Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blue Sky Floating By

             Blue sky floating by

         Pink cotton candy spinning

           Sweet dreams open up

              Katherine Marion

    ps. A wonderful wide world opens up, when
          we alter our perspective. Shift our reality
          Leaping into a brilliant blue skiy; filled
          with infinite possibilitis ..

p.p.s. I capured this gorgeous gathering of Goddess
          - sent wonders; laying alongside pretty,
           pink pastels, melted gumdrops, soon
          to be tasted ... during this magical morn's
          exquisite sunrise.


What Other KIND of Xmas LOVE?

Would you ever guess Mr. Santa is a mere fourteen?

Looks more like the kitten serving the non-dairy cream

Raw-foody homeschooler, happily juicing up apple juice

Vitamix on the prowl and  6 Ambrosia"s does to seduce ...

"Amazing Mommy" soon to be fed a golden liqued feast

No single mommy can resist a son who loves to please

Xmas is for giving and keeping your heart open to receiving

Keep on loving and you shall never stop the joy of believing!

Katherine Marion


King Kaelin in our cozy Christmas kitchen. Filled with pretties pink fuschia roses that i bought for us. Deciding to create his own version of Apple Cider, my ingenious son, drinks to our health, happiness and healing.

Here is to yours, too.

LOVE katheirne and Kaelin

Ms. Santa Gets Cheeky ...


Just cause cute Ms. Clause is bright and sweet

Does not mean she shows fright at giving cheek

When I am not having sex or even on the hunt

Xmas noon, my native x calls me;  "F__'n  cun_"

My whole day is lost, thanks to negative energy

From that slack-ass who shot some sperm to me

I can count my blessings on the bottom of my ass

Good thing I did not trade my pride for some cash

Pussy Kat keeps praying she will find the cream

A good guy that is hot; no woman does he demean

With every breath I take away .. I do intend to pray

That for mis-deeds done, dirty buggers shall pay

Speak your voices, girls, don't ever shut down

 Just hateful trash spewed by a careless clown

Stay cheeky to the core and cast pearls to no swine

Owning our power; never to be owned or undermined!

Katherine Marion


A few years ago, one of my many beautiful nieces, Chantelle, kindly asked me to create a poster 'to empower girls." Well, maybe this is simply part in a precious and consciously continueing series ...


Pic of her royal cheekiness - captured for a moment - on the day before Xmas of this yummiest year.

Offering My Gratitude To www.Circle of Women on Facebook

I am grateful for my loving teen homeschooler and the fabulous fact that he gladly and eagerly accepts and loves me.

I chose to be a single mom, soon after he was born. I saw the future unraveling .. and knew that I could not and would not choose to raise one more abuser in this world.

Our children are the future.

We must empower ourselves. Speak our truth. Tolerate no B.S. Show our children that we are sincere rolde models. - not perfect people. Real women who have been to hell ..and come back. Sometimes with a hell and fury. Other times, with kindness and sweet syrup. Yet, we know when to push. And, when to pull. We own our planet.

This is why we are precious and pure. Precisely the reason why the blessed beings that we brought onto this physeical plane, know that to listen to us and really hear us, is priority.

THIS is how we are to save the souls of many.

Simply, by looking after the magical minds, happy hearts and soaring spirits of those who have been brought unto us - to fllourish and fly ....

With open heart and loving arms,


p.s. After sleeping all day and  waking up before Safeway closed, to pick up some late night organic fare, my son travelled to my page and peeked in .. As he always loves to do - helping his Mom, and curious as a young teen can be.

In my message box, I found a note from Tina, founder of Circle of Women, on Facebook, requesting some words of gratitude .. for positing on her pretty pages. Easily done. My fingers practically flew off the keyboard. Ever inspired and happy to offer my unconditional love and womanly support.


Intersting how synergy works ... After filling up bags with nice clothing that I never wear, sheets I no longer use,. magazines i have read, and videos we have already watched - perfect!

I told my son; "You cannot bring in the new, unless you let go of the old."

And, sure enough ..


I am intent on bringing into fabulous powers of the feminine - my non profit concept that I created during the time that my teen son was first born.  Finally, time to put this dream into action ...

Tell you this much  .. my consciousness-raising cause concerns single moms and children. Any surprise?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank You Universe - Merry Xmas!

Thank you, Sister Carol; living in Crnabrook, with your lovely family, for calling us, this enchanted evening. And, cheering me right up!

Bless you, beautiful single mommy, Kimberly and your two kids, for coming by, and bringing us gifts you really did not have to bring. Blessings!

Appreciating you, Chuck; for calling me up and speaking to my son, concerning how no male should ever treat a woman, the way your delinquent Dad treated and still does attemot to treat me.

Merry Xmas, Kevin. May you learn how to respect women and remember that this single mother, is raising her child - on her own, by consciuus choice, and sadly - by neccesity. No one needs to be abused by the rageful parts of neglected and once so precious you.

Nobody calls up the Mom of a happy homeschooling teen, and tells her that she is a "F______ Cun__!" It does not matter if she is sleep drprived and messaged you to let you know that she would have you meet up with your one beloved offspring, a little later. So what if you took 2 buses and the skytrain to get here, on Xmas day, from Burnaby, after you drank all night. Some real men, firght wars for their country and never even have a family to come home to. Ohter single moms lose their child, due to wretched lies told by mysogynistic males who refuse to come out of denial and deal with the skeletons that they to keep in theo own cluttered closets.

As a devoted Mother, I am party planner, club co-ordinator, fun facilitator and lone, female and often, soul-lonely lone wolf, without a tribe. Who needs to be battered on what most deem to be Christ"s birhday, or any other occassion. Not I.

Thus, my well brought up boy and man in the making, wrote a noteworthy note to his beyond naughty and emotionally imature male, who wishes to call himself a "Father." Telling his delinquent Daddy that he chooses not to see or talk to him, until he apologizes to his 'Amazing Mommy." This was on facebook, where families and friends often find one another, yet, not themselves!

Our supportive friend, Greg, has arrived in town, and parked his pretty, red truck out ftront. Kaelin plays checkers on a new Simpson set, thanks to our Fraser Valley buddy, who is going to sleep on the new futon bed that we were so kindly gifted. Thank you, Jeannie, for that special trip you made to our place, to so kindly drop that big, bendable baby, and chair - off Gregory will be a happy boy, this eve, or more like morn, they way our non-schedule works. And, sometimes doesn't - only according to some uncoordinated souls who have lost their way and know not that we are the founding mother and sons of our own new and perfect paradigm.

Off to visit another Special K and her two boys, who live across the street and is expecting me for a Mommy tea party. We will imbibe of a consoling cup of rousing  herbal tea, that shall refreshen our senses and invigorate the spirit. Two women, left alone, to fend for themselves in this often segrated world, where hearts are often no longer whole and people are left behind and forgotten. We will chat, talk, and walk in the fresh air of a chilly December day; filled with promise, hope and friends who appreciate one another

Mostly, I am in love with the brightest light in my life, that ever came through and to me. My magical boy; with his brilliant mind, happiest heart-beat and inpenetrably positive attitude. The person I am most devoted to in this often tattered and torn tell+tale torrid fairytale, is the shining mirror I must always aspire to be.

May we all empower ourselves. Owning our power, we give our greatest gifts. Speaking our voices, raises this earlthly realm. A higher vibration .. by volumes, speaks the truth, at a velocity, faster and finer than the lowered elements would ever phantom. Stand tall and touch the heavens, that we create for our highest and saintly selves. Let go of all else, or yee shall fall and tumble, as only a broken stone. Never to polish your points, becoming the precious and priveleged gem we all are so magically meant to blessedly become, and already are.

Merry Xmas from the sweetest parts of my Goddess-sent Self.

I love you!

In Greatness and Glory,


Katherine's "Lucky 13" Xmas Wish List - 2010

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Warm, wet and wonderful to dream sweetly upon

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Long, luscious and lovingly fantasized .. beyond

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Given unto those who make heaven their home

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Accepted by these whom light has been shown

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Deep, divine and deliciously, divinely delivered

My Xmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Melting snowmen into the smiling and shivered

My Christmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Meant to play what even wondrous words can't say

My Christmas Wishes are as my passionate kisses

Bestowed  with love, from my heart, upon this day!

Katherine Marion

 pc taken by Bryan Ward

                                  My Lucky 13 List

1. A much needed detox tool and relaxation space; $5000.00 Infrared Sauna 
    with Crystal Emittor's, from Shalamar's White Rock store: 'Ultimate

2. or something as similarly befitting for supernatural health,
    happiness, and healing. Not to mention: 500 hr Teachers Traiining

3. An exclusive gym membership at a local Vancouver, B.C,, gym, where I
    may network and meet magically-minded individuals, such as my self.

4. A best girlfriend that I can trust and talk to about anthing - at any time.

5. A 'Mom' that adores and dotes on me, strokes my hair, listens to my tears, and
    offers me the unconditional love that I yearn and ache for.

6. That 'Special Someone' who is alive with natural energy, does not indulge in
     any unatural stimulants, and  lives a rawsomely loving lifestyle. Affectionate,
     kind, and compassionate. A purposeful being who understands the true
     meaning of intimacy. Courageous of the heart and filled with the utmost of
     positivity. Master of his emotions and bowing to his magestic mistress; in  
     gratitude and glory.

7. To be loved, understood, appreciated, and maybe even cherished .. by all
    whom I spend real time with and around.

8.  Daily 2 hour bike-rides, along the Stanley Park Seawall and gorgeous ocean.
     Riding our brand, new designer bcycles, with Goddess-sent glee ...

9.  My own Goddess Gallery; whrere I sell my art and promote my beautiful

10. The perfect setting for my rising son and myself; raising ourselves and
      shining our light ... Safely and in sacred territory. Free to Be!

11. Two much appreciated return tickets to Costa Rica, this Spring.

12. The happiest healer; confidant and empath. Working on my mind and body.
      Mentally stabilizing. And, comforting .. at the same and sanest time.

13. The perfect publisher and editor. Writing and publishing my international
      bestseller. Telling my story, sharing my joy, spilling my guts, and letting go
      of the past ... Looking forward to creating an even braver future!


My Magical Morn Before Xmas

Staying up all night to dance in the light of one more shining day. Throwing up my arms, and setting off 4 star alarms, as I pranced around my pretty tree. Freeing myself of all contraint as beautiful bulbs paint the walls with wonder and delight. Some Sexy Ms. Santa's may not wear garters to water their pretty Nobe Fir. Yet, sir, this is what this wanton woman does so pleasurably prefer!

Katherine Marion


I would like to thank my darling and no longer, not that little, enchanting Elf, who follows in my emotionally - fit and fantastic footsteps. Sharing love, capturing light and photographing his "Amazing Mommy."


Thanks to Love's Touch Lingerie for their sexy, sweetheart Santa outfit. Hope you like ...
lingerie high stiletto heels mini skirt happy home holiday creative

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel of my very own

Spread your wings to full - blown

Christmas Angel of my very own

Revealing what has not been shown

Christmas Angel of my very own

Sharing LOVE long before unknown

Christmas Angel of my very own

Lighting up this heart - still grow'n

Christmas Angel of my very own

Giving LIGHT and forever glow'n

Christmas Angel of my very own

Sealing kisses now full grown

Christmas Angel of my very own

Making earth into heavenly home

Christmas Angel of my very own

May your JOY infinitely roam ...

Katherine Marion - under construction


Kaelin pulled out my old tripod, the other night. After purchasing a Xmas tree; one mighty Noble Fir, for his Mommy. Something she wanted one so badly .. Spending his own birthday money, too!

Taking pictures of himself for the woman he loves most - as a Xmas gift.

As I watch him photograph his precious self, I take it upon mine own .. to caputre his beautiful essence in the naturally occuring light.

Watching his lovely profile, I let my instincts go to wondrous work ...

Wearing his Santa hat, that we ofen fight over - since "Two heads are better than one," I allow the universe to guide me as I view my shining son.

The perfect holiday greeting card - in the most magical making.

Moments are for taking and open hearts are never worth fosaking!

Love and Light,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Ms. Santa says, "Rawsome Repast" - Organic Connections Cafe

Ms. Santa does her breast to no longer break hearts ... Just rules! Arriving close to 1 hour past sleigh bells chiming time, when all things fine began. Katherine and Kaelin floated in; rosy cheeks, highest heels and happy healing. While the not so wee and wonderful elf wore new hiking shoes from Mountain Co-op, Momma K strode in on designer black boots - thigh high, along with red and  white bobbed hat, almost touching a starlit sky. Yet, both ate heartily and happily of almost everything .. on the rawsome menu.

Organic Connections Cafe, "right across from the Sandpiper Pub, " sitting so precious and pretty;  alongside the sunny seaside strip of Marine Drive. Wickedly tasty White Rock, is the place to spread your wings and spend your precious easily earned dollars. The best part for me, was when the train, literally flew past the dining room windows ... Absolutely mesmerizing. Nothing like sitting down to eat your rawstruck pizza, topped with incredibly edible goodies, whilst watching B.C. Rail's beauties, sold off ... whiz by. As wondrous aroma's waft through the air, bite into a bit of living foods feast for the supernatural senses, if  you so deliciously dare !

Jan Bislin; talented young and rising star, started playing the violin at age four and sways to Gypsy music, like no other prodigy that so preciously shares his Goddess-given gifts. My shining son, and happy homeschooling teen, asked Mr. Mentor to play " Beethoven's Symphony #9." Next, Momma K placed her own request; Sarah Brightman;'s classic; "Time To Say Goodbye." Timeless tunes ... including Elvis' forever famous pelvis twister - "Love Me Tender." Of course, "Ava Maria" was the chart topper, tapping into the hearts of a grateful and gleeful many. Tables filled with smiling faces and filled bellies. What more could you ask for?

What did we devour, besides conscious company, victorious violin, and salty air? Well, where might this furry feline start ... Sushi wrapped in Nori and stuffed with fresh avocado, carrots, beets, cucumber and nourishing sprouts. Pizza topped with tons of raw veggies and served with the lightest, crunchiest, dehydrated flax crust. An un-cooked vegan nut burger, with the cutest and most deliciously nutritious bread-less bun. While some may definately come for the view, the decadent chocolate banana mouse pie - is to LIVE FOR.

Ellen Atkin was in-house, after staying up all night, due to drinking too much coffee, the night before. Her stunning arial photographic exhibition was on display and selling for a mere couple of grand a gorgeous piece. This lovely multi-talented conceptual artist, so kindly offered us a ride, after an enchanted evening, well spent and magically meant to be sweetly savoured. Many flavours of a flourishing community, tuning its flavourful forks. what feels right and works for the best of one and all.

Rawsome regards to the yummy chef in the kitchen. who worked with Aaron Ash of Gorrilla Foods, a few years ago, when they both created dined-upon delectables, at The Living Source on Commercial Drive. You gotta try this guy's Cheesy - non dairy - Kale Chips - that you are never going to want to stop munching. Generous platters of pleasing delectables to tease even the most discerning dissidents who may have before turned their noses up at uncooked food. From this delish day, forward ... turning their well heeled heads and healing systems, around, now and forever.

Stars in the clearest sky. Mother Moon gazing down upon us. A night worth remembering. Highest vibrations of the visual, tasteful, and tempting sort. Walking an hour back home, in towering heels, may seem like hell to some. Yet, after getting to divine destinations, heaven on earth feels to be closer than before thought possible. And, just think, it all started with a simply delicious dream ...

Katherine Marion (under construction)


It is 4:00 am, and I am grateful I  stayed up late, as Ms. Santa has been known to often, do - gladly writing up my list of the naughtiest and nice. Glad they are sometimes, both on the same beautiful bill!


Photo of K2 -

Thanks, Dearest Artist!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Climbing Into Clouds

Climbing into Clouds

getting lost 

within skies embossed 

merely to find 


Katherine Marion


This prettiest sky did come my wondrous way, upon a soul-warming winter's day. A few days ago, I was blessed to see this sweetest December site, while in flight ... Happily heading to White Rock, with my happy homeschooler, in hand; looking up to see this glorious gift, beckoning to blessed me.

Magically sending love to all, 


The Real Ms. Santa Stands Up

Off the street and on the beat
With the real Ms. Santa
You'd love to meet

In the air and full of flair
With the real Ms. Santa
Who really does care

Good news and zero cues
With the real Ms. Santa 
Singing no blues

In the flow and out to grow
With the real Ms Santa
Love does to flow 

Atop the world and under none
With the real Ms. Santa
Happy to be ONE

With joy and without regret
This, the real Ms. Santa
The best gift, yet!

Katherine Marion 


Pic of Ms. Santa, snapped on our way to Shalamar's Xmas party at Ultimate Products in White Rock, B.C, this rawsome holiday season.


Today, i felt a lot of sadness; emanating from my own deepest self. Every call i received, reiterated the same magical message. Knowing it was a long time overdue to call up Angels .. I dug deep into my cashmere coat pockets .. and came up Queen of Aces!

Please enjoy my bit of Xmas cheer and know that as long as love lives in your heart ... I AM here.


Ms. Santa says; "Thank You"- to Michael Vincent

Last week, Ms. Santa, gratefully attended a Goddess-sent feast served up at Ultimate Products, in White Rock. I enjoyed coming down the chimney, to drink  Chia Tea and too many raw chocolate macaroon's.
My son, and homeschooling teen; Kaelin, brought a ziplock bag of deep brown, sweet and enzymatically-alive goodies, back home. Minus the Reindeer, the ride on the comfy bus, and Canada Line, was a winter's breeze ...

The best and most precious part, was being present, to feel the magic of Michael Vincent's newest dvd; "Thank You." His lovely wife, was relaxing in one of the healing rooms, receiving energies to raise here highest vibrations. We imbibed on alcohol-free, soul-warming drinks, and munched on non-fattening treats of the most rawstruck kind. Kaelin clutching more goodies to grow his pubescent self on, than you could shake a supernatural stick at ... While Momma K pulled up her knee-high Xmas boots, to really sit down and listen to marvelous man-made melodies.

I was told by the musical maestro of this enchanted evening that his friends has all "chipped in" to pay for the recording of his album. Now, this is what I  call a CIRCLE OF LOVE. Surrounded by those whom care about us, how can we do anything .. .except succeed. Certainly beyond our own expectations. Especially since, those whom love and appreciate our talents, see us as the rising star we always were and forever shall be.

Even though the ashes have fallen from my hair, and embers cease to burn me, I remain all fired up ... With my sleigh breaking down, and catching 2 buses and a train, to get to my divine destination, I was due to be delivered unto, only the sweetest surprises. Some gifts may come wrapped in pretty paper. Yet, the greatest presents are those of precious people, sharing their own ...

Thus, may we give our Goddess-sent gratitude, as we keep our hearts ignited; remaining  open to receiving the good and the Godly.

Katherine Marion


Sighting and photo of Ms. Santa - captured by one growing and glowing teen; Kaelin Marion.


Pic of Ace Musician; Michael Vincent and Ms. Santa - captured by a raw, chocolate eating young man, Kaelin.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Suck your pretty cheeks, deeply in ..

Put a straw in gorgeous green waters

And, holy Goddess - you gotta win.

Wee "God' in the magical making  ...

Sucking back life's sweetness

Rawsomeness for the tasty taking.

Turning a boy into a real Man ...

Surely is a Supernatural treat

Now, 'DO IT" - anybody can.

Eating green and growing strong ..

Simply so powerful and pure

 Gaia's garden; where all belong!

Katherine Marion 


My son always gets so many compliments on his glowing, clear, complexion. 

And, bright, sparkling eyes ..

Every wonder why?

Check out what my lean, green and never 'mean' terrific teen, has for dinner ...

Merely the miracle making appetizer.

The strongest mammal's on this planet, eat only grass.

Never stooping low enough to smoke it ...

Run fast, get no gas, and top grades - easily and effortlessly pass!

Glow for it,

We are

love K2


Believe me, you can even get your own 'picky' teen to drink a green juice. 

Blend up kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger and as much apple as you want sweet ...

One rawsomely refreshing, and healthy, healing treat!


Get thineself and the many highly valued lives you are going to soon, save .. to Eternal Abundance Produce Store and Consciousness-raising Cafe. 

This is where we spent many mouthful's of amazing hours, last luscious night.

Hope you enjoy this vision of health, that i was blessed to spontaneously capture ...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheers To Your Eternal Abundance

Heart open with eyes that shine

Drunk on the delicious and divine

Fed by love, faithful and fine.

May your belly burst with joy

Smoothie/s so oozing and coy

Flirting with fruitiness to enjoy

Feasting on fruits to fully buoy  

May your appetite be whetted

Raw Creamsicle; not regretted

Swallowing sunlight un-abetted

Loving life and the unexpected!

Katherine Marion


This enchanted evening, we remained open to receiving ..

Thank you, yummy Andrew, for  inviting Kaelin and I, to your yummy Commercial Drive, organic produce store. ,  serving up many mouthfuls of the most supernatural food sensations, served up with love and light, at one most charming and consciousness-raising cafe, in Victorious Vancouver, B.C.


The freshly juiced Green Power and rawk'n Truffles are to LIVE FOR!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

John Lennon Is Still Alive

So many lights have not been permitted to shine for far too long a lonely time.

Bless all those whom have lit our worlds on fabulous fire, whom thus, did sadly and most unwittingly expire ...

Not by our own hands. Yet, at the un-tender mercy of those whom knew not any .. to give much back in gratuitous return.

"Forgive - yet, never to forget."

Bless you Dearest  magical man - John, whom upon this wounded world's impure plane, did for not too long, or ever, truly belong.

For as long as we keep singing ... we learn to live the lyrics of your last heart-rndering love song.

Katherine Marion


This pretty as a red, winter rosy posy pic is of moi!

Before the dirty asses ... found out that saints rise up from burning ashes. To burn is not what is truly at stake. More like, soaring spirits .. such as ours ... Yearning, burning Yee; shalt never possess or truly take!

Captured by Bryan Ward

Making Life Happen - or - Bringing In Grace

Sitting at a coffee shop - sipping warm green, ginger, herbal tea. Dispensing healing remedies  of the highest KIND, to seeming strangers. I unwind .. merely to find that the only one who really does mind is me.

Feeling the wondrous warmth and never-ending glow that flows when we trust that we are in the know. Only going to show that we can choose or we can simply and sadly lose our voice to merely know. Others misconceptions are the ultimate deception.

Allowing for the unexpected to take its pure and perfect place. Setting the tone for ourselves to create sumptuous and supernatural space. This is merely a small trace of bringing in the invisible force of all encompassing Grace.

Wherein, we give ourselves the gift of trusting our highest intuition. Unconditionally offering the sanest same of perfections plane for others to fly their own .. upon. Here sings our sweetest song .. A happy home where blessed all do belong.

Going inside .. rather than being beside ourselves. Thinking will never get us anywhere. The only precious place to arrive at; simply arrives when and as we learn to care.  A purer planet where none must be taught to share.

Taking active responsibility for ourselves and our inner needs is all that this torn apart and trembling wounded world needs. We need not bleed, because of another whom wants to feed upon inhumanities bottomless greed.

All that we are and were ever so magically meant to be. The seed planted  in soil that is ready to be. Nurtured and anointed. Beyond the disappointed and disillusion. Outside of much feared and well favoured seclusion. We are the creation; ultimate solution!

Katherine Marion


Some might call it an "all-nighter," I prefer to see this spontaneous interlude as a spacious interlude. A dance of many souls that come to play and nary to stay. Drinking an acidic coffee or eating a sugary bun. Magnetized by enchanting energies of this special someone. Asking me questions that they already possess the answers to. Cozy corner where hearts of all conditions, place themselves in safe and vulnerable positions. Simply to soar ..

 Consummate universal urge that none can afford to ignore!


This ageless timeless Butterfly .. that shall never to die. Surely does cry when not allowed to spread her pretty wings. Thus, with untold Goddess-sent gifts. Beautiful bell of truth, she tirelessly rings ...

Photo of magical me  - captured by the multi-talented Bryan Ward

Happy 80th Birthday to my blessed Daddy!

Today, you would have been celebrating your 80th Birthday. I am so sorry you are not on this earthly plane, to touch my hand, again.

The love you gave ... within my happiest heart, i save.

You passed away, at the tender age of 63.


Thank you, Frank Edward William Marion - formerly: Herbert Walter Richens; before you ran away at the tenderest age of 14, in your Dads stolen car. Anything to get out of that stuffy  and all too formal private school. All you wanted to do was to be you mom and work in her Chinese restaurant, that she worked so hard and sacrificed to much, to own.

Your Dad used to beat you with a hickory switch that you were told to  choose; ... right off the very tree. And, onto your young backside .. Later, after the birth of your first 2 children, from my mom  - of a party of loving 5, you finally returned to visit your mom, after she had hired a series of detectives to find you, for many misplaced years. Only to later find your own tormented Daddy had blown out his beautiful brains.

What are the earthly gains?

You planted the sweetest and eternally sacred seeds; Katherine, Caroline, Frankie, Jacqueline, and "Baby" Thelma Louise. 

Sadly, on so many counts, my well intentioned Mommy, left you, when I was 13 and our youngest sister, was a mere 5 years young.

Life was never the same.

I am sorry that you came home to an empty home, after working hard all day. No wife. Not a child to be seen. 

Later, you burned all our childhood memories. or gave them away. You were angry and did not understand. Nor, did we.

I want you to know that your beautiful wife did the best that she knew or thought she must do. She did give you warning .. Or, so I was told. I am the only one of the children who was told 'the secret' and for many weeks, had to live with the truth that we were soon to sneak away from you. All because of jealous aunts who really wanted to sleep with you, tainted their stories of who you were and what you did, along with some truths that you never choose to shine a light upon.

Mom often worried that she had done 'the wrong thing.' I bravely assured her that she had done what she needed to do. And, in many ways, this was so very true.

Sometimes, now, as the single mom of a homeschooling teen, I wonder what that 'other life' with a Dad, would have been like ...? I am all too aware that i adjusted a whole lot better to the unwholesome ordeal, than did my younger siblings; some of whom have never really recovered. All i can be, is grateful for the everlasting gifts that I have garnered, in my ever expanding understanding that we all make the most out of what we have ... or not, been given.

I have been given a life out of a movie .. with many sad and sordid sequels, Yet, when I honestly shine a loving light upon the life you barely lived, before you began a  new one ... I can only treasure countless gems; gently being unearthed, with each new breath of consciousness I breathe in ....

All my heart to you, sweetest soul. I only wish that my son, whom you never had the opportunity to meet, will be half as brave, bold and beautiful as the Dad i am looking forward to really getting to know.

I am looking inside, more and more, everyday. And, the further inside ... I dig .. the closer I arrive. 

Of all the courting men, my magical Mother could have married, before your earthly ashes we spread and buried, you were the chosen ONE.

And within me, you shall forever live. 

Upon this written page, let it be known, that of any sins I was unjustly told that you may have committed .. I do forgive.

I am sorry that others held you to blame for unwritten sins done unto their nameless own.

May you forever feel the loving hands, now open .. which before went un-shown.

Sending my happiest heart to you,

Love your eldest daughter- Katherine Anne Ppookie.'

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Road Less Travelled and Always True

There certainly is no "Shortcut to Happiness."

Early this sunless morn, we watched an interesting movie, featuring the incredibly talented Anthony Hopkins, giving some of the finest speeches ...

Jennifer LOVE- Hewitt played the female lead, and scintillating scored in the category of most bewitichingly beautiful seductress - She Devil.

Kim Kattralll, well known for her raucous role in "Sex In The City," played the grand dame,' working within a virtually soul-less publishing empire. An  empty bowl, filled with overflowing ego's.

And, that charismatic actor, who used to be so devilishly handsome - and was married to gorgeous Kim Bassinger, once upon a supposedly sexy and luscious while ago. Oh, yes - Alec Baldwin, starred as the classic good guy - 'turned bad.'

How surprising!

Very common story - out there ..

Oh, how so many whom pay the ultimate price for "Success."

What price have you, or would you pay, for what you consider to be "Success?"

Happy - Simply Accepting Happiness,

LOVE katherine


Enjoy today's fresh win-fall of Vancouver's fresh sunshine. And, remember to bask in the everlasting light of LOVE.


Please enjoy this freshest pic of my son in reflective respose, as he sits, playing host to yesterday's resplendent rays.