Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Poet and her Roses


                            The Poet and her Roses

                                 you'll know it

                                as she discloses

                          The Poet and her Roses

                               Goddess knows

                               as that of Moses

                          The Poet and her Roses

                              when winds blow

                          doeth as deva proposes

                          The Poet and her Roses

                              Gaia's own show

                            gentle heart exposes.

                              Katherine Marion



                  This picture was taken about 8 years ago.
                  Kaelin was a mere and magical 6 years old.
                  And, I was a fit and fabulous 43!

                  Our life seemed so serene ...
                  Or, so I led it to seem.
                  More like ..
                  'Falling apart at the seam's,' some may hope to say.
                  Yet, upon this fine, sunlit day
                  One magical Mommy and her Baby K
                  Breathed in love-shine and shared all JOY - life sent
                  their blessed way!


                 We were living atop the penthouse floor of an older
                 building, on the quieter W.side of Denman Street.

                 Overlooking lovely Lost Lagoon and Stanley Park.
                 Loving with our whole lives and happiest heart.

                 My SNW website had just been erected and I was
                 writing madly and wildly, in the clouds ..
                 Furiously and freely.
                 Merely to pay the price, a little later

                 Sharing one's heart does not always pay
                 in the short term
                 For life can be ever stern
                 Heat can scorch and burn
                 Yet, a soaring soul, must dig deeply
                 To reach inside for what she does yearn
                 Sometimes, wisdom does not to teach
                 What we choose to learn.





Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suited For Success

                                   Suited for Success

                             naked minds may not know

                     has nothing to do with how one does dress

                                   may I merely stress

                    power lies within that which does not show

                                     Suited for Success

                            well-heeled hick's will only strut

                     finery costing them far more than much less

                                     may I simply address

             winners are made with inner material; first and final cut!

                                   Katherine Marion



               The 'above'  winning apparel ... was a lovely added asset
               in my advancement in the reclaiming of my Goddess-sent

              This picture was taken by Sir Antoni, close to 6 successful
              years ago. Arriving at the court house to fight for the return
              of my shining Son, who had been falsely apprehended from
              his Mother, at the tender-hearted age of 8.

            Finally, after too much trauma to now,re-tell ... he was returned
            to his rightful home and Queen-Mother - 7 months of hell, later.
            Valiant in my endless efforts, I arrived at the court house to
            state my supernatural case, speak my truth and come out with
            my dignity intact. Knowing Kaelin was soon to be rightfully
            coming  back.

            Nothing better than the look of success, on a single, home-
            schooling momma, who has been put through every imaginable

            Wouldn't you so astutely agree?


           May we all 'stand up and fight' for who and what we believe in!


           Thanks to Chris Burrow for working a little of his magic on this
            lovely vision - so gratefully captured.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry Blonde on Bond

                                                  Strawberry Blonde
                                                      calling 'James'

                                                Strawberry ice-dream
                                                       oozing sexy

                                               Strawberry sweet-cake
                                                   tasting of honey'd

                                                Strawberry bombshell

                                                  Strawberry Melone

                                                   Strawberry Milf-shake
                                                          sultry siren


                                                   Katherine Marion


                              Let us never forget the power of a woman!


                              Women, allow us to re-member - HA!


                              Real Men, thanks for the Mommaries ...


                               To my x-who kicked in this all -too showing left leg and told
                                me, "You deserved it!" Rather than, apologizing, as our 4
                                month young old, son, Kaelin, crawled towards his magical
                                Mommy, with pain in his innocent eyes.

                                I never intended this to be a pre-Father's day gift. Yet, look what
                                'you lost."

                                Best still, thanks for letting me go, so I could create myself afresh, in
                                my own Goddess-given name.

                                Even if it has taken over a decade and then some  .. to heal, re-build and
                                bliss-out .. as any bombshell, never bombs at Being!!!


                                Professional photo; David Fiero ( could be 2 -rrrrrrr's ) - Vancouver, B.C.
                                Tell him: "The 'Great  One 'sent me!"


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feast Your Eyes Upon My Pretty Garden

                       Feast your eyes upon my pretty garden
                        North Shore Mountains - overhead
                           This flower; fresh out of bed

                      Alongside the mighty Capilano River
                           Woods green and lush with life
                       This balcony beauty; no one's wife

                     A wondrous walk to the nearby ocean 
                       Safe and serene as could be wished
                       This sweet posie, by the sun; kissed

                      Nature surrounding us on every side 
                         Nurtured by life other than own
                        Summer dream; Goddess- known!

                            Katherine Marion


                      Although my homeschooling son and I 
                      lived in our fancy gated community, for 
                      merely one magical year, we still hold 
                      this gem-like oasis, gratefully within our 
                      happiest hearts.

                     For one year, 3 years ago, we walked along
                     the river. Kaelin sat upon his favourite rock, 
                     daily; reading his books and writing his 
                     journal entries. I basked in the sun, ran in 
                     the rain, photographed Mother Nature
                     at her best, and spent many hours in blessed 

                    Thank you, wonderful world, for the gifts 
                    you so kindly offer. 

                     I AM  LOVE!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me and Charlie Coyote

Charlie Coyote and i met up, this fine June evening.    
 We stared at each other, for the longest while.

Me and Charlie Coyote
met last night
at the local golf course
on the river's edge

Me and Charlie Coyote
stood so still
all that existed was two
looking eye to eye

Me and Charlie Coyote
felt the same
deep connection as one
nothing except us

Me and Charlie Coyote
live together
alongside water and grass
brother and sister.

Katherine Marion


For some interesting reason, this poem does not rhyme. The only thing I feel compelled to convey, is the pure essence of  the purity of the moment as shared .. with my new furry friend.


Oh, i must add.. that when i 'awoke' from my splendour .. I duly noted, a small handful of male golfers had congregated, not far behind me, on the putting green. And, i realized, they were afraid. Already, so detached from their Goddess-given bodies. Caught up in muddled heads; riddled with fear. No wonder i walk in Peace .. In tune my highest part - this happy, overflowing heart!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"One, Two, Three," - 51 Cheeky Years of Magical Me!

My talented teen homeschooler captured this artistic visual of me,
last eve, after a bit of sunbathing and a massage. Anyone can take care of
themselves - says this 51 year young single momma K!

                        Life must be a positive affirmation
                                     public declaration

                        Light must come through all we do
                                  tight cheeks shall do

                         Love must leave our happy hearts
                            hot spots upon our best parts!

                                    Katherine Marion



One of my wise facebook friends recently affirmed;
"Whatever you need to do to feel good, you need to
do it."

And, what some people choose to do .. compared
to me - having a few innocent pics - taken after a bit
of sunshine and an hour massage - well?

One more supernatural thing about being 51 years
young, is that I really have and even better feel for
 what makes me feel good. And, sometimes, all it
takes is a good camera and a bit of talent.

Alright, some exercise, vegan living foods, no drinking
or drugs, and a bit of sunshine  ... does seem to help!



The talented Chris Barrow, did a little magic after I
emailed him this fresh bite of cheek, last night.

A few shadows and a some background that would not
be sorely missed, when magically stroked away ..

After all, we don't wish to give anyone a Bum Rap!!!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


My facebook friend and talented artist on many realms; Chris Barrow,
photo-shopped this wonderful vision - by Michael Palmer.
Making this even more
"larger than life.!

a "piece of work'

poetry in motion

be anything

focusing my mind
"larger THAN"

past life I RAN
from to forget

here is now
grand SLAM

are in awe of me

Love' Energy
allowed to STAND

Light  HAND
gentle heart to hear

bravest soul
tall and TANNED

no ned of MAN
empowered female

forming new life
tribal truth's CLAN

God's earthly wife.

Katherine Marion
www.Supernatural Woman .com

ooh, i love it!

What else is there to say?

Wait til you next, see ..

love me -special K

Friday, June 3, 2011


My happy homeschooler snapped this vision of Supernatural Momma K
We were on the lawn, enjoying last late Spring's sunshine. After watering
my pretty posies, I decided to get a wee bite of Goddess-sent sunshine.

Keep glowing and growing. I am!


Lucky lady, lay your tousled head down for a wondrous while
You water your flowers and make Mother Nature smile
with colours of the rainbows - darkness does go into exile
 Queen of happy hearts ,upon this tender-hearted hope of an Isle.

Luscious lady, lounge upon the lingering ashes of lost despair
You paid your dirty dues in your last life of truth laid bare
in yesterdays' house that no longer resembles one who is not there
Matriarch of magic , within a new timeless frame, do as you dare!

Leggy lady, spread yourself as a banquet, to fill your ever desire
You open to receiving all that sets your passions on fire
others cling to picture frames of past, your the healing heart for hire
Goddess of good and all that is great, of Joy - one does never expire

Luxurious Lady, resplendent in your Goddess-sent glory, now
You revel in your boldness and brave exhilaration, and how ..
tomorrow's whistle has blown and luck, at your feet, does proudly bow
Conscious Creator m your divine day to garner glory and never raise a brow!

Katherine Marion


Chris Barrow, from Prague, re-woked my sweet snapshot. Inspired by my garden growing
and glowing, so soft and yet, revealing. Felt it only fair;  opening up to eternal Goddess,
within, and begin quietly - squealing. One more way to get closer to feeling ..
Burrowing beautifully into happiness, which helps all along on passions'
purposeful path of precious healing!!!!


Just call me: GLAMOUR Kat

This cover girl is as Great under the covers as she is on it!

Cover girl with no cover-up?s
transparent to the sexy bone
sincerity will always find her at home
society may not always condone

Cover girl with no cover up"s
wise woman with wit and charm
uncovering lies as some react with alarm
loving life and keeping far from harm

Cover girl with no cover--up"s
kind to deepest cleavage known
creating new paradigm; system overthrown
intuitively feeling what is not shown

Cover girl with no cover-up's
love is light that keeps her strong
finding hope in darkness hidden ever long
Goddess allows her to sing  soulful song.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin snapped this photo of me, over at Science World,
a couple of yummy years ago. Standing on the seawall,
overlooking the water, i was transfixed.
No matter how lonely we may may all,
often-times feel, sharing our beauty
is what keeps us honest and real.


The talented Chris Barrows worked a wee bit of photo-shop
magic on my lovely picture, that he first found on my face-
book pages. Recently, sending me this wonderful
vision to grab a few readers attention and further
inspire the artist within me - living with passion.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Baby K made it with his very own tender-hearted PUREST LOVE

Momma Kat, gleefully ate it with gobs of Goddess-sent GRATITUDE

Terrorizing rollers trolled in and told tens of thousands of lascivious lies

Doesn't any Lookie - Lou/ise understand  how LOVE'S DREAM dies?

Making a cake for your Supernatural Mommy on PEACE day  of 03

Such a blessed GIFT from my IINNOCENT six year young Son to ME

I NOW sob, as I watch this old movie of THE LIFE we used to be allowed

KAELIN be MY GREATEST HONOUR, beyond crowds once wowed!


If you think slander and defamation towards  me is not the BEST part

Then, look at last week's recent online death and rape threats made to me

How much paint does it have to cost my now 15 year old boy, to BE FREE?


How many souls can spammers, scammers and online Peter-Pan Handlers, steal

Before GODDESS looks un-saintly behaviour squarely into his missing 3rd Eye?

Planting ROOTS where rotting fruit has spread;  no man maketh his MOTHER cry.

Katherine Marion


This is free speech. This is a free world . That does not mean that a Mother's purest maternal devotion  should ever be allowed to be turned into something as sick and perverted as the perverted people who take my teenagers PEACE away, ever since un-divinely distorted one of my famed video's , in order to get laughs and attention and built his raunchy ratings. After that, tons of hundreds and more .. of mainly male - misfits .. trolled my now defunct channel, until they had it decimated, thanks to spam and so called "YouTube Community Ratings."

More like public rantings. The dirty laundry aired by yearning youth who do not know what a real woman is and make fun of a child who loves her, because she is loving and kind, and  all that they no longer know anything of. Sad refrain in this political climate of heated hostility, emotional repression, economic recession, and decimating depression. Who is going to do something about it?

Well, guess i just got elected!!!1



After spending hours on my channel, deleting hate-mongering messages and comments - stalker and trolls ..  a lie a lie -o,  i am soon to go to bed.


Sad, that this is removing spam, instead of makeup, don't you think?

OH,this sweet pic was captured by my shining son,, 2 years ago, just after we came out of hiding. as 2 honoured guests, at our single mommy friend's - JEANNE'S place. We travelled over to Science World, for a brief respite to set our highest intentions. Allowing my tween to play and relax, for a while. Soon after , carrying our bikes into a wheelchair accessible taxi, up to Marpole, to live in the place we have now been residing in for the past fast paced 2 years. We literally 'hid out ', for months, until i found the 'right' lawyer to mediate with a social worker , while i taped the conversation. Within a short while, we had our MCFD file closed.

Most vital, of all -  12 year old son's safety and well-being, was given back.

At least - for a wondrous while ...

What a life.

Simply ONE merciless  chapter of it!

So, get me a publisher, someone .. please.

No more suffering for my son!

Bless us all,

momma K


Well, at least my raw, vegan homeschooler, Kaelin, is sleeping soundly. After he awakens, before his youth centre group go out for a few hours .. i will have my 'helper' figure out how to upload this latest  transformed photo of me, taken a mere 2 years ago, onto blogger. Thanks for your patience . KAT PURRING


Originally, I wrote close to this .. particular piece , to send out as a message of love and help, to my fans, friends and family -

After you see this upcoming pic .. you will understand why i felt it necessary to share this possibility of a  'Beast-seller' front cover photo with all who follow and believe in magical Me and the Infinite Power that lives with all us, to stand up and take action - for what we believe in and Know to be as Timeless as Truth - itself.


Here we are ... Chris Burrow's and her amazing photo-shop work Eiminating the extraneous - see - photo pages - and framing the focus point - my big brown eyes, of course!

Hope you like .. I do!