Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Little Girl

Little girl, it doesn't matter if they sent you to bed
without any dinner
Don't you ever doubt that you are the real winner.

Little girl, it doesn't matter if almost everyone has
shut the gate on you
Don't you ever believe that your heart is not true.

Little girl, it doesn't matter if you want someone to
love you so very bad
Don't you ever stop feeling good, kind, and glad

Little girl, it doesn't matter if no one feeds you much
love or encouragement
Don't you forget that you are an Angel, God sent!

Katherine Marion
written, now - cause that is all
i  AM.

A Goddess-sent reason .. to be ' Amazing'

2006 - After saving .. my Mommy in P.G. i traveled back home to Vancouver, with Sir Antoni
and my Baby Super K - this is a brief sweet spot/stop near 100 Mile House, to refuel my Supernatural soul

The reason i must synergistically succeed
is that of me; faltering others have need
The reason i am a feminine-fueled success
is that i am more under-rated, that undressed
The reason I will purposely,purely progress
is that what they want is what I know to express
The reason I am so sublimely Supernatural
is that I am merely one multi-faceted fractual

The reason I am gaining magical momentum
is that i am the greatness of the grandest sum
The reason i will focus only on the positives
is that i am majorly motivated by superlatives
The reason i am more 'over the top' than most
is that of the Town Talk, party; always 'the toast'
The reason i must see only my cherished light
is that within me; is absolution for societal plight!
Fresh, new poem - inspired by this empowering quoted by a magical music man 
who knows what a real woman .. is consciously composed of ..



As per inspired by reading this brilliant quote; 

“If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy. ... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

My Spirit's Bigger .. than even .. death threats!

2005  At our Cozy Cottage in Magical Marpole 

My spirit's bigger than both my breasts 
That's a whole lotta extra .. luscious breath's

My spirit's bigger than those pesky pests
That's a wholesome lotta devil's death's

My Spirit's bigger than troupes of trolls, online
That's a wicked lotta lemons' turned to wine

My Spirit's bigger than a tossed coin in light
That's a wondrous lotta universe, to ignite!!!!

Katherine Marion

Fresh poem - inspired
written just now - with twinkling city lights
outside my window
Soon to fly outside .. and run along the calmest
seas, with puppy love .. and guardian Angels .
up .. above!!

Always Speak the Truth

There was a long ago time
when my light did not shine

I was told to keep so quiet
Now, I am refusing to buy it

Before when I was young
I'd been extremely stung

I grew to mistakenly think
It was never float, just sink

Sometimes i still get scared
Liars whom not ever cared

Knowing cowards helped
for times i have not yelped

Each silent scream unheard
Choose spread a wiser word

Speaking up is not talking back
Owning your power; just that!!!

Katherine Marion 
Written just now - with the rain at my ears ..
falling .. as melting tears.
No more darkest fears.

No more darkest fears.
My heart's 'the One' who truly .. hears!
When you cleanse your soul
Words .. appear .. as warm hugs
to make you whole!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

" And the day came .. '

 ' And the day came when the risk to remain 
tight in a bud was more painful than the risk
it took to blossom.'   Anais Nin 
Lone wise women gave me this quote
years ago, as before; genius wrote

Ever buried.. in others muck, then
Now, i don't bother to ask,' When?'

Stuck it on my fridge for years, i did
never would i hope to ever get rid

Relegated to a storage box, now
Seeking no applause, i take my bow.

Katherine Marion
written 9;58 Wed, Jan 22, 2015

Self Confidence

Self confidence
not left to .. providence

Self esteem
nary some lowly dream

Self worth
never simply mirth

Self realization
Heartfelt .. visualization.

Katherine Marion
written 9; 50 p.m.
Wed, Jan 22, 2015


' Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage.'
Anais Nin 

' Mirror, Mirror on the wall..'

' Mirror, Mirror, on the wall ..
Who's the biggest liar of all?"
'Real men, 'stand up, so tall
Loved baby; no need to ball

'Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Who's the biggest liar of all?'
Before you walk, first crawl
Old woman; naught shawl

'Mirror, Mirror , on the wall
Who's the biggest liar of all?\
No truth found at the mall
'Bad boys,'caught in the hall

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who's the biggest liar of all?"
Be sure to dress'em like a doll
Sure look good ..fore they fall!


written Wed, Jan 22, 2015 at 9: 35 pm


We don't see things as they are, we see things
as we are.'

Anais Nin 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Never Wait ..

Never wait ..
for anyone or thing

Go and get it
whatever .. it takes

Letting go ..
to bury your fears

' Go out on a limb'
Learn to swim!

katherine marion


Jonathon Winters 

p.s. Thus inspired .. when i read this, today. 
Sorry, no image file .. coming up. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Larger .. than Life.

35 years young and pregnant .. or soon to be. with my beloved boy King Kaelin.

I AM Rawk'n .. the boat, Baby!!!

In my early 50's .. here! Not 19 .. 50. Nope, it is 60 - the year. And within 5 years that one ,. too, will be right, near. Raw, Vegan,  Live food chef/artist .. here. 
I am
rawk'n the boat
Don't mean maybe
I am
not the rock
Don't b.s. me
I am
a churning sea
Don't mean fraidy

I am
not the lock
Don't lie to me
I am
the supernatural key
Don't think tiny
I am
not the coward
I am
one rawsome reality
Don't tread lightly
I am not the 'lazy'
I am
courageous of heart

Don't vilify me

I am
not the loser
I am
keeper of the faith
Don't vilify me
I am
not dead, yet
I am loving myself
Don't resent me
I am
the real, raw deal
katherine marion

So much more simple .. when we envision .. love/success - on a molecular level .. we arise .. to any supernatural .. occasion.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Puppies Make me LAUGH

July 2013  -  PRINCE Edward and Momma Kat - Kerrisdale Community Gardens

                      Puppies make me laugh
                      Drinking water from my tub
                      when i take one healing bath

                      Puppies make me laugh

                      'Pooped,' yes,more than once
                       Can't they stop; 'Do the math?'

                       Puppies make me laugh

                       Sweet sister and brother pair
                      '2 holes' don't  make a half.'

                       Puppies make me laugh

                       If not for unconditional love
                       I'd surely be that Sylvia Plath

                       Puppies make me happy

                       Laying on our familial bed
                       Right here; beside only me

                      Puppies make me happy

                      Scrambling for their wee ball
                      diving right into swollen sea

                      Puppies make me happy

                      Edward lifts his another leg
                      to take royal, umpteenth pee

                      Puppies make me happy

                      Thelma growls at baby bro
                      she feels pangs of jealousy

                      Puppies make me aware

                      of what is real and then, not
                      Life is when you do and dare

                      Puppies make me aware

                      prioritizing shows all of us
                      what is worthwhile to share

                     Puppies make me aware

                     no 'time; divided' with two
                     undivided attention; only fair

                     Puppies make me aware

                     all is equal in love, 'not war'
                     no arms or grudge to bear

                     Puppies make me playful

                     no one can live the best life
                     until they've won a bone pull

                     Puppies make me playful

                      setting ourselves free - today
                      everyone is happy, letting go

                     Puppies make me playful

                     After a big, brave adventure
                     our mood is always tranquil

                     Puppies make me playful
                     Before you go to bed, tonight
                     Ensure you order a 'handful!'

                    Katherine Marion


                   I've been 'on my own, ' with our
                   loving Labs since Halloween; 2 1/2
                   years ago.

                  A gift for my Son's 16th Birthday
                  April 4th, 1996 - Oh, where did
                  ' My first miracle,' go?

                  Thelma and Edward have learned
                   to 'lay low,' since we 'live our lives'
                   on the Go ..

                   Does anyone care to ask or know
                   that when JOY is shared with another
                   all..  truly grow!

                  Momma Kat



A HUG is enough to LIVE on

This particular hug; The day of my Son; KAELIN''s 16th Birthday, almost 3 years ago -when his Lab puppy, Edward chose him - All too soon   .. that following Halloween,  my child was gone ..

                       A hug's enough to live on
                       Big hole
                       where the sun once shone

                       A hug's enough to die with
                       Small hand
                       who's heart's kiss i miss

                       A hug's enough to live by

                       Huge wound
                       where others tried to ruin

                       A hug's enough to end by

                       Tiny footprint
                       whom no devil shalt defy

                        A hug's enough to live for

                        Giant leap
                        for faith to not keep score

                        A hug's enough to keel over

                        Wee heartbeat
                         sweet as field of clover

                        A hug's enough to live for

                        Loving touch
                        at divinities open door

                        A hug's enough to dream of

                        Kind embrace
                        made of life-saving stuff!

                        Katherine Marion


i GOT new HAIR!

                          I got new hair
                          aught not to care

                          Bo's work place
                          his smiling  face

                         My birthday gift
                         a paradigm shift

                         Felt good, alright
                         that other night

                        At Sebastion One
                        had so much fun

                         In Wall Center
                        glad I went there

                        Sitting playfully
                        set myself  free

                        'Trim' and 'Style'
                        'let go,' that while

                         Made that call
                         stood brave, tall

                         Just my wish
                         Didn't cost a kiss

                         Shown some love
                         'Creator, '  above

                        Touched by a man
                        Who said, ' I can'

                        Named his salon
                        after his first Son

                        My son's first cut\\
                        at 4; sat right up

                        We go way back
                        Can't keep track

                        Thank you, friend
                        one less.. split end!!

                       Katherine Marion



                       Just a silly ditty - feel'n pretty.



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

if you smell a Rose .. laying on the sidewalk

If you smell a Rose
laying on the cold sidewalk

Realize that it
is too late to simply pick

Trust that life
given was not at all in vain

Know you may
not meet this beauty, again

If you see the dawn
leaving bright evening sky

Understand that she
may have to go away to die

Believe her when told
'work' is not just for her to do

Soon to be fast gone
hers;be not; for far too long

If you feel a Butterfly
losing a wing to drop down

Stop to help her, then
before she takes final bow

Show; purest you; under-skin
Feel her softness; settling in

Well beyond worn out
Torn; without shadow of doubt

If you note Mother Moon
forgetting to so brightly shine

Ensure you bathe yourself
By light that is only of thine

Look up to her with trust
Allow to catch hallowed breath

Know that quickly past life
solemnly moves that of death.

Katherine Marion

I have shared on more day; alone
not to yet have left our new home

Writing my feelings in my journal
i begin to cry with an inner inferno

Tears musn't be held,ever, at bay
what else can Goddess try and say?

Loneliness for like, wears you down
a dead clown, wears no one's frown.

If Louise Hay & Byron Katie had a Baby ..


                     If Louise Hay and Byron Katie
                     had a Baby

                     It .. would be Me

                     13 years ago, first was when
                     Sam Graci

                     said as much Me

                     This morn, awakening to warmth
                     of each puppy

                     tucked up against Me

                     I knew something had changed
                     to now, be free

                     indelibly within Me

                    Now, to position my highest self
                    heart/wounded knee

                   To 'model' as best can Be

                    Fully accepting my spirituality
                    growing increasingly
                    Evolving into sacred Me.

                    Entering closer/ rapturously
                    accept; majestically

                    Highest form of Me

                   Devoting self; most optimally
                   mayhem, magic; mostly

                   Salvation found by Me.

                  Katherine Marion



Someone asked me, yesterday ..

Someone asked me yesterday
how many men i had slept with in the past 10 years
I am wild of purposeful heart
although the pact i made with the universe is more true
of me had to go 'out with the old'
for of what happened; i am not merely the grand, sexy sum
I see far more clearly with Third Eye
there is no reason to any further 'giveth unto' or keep score
loved ones once lay in a bed with me
with that much pure love i could happily hang from a tree
Lives .. is the expected life expectancy
of the average Kat- way beyond; did i ever quickly arrive
is 'sex' in German, i learned long ago
guess too much taboo material .. taught me those silly tricks
should be a place we create of self
a person space that we can feel safe to call our own Heaven
does not have to be something you did
in spite of mine torrid past; for my future i can barely await
may be a movie Bo Derek was watched; in
I know that this is the only Now .. i get; for that was only; 'then.'

Katherine Marion
No one really seemed to stop .. to bother and tell me, ' i was more'\
Good thing .. my inner Truth, i choose nary longer anymore .. ignore.
Fresh as sweet grapes - special K - upon her birthing day - week
\going strong' and knowing that she is safe to sing her sacred song!
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p.s. as 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

YOU hold up YOUR SIDE .. of the Bridge ..and I'LL hold up.. MINE!


k2 Forever - pic is a bit grainy .. yet, we shall always remain - fine-tuned!!!

      You hold up your side of the bridge ..
       I'll hold up - mine

      You hold up your side of the bridge
       we'll do fine

      You hold up your side of the bridge
       all will be sublime

      You hold up your side of he bridge
      'works .. every blessed time'

     You hold up your side of the bridge
      I'll hold up - mine

     You hold up your side of the bridge
     we will align

     You hold up your side of the bridge
      auld lang signe

     You hold up your side of the bridge
     could be - over The Rhine

     You hold up your side of the bridge
      I'll hold up - mine

      You hold up your side of the bridge
      we will only shine

      You hold up your side of the bridge
      let's count to 99

      You hold up your side of the bridge
      loving .. ain't no crime

     You hold up your side of the bridge
      I'll hold up - mine

     You hold up your side of the bridge
     we art . divine

     You hold up your side of the bridge
     stay out of your mind

    You hold up your side of the bridge
     Walk across .. Son; always mine!!


     We know .. who this gem .. is for.