Thursday, April 29, 2010

Never Talk To 'Strange' - ers

( Kaelin - 8 year young homeschooking, raw vegan Son, on a bittersweet 2 hour "supervised access visit"  with Mommy - early Spring 05

My 8 year old son was taken away, 6 nightmarish years ago, by a terrifying troupe of armed officers ( carrying no legal documents - merely threatening to "break down the door" ), ministry workers and a public health nurse.

After the day prior, undergoing 4 hrs of inconclusive tests at Vancouver Childrens Hospital, due to slander and lies told to and by a multitude of revolving-door governemt workers, who had already been continually harassing us for over 8 years!

Two MCFD social workers baited my young son, with spiteful vigilance, after four to five hours of grueling tests on his wee sytem. In a locked hospital room, for 1 1/2 hours of hellishly "child- inappropriate" questioning, they turned innocent words spoken by a well-adjusted child, into enough 'evidence' to apprehend him, the next morn.

Even though we were both innocent!

Tons of paperwork constituted accusations arousing adequate suspicion, simply due to 37 claims against a magical mommy, thanks to my abusive x and various sick members of a highly respected and  primarily dysfunctional society.

Who needs to watch one more president be impeached on t.v.?

Voyueurs will always vicariously sway to the uneven ryhthm of another hailed sports figure who will never figure out his own penis profile in a world forever plagued with with polygamy

No one need any further wonder why Martha Stewart was taken down at the sane insane time that my son was ushered  away in a hush operation that caused me to lose legal rights as a Mother and my beloved boy to a well paid team of imcompetents.

Unhappy people need someone to hate, comdemn, and villify.

Paid public officials must convict a known or unknown citizen  to keep judges overworked, courts financed, lawyers in fine suits, and the penil system in finest over-ruling order.

Not, to mention; as in our over-ruled case of ilegal manipulative tactics taken, and multitudes of many untold others .. .Psychiatrists, doctors, the hospital system, untold foster homes and unknown bungling bureacratically appointed quardian parents;  a ton of dirty money is sent to legal launder.

Simply one more f'n fork in the devilish road of unconscious commerce, common discourteousies, constant miscommunications, and liabeleous misconduct.

Age-old victims, filled with shame and self-loathing, simply hide in their cluttered closet to point soiled fingers at those whom they envy and care not to understand.

People appointed to positions of 'power' push ttheir wounded way to the top of the feces heap, with a veangeance not even known to rabid dogs and carniverous sharks.

More like, hyena's lying and laying in infinite wait ,...

The abused are often the most honest and sincere whom really feel that they truly have nothing and nobody to fear.

Not so.

I lost my son and my once unflailing trust in the silent and deadening system that pretends to support and uphold justice and the once forever unfailing values of family.

Yet, there are others ... far worse off.

A rotting string of untold millions who can barely sleep at night, let alone share a peaceful waking hour.

We are truly a couple of the blessed ones.

So, as thus shared, in this fabulously interesting video ...  do not talk to the police.

Or, any other person in a public office that can take away your rights with the whisper of a soul-numbing signature!

Truth be told and love remaining to hold,

Katherine Marion
All of this consciousness-raising commentary ... inspired after visiting and replying to wonderful Wendy's recent lovely note sent to my pages.
Whereupon, I came upon this amazingly eloquent prosecutor and university law professor, who knows of what he so sanely speaks. Speaking his truth withfast paced  humor and  aplomb that bespeaks of many a sadly unwritten song.
And, feeling that I must simply share what the universe had so sweetly fleshed out for me, I went to my profile page to write a little or my own valuable feelings.
Soon, thereafter, innately knowing that one more buried  blog was in the magical making  ...
May you forever enjoy and potentially utilize a few of these tools to thus wisely employ.
In highest consciousness,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Crazy Woman Came To My Door

A crazy woman came to my door

Her heart muscle was very sore

Rather than even kindly implore

She vented her spleen and swore

Dark energy full of awful pain

Words colder than sleet or rain

Hurt was hers to hopefully gain

Hope she never comes, again.

Barbara is such a special name

So sad she has demons to tame

Calling down is such a shame

Showing herself to be insane

The other woman at her side

Single Mother who did chide

Any other would have cried

A part of them must have died

Two females hurting so much

Victims of their own crutch

Blaming others for their rut

Going on about such and such

Too bad a little boy is involved

No challenge can be resolved

When victims are not evolved

Abusers to play the appalled

My innocent son heard it all

Loud crash before their fall

True love stands real and tall

Wimps wine with half a ball

Humor help to diffuse the pain

Someone has to be seen as sane

Rage as hot as a spreading flame

Excuses poor and beyond lame

Keeping my own calm and cool

Playing noone's ass or silly fool

Maybe I should start my school

Guiding others with golden rule

Lessons are everwhere in life

Especially in poverty and strife

A woman behaving as mad wife

More cutting than a dull knife

Shrillest scream of earthly hell

Screamed by those scared to tell

Of others ringing their own bell

Shrieking from their broken shell

One healthy choice for any of us

No need for drama or unruly fuss

Fear is really such cowardly stuff

Seeing life as so awfully tough

My heart is a lightened dove

Mine own Angel from above

 Others push comes to shove

I shall always choose LOVE!

Katherine Marion


Alright, I have temporarily rectified my prior situation with healthy coping skills; peacefuly pacifying the fearful part of me, after being verbally accosted by two fearful women, banging at my front door.

Sharing joy and walks with that wonderful little boy has been such a blessing for everyone. Now, his Mommy tells me that "he is acting out." As if we had something to do with it!

Bringing along a barely loaded barrel of loaded  aummunition; consisting of a crazed female I have never met, who throws me tiring threats and accuses me of being " a bad influence,"; telling me 'he can't see you, anymore."

I was shaken .. to say the least. Inbetween dry-brushing, listening to a loving voice-mail, and preparing to take flight for the wondrous outdoors, to balance chakra's and raise my charming Chi.

To have my peaceful space disturbed is disturbing. I have not had this un-kind of rudeness at my door, since my last wretched neighbor, over a year ago, moving in and posing as a bible thumper who professed to wish me well, when all she wanted to do was plunge me into her own personal hell.

It doesn't matter where you seem to move or how often, there will always be another spayed cat, pissing on her seeming territory, hissing with threats, and playing the part of aggressor.

Whether she works at MCFD and is just getting her footing and fretfully feels she has legal right to claw at kindest you, for injustices done unto her, as an innocent young girl; seemingly maimed for life.

Or, even if she is another single Mommy who has been put through the emotional winger of the injustices of the imoral justice sytem, herself.

No one has the right to wrong another, accusing beauty of being anything other than a blessed blessing.

Therefore, I shall simply remove myself from the cast and unconscious crew. Walk in the fresh springtime air and take a new and invoragating breath ....

And, wish the doomsayers well.

Yet, only to wonder about the tender-hearted young boy, now having a fit and "throwing furniture around the house," over the fact that he is not allowed to see his 'big brother' and the trusted Mommy who loves him so, even if from afar.

Bless us all!



My 14 year young and wise - happy homeschooler, Kaelin, captured this incredible vision of light hiding behind the passing clouds ... early this morn.

From outside his bedroom window, he could already foresee the light of the situation that would come to pass, hours later in this still enchanted evening, we hold safely as our own.

Keep believing.

We are!

What's Your Dope?

What's your dope - Hope?

Nothing else is gonna work - nope.

This was never a joke - folk

Could be your your final - poke

Time you awoke - bloke

Before your very last - stroke

No room for a toke- joke

Readying for sweetest - soak

Your lingering grope - croak

Next the emptied - moat

Grasp this rope - Hope

Otherwise doomed - choke.

Katherine Marion


Wired after listening to an intuitive  on speak it like I feel it .. and inspired by Alex Jones latest rants, as listened to on his wild website of a rousing ride -

Grateful for receiving a call from a friend of mine who is executive producer on the new Sharon Stone movie, coming to town.

Psyched because I have recently made a clearly defined decision concerning clearing my conscious path.

Inspired due to the sun coming out and landing to kiss me kindly on my freckling face.

Tired since I have been up all night, again.

Not giving a damn cause I only have one life to live, before I really die.

Giving because I already lost.



Now, with birds chirping, phones ringing, and great music playing ... I am going to sleep. HOPE you enjoy my latest stream of dreamy creamy ...

Big Bird - I LOVE YOU!!!

Wonder when my world would brighten if it were dressed in yellow?

The color of ripening banana's and chickadie feathers.

Wonder what I would would look like if the sun shone his loving light upon me?

The hue of early sunrise and late evening sunset.

Wonder how the world might feel if my blood ran the color of golden honey?

Filled with joy and bliss to share with all whom  I magically touch.

Wonder whom I might meet while smiling with yellowed teeth and sun-streaked hair?

Embracing life and sharing love with all on my loving path.

Wonder where I might travel if I begIn my joyous journey right this very moment?

Drenched in life's eternal enchantment and glad to simply be alive and breathing deeply.

Wondering why I haven't started burying my face in the sand and baring my butt for all to see?

Enjoying sending shock waves of sunlight, screaming to merely a fearfully dreamy many.

Wondering who upon this planet may understand the brilliant words I bravely write?

Knowing nothing matters except that I make myself happy by making more than a peep ...

Golden Girl,

Katherine Marion


Started experimenting with background color, font and ....

All because I seemed to be unable to pull up my pics from my computer to add to my visual display. And, right after a fan so kindly asked me to post up more pictures onto my blog!


Now, if only I had that bribe-worthy pic of my sister Carol; dressed up in that darling designer chicken suit she was forced to wear for her school play.

Big Bird - I LOVE YOU!!!


Goddess! I adore giving myself unholy challenges.

Lookie here ... found some sweet new photo's of my son and his wee friend, cavorting, the other day.

Wearing my expensive bike jacket; he is an eternal ray of frollicking sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, in so many a wondrous and child-like way.

Sending out waves of wonderment and enchantment.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mending Us Broken Dolls

So many women have been abused

Goddess' unjustly accused

of crimes not committed

Becoming the addicted.

So many women neglect their own

 Once so sadly shown

they were not truly respected.

Foolishly neglected.

So many women lost their dream

As little girls never seen

to be more than dolls

Left in darkened halls.

So many women lose their child

As battered beings gone wild

lost in yesterdays pain

Found to be insane.

So many women led by shame

Empty lives filled with blame

drugs and booze

No more to choose.

So many women blind to their light

Left dead by their morbid fright

of powers taken by others

Broken sister and brothers.

Katherine Marion


For too treacherously long and lonesome a torrid and far from wondrous while, I have been close-up and all too privy to tales that many would wish to go untold.

Now, my time is to be bold and begin to hold a series of Supernatural Soul-Rejenerative classes, filled with class and aplomb, on how a woman can give herself back her own precious power.

So, that she may shine her own precious light ... back upon herself. Lighting up the loving arena, for all to  see what a brilliant example of beauty coming back in full force, she can so bravely and boldly be!


My classes on:  Creating your own Supernatural  FEMALE

F- Female

E- Empowered






This recent pic of my dear Mommy friend, M, is one more inspirational image, I hold close to my open heart. We are both Mommy's who have been put through so much ... And, yet, their are throngs more of us out there.

What's a Supernatural Woman to do, other than unite us all as one ...  and heal this wounded world.

 Creating Heaven on Earth.

C'mon ... what are you waiting for?

Dandelions Are Powerful Beings

Did you know you can never really snuff a dandelion out?

She keeps coming up for air.

Endlessly rooted and forever fair.

Have you ever tasted dandelion tea for two?

Strong yet settling remedy.

Effortlessly stirring up a melody.

Can you feel her touching your skin?

Swaying gently in the breeze.

Bringing grown men to their knees.

Feel her at the bottom of your naked feet?

Brilliant plume of light calling out to you.

Herbal healing for symtoms quite a few.

Can you even imagine a world without her?

Overcoming every challenge that comes her worldy way.

Whilst putting on a gloriously colorful display.

May we see Goddess' gift as other than a weed?

Blown to seed when Nature sends forth her call.

Crowing glory to rise, again, for one and all.

Katherine Marion


Kaelin captured this sweet image of Momma K, kneeling in a field of burnt-out dandelions. When I first heard about dandelions and how they never really leave, for long, even when they are supposed uprooted, I intantly felt attached to these powerful beings. Affection is what I feel for my fellow creatures of this enchantingly earthly domain.

Connected to the earth, I shall forever live.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Daffodil's Made LOVE One Day

Two Daffodil's

made LOVE one day

just to see

what Mother Nature had to say

spilling nectar

everywhere with nary a care

moistened petals

bare-naked and ready to share

stems so green

sexy and slim to behold

leaves brightened

by light bright and bold

daring to dream

with faces open to the sun

two hearts dancing

to create a beloved one!

Katherine Marion


It just occured to me that even in the unconscious act of a rape, where the abuser or predator rapes a fragile flower ... there is still light. Even if a baby is born out of this hostile injustice, there is some sort of holy wedlock of wounded souls that meet in the dark of deading night and shattered soul.

Something rare, precious and sanctified ... created from impoverished parts that previouslly died. Another generation or species to carry the seed. Sowing a better, braver and brighter new world  ... with a kinder word, a gentler look and an open heart that gives and never thinks about what it can get.

A breed unlike the others. Those sinful sisters and brothers who took their own and sacrificed the rarified. Garden of LOVE allowed to beautifully blossom and  rise to full heights. Soulful willings tended by earthly delights.


Just Close Your Eyes

Just close your eyes for a moment

and see what you see ...

or, won't

Simply let go and slow down

to see what isn't

your frown

Surely as the blink of a lid

forgetting was is

never did

Remember what they said

in never as much fun

as playing dead.

Katherine Marion

Walking along the colorful sidewalks of Marpole, with my son and his young pal, Charlie, is always a bit of spontaneity that I highly reccomend to anyone to set their sail a'spin.

Children know when to wake up and close their shutters ... Nobody has to set an alarm or pinch them to see if they are still alive. They do as they please and watch out .. if they are not.

We all need to play. Our child reminds us of what is real and anything that is not is wrongful to our health and the happiness of our off-spring, better un-sprung, if we choose not to listen to the lesson, possibly again, never to be sung.

My greatest joy is spent walking with my pure and precious little boy. May all Mothers and Fathers benefit as I do, by listening to the rustling of the leaves, smelling the fragrant flowers and blessing the open hearts of the blessed child  they are so priveleged to call their own.


LOVE is a flower

LOVE is a flower

tucked atop my ear

gently placed in place

by the boy I hold ever dear

LOVE is a flower

watered daily by me

lovingly looked after

by the woman I know myself to be

LOVE is a flower

tended to with heart

grateful to receive

with each and every happy part

LOVE is a flower

growing never alone

giving back beauty

with every kindness she is shown.

Katherine Marion


I walked to the gym with my roller-blading boy, Kaelin, yesterday eve, after a visit to Canadian Tire to pick up a couple of mountain bike inner tubes for our two tires, recently blown on one more shortened bike ride.

On the way, we stopped at a luscious line-up of hot pink Rhodedendrun's, to capture a few intoxicating images, before the sun began setting.

 Sleep deprived Mommy wearing her battered old pink Lululemon hoodie and a clean pair of tights. Shining son, who would rather be at the park, kindly complying ...

Guess what he gets for a gift? A big bottle of toxic bubble foam and I get a stuffed up head from no real air to breathe for an hour; set to the fun task of ordering 2 out of stock tires at another franchise, and a far shorter workout that ever intended.

Picking lilacs on the way to lift weights, helped 'work it out'; dispersing frangrant purple flowers to a model who shares the same bottle of hair dye as her friend, passing out The Agora news, and booking a massage for later in the evening, really helped set the tone for how much better I was soon to feel ....

Upon arriving home, after 1 1/2 hours of TCM, a couple of good ears to hear my latest wisdom attained, and a Japanese cucumber; gave me the added impetus to reach back inside and pull out one more tender-hearted loving treat.

May you enjoy this precious poem ... as much as I revel being at home with LOVE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Am Here To LOVE

Why does a Mother have to do anything other than love?

After pushing a baby out of her ... the world gives them both a shove.

Where does it say a Mother should be anything except held in high esteem?

Looking after too much and many is barely touching upon a dream.

Who does she think she is to only want to be there for her only beloved son?

Creating space for one another in a world that barely has room for anyone.

What does it mean when work comes before children left all alone?

A blessed  child rarely asks for anything except love to call his home

When will parents wake up and smell the pansies before they die of neglect?

That which came through and to us we must never reject

Who says we can't create the life of our own conscious choosing?

Anything else and its our own inner heartbeat's we risk losing!

Katherine Marion


The other day, Kaelin roller-skated close to 15 miles, to pick me up a surprise of a box of fresh springtime pansies.

"I want to get you something," he told me, after promising to return from his mini adventure, within 15 minutes, so that we may visit MAB Ventures at Science World; hosting her art exhibition of 60 local artists, and more ...

Well, it never happened. And, to actually think that my 14 year young son might be secretly buying some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Or, even worse ...

Blading in the front door ... flawless skin, rosy as a new bud. The most darling smile, as wide as as the infinite horizone.

Excited to give Mommy, the woman who gave him life, a chance and endless possibilities; a gift - with this birthday money!

Now, this is real LOVE.

I AM the blessed MOTHER.


Kaelin has recently been going through thousands of photo's, in the 'other' room  ... to carefully tape onto the bedroom wall, where honor takes presidence and frequent family viewing is a pure and precious pleasure.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sitting Down Naked With The Truth

Rather than watch the setting Vancouver sun ... I blow my front tire, closing in on Quebec and 2nd Ave - to pick up our latest raw vegan feed and fuel.

Kaelin blows his back tire, soon afterward.

Two Supernatural soul-mates decide to walk for hours, photographing Science World by night - the best light, and simply enjoying life and its many splendors ... when we allow ourselves to sweetly surrender.

In the early hours of one more magical morn, we arrived home, revved and tired. Yet, ready for whatever challenges we might mysteriously meet.

Delivering 10,00 papers by bicyle, can be viewed an an unavoidable obstacle by some. Even more beautifully, an invite to a new world, opening up ... by a telling and terrific two!!!!

Katherine Marion


Just as Kaelin has viewed his own rousing perspective of Science World;  so brilliantly capured  .. with a zoom lens ... zooming, it is all in HOW YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT!


We prefer ours ... " a little scewered, please."

"Born Unto Genius" - - newly published article by Momma KAT

Born Unto Genius - The Unschooled School Of Thought and Feelings

"Imagination is more important than education." - Eisntein.

Each and every one of is born perfect. We laugh, cry and emote as we feel and see fit; not on command, as trained cattle. From an early age we are herded as an unruly flock of sheep; to graze where and of what we are told. Disciplined if we do not pay attention and do as we are directed. Although we begin, fresh and new; dependent on another for drink, food, shelter and support, we soon strive for independence, and hopefully, finally, interdependence. Sadly, most floundering flocksters lose their fun sense of self; duly reminded and negatively programmed that it is selfish to live for yourself and life's happiness. One more individual loses her/his grounding and falls to the ground ... to be brutally beaten and often, totally eaten up, by the patriarchal school system and all other broken-down systems that have not and never will work; especially for the highest good of all wo/man-kind. That is, if you are looking to enter into a kinder, gentler world!

Bullying on playgrounds.Highly addictive substances routinely sold in schoolyards. Lack of healthy mentorship. Feeling lost in a crowd. Peer pressure. Competing for that next ribbon, reward or over-worked and under-paid teachers gold star.

Simply a few healthy and valid reasons why I so wisely chose to un-school my bright, alert and extremely intelligent son-rising. Enchantingly envisioning my child becoming the best he can possibly be, for himself. Seeing him delve inside of himself to bring out his beauty, brightness and boldness. Allowing myself to work around this genius-work in progress ... Centering myself in the wisdom that I feel innately to be true for myself and my blossoming bud of a boy. Watching wonder upon wondrous miracle occuring ... as I am witness to emotional growth, spiritual evolution, keen awareness, acute perception, and a magical mass of critical llife skills developing within beauty left untouched.

Just as Michaelangelo knew David was already there ... all he had to do was trust, believe and do 'his work.' This single homeschooling mom never has to teach the blessed being that came forth from her. If anything, our children teach us; patience, compassion, due diligence and unconditional love. There is no order and there are no orders. When I child is ready to learn, like a flower s/he blooms. It Is the parent that needs to slow down, pay heed, change gears, remove old and worn-out attitude, let go of hidden fears, and feel safe to move forward without caution; merely pure and essential joy.

One of the oldest and incorrect myths out there ... in the grossly uneducated world, is that our free-form unschooled children are hanging their sad and sorry heads over some old and tattered schoolbook that is somehow going to keep them from being socialized in the rigid, ritualistic fashion that school was originally intended for. No. There is no set agenda when your gentle-hearted giant of a genius learns to feel her/his own rythm and dance to the telling tempo of the beat that beats within his/her own sacred soul. Tenderly touching the creative canvas with colors the consciousness can not dictate.Writing words that bespeake of gods and goddess'.If neccesary, not reading until the ripe age of 12; as was the story with Robert Frost. Picking up a musical instument on and of your own conscious accord. Gently guiding another shining star to shine as they may. Freeing up a whole lot of luscious energy for a person in the magical making to simply be as relaxed, at ease, confident and filled with enought self-esteem to crayon outside of societal lines and create an infinite expanse of un-touched frontier to fly forth from ...

If you can possibly imagine ... my son was forced to enter into pre-school from the age of 3 to 5 years. As a proud single mom, it was deemed highly improbable that my son was safe unless he was "seen outside in the community." Or, this is what the all power-wielding Ministry of Children and Families strongly urged me to do. Or else ... Of course, a smart momma has her wondrous ways around this; yet he was part of that outside system for at least a couple to a few hours a day; allowing me to make the best out of it and get a good bike-ride or workout at the gym. As time grew, as did my rising-son, MCFD was alerted that I had no intention of indoctrinating my joyous genius; thus many threats due to anonymous calls from concerned neighbors and other jealous community members. Especially when my site set sail ... At the ripe age of 8 my innocent 8 year young was apprehended by a trauma - inducing troupe of police, ministry workers and a public health nurse, taking him away to a gay male foster home for 7 terrifying months. My raw, vegan homeschooler was fed Barfer King on a daily basis and stuffed with violent movies that kept him locked in fear and isolation, exactly as intended. The reason he was taken away 8 days before Xmas on the 8th year of his loving life? It was assumed that Kaelin "might become illiterate."

So, they forced me to forfeit my rights as a Mother, papers were signed and my son and I were legally dis-abled to start school; teaching my son how to read and folow directions .. in order to pacify pontificating bureacrats who are easily satisfied. And, if they are not, watch out ...

We must read between the lines in this life. The only way to learn to trust your intincts is to follow them. To "live by example" is a good case, when and if a functunional role-model if found or available. In this consciousness-raising case, I divinely deemed myself to be what my son needed to grow and evolve at the soul-ripening rate he desired. Of course, I had no idea the trickle-effect these 'new-fangled notions' of mine would set into motion. Truly never realizing until it happened .. the rampant ignorance allowed to rot on the far from victoriouis vine, especially in this seemingly civilized 21st century. Understanding that what I saw as a gift to my son was viewed as a definate threat by the system and 'powers that be' and supposedly rule this rotting and primitive culture. Yet, knowing that the only way to continue onward is to rise above ... keep reaching up, and continually look within.

These are the first words my son ever strung together into a full sentence; "I close my eyes and I visualize." Every day, I give myself credit for passing on my inner strength and beauty to the stream of consciousness that flowed forth from me, at the pregnant pause of 36. Empowering myself to empower my own son is some of the sweetest honey this Queen Bee has ever miraculously made. Slowing down to raise your highest vibrations can do the utmost good for the greatness that lays and never lies within ones sweetest and undeniably authentic self.

Go ahead, leave the nest. Don't just try. Do it. Just spread your wings and
fly ...

Katherine Marion

Registered homelearner teacher - Wondertree - Kaelin's blog


Be sure and sign up with Wondertree's Suzanne Gregory, whom single-handedly raised her own success story of a homeschooling son. Enjoy her informative B.C. Homelearners Newsletter, too!


Kaelin paints his own unique art on t-shirts, jeans, curtains, and whatever he can get his loving hands on ... Enjoy - he is!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poncho's For The Poor

Two pretty poncho's for the poor

inner wealth could not ask for more

Ordained Baptist minister is she

Charlotte Fairchild's gift to me

More money to ship from Georgia

than cost of fabric, just to show ya

Lovely in lavender and purple, too

Guess I will never again be blue

Breasts within, she likes to hide

away from men; nestled inside

Carefully hidden for all to see

Well, this is certainly not me

Merely an oversize soft hanky

for all to touch so gleefully

Wearing a smile upon my face

Naked, underneath, to give chase

Grinning, in a springtime breeze

Hope someone might soon sneeze!

Katherine Marion


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Wait until you watch my 2 really sweeeet and sexy wee video's.

Thanks, dear facebook friend, Charlotte, for sending me your kind hearted tokens of love, which I shall wear and cherish. You do so many good deeds in this world. Especially with your conscious creations of "Poncho's For The Poor."


Subscribe to my thought--provoking channel and post your comments. The uploads should be up-loaded, anytime, now. Stay tuned in and turned on!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Me I Really LOVE

Wearing gorgeous lambswool that moths later did masterfully maim

Carrying herself royally just the sanest same for superficial is not her game

Passing a hand through my once magnificent mane

Demons have now caused me to pull out locks that once my face did frame

Holding conscious contact with brown eyes bright and filled with hope

Saving grace with humor and bliss to someday elope

Smiling with newfound freedom at insights real and rare

Gladly releasing beauty realised to forever generously share

Breezing through life with an air of confidence seldom felt by few

Giving myself unto others as I know you yourself would surely do

Grateful to be alive and filled with divine light that shines brightly

Waking up with Katherine can be something to look forward to nightly!

Katherine Marion


I wonder what most would consider their worldly losses to be?

A favorite pricey sweater? A few pairs of leather shoes that took them nowhere?

A halo of hair lightened only by the sun and frightened by the fear in everyone?

A world that never was real, so what is really lost?

It is within .. where true beauty really lays embossed!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Don't Write I Might Go Wild

A cat confined to a small cage

is gonna build up a lotta rage

Frothing at the mouth to get out

she is gonna fume and flail about

Holding her down works not

for she has already been caught

Taking away the home she knew

offering her hope far and very few

Giving herself very brief respite

to catch her own self in mid flight

Mindful of a stranger offering food

sometimes she's prone to be crude

Sticking fine claws into open hand

drops of blood fall upon hot sand

Creature misunderstood by so many

more polished than the prettiest penny

Viewed by tourist from world afar

known by only those who truly are

Ahead of her time and so alone

chewing upon an age old bone

Dishonored and left for wild

Abandoned as a young child

Raised by a heart full of dreams

Born without material means

Taught herself to write the wrong

singing her lonely minstrel's song

Fending for many at an unearthly age

unconscious others put her in a cage

Hurt by those who feigned to love her

watch her roar after you make her purr

Sure-footed and finding her own way

beware our you may be her feast, today!

Katherine Marion


Am I pissed? You bet.

So many dirty moles who are so fearful to get their hairless heads wet.

Asking me questions you would not believe about a loving life I did so receive ... because I do the inner work , while they play on the outside.

 A cat and mouse game.

No more getting caught ...

A Woman Is a Worn Torn Cuntry

A wastleland

Another trash can

Grand slam

Given by the big man

Who owns her hand

Took her land

Abondoned her child

Sent her wild

Careening without caress

Woman in duress

Lost in hells acre

Where he did take her

Lying all the way

With words he did play

Shining back her mirror

For he was only fear

Without her is empty

His is the dead sea

She is his fuel for life

Calling her his wife

Struck  her fully down

To wear her thorny crown

He hates her more

Than  ever before

For  he done her wrong

He wrote their song

So many women

with dirty men

Angel wings to fly

Soon drop to die

When left to tarnish

After love does vanish

Who's to ever say

Who really does pay?

Is the victim

really only him?

Why did she stay

up until that day?

Did she love him

or, drown to swim?

Did he ever care?

Anything left to share?

Don't they know

How we glow

When truth they speak?

Never to defeat

the heart that heals

always feels

Something amiss

with lips you kiss

The  very same

that went insane

In sacred name

for egoic fame

You won the booty

a real cutie

Gave up the gold

for desire of old

What do you know

about beauty you don't show?

Your own pain

waits patiently again

To sever your artery

quicker than you can see

For you are blind

crazed clock to unwind

Every blow you sent out

is heard as a shout

by babies everywhere

Flowers grew there

before you laid waste

in poorest taste

a woman ripe as wine

your joy of the divine

What do you have to say

for crimes you made others pay?

Open your heart

that torn part

Of you that breaks

everything it takes

Yours is the loss

covered in moss

Your body is stone

never to atone

Sins done unto your own

though Goddess shown.

Katherine Marion - self portrait recently captured of a very wise woman.


This poem flew out of me ... as beautiful white doves waiting to escape imprisonment.


For all the women still waiting for 'Daddy' to come home. Your only job is for your purest powers to surely own!

P. P.S.

For those who don't get it ... and many shall you be.

Dig deeper, cry harder and someday we shall sit down and I shall gladly pour you a treacherously hot cup of tea.

His Bark Is Almost Ass Good As Her Bite

Notice the way she stands on bended knee

Could this Goddess of nature really be me?

No makeup or hair stylist on hand to see

Katherine making love to a neighbors tree

Mother Earth calling out none too soon

Worlds colliding to consciously commune

Feet firmly planted in soil I seed myself

Roots digging deeper than external wealth

Leaning against limbs my intuition knows to trust

Blessed  Natures beloved creatures, to be, I must.

Loving myself as am the gift of air I breathe

Dancing in the woods of love and gentle as the breeze.

Katherine Marion


Aside from the far from finest hair day ... this sweet and very natural photo, taken yesterday, reminds me of the same free-spirited feeling and endlessly elfin energies that I so effortlessly carried within and about me, at around the same fine form and innocent age of 17.


"We never grow older. Simply, glow younger! "- K.M.

Your Breast Food For Healing

Every time I turn the other cheek ...

Out comes the sun to do a little asking or is it 'ass-kissing,?

Every time I leave myself  open for receiving

In comes the light to love me with all her might

Every time I allow space to create my own

Within are found ways to bless that I am shown

Every time I let go to allow my dream

Without knowing what the answer might seem

Every time I find myself sprouting new breasts

Growing more aware with every fresh new breath

Everytime I lose myself as I eat to my health and healing

Glowing with Goddess-sent glory and glorious feeling

Everytime I trust the universe is giving me all I will ever need

Remembering all I need to do is plant the sacred seed

Everytime I accept gifts given to me as purely unconditional

 Supernaturally strolling half- naked to the sunlit windowsill!

Katherine Marion


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Order your healing and health-enhancing sunflower seeds, now and divinely digest what you sow - Amen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A No-TABLE Transformation

Last night - post power gym workout, a pretty blond 24 year old girl stopped me to unabashedly compliment me on my figure and tell me how great my Lululemon tights looked on me. She was stunned when I told her I was a mere 50 years of age. She thought me closer to  30. Guess I must be doing something right, after a power walk, weight workout, stretching, and a 1/2 hour of detoxification in the sauna, that actually acts as a real, supernatural face-lift, too!

After my beautiful chakra stone necklace came undone and  and fell upon the ground, on the way home to find my delinquent pubescent rollerblading boy, I quickly strolled to Big Feet for my treasure of time spent on only ME. A full 1 1/2 hours of blissful bruising, under the not always tender and forever loving care of William; recently returning from China, with his madlly mised wife whom chooses to live in Bejing, because she says she does not like to work so  hard for less money, like too immigrants, whom choose to settle - in every sense of the worrisome word.

I felt really good about myself after the gym. Even when the male chinese office supervisor reprimanded me for casually laying down on the faux leather mini couch. Might look like I am relaxed or something distasteful such as that. Complimenting a slightly older woman of 88, whos husband had died  a couple of sad years ago, was my pure and precious pleasure. As was mine when a 50ish East Indian womaan spied my putting on my eco frienly mascara, and told me, "You don't need that. You are already beautiful!" How could I not feel good?

Answering a few massage inquiries that never panned out, for Goddess-sent reason, taking out our raw, vegan garbage and putting together some home-sprouted sunflower seeds and almonds for Kaelin was a wise thing to do, for an energetic boy who had not come home to be fed and watered, at the pre-ordained time, hours earler. So, let's get it taken cafe of ... before I pay someone else to offer me unconditional love and support; looking after the person who is such a pro at tending to everything and everyone else.

So, why AM I still awake at this un-Goddess-like hour?

My highest intention is to visit my ailing 97 year young Great Aunt Thelma, this love-sent afternoon. Yet, my wrinkled wonder has finally emerged from his 2 hour healing Himalayan  Crystal bath. He may not take enough of them .. Yet, when he does, he is treated like the King Kaelin that he truly is. Fed rawsome salads, dates and apples. No need to wipe a table. Simply unplug  .. and blot.

Now, my bright light of a boy, lays beside his wonderful and amazing mommy that he claims he can't go to sleep without. Many men would  only wish ... Our love is real and pure. We share so much and have been through even more ... Who can tell us anything? For, we should be paid a Queen's ransome for this wondrous wisdom. And, surely soon, shall.

Holy Goddess! Nothing relaxes me like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupressure on all those meridian points. Blockages coming unblocked. Listening to my body that tells me everything. Especially, when I am open to hearing ...

Thanks you wickedly wounded world; for opening me up .. so that I may love so deeply, feel so intensely and heal so immensely!

Katherine Marion


That is not too mention .. a woman whom felt she had to leave the massage clinic, when she was in my company, because she said, " I came here to relaxe."  My only reply being, " Then, relax." I suppose my sin, according to her,  was asking my son what his consequence should be. He suggested, " I don't know. Ground me?" I quickly retorted, "How? Lock you in  a room and never let you out?" Obiviously some are just not born with big boobs or a   sense of humor.

Probaby no children, either!