Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Really had no Idea ...

                                I really had no idea
                                for the longest while
                                that too many felt so bad
                                had lost their smile

                                I really had no concept
                                that i would be shunned
                                often i feel so very sad
                                for stupidity; stunned

                                I really had no mistrust
                                in that world, out there
                                beleiving in beauties
                                my heart lays; bare

                                I really had no intent
                                to uncover broken-hearts
                                laying want and waste
                                to my precious parts

                               I really had no frame
                               inclination for cowardice
                               maliciouisly hurt by many
                               robbing me of my palace

                               I really had no fears
                               I was not safe to speak
                               marauders were adrift
                               until pain reached peak

                               I really had no lies
                               keeping me from truth
                               brave is hopeful heart
                               no matter what .. sleuth

                               I really had no support
                               sent out in dark lands
                               broken shell set clean
                               upon healing sands

                               I really had no goal
                               of gaining notoriety
                               simply searching ..
                               for the real me

                               I really have no stake
                               in fame 'in the hiring'
                               return of innocence
                               be all i am desiring!

                              Katherine Marion


                              I have noted that wherever one goes .. others have
                              all too much to say on the topic.

                              When a heroine is alone - she has only herself to lose.

                               As she 'covers new territory; she has more to take
                               maybe even her own blessed heartbeat ...
                               that capitalized - upon by wretched others
                               precious litttle boy

                               Looking upon vast and treacherous terrain
                               of the smart-assed and ignorant-minded youtube ..
                              wasteland, again
                               finding one more slanderous vid of me
                               I can see ..
                               how vicious villians
                               hope to be vilefully - rid of magical me

                               Not to be

                               HERe to stay
                               not to play
                               at their cold hearted game
                               of calculated hits
                               cause of my pretty 'tits'
                               handsome son
                               and fit physique
                               just tells this "Amazing Mommy"
                               to hold on tight
                               just one more bite
                               of a bad taste ..
                               dished out
                               doesn't mean i have to eat it
                               nor does my child

                               inhumanity gone wild
                               Blessed are those who shine their light
                               for i shalt
                               continue shining ...
                               brave, bold and bright!!!

                              Thank you, dirty detractors..
                              Sleep well


                              Very Special K



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thelma's my Bitch

Thelma is vying for my attentions and affections - once again - July 4th, 2013

                                         Thelma's my bitch
                                      everyday without a hitch
                                   she causes another silly stitch
                                   as i watch her flail and twitch

                                       Thelma's my bitch
                               'cause of her fly'n fur; i am rich
                                she doesn't care, 'what or which?"
                                    loving me, without a hitch

                                       Thelma's my bitch
                               I watch her scratch another itch
                               mooning a dog named Mitch
                           to her, 'being in heat,' - means 'dog shit'

                                      Thelma's my bitch
                         could'a asked Santa for a poodle or Shitz
                             without her - life would be 'the pits'
                             especially, when she scratches my tits

                                      Thelma's my bitch
                         with "Puppy Love,' no room, at the Ritz
                      jumping for joy, can have it's misses and hits
                  later, tuckered out; she sure is pretty, when she sits!!!

                                   Katherine Marion


                           Focus on the positives, Katherine:

                           A new home.. that the universe brought to your furry family
                           Your first volume of poetry, newly published
                           A puppy deposit owning for the 15th of this magical month
                           Mercury in retrograde - half spun
                           New moon coming .. hard won
                           Simple math; says 'come to terms'
                           Equalizing equation; 'Love em as they squirm'
                           I am talking about pretty Pups - silly
                           watch out or i'll call the next one - "Wee willy" ..
                           named after that x .. you used to know
                           those breasts . upon his fantasies ..  did grow
                           too bad that was all . that ever did ..
                           good thing .. of selfish love - you rid
                           who are you, yourself .. to ever kid?
                           old ghost's .. ain't that easy to rid

                           a seemingly full cup ..
                           is apt to act as empty sieve
                          so, when it comes to playing
                          forget into mud .. you once slid
                          just remember to keep saying ..
                          "Funny, that piece of petrified puppy poop - i hid;
                          right behind that penthouse flower pot"
                          I may sniff .. it out
                          But clean it up - i will not!!

                         kidding ..

                         that last precious and most stinky part
                         I'd pick up doggie tirdies til i die
                         if that kept Thelma and Edward alive
                         to look to me .. with loving eye
                        well, to sleep now
                        nestled -  on our borrowed cot, they await
                        dreams of Furless Momma K
                        shall safely, soon abate

                        Agh, all over .. white sheets - they've shed
                        for resting well; will only cost in, sticky tape ..
                        to shared and blessed bed

                        Holy Doggess, can't wait
                        for my wagging ...friends
                        to lick my smiling face
                        and swat their tails against my resting head!!


                        Kat purring


Thursday, July 4, 2013

The world always looks freshest and new - when we know what we firstly need to Do!

                                                  The world always views as fresh and new
                                                  when we know what we firstly need to do

                                                  'Breaking newest ground' is readily done
                                                   with endings of inner wars, hardest 'won'

                                                   Everyone stuck in 'thick' of inner conflict
                                                   vitally, we; quick, our energies - redirect

                                                   Focusing on what we feel with resonation
                                                   allows us to no longer settle for resignation

                                                 Working in harmony with a universe; allows
                                                 rather than disenchanted with other; disavows

                                                 Letting go of what the ending is supposed to be
                                                We gain newborn eyes to lovingly look and see!

                                                Never bound by Clarity,

                                                Katherine Marion


                                               When we set an intention .. and follow through
                                                with action... taken.
                                                there is simply - no 'fak'n' necessary
                                                Thus - we are truly .. Free!




Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Katherine, you were always a Woman of Action," the Voice said to Me

                                            you were always a Woman
                                                       of Action,"

                                                  the voice said to me

                                                         I know
                                                   what to listen to

                                                     it is not you

                                            you were always a Woman
                                                      of Action,"

                                                the voice said to me

                                              of what most are miss'in

                                                 i know this be true

                                           you were always a Woman
                                                    of Action,"

                                               the voice said to me

                                                      self love
                                                 need some kiss'n

                                              soul to shine through

                                          you were always a Woman
                                                   of Action,"

                                             the voice said to me

                                                    let go
                                               sweet Sister

                                        the divine be yours to do!


                                        Katherine Marion


                                            I always KNOW when my inner
                               tongue .. is a talk'n

                             So, now i am remembering to listen - a wholesome
                             lot more.

                             Tonight, i shall ask the universe some clear and
                             concise questions ..

                            To awaken to what i have joy to really hear.

                            Watch out - almost here!!!

                            Only hanging on .. to those and that .. which
                            to my hopeful heart - is dear,






Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Family GP shared with Me

                                              Our local Vancouver  family GP shared with me
                                              from his popular, overflowing Kitsilano office
                                              smiling, after giving my Son a routine exam
                                              valuing the deep bond; so apparent between us
                                              " Katherine, I find you to be very virtuous."

                                              So many men, always stuck on' my sexuality
                                              decent to know a Doctor with own eyes to see
                                              rather than treating  me as just another orifice
                                              he accepted  up to responsibilities .. precipice
                                              Single Mom;  thankful for that man. seeing us

                                              Checked Kaelin's green eyes; "beyond 20/20"
                                               raw, vegan organic  super foods; a plenty
                                               'off the charts,' were every single test he ran
                                               checking off ,on every item on his long list
                                               nary a question did this wisest man, miss

                                              It all seemed so routine, upon that silly time
                                              our love was forever for it is of the divine
                                              didn't anticipate how others would hurt us
                                              with their hate and fear-mongering online
                                              an injustice; 'casting pearls before swine.'

                                              Kaelin; peacefully loving as i so much am
                                              never to speak ill against any person, ever
                                              growing up with this female; strong, clever
                                              for he has been loved and accepted for him
                                              never did he feel love to be unmanly or sin

                                              It hurts when i feel what's been done to us
                                              online trolls; so dark and dirty and jealous
                                              attacking innocence, trust,  and vulnerability
                                              well, my child may be a rebellious teen, now
                                              Soon, he will stand up for himself and me

                                              You don't hurt two people where it counts
                                              Love is what is lacking in such sick hearts
                                              in attempts of tearing apart our precious parts
                                              nothing else really matters, tis what amounts
                                              everything sent out, comes back to it's origin

                                              For those haters who spoke ill of me and him
                                              before; darkness into their minds, they let in
                                              no one can fill a void that is afraid of own light
                                              loving someone back to life is always alright
                                              when your not fictional Dorothy or Rin Tin Tin

                                              We are real people who've tasted hell on Earth
                                              just tell'n you, for what wounds must be worth
                                              rarely is my boy, even within my loving sight
                                              frightened him with that; mean and awful fright
                                              all will 'come clean' when the truth can be told

                                               For two old souls will not stay for too long, apart
                                               especially when they share the same loving heart
                                               with light's healing rest. both.. can soon be best
                                               can't wait to bundle up my 6 ft 2 baby K, so tight
                                               putting dirty doomsayer's under heavenly arrest!!!!

                                               Katherine Marion

                                             Well, i would say, 'that pretty much does sum it up."
                                             For now ..
                                             Since if you think. " Mom's the Word,' go buy a brown
                                             Cow and see if she'll give you chocolate milk!!!
                                            Dream on
                                            I AM




Monday, July 1, 2013

Asking More - Cause Being less . be never Free!

                                                        Asking more ..
                                                        cause 'Being of Less'
                                                        be never free

                                                        Speak my truth
                                                        'costs' in loveless life
                                                        rife with misery

                                                        Love's heart is
                                                        filled with ingenuity
                                                        Hope sets her free

                                                       Towering strength
                                                        not found cowering
                                                        True power can agree

                                                       All other than heaven
                                                       looks as a profanity
                                                       skewered as this 'reality'

                                                       Sweet Face of freedom
                                                       pimples never appear
                                                       let go of needless fear

                                                       Rested body of sanity
                                                       does appear so truly
                                                       after leaving the unruly

                                                       Lingering ashes of asses
                                                       brings to me - empathy
                                                       those too sightless to see

                                                       Rainbows created by rain
                                                       tears felt by freshest pain
                                                       feeling everything, totally

                                                       Healing wounded world
                                                       something whole and sane
                                                       being of Love- into infinity!!!!

                                                      Katherine Marion

                                                      "Nothing left to lose' is not for 'those
                                                       who snooze'
                                                       Calm and centred - this baby K
                                                       does acutely .. and ever cutely ; cruise.

                                                       If need be, her 'knee' may leave
                                                       a gently prodded bruise.

                                                      Yet, her commonsensicle offering ..
                                                       only a 'nut' living in his man-made
                                                       cell of a hard shell - would dare
                                                       to disagree

                                                      Of course , this vanity shown ..
                                                      merely his vanity - full blown.

                                                      Since before .. as such telling tides
                                                      and wretched rides .. have shown

                                                      Merely time for clowns to leave the
                                                      circus and caged Kats to find a kind
                                                      resting place and safe home!!!

                                                     As Truth always makes herself - Known,

                                                     Never to be de-clawed Kitten - far from
                                                     full grown and gorgeously to forever
                                                     selectively choose to orgasmically ..
                                                     groan and  miraculously moan!



A Modern Day Malady

                                              A modern day malady
                                              too much - convenience
                                              wretched catastrophe
                                              can't you see?

                                              A modern day malady
                                              too little - deep intimacy
                                              friendless fatality

                                              can't you see?

                                              A modern day malady
                                              hell's hollow treachery
                                              death by monied misery

                                              can't you see?

                                             A modern day malady
                                             of Divinities debauchery
                                             operating subliminally

                                             can't you see?

                                            A modern day malady
                                            mad men's lowly hearsay
                                            foul and henious Horseplay

                                            can't you see?

                                            A modern day malady
                                            'crazy-making' field day
                                            better watch what you say

                                           can't you see?

                                           A modern day malady
                                           'moneyless' made to pay
                                           blinded mice must begin to pray

                                           can't you see?

                                          A modern day malady
                                          rich man 'gets off' for free
                                          inner wealth has eyes to feel

                                          Open up yours .. to  see!!!!

                                          Hope from the Wise Crone that lives
                                          with Love - and hope for you,

                                          Sane in Sacred Territory - Katherine


                                         This newest poem .. claimed her home,
                                          as i was biking back to the one i don't
                                          have and never could possess .. even if
                                          i did.

                                         Riding uphills .. old ghosts .. i do rid.

                                        Unto fresh faces, painted ponies and pretty Peonies ,,
                                        and the wondrous 'winning' of uphill races  ..
                                        i do beautifully bid!!!

                                       Special k - everyday


Spending Canada Day all alone - with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                       Spending Canada Day
                                                       all alone
                                                       with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                      writing as love does intone
                                                      not a bone
                                                      'to pick' with heart on - roam

                                                      Spending Canada Day
                                                      all alone
                                                      with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                      nary my teen on the phone
                                                      love shown
                                                      wee boy's sweeter than grown

                                                      Spending Canada Day
                                                      all alone
                                                      with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                      creating Intention's  poem
                                                      keep glow'n
                                                      loving universe has shown

                                                     Spending Canada Day
                                                     all alone
                                                     with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                     wonder what waves are town'n
                                                     sea has sown
                                                     even freshest grass needs moving

                                                    Spending Canada Day
                                                    all alone
                                                    with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                    ill winds have done been blow'n
                                                    others groan
                                                    I'll keep gorgeously grow' n

                                                   Spending Canada Day
                                                   all alone
                                                   with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                   Beautiful boy, my nest -flown
                                                   critical life skills to now hone

                                                  Spending Canada Day
                                                  all alone
                                                  with 2 pups and 'no home'

                                                  keeping clean- Queenly throne
                                                  wise Crone
                                                  Love lives in heart - fit and tone

                                                 Spending Canada Day
                                                 all alone
                                                 with 3 pups and 'no home'

                                                 'unloved' by drivel of drone
                                                  love's loam
                                                  transform misery to majestic moan

                                                 Spending Canada Day
                                                 all alone
                                                 with 3 pups and 'no home'

                                                No earthly world need atone
                                                 be a martyr, me; FREE to roam!

                                                Katherine Marion


                                               Just as i taught by example: showing my ever
                                               rising-Son how to enter into a maze and come
                                               out safely - by beginning at 'the end.'

                                               Hope's heartfelt healing .. i do divinely send..

                                              "Amazing Mommy' to homeless or non - end