Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rollerblading Teen & X-Bathing Beauty Queen

                            Rollerblading teen

                        x- bathing beauty queen

                         Sharing deepest love


                       two Angels from above

                      Pubescent boy of fifteen


                       skin of coconut cream

                      Bombshell of fifty-one


                       shining as Mother Sun

                       Goddess' gift is her child


                       Free to be true and wild

                       Honouring one another


                      Hearts of Son and Mother


                      Light fills happy heart


                      Divinity shalt not depart!

                      Katherine Marion


                     Today, after 11 hours outside and
                      'on the rawk'n road,' my brave
                      brilliantly shining gem, was pooped!

                     Crawling up to my lawn-space that
                     I so fondly refer to as 'the beach," my
                     tuckered out teen, took his place on the
                     burned out grass and rested his sorry ass.

                    Oops, couldn't resist .. It rhymed.

                    As Kaelin slept, his mommy snapped a
                    supernatural series of self portraits.

                    Hope you like ..

                     I do.



                    At least I had him remove his helmut, before
                    he lay his head down upon the cold ground,
                    for two hours, to enjoy a much deserved
                    end of summertime rawk'n rest!


Chantelle Lingerie from La Jolie Madame

Last night, after a wearing day ... i enjoyed a healing bath of Himalayan crystals and essential oils.

Deciding that I would like to get a little 'dolled up,' for all the pain I have been put through .. especially recently, raising a teen homeschooler in a lonely big city, I wisely donned my new and only once worn .. gorgeous white lacy Chantelle Brassier, purchased fro me at La Jolie Madame, in the Pacific Centre mall.

The last time that a sexy bra and panties was purchase for me at this same nfamous La Jolie .. was when i hosted my very popular tv/web/radio show at - "Katherine & Friends.' My boss, BoB Mackin was so peeved off at me, since he had to pay the extravagant sum for my lingerie, to have me walk on Georgia Street, in front of our swanky studio address, for a promo that he chose to pay me not enough for .. Watch out, we wise woman, have our wanton ways, whenever and however we can .. go about getting what we need. Not just what 'they want.'


So, if this is what it takes for an overwhelmed and often undervalued 'aging bombshell' of 51 years young and youthful, to feel good, so that she can go shopping at sexy underthings .. style, at her local Whole Foods, for close to $300.00 in organic fare, then so be tIT!

Feel'n 'Great' - all over!!!!

With boundless energy and a couple of durable bra straps,

katherine in truth and telling,



As SEXYerpted from my - photo's page, where i originally posted this tit bit, a short and shirtless while ago. 


Please pass your positive comments, over, my magical way. And, thanks for joining my babe of a bold and brilliant blog!!!!

Raw and Real at Whole Foods

Last enchanted evening, my almost 6 ft RAW'k star - wearing so wondrously .. . the fancy gentleman's hat he loves to don, and his magical Momma K -  dining while standing up .. at Whole Foods in Vancouver, B.C.

Trying out a few supernatural samples of the tastiest "cheesy cheddar" vegan, raw kale chips that you would ever dream of devouring.

We always have so much fun shopping for the right and real things .. in luscious life!

With love and lightness of being,

Special MOMMA k


Excerpted from my new uploaded photo's and divine description, last night - on


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Flirty, Dirty Dancing ...

                    I've danced on stage with Chris Isaac
                            left with "drumstick 'to go"
                                    in my cleavage
                               Doug and The Slugs
                                 on their speakers
                  floating on a yacht to the San Juan Islands

                          Panty-less at  Pelican Bay
                             Granville Island Hotel
                        where some seemed to notice ...

                             "Pricks on Dicks"
                       which i love to call 'Richards'
                           one more 'old haunt'

                      Men worshipping at my feet
                           like falling dominoes
                              with me, on top!

                       Women ache for my secret
                            of hidden sexuality
                           and how to let loose

                            All I can fairly say
                          that even at almost 52
                     keep remembering how to play!

                           Katherine Marion


You gotta keep it fresh and fab and maintain your
finess of mind, body and spirit.

Not an easy call ..

Especially in this day and age.

A good reason to change one's lifestyle.. if need be.

The foremost responsibility we have to our
blessed selves, is to be happy.

Sometimes, we forget what makes us smile
and how to allow ourselves to be filled
with joy.

Good reason to turn on some favourite
tunes and just DANCE ..


Besides, there is so much energy that needs
to move .. through us.

Like a current that
short circuits if we do not allow 'it' to transform.

Beyond understanding ...  or the linear mind, is a
clearer picture.

The subconscious knows all ..


Moving to the music inside of Magical Me,



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunging into Lusciousness ....

Pushing To Victory

Laying on my Back was never So Much Fun ...

           Laying on my back was never so much fun

                making me the fit and fabulous one

           Spreading one's legs should be real work
                  positive energy is all I choose exert

            Breathing in as I fill my lungs with breath

                  putting my muscles to ultimate test

            Building muscle as I push weight overhead

                 oxygenation allowing body to be fed

             Creating a rhythm with my innermost me

                  being the best woman I can now be

              Letting go of that which I no longer need

                  highest vibrations;  upon which to feed

              Light energy source; lifting heaviest iron

                 gym girl transforms into muscled siren

               Boundless energy compares to one other
                 go and guess; " 51 year young Mother!"

                Katherine Marion


               After a power bike ride to the gym, last
               eve, I spend a good half hour - enjoying
              an intense leg workout.

               There's nothing I appreciate more, than
               a great set of 'gams."

                Guess that goes for others who may stop
                to stare at magical me.

                Therefore, I suppose that I shall free to
                 continue to work out ..

                Until I am 103!



                This particular picture, .. I snapped at
                last night's weight training session.

                Working with 125 lbs on each side of
                heavy bar, the Inverted Leg Press
                was my first machine of choice, as I
                begin my fitness routine.

                All uphill .. from here on, in ....

" I Am A Magnet Attracting My Highest Self!" - And, 'proof' of it!

Dear Ariella,

Such a beautiful name!

If I had given birth to a daughter .. I was going to name her "Aurora," which had 'come' to me. Rather, i gave birth to "Kaelin." And, there is another incredible story to go with this lovely and befitting name, that suits my son, so very well.

Who knows, maybe I shall be gifted with a daughter, still ...?  And, you will help to birth her. Such a joyful experience this would so beautifully be. Absolutely making up for my first 'natural birth,' where The Women's Hospital," pumped me full of poisons and 3 epidural's, even though I had specifically requested a 'drug free' birthing events. All and everyone .. was not in alignment, at that tumultuous time in my life. I have developed a greater sense of clarity, thanks to that arduous  34 hour labour and 1 hr and 20 minutes birth - 'leaning curve', purer lifestyle and clearer vision. 

Right ow, my 15 year young teen is drinking his daily drink and 2nd .. glass of power sprouted seeds and nuts and .. by "Garden of Life." A growing and almost 6 ft young man, needs constant nourishment .. on all energetic levels.

So, did you do a bit of reading on me and my lifestyle, beliefs, and way of being?
 Feels like it. 

Your letter reads as a very comfortable 'fit' to be sure. And, both Kaelin and I would adore sharing space and love with a genuine family - not to mention, precious little darling girl. My boy has always loved children; he is like the perfect version of the friendliest Pied Piper. 
More like the Friendliest Teenage Giant!

Raising my son raw and real, has been met by many challenges, outside of our loving life. Trust me, you raise your sweet girl this wondrous way, you will be so delighted and she shall be all the more delightful.

We look forward to seeing you in December. After I receive my upcoming Teachers Yoga Certification, which begins in December, and finalizes, the same month that you arrive in Vancouver, we will be moving into a new and bigger space. Possibly meeting you, shall be one more consciousness-raising catalyst. With your own certification, already, and our other shared passions and truths .. who knows what we are able to co-create .. together. You and I -need to talk, for sure.

Now, my son - prepares a warm and un-cooked mushroom miso soup, before we spend some family time, together. After spending 3 hours at an evening summer camp - - The Lyceum - studying "The Merchant of Venice," 

Tomorrow, he travels to a local Youth Centre, where he will be biking with a group of mid-teens around the gorgeous Stanley Park Seawall, for a few hours. Afterwards , he sets off for his third 3 hr stint at Christianne's un-schooing 'school,' for his third evening with the 3 or so evening of learning about Shakespearean literature, playing 'Bananagram," being fed organic peaches, blueberries, tea and nuts. Yum.

I have my son starting Taikwondo, this week. Some much needed inner- discipline in the magical making - 3 x minimum, per week. Can't wait .. The studio is locally situated and privately run by a very mindful Korean black belt master, and his wife/accountant -who also has her own red belt. 

Kaelin will soon to taking Friday classes at, here in Vancouver. I spend a lot of 'time' searching and seeking out the perfect social interactions, stimuli and learning environments for my growing and glowing love-child. The rest .. is up to him.

I am really eager to find out more of yummy you and your sweet source of joy - Aya.

Our dream is to build our own Cob or Straw Bale home. We have already begun designing our humble earth abode. 

And, now with my yoga, I shall be combining my nutrition and raw foods knowledge, experience and wisdom. And, creating a Supernatural studio to work from and play in. Kaelin will have his own studio room, allowing him to be free to bring in other homeschoolers that we are connecting with - I sagely suggest that you get on their email list. 

We are un-schooling with and Suzanne Gregory is our contact. - even though we have never met her.

Many purest plans and highest intentions 'in the works.'

Fascinating - this enchanted evening, biking back from my one hour bike ride and wee 30 minutes of a leg workout at the community centre gym, Albert Schweitzer's son's  ( we met at a healing seminar - years ago ) positive affirmation: came to me. " I am a magnet attracting my highest self." 

And, here we are, dear Ariella ...

Supernaturally so, 

With love, lightness, and laughter -happily ever after, 



Kaelin now slurps his spicy homemade soup, writes his positive affirmations of 8 neatly printed pages, and listens to his favourite radio show: "Sherlock Holmes."  Sweet.


After sucking back the remains of my son's Green Goddess-sent smoothy, from this morning, I am readying to prepare an early morning batch of fermented Kats Hot Flax Crax, which I shall be marketing in the near future. 


Since I am noting that you do own a raw, vegan pie company, we have even more to divinely discuss. I am going to check out your url and maybe you can ship some pies over to Canada - ? 

 I can just 'see' your lovely hear-beat preparing personalized  baby Love Pies for her "Amazing Mommy,"- as my very own happiest heart, loves to call me.

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 8:20:23 PM
Subject: Supernatural Sanctuary

Dear Katherrine,

I read about your intentions & interests at

We have so much in common!!  I wonder if you have time we could skype
to meet & talk about our wishes for parenting & living & community.

My name is Ariella, I am 29 years & living in Amsterdam since 3 years,
though American.  My daughter Aya is 17 months & my aim is intuitive,
respectful, natural mothering.  I have separated from Aya's father &
the 2 of us are seeking a natural lifestyle of growing our own food,
eating raw food (we now eat 90% raw with some exceptions sometimes)...
nutrution is top priority for me.  I own a raw vegan pie company & I also earn money teaching kundalini & hatha yoga
& practising a divine alignment therapy which utilizes rebirthing
amongst other things.  I have thought some about Aya's education.  She
loves to socialize & is very outgoing & happy... I like to frame my
approach  maybe as in 'how to think like leonardo davinci' which is
really just  engage the senses & awareness about nurturing her natural

That's just a bit of info, I would love to share more.  I am in USA
until 15 September, then I hope to visit Vancouver either in December
or April.

With peaceful & Joyful regards & tremendous gratitude for your being!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Rose .. Knows!

                                  This Rose

                                 she knows

                                 which way

                             the breeze blows ...

                                  This Rose

                                  she grows

                                   to play
                            with sunshine's toes

                                   This Rose

                                   she goes

                                    as may

                              love forever grows

                                   This Rose

                                   she flows

                                    to lay

                            where Nature chose!

                           Katherine Marion


                       Even though I posted this pretty new pic that my
                       shining Son-rising shot .. a few days ago, I am
                       writing the prose, just now.

                      After the most incredibly chaotic day or so, with my
                       testosterone-fueled son, taking off with his laptop, to
                      come home, at 12:30 am - to tell me that he had been
                      physically assaulted at the river, I was in need of
                      soulful resurrection.

                      Spending hours at The Vancouver Childrens Hospital
                      in Emergency, with police escorts and probing doctor's,
                      really can send your senses spinning ...

                     Good thing, I remained grounded, alert and grateful.

                     Our children are our blessings and sometimes seem and
                     'feel' to be .. our greatest woe. Yet, a real Rose does surely
                     know what the heart does whisper .. All is well in a world
                     filled with gratitude for the gentler parts of the whole.

                     After all, and before else .. we must divinely remember that even
                     though those ghastly thorns may cut and slice us wide open ..
                     we are free to things, people and circumstances as we choose.

                     Stand tall and mighty, whilst you so wisely mell the fragrance
                     of each and every prickly rose.

                    What have you got to lose?



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon Over Vancouver ...

                                      Full moon
                                 guiding me home

                                    Full moon

                              lighting the unknown

                                   Full moon

                              our powers to own

                                  Full moon

                             rapture does roam ...

                           Katherine Marion
                  ( to be re-done,


                           What a way to focus ...

                           Simply look upwards,
                           towards your own personal

                          And, yee shall find - the sublime!


                          Ever so gratefully, I snapped this
                          pretty pic, as Kaelin and I were
                          pedalling over the Burrard Street
                          Bridge, after a wonderful afternoon
                          and evening, well spent, at Jericko
                          Beach, this past and precious

                          We were off to meet up with
                          our 76 year young friend, Freeda -
                          since we had invited her to watch
                          "Grease" on the big screen, in Coal
                          Harbour, where we once did live!

                          Later, we would bike over this same
                          serene setting. The moon seeming to
                          shine even brighter, for the cloudless
                          sky would be darker, and millions of
                          shining stars would sweetly guide our
                          blessed way ...
                          Goddess Grateful,


Best Beach in Vancouver for Family Fun - Jericko!

                                      Wanna know

                            the best beach

                                       for a family to go?


                                     Wanna glow

                             as the sun

                                      does surely know?


                                     Wanna  grow


                                       with your big toe?


                                     Wanna go slow

                            play all day

                                        a child in the know ..?


                              Katherine Marion


              Such wonderful memories, from one simple day, spent in the sun,
              last week, at - where else - Jericko!

              My homeschooling son, sat so comfortably in the Lifeguarding chair.
              Who knows ... ? I used to be one .. myself. The last of the local
              Lifeguard's to be hired at Cultus Lakes' Main Beach, in 1979.
              Even working at the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool, as a Lifeguard,
              in 1980 or so. And, let's not forget the once famed Cheam Centre, at
              Vedder Crossings Army Base, just outside of Chilliwack, B..C.

             So, if anyone knows about being a natural - tis i!

             After all, even my cousins from Hope, where I spent my many a happy
             childhood summer, taking my swimming lessons - were lifeguard's . As
             well as powerful award-winning swimmers!

            Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of my supernatural life with you!

            LOVE KATHERINE





Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living a Life of LOVE

                                Life is a beach
                                  sunburned sand

                           natures' hand

                                  within our reach

                               Life is a beach

                                  where pebbles land

                          upon the tanned

                                  time does teach


                                Life is a lesson

                                   teaching us well
                               a broken shell
                                       school in session

                                 Life is  a lesson

                                        nothing to sell

                             of crystal bell

                                         first impression


                                   Life is a treasure

                                         everything to gain

                                 never in vain

                                           made to measure



                                    Life is a treasure

                                          golden sunlight

                                     found in leisure

                                          raw, real and right!

                                      Katherine Marion


                                     Biking the the beach, for the first time. all year -
                                     I met up with my 15 year young homeschooler

                                     Rallying up, at Jericko Beach, where Kaelin had
                                      already locked up his bike, and awaited my conscious
                                     company. We played frisbee and laughed in
                                     the sweetest summer breeze.

                                     Beautiful summertime evening's  ... can surely
                                     bring this 5'8 single momma, standing proudly
                                     alongside her 'near to 6 foot son;' to her happy
                                     and humbled knee!


                                    Later, we biked, happily, across the Burrard Street,
                                    to Coal Harbour, where we were to watch "Grease"
                                    'on the big screen. At the oceans' edge, sitting in the
                                    cooling grass, alongside, hundreds of happy neighbour's
                                    and dozens of families - wise enough to bring warm
                                    blankets and hot tea.

                                    After one rousing heart-beat of a beautiful night and
                                    wildly entertaining  show, we walked our friend, Freeda,
                                    grassy knoll, to find a washroom - now!

                                   Over an hour, later, we arrived back home, at Marpole,
                                   to drink warming miso and hold one another, gratefully

                                   May you share as many clear blue skies and near to full-moon's,

                                   Holding onto Life's many Blessings,





Kaelin and I - playing Frisbee, yesterday, at the beach.

Story, later ...


Momma K and her Handome 15 Year Old Homeschooler

Katherine and Kaelin at Jericko Beach, Vancouver, B.C.

Article to follow ...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hot, Raw Chocolate - Maid in Heaven

                                         You like it , raw?

                                             single Ma


                                         bite of my treat

                                            lotta heat

                                          rawsome chef

                                           nothing left

                                         gourmet stuff

                                           a litte fluff

                                      transparent truth

                                       lies, no excuse

                                       your sexy maid

                                      Marion; obeyed

                                       tight and toned

                                        as fine boned

                                       as pretty china

                                       any time - now ....

                                       Katherine Marion


                                    Every Goddess-sent raw, chocolate eating
                                    rawk'n chef, deserves to pamper herself, in the
                                    privacy of her cozy kitchen.

                                   Wouldn't you agree?

                                   Talk to you, soon - when you wisely order some
                                    rawstruck goodies from magical me ...







A Hungry Mouse in my Rental House

pic to be added ..

A hungry mouse

lives in my rental house

It - three times, seen

every time, i did scream

I've mprisoned a rapist

and, this is my latest?

with all that I  know

pain has taken it's toll

One furry creature

today's flurried feature

Fears can manifest

as fearful minds suggest

Should i kill the mouse

fearfully, in my house?

More afraid than me

how silly can silliness be?

Lock myself in my room

filling myself with doom

Running away with fear

no safe place, over here

One scampering rodent

can play with fears, potent

Better to clear my head

get myself right back to bed!

Katherine Marion


So many small details ... to fret over.

After decreeing  that this 'dreadful' and
 most miniscule mouse is surely a  lot more afraid
 of me, than i am of him!

A whole lotta extra space has been cleared ..
thus, truly illuminating what really needs to be
taken care of ..

Oh, where to begin ..?


h, please don't let me have to take a picture of this furry ball of hunger, that scurries around my
floors, the minute i turn on my light or go near him'her.

I SUPPOSE .. where my fear comes from, is when i used to live in my "first shack," and i could hear
mice, scratching inside my walls, as i attempted to sleep.

Every morn, for a while, i would find bald baby mice, in my kitchen sink. I would suffocate them with

glas jars, Soon after, to load into my mom's old beaten-up roasting pan, to toss into the empty field, 
outside my bedroom window. 

Later, my wise old Great Aunt Thelma, balled me out for throwing away 'that perfectly good" roasting pan.

All perception!


Not too long after this chain of events, i was raped in my tiny bathroom, in the same insane hovel that i called a home. Afterwards, I was soon broken into .. and decided, to wisely move. 

A mere 6 months later, i was raped at knifepoint by the same insane 'friend' whom threatened to kill me if i ever told. 

So, you can see how mice and rape are tied-in as one, for me.

At least i kept the paroled child/murderer rapist, in jail, after his dirty deeds done unto me, for almost 30 years, 
Until his recent death, behind the bars ... a mere 3 or so life-affirming years ago.

So, i may consider myself my own personal hero 'on one front.' 

And, console myself with the fact that one mouse may be allowed to 'get safely away.'


Friday, August 5, 2011

The Girl with the Perfect Hair

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                           she sits perfectly still

                                 over there ...

                         "If looks could kill,"

                         why would they care?

                      The Girl with the perfect hair
                         always believing as told

                                in the past ...

                            now, says it "Bold,"

                    when choosing not to kiss ass!

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                        never knew what hit her

                             that first trim ...

                          scissors with a purr

                wounding heart with envious whim

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                      more shared; bad than good

                          summer of 2010

                       neighbour never should

                 have inferred she was an old hen

                     The Girl with the perfect hair
                        always believing to trust

                          cut off all her locks

                      and kept her lovely bust

                 in her head, must have been rocks!

                   The Girl with the perfect hair
                      found out the hard way

                       jealousy does prevail

                 others have their wicked way

              yet, the truest heart shall never fail.

                 The Girl with the perfect hair
                      likes to leap with faith

                      gold locks grow back

                  instincts; best hold her safe

                especially with one rawk'n "rack"

                The Girl with the perfect hair
                   loves to speak her truth

                    felines claw and bite

               helpless liars lie low and lose

              this pussy; stays toned and tight!

               Katherine Marion


This pretty pic of the back of my sun-lightened head,
was quickly snapped by Bo Browne, owner of  Sebastion
( named after his first son ) Hair Salon, situated in downtown
Vancouver's prestigious Wall Center.


I biked 40 minutes to get to my first hair appointment, in months.
Bo and I have known each other, every since my 15 year young
son was a mere and magical few months old. We always have
such fun. What a great job - being paid to talk and cause others
to feel better about themselves!

After I regretfully, left Bo's beautiful brightly lit and wonderfully
windowed glass and mirrored 'castle' on handsome-making Howe
Street, I cycled over to Choices for what certainly would never
be anyone's choice of an evening .. ill-spent.

This upcoming story ... must be told after I get some much needed
rest and recover ..

Stay tuned in and turned on ... I am!

Very special K


I have much more .. to say about my hair. This is a very 'short' story, as you
shall soon find out.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biking Trip and a Bad Boy with a wet lip!

I knew he was a bad boy the minute I spied his tongue
               trailing upon his upper lip
         with that hard, pointed tip
     staring right at me
       when he wasn't feeling free
   to look me squarely in the rounded tit!

He was standing outside, beside my broken-down bike
              in his designer biking gear
          young and with no fear
    finding some excuse
         feasting on a "dessert," not to refuse
    little less than a publicly seen pubic lear!

Gave me his name, later, at the nearby gas station
                after he fixed my back tire
           as time did quickly expire
      for my gym exercise
           "older woman" he did wisely surmise
     testo-'man' does not set my wheels on fire!

Told me his name, before I flew off into the sunset
                   left him with plenty to think
              " I do not do drugs, drink or dink"
        informing M, before I fled
           on bent knees; worshipping my hairy leg
       stoned biker-boy, such an easy to spot; rat fink!

Katherine Marion


One more real and valid reason to learn how to for
once and all, fix my own bike.

As i love to say; "THE ONLY THING FLAT

oh, so much more to say .. about my yesterday ...

For now, this is one precious part of the story.

Happy Cycling and careful of horny psycho cyclists on your path!!!!

Biking up-hill and across,



The one 'thing' that did get me up the next hill, after the tire expelled all of its' newly
pumped air ... was a very lovely and well placed comment.

" Your very beautiful!:

And, he meant it.


Every Goddess has gotta count her blessings - right?

special K


This pic was taken the other day, as i biked along the golf course. I asked a couple who were walking along the same path.. to "please snap a photo for my blog." The male obliged, without asking his girlfriend is she might be the better photographer. Sine i did stipulate ..

As he came forward to make use of my camera, i could tell he had been drinking - already. Yikes!

Yet, I sure am grateful for this lovely candid shot.

Right afterward, or before .. my bike fell to the ground and the metal of the right handlebar hit me in the face, as i was lifting up my big baby. As i cried out in pain, whilst leaving .. all the booze breathing dragon said: " Good for you. Good for you."

So many sad and strange people and circumstances.

A lot of this wounded world is severely lacking in compassion and human decency.

And, all of this .. garnered, due to asking for a quick snapshot!


i am

love K

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby K in Blue

                        I'll be your baby doll
                          dress me in blue

                          tanned and tall

                        I stand beside you

                      I'll be your baby doll
                        real woman am I

                      Goddess gives it all

                       smiling as you die

                     I'll be your baby doll

                    sweet heart of yours

                     Belle of every ball

                    precious to the pore

                    I'll be your baby doll

                    strutt'n my sexy stuff

                     you beg and crawl

                   noth'n like a little fluff!

                  Katherine Marion


                 Last eve, can you believe that I was 
                 asked," Are you a bigot?"
                 Speaking to a very fat and fully dressed
                 young guy, wearing sneakers, and texting
                 on his i-phone, in the sauna.We were talking  
                 about the recent gay parade and how a couple 
                 of 'women with children,' that  he knows,
                 deemed this annual west end event, to be

                As a confirmed hetrosexual, homeschooling
                a teen boy, in this gender-bending 'big city," 
                I found this old term, used to possibly 
                describe how I feel about remaining a 
                real woman, in an unreal world, rather
                curious, to say the least.

               The young, male attendant, who walked
               in on our very intimate conversation,
              claimed to be a 'real man," after I mentioned 
               my own favoured term that I often 
               use to so divinely describe myself.

               Then, the good looking import, working 
               at this particular posh, downtown health  club
               and spa, told me that "freak's deserve 
               their own day - once a year."  Especially
               since, as he so succinctly noted,  hordes
               of hetro's" parade up and down Granville
               Street, every night."

              How very interesting and sad, I feel and find, 
              that so many males claim to be 'all man." Yet, 
              this week, on the cover of downtown's very 
              popular "West Ender," my 15 year old boy
              finds his 30 something ... year old, government
              funded youth worker!

              When Kaelin and I peruse the page where 
              a full fledged article is available for public
              viewing, we learn that S was once a girl. A full
              hysterectomy, and breast removal later ... Heavy 
              doses of testosterone to make hair grow on that 
              chiselled chest. Hair already receding on his head.
              Yet, i am able to note, those lovely, soft doe eyes.
              The little girl that has been shut out .. forever!

              Even though I am saddened that a little girl 
              will never know the wonders of being a woman 
              and a mother. I am dearly hoping that one 
              confused child will find inner peace. 


            As a woman, looking at the world through 
            eyes of innocence lost, I am sorry for all the pain 
            and aberration that I see .. now, accepted and deemed
            as normal. 

           Imagine if there were no expensive surgeons, willing
           to turn your clitoris into a makeshift penis?

           Imagine if some girls who decided to call themselves
           lesbians, before they had complete sexy changes to 
           become males who sleep with others of their new sex, 
           simply like who they were and worked with what 
           they were given?

          What un-kind of a world has this become, where someone
          like me, is shunned, reviled, and condemned? 

          I love being a woman. Even if I have been tortured,            
         tormented, raped, and ritualistically abused - by both 

         I am whole and who I choose to be - Supernaturally!

         Hetro and Happy in Vancouver,