Monday, May 30, 2011

Serving Tears of Fears and Lemonade of Laughter

Today i sit at the head of my grand banquet table

surrounded by silly folk who are far from stable

This morning, I broke my foot over feast of lies

Tonight, lowering ice from my tightest thighs

Last week, death and rape threats from ebaum

Tomorrow, awakening to nothing feeling wrong

Serving tear of fears and lemonade of laughter

Slightly salty, and giggling happily ever after!

Katherine Marion


With the crazed online stalkers rife with intent to hunt me down and tear me apart with moralizing , mean malign and defame, my fame has spread  ...

Even my son is being served this most unappealing fare, fit only for fools and those who drop their dirty stools for me to look at ... Jumping  for joy, as I  consciously create  safe harbour for  my beautiful boy.

Trolls will never tell the truth, because they were fed too many of a filthy lie. Yet, there is not excuse for not washing your hands before you come to dinner. So clean up your act and change your attitude. Look into the mirror and grab onto a whole lot more Goddess-sent Gratitude!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If You Don't Like What You See In The Mirror ... Then, Change Yourself! I AM FOREVER STRONG AND TRANSCENDING ALL ... Supernaturally, SPECIAL k

Self portrait; captured this Tuesday, May 24th.  After A Healing Bath and Before
a  Much Needed Bike-Ride for Rawsome Veggies, Hemp and Raw Chocolate!

SUPERNATURAL NEWS FLASH               Wednesday, MAY 25th, 2011

 The current state of unconscious affairs in this wounded world; 

My very famous and most popular  youtube channel, "Voted 6 Most Viewed Director in Canada" - this past Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 - was officially 'taken down,' later the same insane day!

I can only help mourn for the 494 videos, that cost me 4 years of my loving life. Filming, uploading, commenting upon and more .. Sad.

Well, who says this online life is even "real?"

How many are even aware of what reality truly is, in this congested, fearful global gobblity geek, where a little Goddess-sent 'cheek' is taken as something to target one single, homeschooling Mom, over and over and over.

If there was anything i would ever admit to 'hating,' it would only be "HYPOCRICY."

Simply due to thousands of inhumane crotch-croaches coming in to infiltrate my consciousness-raising site. Multitudes of emasculated young males, jealous of the close bond between my beautiful 15 year old homeschooling boy and I. 

Crazy kids - online trolls - threatening to rape and kill me. After I called the police, last night, these insane threats were mysteriously removed ...? Yet, the rest of the rot is virtually left to unrest.

Go to:

Post your positive comments and send us your love and moral support.

Those frothing he-hyena's who initially found me, online, thanks to www.ToshO.comfeaturing my now defunk "Dancing Naked In The Rain" video,  will no longer be able to linger and lust over me, as they once so lovelessly did, and wish they still could.  Many months ago, initially congregating in unconscious conspiracy, to my youtube channels, to complain, convolute, contrive and connive. Until, thousands of threads of vileness are  woven and read and venomously spread, on www.  Even one more dark dungeon; has hundreds of disgusting details that are far from true, spinning on a no-win tail spin to hell. No more.

All my beautiful channels, that i began creating, just before my Mommy's death, over 4 years ago, are gone! 

And, probably more .. that i am not able to recall at this tiring moment in maddening man-made time.

Thousands of hours were divinely donated -  kindly responding to every single comment and email, on my many youtube accounts. Sadly, many people are very miserable and love to take out their rage on this rawstruck regenerator of youth, joy and hope. Even to those treacherous many, I held them in compassion and covered them in light.

I have paid a heavy penalty and price for sharing my luscious life with so many tortured souls on the internet. Courage is not a large focus for many mad minds.  A happy heart is not what beats inside of most savages whom only hope to laugh at the ravages they ache to leave behind. A very unfortunate day, indeed. Many caustic deeds have been done unto my innocent child and I. And all anyone can do is point fingers, tear down beauty. And, put up more wicked walls .. in hope of keeping out the light. 

Well, just as brilliant green life-giving grass continues to grow through and between the broken cracks in faulty cement sidewalks. Bubble-gum cannot contain megatons of magical water from pouring through a weak and broken-down barricade. Eventually the truth will be heard, seen and touched, and looked-upon, again. 

Now that my ingenious son has started his own brilliant comeback of a telling, who knows ...?

We must all speak out truth and live our lives as we so choose and find fit and worthy and wise.

Even if a un-wholesome lot of rotters who are hoping to string up the next Good Witch, find it an atrocity. 

Then, even the more reason. 

When did being a gorgeous Goddess, give anyone the right to threaten, extort, blackmail, black-ball, trespass against, repeatedly violate, and pillage a pure and precious person to this disenchanting extent?

Yet, mostly - how do you think it feels for my shining Son; knowing that malicious minds and sunken spirits are allowed to hurt and continually harass him and his one and only blessed Mother?

May everyone who is worth the salt of this swollen, beaten up, dishonoured Earth, that we all share: please make their magical way to  to Kaelin's brilliant rebuttal of a newly created Causes page: 

Speak your voice in the kindest manner and allow your heart to heal that which has been bruised and broken. 

Now, it is your turn to stand up and do what is good, right and hallowed.

Bless you.

Grateful Goddess,




As originally written in NOTES section on my account. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



  Maybe .. I AM Pippi Pied Piper ..

  not 'that' "stripping" Single Mother  - Viper!

  All the unhappy boys of Hamlin 
  are cramm'n and and a painfully jamm'n 

Following me wherever heart does glow

mere mortals, merely wanting to know

  Heartlessness they can barely stand

  could be silly putty ..eating out of my hand


 Rather than fear .. Wisely, instead, 
 removing myself from their frantic head

 I choose to feed them complete compassion

 in my lovingly unique Madonnish  fashion

 A little of their pain to most kindly erase

Saving them  from virtual world disgrace

Goddess! After all , they could be my own Son

 Even Boys;  need to remember,  WE are all ONE.          

Katherine Marion


Thanks to these "Anonymous"  pranksters - as i prefer to call them .. I have had many of my precious video's removed.

And, even I AM - blocked . 

From my own consciousness-raising channel!

Hundreds of new "friends' on, in a mere 2 days.

Thousands of lies .. fabricated and spun, so feverishly, on Redit and 4Chan.

Hungry, tormented souls  ... like something out of a zombie movie .. attempting to come in and take

over my lovely life that i share so generously and with  girlish glee and Goddess-sent gratitude.


So, what else is wiser to do .. than have empathy for others without real mothers!             

Pesky Internet Trolls .. Getting you down? A Sexy Solution all of their Confusion ...

                                   Teen Internet Trolls
                                        on the rise ..

                                    No other Know
                                      left to surmise

                                     Hating Women
                                       knowing not

                                    Sexually forming
                                      love untaught

                                    Motherless Son's
                                       latchkey kid

                                       Daddy's Boy
                                     compassion rid

                                     Clueless Males
                                    point dirty finger

                                     Slanderous tales
                                      pain does linger

                                    Faceless Cowards
                                      spreading lies

                                  Empowered Woman
                                      hears their cries

                                  Dysfunctional Family
                                    neglect their own

                                    Consumer Society
                                     pay dear to own

                                Conscious Community
                                       see our plight

                                   Today's Generation
                                     must not fight

                                    Hallowed home
                                       of the Heart

                                     Loving first  
                                        vital part.

                                  Katherine Marion






Monday, May 23, 2011

Eddie Klimac: Bully and poorly promoted Gimmick!

Eddie Klimac

sold his gimmick

told me

he would lift

my skirts high

made me

just about wanna die!

Eddie Klimac

folded into it


on 'skirtsy days'

to embar-ass me

fears began

no more was i free

Eddie Klimaac

holding onto me


a mad world of his

upon sweetest girl


curls came unfurled

Eddie Klimac

emboldening himself


his gutless frenzy

onto everyone else

new strength

untold of inner wealth!

Katherine Marion


Everything and everyone is a blessing.

Thank you Eddie!


And, bless you, mommy - even more!

"BULLIES just want YOUR ATTENTION, Dear" - Mommy's advice

My mommy taught me - well

bullies own nothing

and no one

only running

their own personal hell

My mommy taught me  - wisely

bullies want attention

doing everything

going nowhere

by acting defiantly

My mommy taught me  -  young

bullies are harmless

saying mean things

talking silliness

wanting the desired one

My mommy taught me -  wisdom

bullies are blamers

settling old scores

pretending courage

when all they are is dumb!

Katherine Marion


This is my gift to the latest raft that floated in .. Online bullies that many might prefer or not , to call dreaded -" gang-stalkers."

Just this magical morn, i was telling my teen homeschooler, as we snuggled and shared hugs and happiness, about my own "Amazing Mommy."

Thus, reminding myself of an old story from my childhood, whence upon, Eddie Klimac ( maybe he's on facebook, too ), spit a big goober into my long, luscious locks. I was devastated.

Since my Mother had been, and still was .. a devastatingly beautiful woman, she already KNEW.

IMAGINE ... if i had lived my life, being as much of an ETERNAL COWARD, as the next bully who would make his/her lame-brained attempt at  trashing, hashing, bashing, or cashing in on me!!!

Proudly wearing  my Hairy Balls of Supernaturally Sexy Steel,



Oh, that felt so Empowering!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Heal after your your life of LOVE is virtually destroyed!

The Supernatural Summer in Vancouver, B.C. - Before 'it' happened ..

I was playing in the sand one day

whence upon a webmaster came to say

"Would you like to have your very own site?"

So, tempting, upon that sunlit day

'Supernatural Woman ' began to play

For this gift ...

I was soon, to severely pay!

He took pictures of me at the beach

anywhere within his photographic reach

Every week and more, he would bring me visuals, full score

There was a lesson that this would teach

Painful one ...

Trust your instincts, i beseech!

My life was filled with innocent fun

one loving mommy and her 8 year young son

We would stay up late and sleep in and enjoy our blissful life

Staying together ...

Until that breach of injustice unto us, was done!

A dirty 'friend' send me a very profane email

Against my child's "devil's forked tongue," she did rail

Still stalking me, online, and hates mr more than than truth or light

Negative energy ..

Dark energies  that trips you up and hopes you will forever fail

Wonderful world shared with everyone; to see

How could I have known that next, in would pounce the M.C.F.?

Crazy-maker's make lots of fanfare about what they do not understand or know

Torn apart ..

Due to ignorance and slander within my unconscious community!

After 7 months spent in 2 gay males foster care

8 cavities, scream movies and  poisoned with Barfer Kind fare

Cutting through all the lies and deceit to have 'their pawn' returned, alive

Barely so ...

White bumps all over smooth skin, and fears that will always be there!

I was even told, "You deserved it," by a person or two

Some sad hearts will  hope to take away your happiness and destroy you

What's any heart in her right mind to calmly and kindly choose to blessedly do?

Create miracles ..

With forgiveness;  tuning tortures around and seeing it through!

At age 15, Kaelin is going through puberty and remembering pain

Feels like all that was done is happening, to us -  all over, again

This time, we are digging into the past that no one helped us wade or heal from

Treacherous work ..

PEACE was taken, and I know that only 2 open hearts can  keep it ... sane!

Katherine Marion


All one can do is work with what is at hand and keep highest visions aligned with what what we feel to be true for us and our very own.

Our power speaks volumes and truth shall always prevail.

LOVE is the intangible that shall never fail!!!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Breast of My Truth

Wednesday, May 11,2011  - pic of Purring Kat - at home 

My sexy German one-piece could cause a feisty Fraulein  to sneeze

Size H cup with an abundance  of LOVE in creamy milk-tight jugs

Lactating Momma with twin piston's aimed and readied  to please

All those hungry puppies, giving her lusty looks and warming hugs

Fourteen years later, at the ripening age of ever blossoming fifty-one

Size 34F with a little more evidence of gravity and no stretch marks

Dancing on Youtube for strangers, for zero money and expressive fun

Just cause there's no fin, doesn't mean I don't see blood-thirsty sharks

My son is 15 and he gave up Momna's suga at the tender age of seven

He loved these babies as breast any male would ever wish to worship

Maternal bond so strong that we were as connected as stars in heaven

Never the heart does stray, when attached with lip and nary a tender slip

Some things in life never really change; just keep getting better and better

When a woman is given two succulent sweetheart's, she must  make use

Breasts are made for feeding and nurturing of wondrous offering of wettest

Yet,  real men, still dream of the cream, and if offered, would never refuse!

Katherine Marion


I still remember strutting into Liz's beautiful bathing suit shop - 'Just Cruisn"n,"
in the happy heart-on of downtown Vancouver. What an impression that hot,
black suit made upon me. And, the tell-tale ttitilation created by Black Beauty,
continues to have an increasing growing effect on whomever comes our
 wonderful way ...


Even though, i got rid of that abusive live-in and delinquent daddy of my child,
 - i did let him live - I have decided to keep the puberty-ridden teen homeschooler.
 And, closest to breast of all, for many and a few, one darling one-piece that is a well cut
classic and shall simply have to do!

Monday, May 9, 2011

diSPELL and Go To Hell



go to hell

Your Fear


ring my bell



go to hell

Your past


where you fell



go to hell

My life


yours to tell



go to hell

the system


always sell



go to hell

one sea


create a shell



go to hell.

Katherine Marion


It is so easy to bury our heads in a hole or sit our scaredy cat asses in a cartel of sordid sand. Yet, when the shit-uation begins to get severely out of hand .. We can always turn our faces upwards towards the sun of truth .. To finally bite  off that dirty r-ass-cal's fear mongering hand!!!!


Too many are always able to tell us even less.

Disfiguring disguise may come in various dress.

We must always listen to our instincts and trust our inner self.

Fear will not ever choose to display himself on a safe shelf.

First we must see him/her for what he truly is ..not.

Knowing that Truth can never be bought!


Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider

winds of change

within her

Freedom Rider

noisy exchange

beside her

Freedom Rider

actions of deranged

against her

Freedom Rider

powers arranged

inside her

Freedom Rider

family estranged

of hers

Freedom Rider


at her

Freedom Rider

Son en-caged

is hers

Freedom Rider

wisest sage

calls her.

Katherine Marion


Who is really watching? Are we the witness or the watched?

Is it truly safe to see ourselves as we go down ...?

Are we to allow our own children to stand by and watch us being massacred as we do nothing to protect ourselves or them?

What is left to salvage when we have given away our most precious gift?

Who do we really think we are?



After creating the name - "Freedom Rider" for my new password on one more account, this recent Mother's day, which was my worst one - in 15 years of history and now, HERSTORY, I felt empowered. Maybe i should have done that ONE - earlier yestermorn, or even and not always Steven, week. Thing is, it is done now and see the vision as beautifully as the breasts i sometimes spill flax crax crumbs upon.

Be kind to ourselves.

And, set out with a searing blow torch, if need be, to clear the way .. for that wondrous new path, that is to be lit, by those most powerful and empowered.

Such as you and me!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I Carried Her Groceries Home

I met her at the neighbourhood  7-11

this past late Wednesday night 

she was buying one ripe banana 

her red eyes were quite the sight

Carried her bags of groceries home

a mere few blocks from my place

she was slow and low on energy

her fear kept her in a negative space

Told her to drop her many apologies

begin writing positive affirmations

she was disconnected from self

her speech was filled with trepidation

Worried her yogurt would get warm

as we stood outside her tenants door

she was afraid to even nvite me inside

her scattered was not one to ignore

Complaining of arthritis and asthma

walking very slow and feeling so old

she told me was a mere sixty two

her power she'd chosen to place on hold

After a long time spent clashing heads

we met in the middle with our hearts

she was standing in her front yard

her kind words are what set her apart

Sharing with me as only a mother can

allowing me to see what i know is right

she wisely said to move to the country

her understanding brought in new light

Leaving her I felt high as a fluffy cloud

knowing that I had met one more Angel

she was brought to me by divine intention

her wise words i do hold ever grateful.

Katherine Marion


Many times, of past, have i met lovely Eva. Usually late, around midnight, after she leaves isolation to come forth from her loneliness. Her Mom just died, last year. Both of her married daughters, live in the States. Living in a big, beautiful house, filled with a front yard - filled with trees and space, she rents out the lower part of her home - which she barely leaves.

I have much compassion for this woman, since I know all about how fears can compress our mind and keep the magic from spilling forth. Watching her t.v. and listening to much professional advice from doctors and a medical system that is sicker that the patients it panders to. Practically dying in the clutter of a head space that she has polluted with modern technology and living a frenetic life in the city. 

Mirrors are everywhere we choose to look. Sometimes doing something for another .. turns out to be the best thing we could have ever have hoped to have done for our precious selves. Helping others is always the best thing we can do for ourself. Blessings come in many divine and earthly disguises. Follow our instincts that always speak the truth ... of all unlimited choices, is alway the most virtuous and wisest!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Being The Believer

Being the believer


letting go of the deceiver

Most have already lost


once whole-heartedly embossed

Few will find


supporting them in thankful kind

One shall know


inside is where truth does glow ...

Katherine Marion


This early morn, as my teenage homelearner soundly sleeps, I watch the sky lighten, and my heart stays open to all that transpired, yesterday - in my ever fascinating life ...

And everyone that still lives in my heart, after being touched by me and my magical energy.

Last night, i felt the pain of many .. 

Loneliness is an all too common malady. We must reach out  .. to bring other precious people - closer.

How else are we ever to survive - as a species? Let alone, thrive - as independent and functioning adults who are able to give what we all deserve and ache for - LOVE!

Forever, it is absolutely vitally imperative - WE MUST KEEP DREAMING. 

For, when we DREAM - we have already created our own TRUTH.

An honest heart,