Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Be A Fool - Eat Your Fuel!

Here comes Granola Girl

of the 21st century

born raw

wild and free

Her conscious choices

setting spirit free

now alive


She feeds herself fuel

ever rawsomely

energy high

living intuively

Pure Goddess proof

rare beauty

joyful truth

sharing divinely.

Katherine Marion  - join and watch my new yummy video - uploaded this supernatural April Fools!


After Kaelin coming home, hours later than expected and promised; due to my delicious divinity getting lost and ending up at Van Dusen Gardens, before eventually walking all the way back to our home, near Richmond!

And, Mommy biting back her tears and hiding her fears .. as she earlier worked out in the weight room; anthing to transform the anxiety that was attempting to lay its deadly choke-hold on magical me.

Soon, after, finding my baby K - turning 14 on April 4th - awaiting his beloved Mommy's arrival, as he calmly sat, reading a book and sucking back the water I so kindly left for him, in the lobby.

Holy Goddess!

Was I ever grateful. Yet, the triggers were already set in place ... Thus, we went for  wee bike ride under the full moon and millions of diamond-tipped sparkling stars that lead us only to LOVE!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Baby Under a Pregnant MOTHER MOON

Gazing up toward my God

Holy Goddess gives the nod

Looking upon my one love

Holy Goddess from above

Towards stars in the night

Holy Goddess of delight

Reaching inward to joy

Holy Goddess giving boy!

Katherine Marion


If there ever was a center for me; this eternal love for my earth-found child is what grounds me and sends me soaring ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fleeting Glimpse Of Innocence

Simply imagine ...

Boy dreaming of a life where gilded wings are standard issue and hearts are made of solid gold.

Simply imagine ...

Boy dreaming of a love where conditions are a term used for the weather and
new feelings never get old.

Simly imagine ...

Boy dreaming of a light that shines brightly upon those whom honor and even more for others with needs, untold.

Simply imagine ...

Boy dreaming of a land that lives and dies as one the same and is as eternal as this heart of mine he does forever hold.

Simply imagine ...

Boy waking to find his every dream has come true simply because he believed and knew something never told.

Simply imagine ...

Boy walking to the window to send out his blessings to shine upon all others whom are not quite as brave and bold.

Simply imagine ...

Boy kneeling with purest gratitude as he counts his earthly blessings and honors his quickening fold.

Simply imagine ...

Boy jumping with divine joy as he flies up high into a cloudless sky, before coming down, to pass out, cold!

Katherine Marion


As one is rarely allowed to view an Angel, I was recently given this fleeting glimpse of my young teen in his innocence.

On the blessed brink of childhood, entering into manhood and all its maddening glories. I am duly inspired to share my love-sent stories ...

Joy To Bite Into

Goddess-sent delight

what am I being served up tonight?

Purest concoction
made by my boy of pure devotion

Deliciously created

raw appetite sweetly invigorated

Divinely delivered

something that once shivered

Frozen Acai berries

thawed by flavored fairies

Sitting on the potty

eating Joy - supernaturally!

Katherine Marion

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Doggie Licked My Laughing Face

Last night I had an evening filled with grace

a strange furry dog licked my laughing face

Closing in on midnite after a power bike-ride

even Jim Pattison Save-On Foods not to hide

Kadu the pure husky howling under the moon

waiting for his master coming none too soon

Bike-riding momma shopping for organic fare

doggie slobber is surely what I wish to wear

Unconditional love from sincere Alpha male

who eats raw meat and wags his fluffy tail

Enough light to fill my heart with happiness

more doggy kisses wished for is my confess

You never know what this life will bring

A carniverous kiss makes this biker sing!

Katherine Marion

Pogo Stick And A Football

Pogo stick and a football

two boys looking for fun

Playing is what they know

teaching lessons to us all

Letting go of what is not

leaning against their wall

Finding new ways to see

one short and other tall

Joining forces to be one

rising before the fall.

Katherine Marion


Well, here I should be in bed, again. Yet, I have so much to share. And, I have not even touched upon the power bike-ride I went on, after the boys fled for the outdoors, and I was free to fill my hungry lungs with fresh air and moonlight.

Please enjoy one more sacred segment of my life.


Now, to somehow get my itchy fingers off of the bewitching keys of magical keyboard. With a noon hour massage to give,  a little rest may just further restoreth my soaring soul ...

Watch out!!!!

Home Is Where The Heart Lives

Home is where the heart lives

in a place so simple and pure

Peaceful is the sacred space

where we relax and unwind

Sanctuary of our very own

where busy minds find rest

Solitude to lose ourselves

when nothing else works

Fuel to feed our weary self

with renewal to start afresh

Food for souls to feast upon

as winds outside blow fast

Drink for sore and tired eyes

in a world filled with chaos

Yoga for a life overflowing

breathing in our own creation

Slowing down for a lifetime

coloring with hope and light

Refuge is a place we all need

home is peace found within.

Katherine Marion


The other day, I  sat at our refurbished teak table I bought for my son, so many years ago. After many moves in a few years, I ponder this place we moved to almost one year ago. Throughout the seasons, I watch the tree outside our living room window, change its splendid colors. Bare branches that now look my way, bespeak of me sitting tight, being mindful and stroking my genius brush upon the conscious canvas of my life.

Hope you enjoy one more view of my loving life!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Boys Having a Ball!

           Two friends with a football

        are gonna leave to play outside

         at the park around the corner

           boys walking side by side

          One big thing in common

       for playing is how they will heal

        many a good and valid reason

         to understand how they feel

           Playtime is a neccesity

     we should all be young and wise

  bouncing laughter off the pavement

        brings inner joy to the rise

    Let's join our sons for some fun

      giggling insanely in the halls

     grab your old muddy runners

       and hold onto your balls!

         Katherine Marion

Kaelin and Charlie are such a spontaneous pair

Spark-plugs full of flash and light ...

Are they gonna sleep tonight!

Friends Bearing Flowers

           Little girl at my door

     couldn't be age of 8 - no more ..

     Mommy hiding from behind

    flower delivery from Sunshine

   Daddy holding up the back end

    earphones in his ears to lend

  Youngest with cousin at the shop

  missing drive to suite near the top

   Family so close I love to be near

 LOVE is knocking ... glad I am here!

Katherine Marion


Thank you, loving Universe; for all the gorgeous gifts you bring to ever blossoming me!


Now, get your sweet smelling butt over to Sunshine Flowers; close to 70th and Granville .. and bring me some even sweeter flowers!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


To bury my head in the sand

is not to take an empowering stand



To leave light in the shadows

is not to give to green meadows



To lose my self to another

is not to help mine own brother



To gain my own respect

is not to hurt or neglect



Katherine Marion


When I HOLD ONTO FLOWERS  ... the universe opens up to swallow me whole, happy and satisfied, back into the luscious lap of LOVE!


After my radio interview with Doc Mark, the making of one more beautiful blog, the speaking to with one more intrigued soul, the sleepless night with 0 sleep, the 4 hrs of massages given and one TCM healing session received, the ordering of one more box of raw, vegan, foods, the re-ordering of wholesale Kootenay honey beeswax candles and Jin sticks, the purchasing of pretty posies for my sacred space, the surprise visit from the beautiful 7 year young boy who lives downstaris, the listening to of Snatam Kaur's angelic vocals, the delivery of yummy rawsome foods from, and the all - time best hug from my handsome hunk of a growing, glowing boy .. I AM as supernaturally complete as one more divine day spent in the company of consciousness!

Half-Naked with Overflowing Cups ..."Healing The Healer" with Doc Mark

 I am looking forward  to listening  in on my  interview with Doc Mark on his blog radio show - - HEALING THE HEALER - titled in honor of me and so many un-named caregivers whom so generously continue giving until they have nothing left to give. And, how a few of us are able to fill ourselves up in an overwhelmed and undernourished world of wounded mortals battling combat fatigue, surrounded by unconsciousness, and too tired to care ... especially for themselves.

I was asked how I raise my brave and bold boy to deals with what comes at him in the lowest physical realms of this crazy world. One more good question. All I had to spontaneously say was that since my shining son was taken at the tender age of 8 by MCFD, he knows all about street smarts, even though I kept him protected and safequarded from outside dangers; never suspecting of course, that the good o'l B.C. government would illegally hoist my gentle child from my loving care to unconsciously cast into a gay foster home, where he was abused in a myriad of far from magical ways.

Doc Mark has a 15 year young child of his own. I would dearly like to interview him at some precious point in kairos time, concerning so many issues that have come at him and his beautiful boy. As far as my happy homeschooling 13 year young son, Kaelin, I keep him grounded by offering him love, affection, constant guidance and moral support. This Goddess guides one miracle of a hormone injected teen, with her infinite light that shines down upon so lonely many. Exemplifying the rawsome role-model that is needed to encompass all consciouness that gorgeously growing males need in order to glow and grow as they become their own compass and learn to navigate their wondrous way through this crumbling mass of often mindless matter; called life.

I spoke of how I spend sacred time in the sunshine, even in the middle of January. Naked! Since the two doctors had earlier been discussing the multiple merits of Vitamin D, I felt it only made sense to add to the supernatural equation, in a wickedly wonderful way that works for me. Of course, knowing that my host thinks of me as a Vancouver Va Va Voom,  and that he just hosted a show where he discussed at length ... a Hooters hottie who is younger and a cup or less than  my all-natural 34 F, I felt a wee bite obliged to be as unedited as possible and am sure I added a little cream to stir ... Besides, simply pretending to be MOTHER THERESA WITH TITS can get to be beyond boring. Gotta stir the pot and turn up the heat, when you sense your power is felt and others are feeling their wild oats, even if you eat only raw, vegan and orgasmically organic, at that!

One of my favorite questions centered around how this bombshell deals with growing older in a superficial society overly focused on the illusion of beauty that must never fade or diminish. From costly tampering by a facial surgeons scalpel or one more bout of botox for aging babes to grand old dames such as Cher, whom has had her butt professionaly hoisted as many times as she has  worn one more cut-out Bob Mackie designer gown for public display or damsel dismay. What could a never tampered with wonder of her own woman-kind possibly say .. except that I am dealing with this age-old issue with humor, personal happiness and the coping skills that come with living a loving and conscious existence based on my own real-ity and being as true to mine magical self as purely possible.

After our invigorating interview, I was so psyched I knew I must walk hand in hand under the stars, with my shining star - Kaelin, and throw myself in a thoroughly heated sauna to flush lifes toxins and refill my overflowing cups that runneth over with the nurturing that this bascially uncultured culture needs to cure them to the forgotten core of their begotten being. Knowing that this healer must continue to heal herself caused me preciously pause for consciousness-celebration; divinely deciding to stop in for some of  my favorite TCM pampering at Big Feet on Granville Street. Gratefully laying my tired head down, I listen to heart-rendering Chinese love songs sung by an Asian songbird that send flushes of new-found energies through my struggling system, while an energetic Chinese lady keeps telling me: "You are so sexy", as she deftly drills into the knots in my shoulders with knowing fingers and a postive attitude that bespeaks of women who work hard and appreciate the deeper and finer things in a world where wound is merely another 4 letter word that is ours to leave or fix as we so please.

Sitting upon my magnificent throne, in a bathroom, now replete with another fresh sheet of eco-friendly 2 ply of the gentlest sort, I nibble on a delicious assortment of imported organic fruits my favorite flower has so generously sliced up for the conscious custodian he so kindly calls his 'Amazing Mommy." Soon to ready for bed, after a homemade salad my son has happily prepared for the tender of  his tenderest emotions and keeper of his happiest heart, I am feeling as complete and whole as where and why I so supernaturally started; at the beginning ... Landing upon a luscious land of pure joy and all hearts, including mine, are kept continously open, to fabulously feel refreshed and rejunevated, simply due to an endless supply of sweetness that organically and orgasmically oozes forth from the brilliant bowels of a knowing earth that supplies all goodness and warmth that is essential for building hope and a kinder planet built on faith and following trusted instincts that tell us the  only way to find our wounded way is to claim our personal freedom.

Katherine Marion


Elvis sings "In The Ghetto", on the radio that plays 24/7 in our supernatural dwelling, in which all that is divine and delicious ... keeps getting wetter and better  .... As a mighty Lotus rises out of the sordid sadness where she was once planted; pure as a ray of warming light, she grows and gorgeouly glows, touching all with her tenderness and strength.


Yes, this is me and my a few of the magical morsels I lift to a mouth that freely opens for more goodness and greatness that feeds and fuels me to lift more mountains and climb up from the deepest valleys of despair, now layed bare with luscious love to spare ...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Would you like some porn with that porridge?

Monday, March 22, 2010

love and 5000 dollars!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Pumped Up For Spring

What's a Woman to do when left all alone in the weight room?

Pump up her biceps and get ready for her own Va Va Voom ...

Who's to know what a Woman needs for her body to feel its best?

Yesterday it was chest and today it's arms she puts to the test

Where's a Woman to go where there are mirrors everywhere?

A gym is sacred space allowing her time for herself to take care

When's a Woman to love her own body except in a public space ?

Focusing on definition of every fibre and forgetting about her face

Why's a Woman to love everyone except her own blessed self?

Loving the person in the mirror is her highest form of inner wealth!

Katherine Marion


Interestingly, I asked 3 separate guys to snap a few pics of me. Most images were mainly roof  and machines. All of the body-building males were afraid to get too close. Could it be all that grunting and grotesque face gestures that caused them to distance themselves from a half naked woman, twice their age?

What does it mean? Lift weights with my baby latching on between reps, as I used to; utilizing an old, flat, up-raised board as a make-shift weight bench, instead of travelling to the gym.? Set up a tripod and allow the shutter to go wild, in ways I no longer seem to?

The gym is my church of self-love that I have been visiting on a religious basis, since I was the tender age of 19. For over 30 years I have been focusing on me for a few hours a week. A precious time where I allow all and everyone to disappear ... so I may see my own forgotten self in a more defined light.


First Day Of Spring Fling Drink

3 large organic bananas

1T. unpastuerized local honey

handful of strawberries

 2 T. acai berry 100 juice

3 T. coconut water

One cool and refreshing way to start any morn, let along your first day of Spring. With clocks set forward ... adding an extra hour of light, the feeling is that of pure delight as you revel in your own delicious power!

Enjoy this wee treat I prepared before my gym workout and for my rising son, as we enter into a Spring solstice with a naturally sweet tip and a flip of our happy hats to all the universe brings our beautiful way.

Katherine Marion

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daffodils Are The First Sign Of Spring

Daffodils are the first sign of Spring

Yellow beauties with tender throats to sing

Moistened eyes that weep in the dew

Pretty petals for hearts to see through

Flowers that dance divinely in the light

Closing up for sleep under the stars of night

Innocence found in nature at her best

Fragile being stronger than the rest

Miracle growing from roots so strong

Opening up to be kissed by one loving sun

Silent healer with touch to awaken

Breathtaking beauty now taken

Potent elixer intoxicating all whom touch

Magically making eternal love as sweetly such

Swaying in the springtime breeze

Hold me forever if you please

Katherine Marion


Please enjoy one of the prettiest signs of Spring  .. that I am blessed to have come upon earlier today.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brightly Shining Son

Precious little being

with the glowing green eyes

opening up mine

Time flies ...

Purest ray of light

with the rose petal skin

revealing the truth

Allowing love in ....

Breath of fresh air

with the scent of Spring

offering new hope

Knowing all things ...

Brightly shining Son

with heart of pure gold

lighting my way

Secrets before untold ....

Katherine Marion


I am blessed to have capured this telling moment between my 13 year young son and I and all miracles that life brings unto us ... a couple of divine days ago.

Nowadays, youth have a bitter pill to swallow ... with all the craziness coming at them, from all sides. All I wish to do is keep my child alive and cognizant of the beauty that never lies .. within the wonders of of his magnificent innocence.

Gratefully sharing true love with you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The One With The Nipples Poking Through

He wanted to buy the one with the nipples poking through

What's an aging bomshell to surely do?

Help the male with fantasies of yesterday to pay for today

Generous gift - horse who likes to play

Give him what he wants by allowing him to treat busty babe

Receiving is right with bra's to save

Open up the drawers to fill with flirt and female aplomb

Sharing feels good when no one does a Goddess wrong

Fill the dresser with lace and pretty colors much missed

Close the cupboards on frogs left outside and un-kissed

Open up to female longings upon this unearthly plane

Feeling feminine makes a woman feel less a plain Jane

So what is my nipples plainly show through for all to see

T'is only facebook friends and others hungrily ogling me

My breasts are mine to do with as I so unforgivingly please

So cover all A cups and don't even bother to girlishly sneeze!

Katherine Marion


Wait til I even more intimately write about how my pretty Polish brassiere-fitter showed me how to carefully tuck my naturally-full and resplendant Ta Ta's into a traditional fitting bra ...!!!!


Thank you , Greg for hanging around in this all supporting universe, like my beautiful breasts shall never have to !


I have known Greg since I was 19 and as he reminds me ... my breasts used to be "hard as rocks". Well, before anyone gets hit ... Don't call on Pebbles or give a Goddess-sent package a slam. All I can say is this Supernatural Woman is grateful to one thoughtful man!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Biking With My Baby - For The Raw and The Right!

On the way to play we stopped at Kerrisdale Bikes

to tighten my teenage son's slackening bike brakes

I bought a fancy helmet to protect one happy head

filled with hope and hearty tires with good tread!

Of course we found a bicycle to soon to bought

for his 14 birthday celebration this good April 4th

if he bikes 4x a week as he has promised to so do

 pubescent hormones discipline to follow through ..

Stopping on 4th to slurp a smoothie pink and sweet

sharing more goodies meant to sweeten loving two

family aimed at healing as they revel in their bliss

glad to be outdoors and sharing natures divine kiss.

Treading lightly across town to visit Organic Lives

where we practically live to enjoy all that is served

to devour the best vegan raw fare to be found in Van

making my teen happy and me more of all that I am.

Climbing up Cambie and back to Marpole for home

knowing I have warmed my shining son with food

for thought and appetites filled with love and light

creating a delicious day made with the raw and right!

Katherine Marion


The only money it really costs to ride a bike in the Springtime of this growing and glowing city, filled with early Cherry Blossoms and other eartthly delights, is the well-spent cash intended to divinely dine and  fill your your rawstruck tummy ... tight, with treats from and other yummy delight!


You absolutely must bite into the non-dairy, soaked Brazil nut cheese - prepared with Brazil nuts and loaded with spunk, spice and all yumminess; real and rawsomely nice.

Post your conscious commentary and show me from how many a magical mile I may see your sweetest smile ....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

King Kaelin And His New Clothing

Off to Sears for new clothing for my boy

Sales are on for Levi jeans and shirts to fit

Matching hoodies

For a growing teen

5'5 and merely thirteen!

Paralympics play in our post- Olympic city

More important for youth to look pretty

4' in one year

Another growth spurt

Costs jeans and a shirt!

Saturday night hockey is game in our town

Puberty knows not his never-ending bound

Gift from Greg

Cause Mom's loves lingerie

For both - someone's gotta pay!

Katherine Marion


We may thank our thoughtful friend, Greg for many gifts ...

 If only I owned as many lacy lovelies as Imelda wears upon her swollen feet. Yet, gifts for one Goddess and her golden boy -what a generous treat!


My smiling son-shine and merely a few pieces from his growing wardrobe .. You know, he asks so little, it is always a pleausure to give ...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MOVING on ... up towards A 34 F CUP!

I used to believe I was simply a 36DD

until I realized there was more to me

than meets the eye

and fills the pretty lace-covered cup.


I used to make myself the tight butt

of my own booby jokes and  tuck

my emotions away

inside my once overflowing cup.


I used to feel hands grab my breast

in ways for me not surely the best

for genuine growth

beyond the below standard C- cup.


I used to believe I was only boobs

magnets attracting rudest of crudes

lowering themselves

beyond my rapidly emptying cup.


I used to believe a shiny pearl necklace

was made of sperm around my neck

no matter how I felt

within the emptiness of my lost cup.


I used to believe that tits were for sucking

of one more selfish male who needed f...

screwing up my life

literally filling up my unconscious cup.


I used to believe I had to make men happy

how insanely innocent and sweetly sappy

all I was taught to do

emptying each and every delicious cup.


I used to believe my role was so small

my job was to allow red-necks to maul

private parts of me

tarnishing silver plate and golden cup.


I used to believe that it was only worthwhile

to stand up like my erect nipples to get a smile

until I grew up

to hold, protect and guard my own blessed cup.


Katherine Marion


I never know what is going to flow .. from my inner reaches. Surely shortened hemlines and sacred beaches cannot keep one more rock from smoothening itself into one more sacred grain of sand. Thus, I show my cards and continue to play my hand!


This pretty pic was taken at Malena Lingerie on the Yaletown end of Robson Street, this scintillating Saturday night. Thank you, Greg for the 3 gorgeous French brassieres with matching panties!


I actually received my own private personal fitting  ... to surprisedly discover that I am none other than a 34F cup!

Bye Bye DD ...

LOVE from my twins and me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ever Caught A Single Mommy Having Fun?

Ever caught a Single Mommy having fun?

May you hope to be with that special blessed one

Watch her laughing after the cry 

May you hope your heart never does stop to lie

Ever caught a Single Mommy having fun?

May you hope for your day under her sacred sun

Feel her energy as she awakens a brand new morn

May you hope for your day with loves oath sworn

Ever caught a Single Mommy having fun?

May you hope to crawl before your turn to  run

Listen to her sobs in the middle of the night

May you hope to jump with joy rather than in fright

Ever caught a Single Mommy having fun?

May you spy and tell on every sweet and single one

Feel her heartbeat coming out of pounding chest

May you hope to pass her darkest daunting test

Ever caught a Single Mommy having fun?

May you touch untold glories of a powerful one

Know your strength as she battles one fight after another

May you reach inside child within to connect to Mother!

Katherine Marion


For those whom are too many to seemingly mention, rarely are we given brief reprieve to take a leave of loving absence ....


With increasing toil and uneccesary strife, within many a woeful and wonderless life;  always some new and twisting knife ... as we diligently raise our children single-handedly and smile for an audience that passes barely an passing accolade. Lest, lordy be, one more blessed Mother to somehow .,.. kindly save!


Please enjoy as we did and do ... a couple of darling pics of 2 Magical Mommys caught having fun ....

A gift from Marianne to Me and You!

Two Friends

( Sweet as the first breath of Spring .... )

Two friends

one truth

three wishes come true

A lifeline

of love

shining through

Innocence found

in joy

hearts made gold

Blessed be the boy

his light

loves hand does hold

Brothers to bond

will keep

faith to renew

Sons of ours

may choose

myself and you

Child of Now

is safe

far and few

Souls to soar

soon gone

dear friends of two.

( Big brother K and sweet Charlie - play .... )

Katherine Marion


Giving credit to one more amazing single mommy and the joyful 7 year young being of beauty; she is so gratefully continually giving birth unto .,..


Kaelin stayed up with his blossoming buddy until the wee hours of their own magial morn; pounding one another with pillows and watching the purest precious dream of a movie ( Japanese anime: PONYO ) that  you would ever wish to enchantingly enter into ...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Face Of A Friend

F  is for FOREVER

R is for RESPECT





Katherine Marion


Yesterday, early morn, upon awakening, after a a mere 1 hr sleep; I write down my fascinating dream about a male who insisted on continually hitting a peaceful female in the chin with an elastic-wrapped rock. No one in the vicinity said a word, as is often the case when insanity comes to claims its deadly Ist Place ribbon. Everyone allowed the unacceptable.

Then, I made my move ... Dashing the delinquent hopes of one more unhappy and most sorry soul, I quickly leapt up, as my instincts moved me to ... And, threw either the abuser or a part of his outward trappings out and down upon the ground. So  real. Deliberate. Final!


This dream was earlier preceeded by a very ill woman whom, in this physical reality; has repeately emailed me the most digusting letters, a growing heart could imagine. And, to remember that I first kept in touch with this bitter single mom, simply becuase her own teenager son is close to my own sons age and they used to innocently play in nature, together, as two bright and beautiful lights allowed to shine, should be.

Well, now she has brought my innocent child into her lowest of the low ...  head game and called him more than  one slanderous name. Of course, this mad frothing female dog ....  had no idea that my beautiful boy casually reads my emails.

 Wonder how she feels about herself after my 13 year old sends out a response, standing up for his Amazing Mommy and later tells me how good it feels?Simply to hold his own solid ground and do what he feels is right. No wonder I had the dream. Closure.


After my dream, I could have went downhill, as SHE of lowest stature would have wanted. Not I. Instead, I allowed my magical rational mind to drift and sift and rather than focus on a few bits of nitty grit in my pretty shoe, I wondered what the Face Of A Friend would look like ...

Firmly closing my divine doors on death and opening up to a wondrously new window, filled with life and love.

Literally allowing the most Incredible Gifts to come my conscious way ... today and onwards!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel good about my self.
Owning My Power

Monday, March 8, 2010 for Me and Mine

Ooooh, today,  I so ache to eat all the consciousness-raising culinary delights we ecstatically enjoyed ... last nite, at our yummy meal for 3; totalling a mere $156.00, with tons of pure and packaged goodies such as fermented olives , dehydrated onion flax crackers, unshelled pistachios, and a pussy pouch ( doggy bags are so boring ) to take back to our happy home.

Have you any infinitely intelligent idea, just how incredible cold raw, vegan pizza ( no wheat, gluten, yeast ) tastes - the day after?

Only because my well-fed boy so generously allowed me to eat all of his flax seed delight, since he does not like raw mushrooms as much as I so divinely adore ....

Such a Goddess am I

Blessed with friends who feed me and mine

( Never before having tasted or eaten living food cuisine, and unquestionably incredulous at how full he could somehow be ... Robin shows off his un-cooked riceless wonder of spicy-hot hy-dried nori rolls )

A shining son who accompanies me to the most delectable restaurants in Vancouver, B.C.

(Kaelin pours all of grateful us a purring glass of Goddess-sent Coconut water - the next breast thing to Mothers milk on the planet )

And, the most magical appetite for a rawsome life any single mommy could ever deliciously hope to purely and preciously possess.

Merely a few of my flavourful and JUST DESSERTS ...

(notice how my own child so kindly left me this mouthwatering much of his luscious living Strawberry Shortcake - without the shortcake, with an amazing soaked nut crust, and plenty of intense flavor in that one wee bite I was so generously left ... )

Orgasmically yours,

Katherine Marion


All pics, except that one of me, taken by this salivatingly single mom and her


See what happens when you talk to 'strange men' on the bus ( read last weeks blog entry ... ), well on their lonely way to watch the last eve of the Olympics!!!