Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

                       Yellow leaves on white

                   Steadfast soldier firmly stands

                       Grounded and giving


                        Katherine Marion


I popped my head out our large living room window, a few magical mornings ago. Seems my excited homelearning teen, had already set his own designs ...

 Creating invisible Angel Wings upon the soft, powdery mantle of snow. One near to sleeping child  is lured into a luscious land of all that is magical and mysterious.

Imaginings of a world  where silence speaks and night-time never peeks.


Watching the wondrous offerings of Gai, dropping like kisses onto a sweet, white cake.

 Cacoooned away, safely within the comfort  and shelter of our cozy home. We stand in awe ... As Goddess lays her loving blessings down!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

A World Where Every Child Has A Home

A world where every Child has a home

Safe harbor to call one's blessed own

A world where every Child has a home

Warm fire to lay beside; embers glow'n

A world where every Child has a home

Bright lights to beckon in love; shown

A world where every Child has a home

Shadows filled with light; before unknown

A world where every Child has a home

Arms to keep her warm from wind blow'n

A world where every Child has a home

Happy hearts opening ; setting bliss' tone!

Katherine Marion


All my life, I have walked past the homes of other families and wondered what it would be like to live within those walls. Even as a single mom, of 50 youthful years,living and laughing with my teen homeschooling son, I still, often wonder ...?

Even though, my shining son, seems perfectly content, i KNOW there is the ideal home, set in the perfect setting, that awaits us.

My sster, Jacqueline used to imagine that she was one of the many children in a popular 70's Family tv show. I believe I remember her telling me, that it was "Eight Is Enough." So, I am not alone ... on this fantasy.

Yet, what about all the millions of children, and mothers and ... with no home? Not even a piece of cardboard to call his own and keep as a roof over one's blessed head! Dangerous to sleep on the streets. Unsafe to camp out at the beach. What un-kind of a world are we living in?

Share your JOY. And, if you don't have any left to give ... Find someone who does.

Start really living, loving and laughing  - all year round - for as long as life, love and light, does so beautifully and abundantly abound!

LOVE Katherine

This afternoon, we meet up with Kaelin's Dad, for the 2nd time in 2 years. We are a "broken-family." No matter. Our parents are of the same lineage. As our most, nowadays.

I made the right choice.

What I can and am giving my son are healthy and healing options.

The benefits that a strong mind, powerful body and beautiful heart can offer .. are beyond earthly measure.


I captured this vison ... a couple of years ago, while we were walking. Looks like a real, loving home. See ya there!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vancouver's First Snow Of The Season

The best thing about the newly falling snow, is how utterly excited my happy homeschooling teen; becomes, just seeing it!

Opening our big, old living room window this early morning, to sniff the incredibly fresh smelling aroma of a fabulously flaking sky .. falling down upon grateful us.

Beyond beautiful.

Feeling the crispness of the air as it bites into every morsel of our magical being.

Truly blessed are we!

Katherine Marion


Friday, November 19, 2010

Pillows Of Light

                  Fighting For Fresh Air

              Knocking Against Each Other

                Creating Sacred Space

                  Katherine Marion


No matter what is done or seems to be happening, it is always for the good of all. Whether it be man-kind or not at her/his kindest, we all win.

Floating is what me must all learn to do. Like a child, bouncing on an unmade bed of clouds ... Falling to Earth ... Merely, to rise up to the heavens ... All in one beautiful breath!

Colors are as many as teardrops. Our hearts rejoice in pain or happiness.
It is our divine duty to share this truth as we see it.

Allowing others, to again, remember to feel ...


This vivid imagery was captured on my fancy, little Canon movie camera, that my kindest raw food client: Michael, so generously gifted me with, a couple of yummy years ago.

See you flying high, in the sweetest sky of my own magical making ...


Clouds floating .. image; shot from my bedroom window, yesterday morn, at close to 7:00 am or 7:30 am, before my neighbors started filing out of their homes, readying for a new work day.

I went for a nap.

My own real"work" - done.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pastoral Sunset

              Pastoral Sunset

          Streaks Of Stained Sky

            Fading Into Dark

            Katherine Marion


This past early evening, at approximately 4:00 pm, I met up with one pretty and pregnant moon. Serenely, she sat, atop the shimmering tree tops. Across from her, stood her fading sun. Too tired to move, he let everyone and everything else do the work for him.

Clouds climbed atop Magical Mistrss, as she held her gracious ground. From my well lit vantage point, I could see that this amazing moment would and must ...remain forever fixed in my magial mind.




Imagine, if I had not let go .. of that ghastly image of the big bellied mentally disabled male, in the Marpole Oakridge Community Center sauna. Where ass (pardon the pun), earlier, all I could still see were his busy hands ... tugging bared private parts. Looking at me, as he ...

Shortly, thereafter, calling in what amounts to no "security" and ' all' seemingly excusing his abherant behaviour, due to his instability and inability.

To supposedly hold  onto anything  ... except himself;  in lowest esteem.

 Speaking my truth. Yet, flashing images triggering hostile feelings of many abuses gone ignored.

No more, I figured. I will show 'em.

Not to be.

Slowing way ... down.

To catch myself.

Floating with Mother Moon.

Opening her loving arms that embrace me ..

With utmost REVERANCE.

Knowingly, SHE looks into these tired eyes that have seen far too much, upon this eartly plane.

Enough to bring this teary eyed young girl - fresh pain.

Instead - getting out of my heavy head.

Entering into mine own HEAVEN.

Allowing myself to be caputred by PUREST RAPTURE.

Sharing JOY,


Later, to shake those few last images of that lost soul in his very own heated hell  ...

My supernatural soul-mate of an ever- shining son sagely suggests a healing acupressure massage at Big Feet. Nothing like a whole lot of knotted muscle release to let go ,.. and just be.

So, lookie at me!

New pic-ie and relaxed body.

Listening to Nana Mouskouri ( whom I have been blessed to meet ... ) as I sit, solo, in the comfort of my peaceful living room.

Singing "Amazing Grace," one more Goddess shares her own soulful song: " I once was lost. But now am found ..."


All is JOY.

JOY to All.


Sunrise HAIKU


               Early morning sky

        Scratched by branches of truth

            Light revealing beauty

                Katherine Marion


I wrote "Sunrise Haiku", tonight, in unison with my new vision; reminding myself that all that exists is ligtt and shadow. One cannot live without the other. Or, die ...

Frist there is the light. The shadow breeds in the nestling crook. Shadows seem to hide. Yet, how often they illuminate what we were before unable to see.

Darkness is expected. Due to the knowing; that where the sun shines, there shall also be darkness. To expect nothing less and short of this truth, is to protect ourselves.

Open the curtains to reveal the darkened shade.

I am.

Goddess-sent Creature of the Loving Light,



This image camte to me, the other morn, after staying up all night. In the early morn, I watched in awe ... As the sky tuned the pinkest pearly parts, in one cozy corner. Upon the other side of the Earth, facing Richmond, I was forced to reckon with a reddening sky. Clamoring and climbing for attention ... What do do?

Shoot 'em both.

Simply one side ...

Sharing All,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Double Rainbow

Have you ever felt a gentle stirring deep within your soul?

Bouncing up like a beautiful new babies breath to extole ...

Have you ever found your faith after your heart spoke forth?

Watching a rainbow following you; shining from south to north ..

Have you ever lost your fear that covered every purest part?

Enjoying every blessed moment as you opened up your heart .,..

Have you ever fell down a dark hole to reach up even higher?

Calling out in heaven's name .. in order to never lose or tire ...

Have you ever found yourself living at the top of a wounded world?

Sharing sprinklings of earth's rainbow that come joyfully unfurled ...

Katherine Marion



I love this image!

This is one of many ... special moments, that this magical Momma K, - just so joyfully happened to capure, a wonderful week or so, ago.

Richmond Dike, B.C.

Rainbow Child

Rainbow Boy

filled with joy

Rainbow Boy

love to employ

Rainbow Boy

happy heart ahoy

Rainbow Boy

darkness to annoy

Rainbow Boy

light is no ploy

Rainbow Boy

heaven be not coy.

Rainbow Boy

Angels did deploy!

Katherine Marion


Thanks to a facebook "friend," Kaelin and I were invited to the Richmond Dike, a week or so, ago. After my son awakened, to throw up, three times, and begged off, to go back to bed, I commenced to get us on our wondrous way.

We went to visit Gano Excel's head offices with M.B., before the three of us, headed off the witness one ot the wonders of the world.

How often in a lifetime is anyone permitted to view such a spectacular array of mind-blowing, chakra-opening colors?

I am so grateful that I turned what could have been something to avoid .. into a supernatural sensory perception, of the highest senses.

Since then, we let go of our friend, who never truly was. Simply a spectator, hoping to obtain the most from my brilliant light. My shining son, sensed this misdeamor, of course. Even the culprit in question - no longer - sagely suggested that it was his presence that unerved calm-minded Kaelin, enought to cause him to vomit.

Later, I remembered the less than handful of times, in the very far past .. where Kaelin's body had reacted in such a knowing manner.

Our bodies tell us everything. We must listen.

Just as our hope and our faith are mirrored in every rawstruck rainbow. We must shine our magical mirror's upon those whom deserve their love and light ...mostly.

Grateful Goddess,


Born To Be Free

My son trusts me

Teaching him truth

Born to be free

Young teen boys

Learn far too much

Not always of Joy's

Puberty's painful

Rife with lessons

Innocence at lull

Hormones a-whirl

First love is mommy

Next, a young girl

For now, let it be

Firstly, a happy heart

Forever, born free!

Katherine Marion


How, many times do we take our children for granted? They are truly, miracles that were brought unto us. Energetic spirit forces. Sweet and saxred "second chances." Our blessings.

And, we are here to nurture, culture, and guide them. Suppport their spiritual growth. Not simply feed them "the right foods" and offer them " a roof over .." their heaven-sent heads. Ours is the mission. They are the gift.

My son is my first miracle.

The 'NEW ME' is my second.

There are no more "rolls of the dice."

This is it.

And, he is all.



Momma K


My son lays sleeping, as I love him - from afar. One 14 year young boy, dreams of slaying dragons, finding pots of gold and all that is magical and still alive and living .. within his wondrous realm. As his magical mommy writes one more ode of love to a young heart and old spirit who keeps her belief in real beauty and timesless truth; brilliantly illuminated and filled with light!


This pic of Kaelin was captured by me, on our way to Banff, Alberta, this summer. On the roadside, just before we drove through Hope - to enter into Joy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


They say "Energy grows where energy goes."

May mine shoot up from the tip of my toes

They say,"Whatever you focus on increases."

May my feminine powers be another's Jesus

They say, "Whatever you resist,does persist."

May my Kundalini rise and unto itself; enlist

They say, "If there is no pain, there is no gain."

May my energies empower me to highest fame

They say, "As a man thinketh, so that he be."

May clarity, consciousness and caring fill me.

They say, "Never cast pearl's before swine."

May strength, serenity and sexiness be mine.

They say, "You are always what you eat."

May my raw reality forever be holy treat.

They say, "Go where your heart leads you."

May my body be my temple, tried and true.

They say, "Nothing is constant, except change."

May my life be mine to conscientously arrange.

They say, "God is within every one of us."

My my light within me, be that which I trust.

Katherine Marion


A very recent visual rendering of me at the gym. A sacred place where I center my higher self. "My church of self-love," as I call  it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sharing Is Vital In Creating Family!

At 50 with my 14 year young son

Life is a thrilling and cherished one

Working out at Steve Nash's gym

Teen boy and his mom fit fitness in

Biking 20 miles every return trip

Visiting YYoga to stretch and drip

Healing infrared sauna to heal souls

Healthy partnership does love extole

Joy is made in the light of a fine day

Evenings where child and parent play

Together we help one another to see

Sharing is vital in creating family!

Katherine Marion


I love experiencing new adventures with my shining son, Kaelin. In a wounded world, where most parents do not even know where there children are, I am blessed.

We must put in the 'time', effort energy and patience, in order for our children to stay around and us to see the ravestruck results.

Every moment is magic.

Sharing Mine,



This sweet picture was capured by a fellow who was working out at the gym, last night. After I did 2 hot YYoga classes, in a row!

And, before I followed up with 1 hr of stretching and abdominals. Next, followed up with 30 minutes of intense weights; back, deltoids and bicepts.

Then, we biked home ....


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elephant In A Fall Sky

                 Elephant in a fall sky
                  makes my soul cry

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                   charging on high

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                    I can hear his cry

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                      he does so try

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                     be no longer shy

                  Elephant in a fall sky

                       to dare or die!

Katherine Marion


This poem is dedicated to M.B., a "facebook friend," who took Kaelin  and I to the the Richmond Dike, this fabulous Friday. We were all wowed witness to the sky turning the bewitching colors of an artist's priceless palette. Magic  unveiling itself .. for the very first and sacred time. A sumptuous tapesty of telling turbulence.  Electrically charged energy ... Filling infite skies with magnificence, truth and tales of greatness and glory.

May the bringer of this light .. find his own.



This captivating image that I so perfectly captured, shall be standing in it's gargantuen glory, as one of my many masterpieces.

As I re-create my www.3rdEyeFoto.com  website, in mine own mind-numbing and tender-hearted name.

Opening Up ...

Opening up ...

does not include

closing down.

Opening up ...

will never exlude

looking forward.

Opening up ....

was not ever about

losing your sight.

Opening up ...

we outght not to

need for flight.

Opening up ...

was always easy

trust is key

Opening up ...

shall forever be

truest reality!

Katherine Marion


Early, last enchanted evening, I kept believing ...

Looking right into the blindingly beautiful eye of the double rainbow that came my wondrous way ...

I felt my every chakra opening up!


Me & My Rainbow

Me & my rainbow ...

she follows me

wherever I go.

Me & my rainbow

she beckons me

into the flow ...

Me & my rainbow

she stands by me

heart a-glow

Me & my rainbow

she loves me

letting go ...

Katherine Marion


Someone once asked me if I considered Nature to be my Mother?


And, my own Mother's ...

Our only 'work' 




That which is not real and true .. evaporates, when in the timeless company of all emcompassing beauty.

May we all rejoice in this world that offers, comforts, accepts and bestows.




Pic captured, yesterday, after an invigorating drizzle .. at the Richmond Dike.

Truly spectacular!

Thank you, Goddess.



I believe ....

that which I bestow

I receive.

I believe ....

those whom honor me

do not deceive.

I believe ...

this energy is real

all that I need.

I believe ..

thus my dream

to never leave.

Katherine Marion


I am a believer!

There are not a lot of us ...

This world, sad to say, is not densely populated by peoples who are propelled by purest intention.

My direction is upwards and across,

Every rainbow is a bridge to a newer and braver dimension. All worlds are mine when my heart remains swift, sure and sublime.



This picture of Me and My Rainbow: captured by Kaelin.

Yesterday, at the stunningly raw and real Richmond Dike.

Supernaturally yours,


Monday, November 1, 2010

Organic Lives with Love - Thanks To Pancho and Sal

Earlier today, biking in Vancouver's fabulous fall weather, I decided to visit my favored  http://www.organiclives.org/ for a light, living foods meal;  Spring Roll, Apple Pie, and  3 huge Chocolate Macaroon's. As I ate spicy green olives and gathered up nuts and seeds, for sprouting, I realized that it was Monday night. Next thing on the rawstruck roster;  I am blessed to hug wonderful Wilma,  talk to clowning Brock Tully, and joyfully join their talented troupe. Of course, this is "Kind Stories"night,  and I am soon, to be a precious part of a thoroughly enchantted evening. Listening to the enlivening live music and love croonings of http://www.panchoandsal.com/ , I awaken my every long hungered sense. Digesting living foods, playing the wooden sticks, and singing, I am so glad that synergy has a sacred space in my luscious life.

So much LOVE!!!

The most delicious duo, whom have created 3 lovely off-spring; sharing  one  incredible story. A family transcending beyond what most people could ever conceivably comprehend. Let alone .. endure. A profound experience. So very touching, that my facial muscles almost twitched with overwhelming emotion. Such warmth and sincerity, rarely found in North America. No wonder .. these lovely individuals are from another world. In every sacred sense of the wondrous word. Generously gifting me with their two dvd's and inviting my homeschooling son and I to their home, for a meal and mini music fest. That is, as soon as two touring talents of the highest hearts happiness, finish their Master Cleanse. Already on "day 9," they have more than Lemon, Cayenne and Maple Syrup, to soulfully, see them, soundly and safely through ...

Be sure and catch http://www.worldkindnessconcert.com/, at the CULTCH, this weekend. Apparently, after merely a few years on the rawk'n roster, they are almost sold out. So, grab your heart by the sleeves .. and start dancing in the aisles!

Seeing LOVE wherever I wondrously wander,

Katherine Marion


Holy Goddess!

As I gratefully write these words, Pancho and Sol are singing "Time To Say Goodbye."

"So Long," as my Mother used to say. And, even more beautifully ...


Please enjoy this sunlit afternoon's vision; Katherine indulging in Kaelin's homemade miso soup and Kats Hot Flax Crax. Before biking into even braver new worlds of entrancement ...