Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Body is My Temple

                 My body is my temple
              Built upon firmest foundation

              Primary personal example

                  Conscious Creation

                 My body is my soul

           Wondrous work of infinite art

              Me as part of the whole

                Most precious part

            My body is my vessel

        Purest energies of only mine

          Demons; no need wrestle

           Calm waters - sublime

            My body is my gift

     Grateful for unconditional love

       Victorious vibrations do lift

        Magical me ...  high above !

        Katherine Marion


Last night, after 2 hrs in the late afternoon sun,
writing out daily gratitude's in my journal, and
readngBarbara Colorosso's, "Kids are Worth It!"
, I biked with a fervour, to my 55 minute TCM
healing treatment at New Feet.

Beginning to sob, as my compassionate healer,
 who owns her own acupuncture clinic in Bejing,
dug into dozens of deep knots and emotional pain,
in my shoulders. Years of sadness, grief, and
unrequited emotions, buried in my tissues.

Cutting like a knife, her knowing fingers . moved
with acute accuracy and knowing. Getting that
lowered Chi ... flowing...

And, that was before my bike ride to a local
raw cafe, for a large piece of chocolate ganache
cake, topped with raspberries, and a 40 minute
power workout on the weight room.

Later, I watched China's fabulous firework's display,
 light up the sky, from a safe harbour in Kitsilano.
Speaking to an older East Indian man - about our polar
 shift and the safest place to possibly live, during this
 tumultuous time.

Afterwards, I went shopping for more organic
vegan foods of the rawstruck variety. Talking
to a recently divorced fellow Goddess, about
how she decided to marry herself. She even
showed me the silver ring, crafted by Mexican
artisan's. A worthwhile $8.00 investment
of far-stretching Canadian dollars.

Soon after; devouring 2 wickedly wonderful
piece of delectable raw pizza - worth living for -
before taking my sturdy metal warrior for an
intense spin up the hill .. for an invigorating
35 minute beautifying bath in the negative ion-
charged summer rain.

Now, to eat a large green kale and red cabbage
 salad, fermented Botija olives, saurkraut, and
avocado .. before watching a well deserved movie,
 with one sleepy and affectionate  teenage son, who
merely wants  to cuddle and fall asleep in his powerful
 Mommy's tanned and toned - yet, more than all else -
loving arms!

Bless us all.

Owning my power,

special K


This pic was taken of me,this past evening, as i worked out ...

Happy to be alive .. after being in and out of bed, for the past

wounded week, with that Fukishima bug
that came in with Vancouver's recent low-lying cloud cover.

Our bodies always speak our truth.

Listening and Loving,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Naked as a Flower - I AM!

After the massage

I walk my peaceful self home

Before blessed bed

although, tired to the bone

I pick fresh flowers

along winding sleepy road

They speak of love

onto dreams I can still hold

Fresh as summer air

Everyone has gone to sleep

Old pain comes up

Walking; I begin to weep

So very touched, am I

beauty blossoms everywhere

I hope someone truly sees

my truth; as naked and bare.

Katherine Marion


Often, I feel so very lonely.
 With this  recent week - worn 
and spent ...Enduring our recent post Fukishima nuclear fallout,
is painful enough. Living in a near to boiling bubble 
of low pressure poison ... Spreading a virus that almost everyone 
around me, is fitfully playing host to. Havoc plays
supreme ruler to Mother Nature as more bloodshed
is laid at her beaten-down door.

Blowing my nose, after an incredibly restful
hour, under the tender-hearted care of a kind Asian healer. 
I am blessed to know that my lymph nodes are draining and
health and vitality are on an upswing. Traditional Chinese 
Massage; and its myriad of magical benefits many ... 
Yet, compassion is the biggest gift that I received
upon this enchanted evening.



A pretty pic was taken, this past late night, 
after my 13 mile return trip, from New Feet Clinic. 
Standing in my rawk'n kitchen; wearing my freshly cleaned
Sports Bra and new Power Crystal bead bracelet.

Enjoy the posies - please.

I AM!!!!



Sunday, July 24, 2011


                Pink is the colour of my naked heart
                         that I hold out to you

               Green is the corresponding chakra
                         vibrating with love

               Soft are the petals we held close
                     knowing a depth; true

             Gentle are the urgings of Angels
                        to hold ever close

              Stormy are the seas of many
                     as tales of the rose

              Rising hight to melt waves
                anchoring new strength

             Falling with beat of distant
                roar of humbled those

             Filling a world with wonder
             light of endless length ....

           Katherine Marion


       Some of us ... never die.

      Grateful to be alive. Rising with Mother
      Nature. Sleeping upon stars. Our dreams
      are our only beds. Emptying our silly heads.

      Gathering our hearts upon our sleeves
      No matter how stained and in great disarray.
      Our is the army of soul-spent soldiers, many.

     Upon gilded wings; effortlessly to fly!


       These pretty posies .. were captured, this
       weekend, upon a sea of peace and calm ...

       Wearing a wounded warrior's flag of many
        magical colours. Love; my soothing balm!



Friday, July 22, 2011


     I am so empathic - it's pathetic!
    Don't those selfish sufferer's get it?

    Two years ago, I was hemorraging
   From mouth and nose; not imagining

  I wasn't even sleeping with my x, then

 He'd been driving me around the bend ...

 Bleeding more, every month, than me

 Plenty attention, I could bloody well, see

 I'm so empathic - it's pathetic!
Write out: a "No boundaries" ticket

 Four years ago, my Mommy died

I picked up on those who had lied

 For over a year, I cried and cried

Gaining in LOVE - they never tried

 Eating all the pain that nobody shows

No bruising  -  merely unseen blows


 I'm so pathetic - It's pathetic!

 Swallowing hurt ... when fed it

 Opening my heart to all I meet

 Closing my eyes to another repeat

 Choosing to see the best in all

 No matter how low they do crawl

Losing power, after giving away

 What voice - a mute Goddess, to say?

 I'm so empathic - It's pathetic?

 For me, the consequences; tragic!

One single Mom, had lost her son

Pulled out her hair; a secret from everyone

Next thing you know, I am doing same ..

 Feeling somewhat emotionally insane

 Life can feel to be filled with much pain

Yet, I'd rather be the river, than the rain!

              Katherine Marion


               This pretty picture in pink .. was captured
               a mere and teary year ago, on our front
               lawn, by my sweet and kindly obliging,
               shining Son.

               I had already begun plucking. Next thing
               you know, a nasty jealous neighbour told
               me, "We're not getting any older." So, off ...
               all my youth enhancing hair .. did go!

              Same as that mean gal on yahoo who sent
              me such a hidden dart ... in her thoughtful
              e-mail. Telling me how great I looked 'for
              age. Which she was  .. also. Hiding her rage.

              Before I locked myself in my own gilded cage.
              Hiding in the flowers and at the river. Biking
              to the gym and coming back from lifting weights,
              after the birds came singing in ... My lost twin.

              Shadow sister hiding in the dark. Left alone for
              far too long. Until she chopped off her own
              Goddess gift of Angel halo hair. Goes to
              show all ..

              TRUTH can afford to be laid bare ...!







Monday, July 18, 2011

Every Great Nurse eats Raw and stays Real!

Red Garters over English Bay ...!

How do you like your garters?
Red and revelling in their glory

Stockings tell a timeless story 
White and innocent as can be 

"F Me" stiletto's steal the show 
Make gown men groan in glee

Doesn't a real Goddess know? 
Sexy - truly sets a woman free!

Katherine Marion


Last week, I was booked for one of my 
famous Comic Burlesque shows. 

On the weekend, I excitedly made my way 
to a local hospital to administer a wee bite 
of bedside humour. 

Nothing like a little bit of bed-pan  ...!



This sweet image was snapped, after i spotted the 
incredible skies of early evening, over 
English Bay, Vancouver, B.C.

Please free to post your positive commentary. 

Thanks . 

special k


Sunday, July 17, 2011

"LOVE'S TOUCH" on Davie - For You and Me!


selling luscious lingerie
 toys and joys for you and me

naughty nurse outfit to buy 
handmade lace panties to try-on

soaking up sexy vibes while sitting down 
no one other than Goddess wears this crown 

spreading wings of joy as she struts her soulful stuff
can't help but smile at a gal who is simply 'up to snuff?'

trying on everything that ex-stripper who works there, passes her way
simply having fun for once in a womanly while, upon this diva divine day

many gals could learn a thing of two, from a 51 year young mommy, who wears white so well
anyone else who doesn't walk tall ...  in high-heeled heaven, is already,  all too surely, in hell!

Katherine Marion


We all have our coping skills. Some are healthier than others. For a single mommy,
who rarely dresses up, to be taken out for a raw, gourmet dinner, how scary 
can preparing for an occasional comic strip-a-gram , really be?

Besides, it is truly, the only time I get to look after those girly giggling parts
of magical me!


Katherine in Greatness & Glory 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Every Man Is a Book to Read - Best Reads are Made from Seed!

                        Every man is a book to read

                                  Best reads

                            are made from seed

                        Every man has a story to tell

                                 Best Seller's

                            are never a hard sell

                       Every man has a page to share

                                 Truth Teller's

                      are healing hearts' that care

                       Every man has a pen to write

                              Wounded Writer's

                             are fuelled by insight

                     Every man has a mission of own

                                 Free Spirit's

                          are not always known

                    Every man has a truth to discover

                                Soaring Soul's

                       are a special breed of lover

                      Every man finds himself alone

                                Shining Son's

                       are readying power to own

                    Every man looks beyond his nose

                                Brilliant Boy

                     into REAL MAN - boldly grows ...!


                   Katherine Marion


               Inspired by last eve's walk along the river, after
               my beautiful book-worm of an almost 6 ft raw
               and real, vegan, homeschooling 15 year young
               teen, took his first Tae Kwon Do private
               instruction, at a nearby - family-owned academy.

              What I found truly interesting .. how every time
              the tug boats' went by, my son watched the water
              as the ripples grew ... into wondrous waves. As we
              walked up the long,wooden ramp's, at the river's edge,
              amazing works of art .. occurred.

              Just as I am sharing this gratefully captured image
              of a teenager in repose.

              Real life needs no pose.







Fresh and Ripe .. GROW YOUR OWN .. while wearing a black G -String Bikini

I moved to Prince George, as a young girl, at the tender-hearted age of 6, to start grade 1. Duncley, was the small lumber mill town that we moved from, close to my birth town of Quesnel. Born in 1960; Elvis was still alive and flower-children were everywhere,  peaceful living and unconditional love, was free flowing and the world was gorgeously growing ...

Now, at the rawsomely rooted age of 51, I am proud to share that a supernatural seed was planted within me, 16 years ago, in Vancouver, B.C. Single mommy, homeschooling teacher, certified raw food workshop leader, lover of life, and liver of the magical moment, I have so much to be grateful for - LOVE!

After my own "Amazing Mommy" ( as my son refers to me ...), passed away, 4 years ago, I wrote the most appreciative eulogy that a daughter could ever write and bestow upon one's 'first love.' And, then, this 100% raw, vegan valiant heroine, of close to 10 years, went into her niece's backyard to bake her suntanned skin in the Norther sun, and stand in bare-footed awe, at the rawk'n rhubarb at my Goddess-sent feet ...

And, one more youtube legend was made!

Thus going to prove, that you can grow beauty, anywhere. Fresh air, healthy water and a love-spent hand, can make for a greener, cleaner world. Especially when we walk upon our own heavenly earth; with not only an innate aptitude. Yet, most and ever magically, a sense of gratitude that makes our pure and precious presence known to every flower in our garden. 

May we all breathe in gentle reminders of what is real.

Creating The Breast Life,

Katherine Marion - join my blog and post! - join this blog, and post, too!


Originally, a few hours ago, i wrote this for Butterfly and her pretty pages -

Inspired, i decided to share with all ..

Please share and post your positive comments,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Family Leaves a Footprint

                        A family leaves a footprint
                As large as any glass slipper can dream

                        Single Mommy loves him

                   Challenging though life may seem

                          A family creates a home

              Two can make a  wounded world better

                        Pubescent teen adores her

               Getting good can only be getting better

                      A lifetime is served up now

            Societies mirrors may be severely distorted

                   Soul-mates rise to the challenge

               True love can never be long thwarted

                     A family casts a golden light

              Turning circumstance on its hurting head

                    Truth seeing all before hidden

                Healing hearts where faith has led


                           Katherine Marion


                     A family is comprised of conscious behaviour
                     on the immediate uprise!

                     Amazing  ... how one sub-nuclear unit is able
                     emit a frequency so high, that all can feel the
                     vibrations that begin with wonders from within.

                     Personal power can never be bested .. No matter
                     how often and to what grandious lengths, long-
                     standing faith is to to truly tested.

                     The ripple effect is best described as poetry of
                     a magical mind, taken to the mass-uprising level ...

                     Massive shift in consciousness, occurring , with
                     considerable positive consequences, as evident
                     for those with skills to see.

                     Transportive territory is the truest shape-shifter,
                     when fed love's infinite energy. Beauties balloon
                     filled with goodness dropping down on you and me!


                       Our sweet pic was taken by the articulate
                       biography of my steady as I can-cam hand,
                       Sometime this early Spring, when even then,
                       we made wingless birds sing ...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goddess Uncovered ....

                               Some run for cover
                                    straight -on
                             Goddess knows no other

                                 Few walk tall
                             Goddess touching sky

                                Many look down
                                     eyes shut
                               Goddess does strut

                                Most hide scared
                                    tight butt
                               Goddess un-bared!

                               Katherine Marion


                             My webmaster, Peter, bought a brand new Canon,
                             for this shoot. We shot this ... the other day, against a wall
                             in my bedroom After i had slept a mere 2 hours,
                             enjoyed a scented bath,  applied my eco-friendly
                             given a professional massage - i was ready!

                             I prefer more natural lighting, as in future pics, to be
                             soon, uploaded. Yet, i hope you like my pretty
                             Italian dress, that actually is a wee bit longer than
                             a daydream or two .. may seem!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Natures Child

                                     Natures Child

                                    Born to be Wild

                                     Natures Child

                                 Exciting and Exiled

                                    Natures Child

                               Respected and Reviled

                                     Natures Child

                                  Divine and Defiled

                                     Natures Child

                                  Majestic and Mild

                                     Natures Child

                                Blissful and Beguiled

                                     Natures Child

                             Murdered and Miss-trialed

                                    Natures Child

                                 Dying and Desired

                                   Natures Child

                                 Famed and Fired

                                  Natures Child
                                 Innately Inspired

                                  Natures Child

                            Compassion Cease-fired

                                  Natures Child

                                Goddess Glorified

                                 Natures Child

                              Peacefully Purified

                                 Natures Child

                                Born to be Wild.


                              Katherine Marion


                  P.S. My most inner truth is found in
                          nature. To be nurtured by her
                          loving hand and bestowed the
                          beauty to live in a world that
                          is wounded by lack of integrity
                          and morals gone missing. In a
                          war of personal misunderstanding
                          and massive undermining. With
                          the transplanting of tales that itch
                          to twitch to tell of untruth's ...

                         Spreading lies that obscure bluest
                         skies. Undermining real magic that
                         plays no manipulative tricks.
                         Merely scared shadows obscuring
                         loves purest light. For it is only
                         fright that ceases to delight. Senses
                         that do truly speak in rhythm with
                         highest ideals, forever hold hopes
                         healing appeal!


                         This precious picture of me was
                         captured by my webmaster: Peter
                         Jones, just the other deva-divine
                         day. In front of my pretty place,
                         happily hugged by my favourite
                         front yard tree. Simply and
                         supernaturally - the highest parts
                         of magical ME!



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Did I ask you?

Did I ask you

     to fly

a supersonic jet

through my sky?

Did I ask you

     to lie

about that which

makes a baby cry?

Did I ask you

     to sigh

burying bodies

of those who die?

Did I ask you

     to try

escaping pain

turning a blind eye?

Did i ask you

 how high

a junkie can get

with a needle dry?

Did I ask you

   so shy

for an open heart

to go with your rye?

Did I ask you

   ever sly

holiday for life

sickly skin to fry?

Did I ask you


 children go hungry?

Please enjoy your pie!

Katherine Marion


AsI lay in bed, this morning, attempting sleep .. I heard the most ferocious roar. I actually feared that it may just be as my dream .. a few weeks ago, foretold. Hanging onto love, i listened to the storm outside my open bedroom window. Sure enough, we are all supposedly safe as can be. Merely a multi-million dollar, metal machine,  zooming through clear blue skies.


And, then i began to see partitions of sky being almost actioned off. To the highest bidder. And, why, this has not already happened, yet ...

Thus, here we are.