Monday, March 31, 2014

Thelma has soft Buns!


                                     Thelma has soft buns
                                      She also likes her runs
                                      Nature:where she suns

                                      Thelma has soft buns

                                      Not just as in, only one
                                      Never merely a single bun

                                      Two, she had this morn

                                      Her stomach is well worn
                                      Unto strong DNA; born

                                     She may just blow her horn

                                     Off of gluten, she'd sworn
                                     Lab puppy, surely to be shorn

                                      I cracked up laughing, I did

                                     Who am i to hope to kid?
                                      Hope not in the bed, to rid

                                     Mushroom cap with a big lid?

                                     Naughty thing that she so bid
                                     In tall grass, dead buns did live

                                      Between white teeth, to hide
                                      Wheaty evidence; gut suicide
                                      Glutton eyes; couldn't have lied

                                       After she sleeps, 'er off... today

                                       We may see acid; come into play
                                       "Away, bitch!," I shalt have say!!!

                                       Katherine Marion



                                       A pretty pic.. from yesterday.
                                       Ms. T showing off that other set ..
                                       of buns.

                                      She sleeps.. soundly now
                                      quite the furry hon!!!!



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oh, Telling Tree - Will you marry Me?



                                    Oh, telling tree- will you marry me?

                                     Let me climb upon your rooted self
                                     Find homage in one, only ancient truth
                                     Offer me safety within loving limbs
                                      Love me, like I am a wee fairy Elf

                                     Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                      Remind me of when i was so very free
                                      Dry my brow with roughened bark
                                      Centered and rooted, to only stand
                                      What wisdom do you, to impart?

                                     Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                     Wipe away my tears, forever more
                                     Carry me, safely towards harmony
                                     Trust I am all you need ever want
                                     You are mine strength i do adore

                                      Oh, telling tree - will you marry me?

                                      Like a girl, make me giggle, happily
                                      Hold me as I've always ached to be
                                      Keep safe; my sanctity and sanity
                                      Affording gifts of thine supernaturality'

                                      Oh, telling tree- will you marry me?
                                      Grateful for my visits to you, daily
                                       Protect me from darkness unlit
                                      Transporting that which never was
                                      Unto trusted home, where i now sit

                                      Oh, telling tree -will you marry me?
                                       Safe and sacred- so enchantingly
                                       Blessed by roots; gifted by only thee
                                       Resting soul; adored accordingly
                                       Divinely loved, safely within divinity!

                                       Katherine Marion


                                       o,s, '

                                      Inspired by this morning's wonderful
                                      walk .. with Puppy Love ..

                                      Interesting how i had seemingly
                                      envisioned a certain specific photo
                                      study .. a tree, i often hug

                                     Then, when i was directed to my
                                      archived photo's .. this photo
                                      came .. correctly so .. unto me.

                                      If you can complete a crossword
                                      puzzle .. then you may be able to
                                      see . .. what causes this often
                                      troubled heart, to remain content
                                      and free.

                                      Can take a girl out of the Supernatural
                                      Yet, you can't take the Supernatural ..
                                       out of me!!!!




Saturday, March 29, 2014

You bought into their dirty Lies

                                   You bought into their dirty lies
                                   feigning; friend's .. fiendish wolves
                                   Smiling savior's .. in disguise

                                   You bought into their dirty lies
                                   government agents ... selling dogma

                                   Smiling savior's .. in disguise

                                  You bought into their dirty lies
                                  ruthless soul's .. demoting your parent

                                  Smiling savior's disguise

                                  You bought into their dirty lies
                                  unconscious consorts .. in contempt

                                  Smiling savior's ... in disguise

                                    They're as stupid as they come
                                    dirty bedfellow's .. messing their sheets

                                    Their daze be short .. to come

                                     They're as stupid as they come
                                     stink'n varmints .. stick like bubble dumb

                                     Their daze be short .. to come

                                      They're as stupid as they come
                                      pesky critters .. counting on 'quitter's'
                                      Their daze be short .. to come

                                      They'r as stupid as they come
                                      filthy vermin .. rob their victim; numb

                                      Their daze be short .. to come.

                                      Katherine Marion



                                     This is the truth .. ONE arrives at ..
                                     after having pledged allegiance to LOVE!





Friday, March 28, 2014

Sometimes - hugging a tree is just .. not good enough

                         Sometimes, hugging a tree
                         is just not good enough

                         I wonder why life, at times
                         has to be so very rough?

                         Without love to hold fast
                         onto what matters

                         Sharp splints of hard glass
                         is that which shatters

                        Where is all our humanity
                         sharing hearts that care?

                         People lost in technology
                         too numb to even share

                        With connecting to hearts
                        we center our very being

                         Softened gazes offer hope
                         yes, " Believing is Seeing!:

                       How can life be 'cruel,' at all
                       when kindness is chosen?

                       When life form takes a pulse
                       love will firstly, be chosen

                       Until that time, planet; bereft
                       forgetting what truly counts

                       Anyone can slave for money
                       givers give no accounts

                      A person hides; to run way
                      deceiving themselves; most

                      Everyone needs remembering
                      nothing left to even, boast

                      No one need be forgotten
                      open hearts need to love

                      Mother Nature, she's beauty
                       yet,  from my son , i need a hug!!        

                      Katherine Marion


                     Such a sad and sorrowful state
                     this universe is in
                    selling lies to impressionable minds
                    too young to know

                    oh, dear God, where did innocence
                    so quickly go?
                     One's man's cheap, abysmal relief
                     be a societies stupifying woe!!!





Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daddy did a Dirty one ..

                                       Daddy did a very dirty one
                                       told you many lies about me
                                       ganged up with the MCFD
                                       troubled mind, once so free

                                       Scared you to sadly submit
                                       jealous of his runaway 'tit'
                                       left him; he won't forget it
                                       reasons;;he will not admit

                                       Daddy did a very dirty one
                                       a grudge he's kept for years
                                       the cause of many spilled tears
                                       wish he'd let go of empty fears

                                       Used your pubescent rebellion
                                       to act as smiling, covert hellion
                                       playing his son off, as a pawn
                                       God, forgive cold-hearted him!

                                      Katherine Marion


                                     Each and every day, i realize new truth.
                                     I asked the universe, ' Allow me to know .....
                                     when i am ready. And,  in a way i can
                                     easily and effortlessly afford."

                                     I can only bring in the light .. i leave room for.

                                     Which is why i long, ago, shut the door
                                      on fools .. best left
                                      to ignore!!!

                                     Special momma K


                                    In legal rhetoric, "Parental
                                    Alienation,' is the operative word!!!

                                   Alas, almighty.


Children are meant to be seen .. and heard

                            Children are meant to be seen and heard
                            Please,, listen  to their every, sincerest word        

                            Read your child's body language;with  love
                            Ensure they be kept safe from push or shove

                            See ... the offender before he be allowed strike
                            Little heart's are not well heard via public mike

                            Parents leading by prime and purest example
                            Grow empowered people, no one can trample!

                            Katherine Marion


                           My x and delinquent 'dad' of 'our' son, told me
                           once, how his dad who died at a mere and sorrowful
                           52, told him" Do as i say. Not as i do."

                           I felt compelled to tell 'him,' that is not a good role model.
                           He had no idea .. what i meant .. or what ONE .. was
                           or is - saddest for him.

                           Thus, i chose to raise my shining Son, alone.
                           With nary a giving soul to guide or back us.

                            Blessed am I for being given such a gift.

                            And, may this Goddess, be duly and divinely, forgiven,
                            if need be .. for anything ,, or manifold fleshed one ,,. ..            
                            coming to hurt her child.

                            That she was not allowed ..
                            to fully .. prevent, or fearlessly see.