to so deliciously dig up and blend into a divinely conscious concoction. Of course, we shall be utilizing the aid of our Vitamix 5200, gratefully donated, last fall, by my client, Mike, whom so generously knew our needs and ate from our abundant table. Goddess-sent!

I am so excited to upload some sweet bites of spontaneous combustion created while 'running for cover' before my much needed body massage, last eve. Best of all, further adding to my growing and gloriously glowing collection of videos: www.LifeOfaGreatMommy/youtube. com .  Please take a peek, post your positive commentary and pass along the Bliss and the Joy my not so little Boy and I Share with all those Special Beings Whom So Consciously Care.

With Motherly Mayhem and Magic,