Thursday, October 31, 2013

I may not be perfection - but I AM Perfect for you!

                          I may not be perfection
                          but, I AM perfect for you!

                          Nobody can tell a heart
                          what to say or "never do"

                          We were alive before hell
                          Our love stays warm and true

                           Naysayers may have 'say'
                           Heaven finds home to stay

                           I may not be perfection 
                           but, I AM perfect for you!

                           Any mind can lay the blame
                           every heart choose not renew

                           Tenderness:, rare hearts share
                           yet, sadly ever so fearful, few

                           All is peace; within magical me
                           As we lay rights as loving family!

                           Katherine Marion


                          A lot of storms ... have come our wondrous
                          way, this past 11 years. We weathered
                          them, one and many.

                          Unfortunately, with wounded soldiers
                          dropping at our once sun-kissed feet,
                          a plenty ...

                          We caught ill .. and were host to a bevy ..
                          that was far beneath us - not of  love's

                          Spiraling downward .. into a fire that
                          no Angel would choose kiss

                           Our earthly mark, we did start to miss
                           here, we are now - forward to 'this' ..

                           Anything can be fixed . when we have
                           more need to recover and divinely discover
                           than wants ... to foolishly suffer and continue                         
                           to willfully plunder, blunder, and asunder ...
                           " Always right, and buried 6 feet

                           What ungodly good - is a God or Goddess ..
                           when fueled by self righteous thunder ?

                           Power comes when ego leaves ... Just as falling
                           leaves of one more fading autumn past - what is
                           meant to stay - " will be done," and shalt forever
                           as savage at that surrendering storm ... forever last!!!!

                           Love is all that is left to Embrace,

                           Katherine Marion






Noth'n scary .. about a Wholesome Lotta Love!!!

                                                      Noth'n Scary ...
                                                      bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                      What's scarier?
                                                       Not to hold on  ..
                                                       to one's earthly Angel - from above

                                                       Noth'n Scary ...
                                                       bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                       What's scarier?

                                                       To let go of ...
                                                       heart's Hope;  'push comes to shove'

                                                        Noth'n Scary
                                                        bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                        What's scarier?

                                                        Forgetting truth
                                                        only to sink into the stink'n mud ..

                                                       Noth'n Scary
                                                       bout a Whole lottaLove

                                                       What's scarier?

                                                       Remembering lies
                                                       told by liars who won't shut up!!!!

                                                       Kathrine Marion

                                                      With my 2 self-appointed furry Guardian Angels...
                                                       Thelma at my trusted side, and baby bro- Edward,
                                                       upon my lovely lap - i am blessed by love's caress.

                                                       My son is going through his own hell ... on a planet
                                                        sent spinning ...unmercifully into Mercury retrograde.
                                                       Waters infested by worse than Chernobyl radiation'
                                                       causing thousands of still-births . Killing our ocean's
                                                       magical mammal's, while literally melting down ..
                                                       innocent multi-pointed sunken Starfish,
                                                       along the unloved length of our wounded West Coast..

                                                       For weeks, i have been consuming my usual filtered
                                                       water - with added 2% iodine, Carefully cautioning  my
                                                       somewhat angst-ridden teen, as well. Modern day malady
                                                       of absolute apathy has ' no need to apply' here. Not if
                                                       and when .. one and hopefully - all , wish to live.

                                                       Rather than be consumed by a river of despair. Fearfully
                                                       rushing into a sea of disquiet and malcontent that threatens
                                                       the very lives .. it once gave - we must save what is real
                                                       and sane.



                                                      We were living and loving .. our blissful life; atop our old                                                                             penthouse - overlooking Lost Lagoon, 11 or so ... magical
                                                      years ago. There were still maddening marauders on our
                                                      real-ation-ship that sailed - without fail. Yet, our open hearts ..
                                                      did prevail.

                                                      Never to stray .. we kept our well lit into darkening night
                                                     .. alive  and filled with hope.

                                                      As must be continued - for all of mankinder to come out - each
                                                      and every one - a Supernatural Winner!


                                                      "Amazing Mommy" and Baby K- get'n their magical
                                                      makeup done - at the Stanley Park Ghost Train ride ...
]                                                    into a fun-filled hell .... Ha!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big Orange Orb in a Puppy Lov'n Sky

Feeding our 2 Lab pups .. leftover juice pulp
they love to ferociously
deliciously ..

Then, a pound of meat

Shortly thereafter ..
to gleefully fly
out the door
for more .. fun

merely to trip ..
over the moon crowding into my minds eye
'think i am gonna die'
of magic's love-lit .. delight

traipsing down a dark and deserted alley
blind-sided by the rare sight
of a huge orange orb
handing from the early morn sky

my, oh, my!

chasing a dirty tennis ball
down quiet streets
of my wealthy neighborhood
things are ..
as they should ..

beautifully Be

Wagging our tails
moon tanning,

Bold and Free!

Sharing my joy and miss'n my boy,
love one "Amazing Mommy"



Ever inspired .. 
now, to Sleep

That's okay.I don't mind if your gay!"

                            " That's okay. I don;'t mind if your gay!"             
                              is what the simpleton's idiot, had to say

                            " That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              dimwitted x, from 3 decades ago, will pay

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              said the spiritual pauper; brain's amskray

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              inferred the furious inner faggot, at play

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!":
                             projecting putrid puke; all over our day


                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                             irelevant inelegance .. did undivinely spray ..

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                             'mouse of a man,' upon my boy - to prey

                            "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                            spilling only .. his own telltale tray ..

                            "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay"
                            sordid skunk; stuck in his selfish disaray!

                            Katherine Mairon


                           "Do you have a girlfriend, yet?," is how his sick,
                           little game .. all started. Kaelin, innocently, standing
                           in the kitchen, across from me. G walks past us;
                           bored out of his mindless head. And let's this drivel
                           .. spray forth.

                           My 15 year old son, soon after asked me, " Mommy, 
                           what do you think of what Greg said .. ?"

                          Silly me. That is where i made my error.

                          " Oh, he was just joking."

                          Then, my son said nothing.

                          I was not trying to even protect the dummy and dunce.

                          It was my naive son i was hoping to help .. to feel better

                          For, i was, too - also, initially, somewhat in shock    

                          Oh, if i could only turn back .. the 'dumb-ass' cock ..
                          er, oops - 'clock'

                         I would have bounced him and his 'will not's ' ( red-necks
                        carry 'em in their tight pants, for lack of anything else . that
                        needs fitting .. in

                        I already reminded him, " There's a reason I left you, G..."
                        Told my once so innocent son, the same thing ..
                        Too bad the little dickadee-doo's wounding words ..
                        sunk .. and stuck in

                       If he ever chooses to look honestly at himself , in his jaded
                       mirror - all far from handsome he .. will see, looking back
                      at hell-bent him - is his thoughtless, mindless, jealous, envious,
                      'evil twin."

                      Humbug to him.
                      That unhappy ending .. is one Goddess-damned .. fine place
                      to begin ..

                     Bless the sunlit path my boy once walked upon.. before others
                     soiled his mind .. and spoiled the divine ..

                     Nothing angrier than a 'hornets nest' or a Mother messed with
                     My child is not yours to beat down . like you once did .. unto me

                     If i were even and ever a battered dog of unyummy yours ..
                     you would not be 'good enough' to crawl upon .. as a filthy flea
                     upon gorgeously well-appointed self actualized Me!!!

                    Go bad bug ..
                    Leave my blessed boy - BE!!!


                  "Mother on a Mission. Woman with a Vision."




Courage to Love

Summer of 2003 - King Kaelin and Mommy

                                                      Courage to Love
                                              Nothing will ever be more important
                                              true heart knows not of self restraint
                                              what others say is far from relevant
                                              never let - dirt; a precious soul; taint

                                              Hold closely, the one who loves you
                                              yours is the light, she allowed through
                                              within her, deepest powera to renew
                                              ever embrace strongest feelings; true

                                              Fearless be of losing even a heartbeat
                                              always a reason; divine souls do meet
                                              forever strong; Love's most earthly feat
                                              as from above; runs solid and so deep

                                              Allow emotions to truly rise to surface
                                              fearless of jealous neighbor of distress
                                              King Kaelin; lose not sleep, over duress
                                              believe in yourself; Goddess does Bless!

                                              Katherine Marion

                                              Note how close he 'clings,' never fearful of
                                              anything .. other than feeling safe with his heart
                                              .. beautifully vulnerable to remain rooted. .with
                                               eternal blessings . that unconditional love - brings!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Believe in the Power of Love

I believe in the power of love

a heart that does share .. shows your 'own' that you care

the money you spend can be to 'no holds barred' end

Yet, the note from above - i love to send; be pure and rare!!!!

Kathrine Marion

it is pouring out of me.. gotta go to bed.. first walk pups and then, sleep
i love you,,in every divine deed - and indeed - Kindest King Kaelin


K2 Forever - 2003 Maternal Love lives on ... throughout and within ...
      Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.

I want love in every heart
I want healing of every part

I want energy to expend and share
I want ease and effort .. to dare

I want rights for all - just and fair
I want others; of themselves, to care

I want nights where no heart is bare
I want a head full of happy hair

I want days emptied of despair
I want a world - more aware

I want my Son to rise, once again
I want to soar .. on a scale of 10

I want a man who is his own God
I want a beautiful from the inside - bod

I want a baby to suckle the breast
I want a land that loves knows best

I want to be paid to see and write
I want to be host to soul's delight

I want to train my mind to empty
I want to forgive myself, entirely

I want to end suffering on Earth
I want to begin; Joy to unearth

I want to touch this flower - I am
I want to ease into ONE divine plan!!!!

With my highest intentions,
Katherine who knows what good feels like and loves to understand, thus she gives as much Love and Compassion for self and others .. as Goddess-sent ... SHE .. can
Katherine 'maid for Love' Marion

Inspired by a noteworthy post on how Jeronimo - aka Jerome on my facebook 'friends' list - does not appreciate hearing; " I want ..."
So very true - as I have often, sadly, noted
thus, my

Prayer for a new October

K2 Love Forever - 2003 - preparing Rawsome Chef & Son meal for our rawk'n client: John

  1. Goddess, bless the bright and beautiful being .. whom in holiness, lives and loves and lays down her/his own spiritual laws.
    Consciously called upon as guided by divine energies .. supernaturally- superseding. Leading only to love-swor...n lands and healing hands; embroidered and emboldened .. by timeless sands.

    Forever languishing and luxuriating in purest hearts .. outpouring,

    Katherine' maid of Love' - Marion  

  2. As excerpted from a wee poem I wrote .. on facbook, earlier