Monday, March 28, 2011

"If I was a dead bird, what would you do?" - Kaelin and his birdie - this one fell our of a tree -
and a day or so later , they both fell asleep, and only one of them awoke ...

My young son leaves his child-like plea for help upon a piece of art paper

"If i was a dead bird, what would you do?" is what he has to simply say

How many boys have plunged to untimely deaths, after sadly falling prey?

A world so caught up in yester and tomorrow, that there is not even a today.

I must forgive myself for screeching like a banshee, " I wish you were dead."

What absolute trash to be kept inside of this protective Mother's hurting head

Any clear-minded person would know that my heart was sick and tired in bed

And, something hurtful was all that my unwise self had left to immaturely say

How easy it is to get caught up in our own man-made fears of lies and abuse

So much so .. that we somehow feel justified to fling hurtful and harmful things 

Tearing apart our safe nest and pulling precious feathers from wounded wings

Forgetting the sweet music of blessed bird as he fearlessly flies high and sings

Knowing in our hearts of healing hearts, that there is certainly no justified excuse

For when we repay another, be it mother, brother, sister or own blessed child

With wicked words of a sharp-tongued heart, closed and untended and wild

We give not just cause for conscious behaviour or love upon us, that has smiled

Any parent or person that feels so unloved that they would cast stones at un-grown

In their own loveless lives, has not enough tenderness, been often enough shown 

Once we forgive ourselves and our emotions we wisely choose  to responsibly own

We are free to love ourselves and our innocent children, before death's wishes are filed!

Katherine Marion


Rather than feel sad and sorry and ashamed of my silly and irrational behaviour, I am sharing my elation in finding my son's "Help," as scribbled in his art book. With over half a dozed pairs of seeing eyes that he so wisely etched into the paper. Along with those telling words that this healing heart shall always remember: "If I was a dead bird, what would you do?"


There is a story that i am soon to share, as well .. Right after my beloved Mommy passed away, a few frightful years ago, I broke up with my rage-feuled fiance and constantly angry x for my own sanities sake. My amalgam fillings from childhood - starting falling out. My son fell in love with a wee and wounded bird. This gentle friend and my 9 year young son, hurting so ..  not able to yet, really able to voice his feelings or emotions that are still slowly awakening ... were quite "the birds of a feather." 

One day that little baby orphan fell out of a tree. Soon, to live in a box beside my son's head, at his side of the bed. Yet, mostly, within the long, blond locks of his rich, lustrous hair. Until ...

And, that is one more story .. that needs to one bold day, be so beautifully ... told. 


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Mommy came to visit

sweet dream experience 

LOVE so exquisite 

I heard her softly say

afternoon of yesterday

to STAY, that she may

From behind my door

VOICE never to ignore

not one to ever implore

"You there, Katherine?"

HEART purest and clean

dear DIVINE does deem

I FEEL her presence

that LOVING essence

 HEALER resonance

Into my HAPPY home

LOVE brought her own


Katherine Marion


Raising a teen pubescent boy, in this wounded world, does offer up many a challenge. Dealing with 'fans' that ask me the most insane questions; such as "how do you live without sex?" when they find out that i am single. Calling up the police to give them further details on the 4 abusive young males who stood below my suite and yelled out derogatory comments for 20 minutes, Sleep deprivation. Removing emotional blocks. Letting go of fears ... Gaining new insights .. Such spiritual work!

So,  upon this past afternoon, when my beloved MOMMY knocked at my door to call my name, as she once used to and I never knew that she may not, again - I went to the highest place of purest bliss.

All day and night, into this magical morn - my heart has held onto this precious treasure.

Gratitude on each and every magical realm and mysteriously mystical measure,


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Memories made of Moon-Lit Magic

This lovely lady who lived down the lane

 loves to sometimes visit, all over again

The moon is ripe with promise and hope

illuminating memories on a larger scope

That time in our life was ever bitter-sweet

dissolving shadows, newest light to peek

Those were joyous times for my son and I

creating a bond that we shall  not see  die

There will not be any other alley as dear

dreams; made into bliss, from others fear

This is all that counts in one's shortest life

knowing we can transform, beyond strife

Then, we found one another; making whole

now, forever lives a sweet and soaring soul

This feels like  the most perfect  place to be

happiness; our home; rising Son and Mommy!

Katherine Marion


First,  I am giving my Goddess-sent gratitude to the hopefully romantic man who came into my life at this near - tragic time ... 'Sir Antoni' gave me his heart and the gift of this Canon EOS digital, so many brightest moons ago. Making one more prettiest poem and picture of my loving life - POSSIBLE!

Secondly, I am grateful to have been invited into our x-landlady - Dianne's living room,  and fed a rawsome meal, with Kaelin, a few months ago, after finally getting up the nerve to knock at her front door. After aching to do so ..for the last many yearning years.

Thirdly, I am grateful to the Ministry of Children and Families, for finally being persuaded by all .. that they had made a hellish error, in taking my shining son - in the first pain-stricken place. Yet, at the same torrid time, forcing me to move myself into better alignment, in order to welcome my Son home to my happiest open heart.

Mostly, I am grateful to my bright and brilliant boy, who was taken by the government, from his magical Mommy, at the tender ago of 8 - a week before Xmas. For 7 soul-molesting months, he endured beyond the realm of what any sweetest spirit should ever be asked to endure. He is the truest hero - for Supernatural sure!!!!

Lastly, I am grateful that I kept believing ...which brought our cottage in Marpole into fateful fruition. Helping to settle my mind into a calmer space - where I would remember how to receive and literally 'change the winds of time' as I healed and allowed Truth to be revealed.


Daughter of the moon - Katherine


Soon, our other computer will be working .. in order to upload this recent photo, that I was blessed to capture - close to magical midnight. Can't wait to share ...

Thank for your patience.

Monday, March 7, 2011

If You Think I'm TinkerBell ...

If you think I'm TinkerBell

you're not too early to join wee Peter and Wendy in hell

If you think I'm Madame Curie

you'd better wait for your own pounding .. of cure

If you think I'm Katherine The Great

you're by far, for this fair Maid Marion, way too late

If you think I'm Supernatural Woman

you've got a lot of healing to do- silly,young man

If you think I'm Rawsome Chef

you've still got a lotta work to do on yourself

If you think I'm your Mommy

you're still stuck inside someone else's fat ummy

If you think I'm Mother Theresa with tits

you're in for some holy, wholesome, homey grits

If you think I'm here for you to abuse

you're the unholy one I will do more than to accuse

If you think I'm here to at all, disregard

you've already lost your balls in my yummy yard

If you think I'm here to sit pretty and show off

you're the dummy doll, with only heart - turned hard

If you think I'm a Goddess Great

you'd better save your saliva, since your gonna salivate

If you think I'm here to empower myself and others

you've earned my respect; honoured Sisters and Brothers!

Katherine Marion

And, more ...

When and how and because I FEEL LIKE IT!


Now, how do you feel?

Join my blog as a wonderful way of giving your thanks .. and feel free ( I AM ) to post your positive commentary .

And, Share, Share, Share ...


Goddess-sent and Heaven-bent,

Very Special K


I AM a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign Rights

never be BE undone

I AM speaking it as I so un-blinded see "IT"

this blessed ONE

I AM a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign rights

never to BE undone

I AM eating what my own light feeds ME


I AM a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign Rights

never to be un-done

I AM entering a new world of MY OWN


I AM a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign Rights

never to Be un-done

I AM creating MAGIC in my HAPPY HEART


I AM  a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign Rights

never to Be un-done

I AM everything I ever Dreamed and Believed


I am a POWER-HOUSE of Sexy, Sovereign Rights

never to Be un-done



Katherine Marion


Just call it:

"The Goddess Chronicles" ...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Witnessing Innocence Gone Mad

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

One clearly insane - society

lost souls - born to be true and  free

 I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Raising a young, teenage son

surrounded by misogyny - single mom

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Abused by a community

unable to self-govern, accordingly

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Giving unconditionally

as trauma heaps heavily upon me

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

My heart bleeds, profusely

for moral fibers, woven loosely

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Gaining new momentum

learning to love this most beloved one

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Losing sight of losers in my midst

stepping beyond, where idiot's pissed

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Finding myself atop the heap

my sanity I choose to eternally keep

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Starved for real love in unreal world

  knuckle sandwiches, finger unfurled

I am so very sad

witnessing innocence gone mad

Writing the wrongs of injustice

For it be only Truth that does persist!

Katherine Marion


Talk about a tale of transformation!

Wonder What Their Parents Will Say ...?

Wonder what their parents will say

when I tell them what happened, yesterday?

Wonder what their parents will think

after I share boys offenses - worthy a blink?

Wonder what their parents will do

as I recount video-taped deeds, all through?

Wonder how their parents will feel

watching 4 'sweet 'boys' actions - unreal?

Wonder how their parents will behave

discovering indiscretion's sick son's crave?

Wonder how their parents will choose

to discipline abuse, with honor to lose?

Wonder how their parents will re-act

as they hear; out of young mouth's - crap?

Wonder how their parents will proceed

with legal papers they may soon, receive?

Wonder how their parents will speak

to once innocent children; a wild streak ..?

Wonder how their parents will sleep

knowing ill company each does keep?

Wonder how their parents will proceed

with sexist injustices that they did leave?

Wonder how their parents  will protect

lost boys from fears they already project?

Wonder how their parents shall rule

after discovering actions enacted, so cruel?

Wonder how their parents shall process

a single mothers abuse, trauma and duress?

Wonder how their parents shall prevail

raising brutal boys in a torn ship, set sail?

Wonder how their parents shall succeed

tasting wounds fallen from spoiled seed?

Wounder what their parents may perceive?

All I know is that in LOVE - I firmly believe!

Katherine Marion


What do you do when you receive 4 obscene calls from 3 Chinese youth?

And, to boot .. you 'catch them in the act' from your bedroom window ...

So, what if you already called "911" and began filing your legal statement.

Within the broken frame-work of this over-worked and undervalued, society, there are simply - no

follow-up procedures ...

So, what is a single mother to do?

Well, how is this - for starters!


How Young Do you Have To Be Before You Begin a Life of Misogyny?

How young do you have to be

before you begin a life of misogyny?

Where do you go after you abuse

a Woman with your fears, profuse?

Who deserves to be called any name

thanks to small minds, already insane?

What rights have I to further protect

myself; from ignorance that they project?

Why would any heart hurt another

especially that of a loving mother?

When will sick societies children

be accountable for abusive infraction?

Katherine Marion


I was shaking when i called the police.

The abusers were a mere 13 years old.

Videotaped from my bedroom, as they rallied beneath my windows, calling me - incessantly on my home phone - and leaving disgusting messages, that no parent would be glad to receive or know that their blessed children had left another loving mother.

Today, is the day after ..

And, i am reeling.

Then, again - to write about this civil abuses is far better and braver than to rail against a sick society in the far from magical making.

That these 4 - once upon a time, innocent children - young abusers find themselves allowed to make to a kind and loving soul, who mas already been hurt way beyond measure.

Thus, these series of poems and letters I so solemnly swear to write  - with purest pleasure.

Besides, it hurts to much .. to eat the pain.

Guess, I will share ..

Besides, it is an awfully big poo pie!


Something Worse .. than Fear?

What is worse than fear?


For at least with fear - you can work through it - go beyond .. to catch up with courage.

With apathy, you never go or get anywhere or anyone - worthwhile.

So sorry am I that all too many are stuck .. with no courage, plenty of fears and a life filled with very little joy - merely an abundance of apathy.

Not I.

And, now you are gonna see ...




Even if what woes keep me up .. awake at night, i would be woefully remiss to miss out on my sovereign responsibility to speak my voice and allow the truth to be known - by name.

Next, to list their names ..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Questions One Needs to Ask Oneself

What can I easily go without

to sometimes, only - miss?

How long can I live insanely

neglecting highest self, mainly?

Where will I ever find truth

if lying lips I only choose kiss?

Who will I ever be of no matters

for all the times I see as wasted?

When am I allowed back inside

regretful mind that does only hide?

Why do I hurt my head to worry

with all beauty my heart has tasted!

Katherine Marion


To rest, walk int the woods, drop my woes in a deep ditch and touch all that is really, honestly and forever blessed and truly good!

Walking in The HEALING WOODS

Walking in the healing woods

saying "good-bye" to all the Should's

Walking  in the healing woods

never to meet, again, those awful "Could's"

Walking int he healing woods

the end of eternity for those other "Would's"

Walking in the healing woods

start of a new life, shining light upon all Good!

Katherine Marion


How easy it is to get 'off the track'

our mind plays games and we buy right into it

so terribly easy to fall and tip

Much better to let go and allow

our bodies move and our heads empty

heart's open and love is plenty!


How Many Times

How many times have we wallowed in the filthy stench of self pity?

To see a face looking back at us .. that is the furthest thing from pretty

How many times have we blamed all, rather than own responsibility?

Waiting for something to happen outside of ourselves is plain crazy

How many times  have we obsessed over something that is nothing?

Holding onto the physical realm can cause even a bee to lose his sting

How many times have we lost ourselves when someone later found us

Clutching the past, tainting the future, and of today, making such a fuss?

How many times have we closed our hearts because of our silly mind

Fear is what makes a good clock that once worked, so terribly unwind

How many times have we stopped being who we truly want to be?

As everything inside of us screams out that we are meant to be Free!!!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes we can re-invent ourselves to many times over

that we never felt further away from the truth

or hellishly older

Sometimes we can lie to ourselves better than anyone else

so good is our ultimate self-deception

we might as well be our own evil elf

Sometimes we can make our bed and choose to stand alone

the ultimate truth lays waiting

ready to accept us and finally bring us home!


River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

once you fall in

you may never

get out, again

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

slowly drowning

as if to get lost

your only aim

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

pretending as if

every thing is

always the same

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

staring at yourself

just some old

burnt- out flame

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

while  life floats by

you lay trapped

yourself to defame

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

mind of your own

stuck old tape

such a bitter shame

River of Pain

never an easy one

to try and tame

joy floating by

lost your chance

what price be fame?

Katherine Marion


A heavy price we may pay if we choose not to flow .. with 'the tides of time.'

Trust me, i do know

For, i do not always feel so fit, fantastic and fine!


Mirror's placed outside of us

do often deceive

what never lies

within .. only to believe.