Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SUPERNATURAL - be all .. I AM!

                       "Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions
                        who don’t know themselves...."

By those whom truly know me and thus, honor themselves.. i am a conceptual artist.

I apply words to a plain old boring cloth and make magic.. manifest.
My steps are not heavy and my breath comes in sweet inhalations
The footprint i leave is soft and pure and focused on the feminine form
Applied enhancements are real and worthy of spirited applause
This Woman walks in Wonder; on a mission and with a pure vision.

My mirrors were blurred at one time; until i saw myself clearly- sublime!

Supernatural .. in all that i create,

Special K who's feminine powers are not to negate
Katherine Marion
'Not 'bad' for a mere 54 year young yearling .. would you agree?
Raw, vegan superfoodist for over 13 years .. might have something to do with this .. ass-pect of mine lower .. self.

Yet, the gold fairy dust .. i sprinkle everyone with .. on my conscious continuum of optimal inner wealth
is a gift i give; willingly and wholeheartedly

While others loll and pay the toll.. for their troll-like travesties .. i am blessing others.. which always best becomes 'the highest' ME!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Marissa Elexander .. does not have to defer!!!!

A famous black professional sportsman can kill his wife
and run to the airport, after, as only guilty parties .. do

Yet, a sister of same ,,, color, can't fire a warning shot to
let the abuser know that of his victimization; ' Not on her life!'

Katherine Marion

as per inspired .. reading this latest 'rot' in a story of 'old'
where we Women must be bold ..
Yet, oh, no - never
question authority.. that tells us to listen to male-miscreated
loveless laws ..
Just do .. as we are told!!

Thinking Positive

'Thinking positive,'has almost become a thing .. of the past
Cause most are allowing life to pass 'em by .. far too fast

Negative thoughts will get you nowhere, except' to hell, slow
Better to 'turn it around' and then, you'll remember how to glow

Victims talk of the past and are never present to see the gifts
Everyday there is plenty to be glad for; creating a new shift

Owning our power; accepting responsibilities; healthy deeds
Planting seeds; a promise land, growing flowers, weeds!!!

Katherine Marion

INSPIRED .. by the truth .. as already viewed .. and understood ..
as presented .. on a fellow facebooker's page ..

There you go ..
Now, evolve .. to really GROW!!!