Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greatness at 35 Years Young and Youthful!

When you look upon my sexy lingerie clad body

what do you really see?

What do you think i do before shots like these

when i am here to please?

Who do you feel i look after more than anyone

where there is such fun?

Why do you judge me as i stand in my power

who are you to cower?

How do you  know i am anything but authentic

when  on me, you pick?

Who do you really believe that you will ever be

as long as you don't see me!

Katherine Marion


"Who, Why, What, Where, How and sometimes Why" is what i wanted to work with.

Hope i answered a few questions, before midnight, upon this new witching hour - to some, 'bitching hour,' upon this new, fresh first day of February.

This pic was taken by Bryan Ward of in Vancouver, B.C. He is truly the Breast!

A mere 35 young and soon to be impregnated .. none to my knowing. Nothing to do with the photo shoot. Simply the healthy sperm i was storing and universal timing, no longer ignoring ..

Promo shots for my new biz card - was my major intention, duding this wonderful shoot, where we shot outdoors, up the street, towards a construction site, near my fancy pad on BeachAvenue.

Unfortunately, this lovely photo was slightly blurred .. by my well intentioned  web master, due to his fear that my image would be stolen. Now, on the web, we share almost everything - 16 years and one almost 15 year young child, later!!!!

Clearly, Dearly and Really - your Canadian Goddess-sent,


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Compassion Can and Must Be Be Everyone's Highest Fashion

Last chilly Vancouver evening, after a power weigh workout, infrared sauna and entertaining some drunkenly wealthy cheapskate  head-honcho's from The Canuck's, I was blessed to meet the most magical soul. Wearing the best that designer Betsy Johnson has to offer;, she scampered into the 24/7 Robson Street Blenz coffee shop; claiming her jacket had been left at the movie theatre, after she had come back from shopping late January sales. Wearing only a flimsy, pretty dress, she was obviously in a confused state - for those whom care to truly see.

This lovely young lady ,dressed like a bright-bird, in the wee hours, with no coat, and clicking a pair of painfully high - yet, pretty heels, claimed that she had just been arrested. After a spicy meal at the Thai restaurant, she discovered she had spent all the dollars in her bank account. Next, she told us that she had been taken on a trip to jail. Before a bunch of Sikh taxi cab drivers drove her around, since she no longer had keys to her own apartment, and no place to go or sleep.

Seems Malanesia Candy T. was also involved in a car accident, earlier that morning. Sweetness, herself, claimed that instead of local cops - FBI were called in .. .Asking her personal questions and basically , interrogating already bruised and beaten-up her. Fresh from a concussion, she was having quite the delirious day.

It was when she began reeling and went into a near diabetic coma, that we really began getting concerned. Giving our new friend an apple, we walked her up the street as far aw her stiletto's would carry her. Until she seemingly passed out, in front of a police cruiser. Another patrol car was alerted, since it was deemed 'this' might be the " hit and run" that had just been called in, up the street.

Finally, I obligingly left my confused new friend with 6 Vancouver police officers who were deciding whither to take her home, since they already had done this, earlier in the day. Or, whether to take her in an ambulance to St. Paul's Hospital, to get pumped full of drugs. I was assured that a social worker would be on site to take care of her, before my Kaelin and I ran, in the rain, to catch our 3 am bus, back to where dehydrated flax crackers and miso soup awaited us ..

What un-kind of a world is this?

A young gir of 27 years young and loving, meets a devoted single mom and her homeschooling teen son, empties out her whole life from her overflowing purse, to show me her newly purchased sales treasures. Asks me to accept her thoughtful gift of a Betsy Johnson necklae. Soon after, she is left alone with a battallion of well-intentioned police officers ... as is her seemingly regular practice.

Imagine is this lonely and confused female had no home on fancy Harwwod Street address in the West End?  If no neighbour friends had helped her, hours before ... ? Worse still, if no caring woman and her child, had enough compassion and caring to at least get her safely on her way home, on a cold winter's evening?

All we have to do is travel with a prayer in our pocket and a piece of fruit in our back-pack. An extra dollop of love in our hearts, surely does count, too!'

Katherine Marion


I have been experiencing a whole rash of unbelievable stories, lately. Late night incidents .. involving abandoned females and more ... One night, i even received $100.00's for bringing a dark character's girl friend back to him. N  stopped me at the  bus stop, after being left at a Granville street bar, wearing only the clothes on her back, carrying no ID, or coat, and practically falling off  a pair of expensive leather boots  - which she later took off, to walk in the rain, all over town, looking for her hotel.

Never wonder why? Just do what needs to be done and what you know in your truest heart of hearts to be right.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

THE BREAST is yet to come ..

I tell women that when others damn and slam you

They are woefully wishing they were that .. too!

I tell men that when they look at me,  it's a fantasy

They are really looking at an image of magical me

I tell my teen son that to create is his first ultimate

He is here to plant his seeds and filter out the shit

I tell my fans that I am here to share my powers

They are the favoured few i tend to as my flowers

I tell my nieces that we are planted here to receive

They are the only Goddess's - God's are to believe

I tell my detractor's that slander is very unhealthy

They are the ones who's hearts are not wealthy

I tell the ministry of children and families, again

They know of character assassination; in my name

I tell my jealous neighbour's that I am purest JOY

They really wish they had the life of me and my boy

I tell the hot mommy with 6 children of her own

She is here to relax, enjoy, and her powers to own

I tell the x-lovers who lost at their un-gainly game

Goddess is here to stay and LOVE is her only name!

Katherine Marion


Every woman should have a treasure trove of lovely images of herself ... to choose from. As the mood suits her!

With a very crazed woman who has been intrigued by me, sending me copious amounts of unkind and beyond scathing emails, i am glad to still be able to know how to smile.

And,  recently, one more in an endless series of endlessly scheming 'sister's,'' sending her mad woman wicked lies ... to the ministry of children and families. "With friends like these, who needs enemies," as they say.

Thank Goddess, i know how to laugh in the fallen face and dead spirit of adversity. Lifting myself up, even higher , each time, the putrid 'sisters' tug and tear at my lovely heart - hoping it will spill forth, so they can steal some more of my rouge red, rosy and raucous blood.

Better to intelligently ignore that which is beneath me.





You may purchase this custom poster of Special K for a mere and much appreciated $80.00/

Please send your divine donation to - via

Along with your noble name and address, so that i may personally sign my pic to yummy you!

Thanks with all my loving heart!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Just - In - TWIRP- i-Tit-ation - Thanks Daniel Tosh!

Katherine "Dancing Naked in The Rain" - Featured Tosh.0 - Comedy Network

Some guys can smell pu- from miles away

Others can claw at an older Kat - any day

Comedy Central''s spotlight is on one gay

Believing this pussy will cower to spray

When all is said and done in fright's fray

What else could an upcoming comic say?

Turning both  heads of every single gay

Boys kept at home and mothers that pray

Chicken-Hawks on young men, may prey

Tornadoes' wipe this panicked planet away

Little chicken with older male - forced to play

Easy to caught up in a fear-mongering fray

Goddess holy remains hallowed, as of today

Mad males wearing min-skirts; as they may

Cavorting as they vomit lies into full tray

I'm cutting off my apron strings; no delay

Pretty boy can place himself on display

Satanize my celebration of rain-swept play

Young fool looking for  another loud hooray

"Vamoose" and make little dickie amskray

On a merry-go-round in full frontal display

Flashing children as taxpayer's do pay

Tossing real goodness into his dirty hay

Woman-Kind is here to rightfully stay!

Katherine Marion


After Dave D., from facebook - sent me a message, telling me that Daniel Tosh had "satanized my nature celebration," I really seemed to take it quite lightly. Then, upon reflecting .. and finally able to view this recently archived show, i have more to add ... Surprisingly to many, who may be very mad.

As if the tv network being so afraid .. that they have to post some sort of a written clause, absolving themselves of all liability, is not enough to be peeved over. The fact that all moral responsibility is shrugged off, is something else to be, possibly looked at, under a brighter and shining light.

Upon actually watching this much talked about segment of REAL WOMAN-bashing comedy, I was saddened All I saw was fear. Not the 'cat-o-nine tails' that i could lash out at hym-less with. Or, the "10 cats" I AM supposed to own. Or, is it - 'possess?' Simply the impure impunity of manless immaturity.

A REAL WOMAN knows when she is being lampooned. A naughty soldier, who fires without bullets or brains. Goddess forever rules and reigns. Betwixed, bewitched and Tullelah Twain. Merely madmen and fool-heartless know not how to dance with true class and aplomb; naked in the Vancouver Rain!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Save The World ...

Birds that once did freely fly

now dropping in mid-flight

from the dirty skies, to die

They say: " deadly solar flare"

hiding the sad truth, while

shooting their shit into our air

Fish once did so to  swim

now float atop the dead sea

eyes bulging; no life within

They say "global warming"

  more heated  temperatures

politician's are so charming

Bumble bees once did buzz

now pollinate no more

flowers or food, all cause

They say,"intestinal disorder"

as if the danger is within

our lives are getting shorter

People that were once free

now barely even smile

given cancer, mercilessly

They say, "take this drug"

 6 months left to live

as if it is some bad bug

A life that once was a gift

now starved by fears

nobody getting the drift

They say,"economy collapse"

feeding fat pompous faces

'unwelcome guests', perhaps?

Police once paid to keep patrol

now drink and beat their wives

enforcers losing self- control

They say, "more stress leave"

believing in power outside

deadliest way to deceive

Judges that once did so rule

now fall from grace as easily

as courts honor many a fool

They say," fight for rights"

paying for legal papers

one of the systems delights

Priests were once respected

now their open clergy

lost their faith; neglected

They say," In God, we trust"

not admitting to their sins

avarice, desires or lust

Children once played outside

now buried in their laptop

from their power; they hide

They say," the world's ending"

well look at the message

we are selfishly sending ...!

Katherine Marion


Where did it start? How does it end? When is the world going to blow? Who cares!

Clean up your act, now.

Act on your own self-governing accord and be the magical mirror you wish to see.

Offering external power, accordingly ...

Do not offer unto he who is not worth his weight in gold.

Or, self- fulfilling prophesies shall come true, as ever and always written and told.


Imagine ... when no body has to take care, bow down or cater to anyone. We all treat ourselves and others respectfully.  What a wonderful world, this shall so beautifully and bravely ... Be!

Feminine Powers Intact,



This pic of this was captured of me, by, a mere and magical 2 years, ago.

Hope you enjoy.

i am


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dancing Naked In The Rain with Comedian Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central

Holy Goddess Bless Daniel Tosh; from Comedy Central tv show

jJumping on a merry go round; having the bared balls to know

That bare-naked Women are merely something he may lampoon

Cause he is turning in to a real man, none too terribly,sacred soon

Comedian's such as his ilk do not know how to stroke purest silk

Merely crying over more of their own spilled and spoiled milk

No wonder my beautiful breasts are not exposed for all to see

Could be that one more funny puppy might grab onto a sweet titty

"Any publicity is good publicity" is a truth i can agree fully with

Simply one more young madman's Womanly winning ' hot dish'

Show-casing my video that over 1/2 a million have already viewed

Simply not worth Comedy Channel or a ballsy comic being sued

All i can say is how do i know that this spoofer really is even that

Blurring out his privates and yelling at wee children - such crap

Going starkers all because of what he did not see me even do

Inspires a repressed entertainer to visually express his diddly-do

Glad i am lady-like enough to cover up my petty pubic cash

Wisely not exposing my breasts, far from ungentlemanly crass

Honouring Mother Nature as she rains her parade over me

"Dancing naked in the rain" - with glorious  Goddess-sent glee

My all be inspired by what I have so kindly offered and shared

One famous  jokester has went public and his cajones; he has bared

What more in this modern world could a real Woman ever expect

At least she keeps her 'larger than life' balls, tucked way, to protect!

Katherine Marion


Last night, my niece in Prince George, B.C., called her Mom, to tell her that "Auntie Kathy is on channel 34. Turn on the t.v.!"

Since then, i have younger males, from all over the globe, bombarding me ... asking to "Dance Naked In The Rain." Not too mention;  practically begging magical MotherlyMe, to tell them the size of my breasts ... "over and over, again."

Glad to create more of a controversy.

Not as Mother Earth may have first intended. Yet, well worth the imrov dance and lyrics created on my very own wet spot. to be sure.

Obviously, a naked Woman, dancing naked in the rain, still holds some heart- sweeping allure!

Beating To The Tune Of My Own Heart

My homeschooling teen son, and his "Amazing Mommy" attended our first drum class, last enchanted eve. Every Tuesday night, we shall be attending  Navaro Franko's drumming classes, in Little Italy, here in snowbound Vancouver, B.C. One very talented and extremely beautiful drummer gal with graciousness and gusto, shall be guiding many Goddess' to find their own wondrous way ...

We arrived, well over an hour late, after our friend, Jeannie, got lost on the way from magical Marpole, to our destination. Already on our way to to pick up fresh Kangen water, we decided to stop for a couple of orders of raw, vegan sushi, a Masala burger wrapped inside the most rawsome yam bread. As well as accepting the tastiest birthday treat of a no Egg Nog Cake, made with exotic spices, no dairy, soaked almonds and LOVE.

We borrowed three sets of drums and attempted to learn 4 drumming sequences. Math, not being my major .. I had to un-think myself, shake my head free, and really just get into my vacated body. Losing myself to find some sort of sacred rhythm of my own, Gratefully allowing my happy heart to find a healthy and healing home. A circle of close to a dozen Warrior Woman, with a few token male energies thrown in for good measure. What an evening to begin a new foray into feeling my rawstruck return to  vibrant and vivacious health of the highest kind.

Before lovely Navoro's workshop, i had awakened after a nightmare of having my son - taken away from me,  again. Awakening to buried feelings of dread. Remembering that obsessive Reverend, who has been harassing me on my channel. Still a bit shaken, after one more pill numbed neighbor; Kimberly's latest anonymous calls to The Ministry of Children and Families, speaking atrocities of me and mine. And, thinking for the craziest moment, that someone was outside of my place, waiting for me. As Jeannie, had earlier said, " Triggered by a little Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Katherine." Yes, my own private  World War 3!

Settling the ashes of burnt-out adrenals and a far from charmed, and fairly charred endocrine system ... was a cinch. Once we finally arrived, at the lovely and spacious space, about the muffin place, where the yummies aroma's wafted up, we easily hunkered down. Listening to a fascinating musical theory lesson as taught by a single mommy, with her own grown-up 21 year old daughter. I stood alongside another woman and her Asian foster son. All of us, hearing what we wanted to hear and following the heartbeat that brought us together, on this first snow-fall of a new blessed year!

Katherine Marion


After walking home in our winter wonderland, my teen snow-bunny threw our 4 ft tall Bonsai out of the living room window. Already dried up and passed away it was time for a snowy burial. Now, King Kaelin, finally sleeps and I am sucking back a bunch of beautiful Japanese oranges. Madonna sings on the radio station that my son so wisely chose, before he fell asleep on the futon at my feet. In front of the ceramic heater that heats our 1000 sq ft rental and helps keep our loving hearts, even warmer.'

See you at Navaro's next class ....


As soon as we pay for our laptop repair, we will gladly and grateful be uploading the pics from last nite. Looking forward!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Look into the Angelic face of this well loved and happy teen

Knowing  he is cherished and living a delicious  dream

See those sparkling green eyes and smooth, clear skin

Feel that positive energy shining  forth from deep within

Touch locks of his  beautiful hair;  shining burnished gold

Stroke that gentle cheek;  as soft as heart so strong and bold

Know that strong spirit that needs no director to need soar

Hold that warming  hand that never asks for much or more

Honor a young man who's  childhood is leaving ever fast

Respect his mother and know eternal love does always last

Watch a lithe, lean body, climb upwards and beyond

Realize that where truth rests there is no need to respond

Now, tell me, two days after my 51st birthday, exactly why

There would be more allegations and such an  outright lie

Anonymous caller calling up"After Hours."last night

False allegations of something done unto him; not right

Lies of Kaelin being locked up all long day, in his bedroom

Saying that i often tied my shining son up; silliest crazy tune

B.S. about grounding him because he ate something un-raw

Nameless liar attempting to dishonour and project their flaw

What un-kind of a sick person would  ever dial up the MCFD

Only someone harbouring grudges against "Amazing Mommy"

Stay far away and leave our luscious loving lives, totally alone

Allow us to create our wonderful world and call it  a HOME."

Katherine Marion


Our very own MCFD social worker, told me that she was awakened, last evening, to The Ministry of Children and Families - "After Hours," calling her at her residence. That is right, there are government paid workers who drive around the streets, all night or day. This particular "car 86," drove over to our address and tried to come in. They wrote in their report that "no one was home." Funny. Both my son and i were asleep. Our phone was kept on, in case family phoned me on my birthday week. The only call that i received was from Kaelin's friend, Sasha, who asked to speak to my son - earlier in the day. Other than telephone solicitor's and bill collector's, our life was real low key that day and we did not even leave our house, after being out all day and into the late hours, the day and eve of my birthday on the 5th.

Someone does not like me and is hoping to sabotage my motherly efforts and relationship with my beloved boy. I have a very good idea ... Especially with the latest legalized slandering; "Katherine grounded Kaelin for a week .. locked him up in his bedroom ... because he ate something that was not raw." Oh, now i do know that it really was HER.That single mother who asked me "why are you grounding Kaelin?" I quickly reminded her, " Kimberly, you grounded your son or sons before and refused to let me know the reason." And, thus I did not give her the precise reasons and do not need Well, it was her older sons birthday and they had the usual unhealthy foods there, and i simply trusted ... Going for a healing 1 1/2 hr TCM, while my 14 year old boy went across the street to play inside -where she always keeps them - to play with two other homeschooling brothers.

I also thought that this latest 'stress' might be the work of the delinquent Dad who called me horrid names on Xmas day and has not called, since. Or, that these henious claims were made by someone in the system who has 'had it in for me,' for over a decade; since i was pregnant with Baby K, and has sabotaged me and my motherly efforts on many an occasion. She is the miserable one who attempted to
take my son, over 2 years ago, even though the worker, Bernstein, told her, " Marilyn, I can' take him. He just turned 12 years old. It is illegal." When we finally let them know where we had fled to, they had been trying to find us and apprehend him, still .... By that time, i had contracted a  top of the line, legal defence, and we were, thus, in a much safer position.

I am calling the papers, next week. I am sick of being told that I am "chopping up" my son and "serving him in a pot." As was first alleged, when i was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Goddess! Even when i was bringing beauty into this wondrous world, in the form of a beautiful baby, some un-kind of interruption was occuring. At that time, it was Maria Jackson, who was responsible for the mis-deeds. Just one more
mentally unstable woman, who's child was taken away by her own mother, who had lost her boob to the surgeon's knife, and was determined to slice up my joy into ugly, little pieces. Even my Doctor knows her and had to get a restraining order against this emotionally unfit person, after she almost gave his receptionist a nervous breakdown. Wished my Doc had stood up for me and spoken to that ministry that loves to question others in authority. Since the "Expert Witness" of a mother is always the last to be believed!

I AM so sick of all these trespasses done unto and against us. Time to really go public and the rest of the losers can pull their pubes , watch their t.v's, eat their cooked food, take their pills, believe their doctors diagnosis, and betray the single mother who only helped and loved them.

Sam Graci once told me, "You have squandered a lot of your energy." Yes, on fools with no healthy coping skills, who attempt to get me in trouble, rather than looking after their own children and learning to love and respect themselves.  Something i am so proud to announce that i am really learning how to put into action.

My son just called me from the playground and i have half an hour before we go for a walk, and to the gym. Guess I had better find that frayed old worn out rope and get that lock and key, ready ....

Says the evil witch.

Or, better still, how about earthly Angel that sadly, the sickened and demented look down upon. Since they are not able to raise themselves up to her glorious heights, they hope to lower her to theirs ...

See you, soon, sunshine.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Worst Birthday On Record - To ME!

Tears of utter sadness fall from my  tired face

Yesterday's bitter pain; feels it will never erase 

Up long since midnight, 28 activating hours ago

Full day,mindfully creating; in the glow and flow 

Showing every stranger met; unconditional  love 

Earthly Angel Am I , yet - from blessed above 

Smiling, graciously, while others hold daggers

Always grounded;  where a drunkard staggers 

Fighting back a torrent of un-spent, jagged tears 

Lack of love offered for so many wretched years

Trying to hard to make up for a hulking deficit 

 Goddess-sent sweetness does not cover up shit

Pretty keyboard; wet with my own hurting heart

Doesn't anyone  know i have this tender part?

 Late night,  credit card glitch and no food for us

Nary a spare quarter  to give a beggar at the bus

Not even one  orange; that we did kindly ask for 

My pink muscle - deep inside - is now so very sore

Lack of compassion in a world of mad money

"Laughing all the way to the bank;" not funny

Supernatural Woman with sites set so high

Did not pay her $100.00 bill; her creations did die

Suspended, as screaming stars in  clear, dark skies

Every mindless second -  a starving child; he dies 

What can you expect in  a world of gross inhumanity?

Women charging on streets; Porsche' parked for free

Gave away those sweet sweaters to that single mom

Glad  she lets me know that i am the thankful one

Other one ...  can't take truth and hides behind the church

Owning my power puts her lies in a jeopardizing lurch 

Wanting my son to "support" her homeschooling boys

With mainly Wi and video games; 'stupid-making' toys

Called a "Fucking Bitch," by dearest dead-beat Dad

Upon my child's recent Xmas day; how utterly sad

Chronic sleep deprivation ..nary a soul, really knows

Blow her down .. until she finally goes .. and blows!

Fuses do break, nerves can snap and hearts will break

Everyone is "busy," and always on the timely take

Those of us who bestow our infinite love are not exempt

Deserving to be treated with respect; not crass contempt

Last evening, that gay guy, "still in the closet,' was so rude

Another man-made misogynist; always so ugly and crude

You may hit me with your dirty nail and golden hammer

Yet, never will you cause this poet to even stammer

Must be why my late rent and eviction seems as if naught

For finer folk are robbed than fools such as those un-caught

i AM  all that i give and when i am dead, burnt, and gone

Your money will be saved ; never shall you  be wrong!

Katherine Marion


Well, about the only thing that made this 'bitter pill' so much easier to swallow ... Rather than wallow... was a free styling and haircut. Thanks to my rising son; now sporting shoulder length hair, after 3 teens surrounded him in an alley, and cut off his foot long braid, Kaelin is ready to visit a modelling agency, next week. And Momma K can grown out her own stressed tresses, even better, with a nice trim to tuck her troubles in ...

Of course, that older guy at Blenz, buying me an herbal Peony  and Chamomile Tea, was quite sweet. Eating raw chocolate and listening to him recite poetry, right across the street. Drunk on 'only wine,' that he had not drunk a drop of since, last night. Yet, easily affording the word; "gracious," so mindfully put into heart-felt action. Eating his sugary Cinnamon Roll, asking permission to go to the washroom, and forgetting to wash his hands, before shaking mine.

Tender souls will always find one another on a wet and windy winter's Vancouver evening. All i can do,  for all the rest of those lost  and restless souls; is to forever, keep believing ....!!!!!


Hopefully, my various valiant efforts and victorious sites .. shall soon be resurrected with the help of kindly donator's.

Please send your love and gratitude to  - rawsome - via

Thanks, with all my open heart!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Supernatural is The Goddess! - Katherine's Birthday Wish List

Strutting through deep, wondrous woods

Supernatural be the Goddess I live within

 Their "Should not"s" turn to my"Should"s"

Breathing in beauty; others may see as sin

Owning my power as worn in my walk

Letting go of tired taboo's and old adages

Leaning on feminine powers that talk

Blazing new trails ruled by sexy savages

Taking off cruel bandages to dance divine

Joyful for juices flowing within magical me

Brave as a set of balls strung high and fine

Sensually swaying to sweet kisses; sublime

Attracting my highest self to stand ever tall

Fearlessly falling to rise with new audacity

Intending to leap as high as low I may fall

Attaining Heaven; high heeled and hellishly!

Katherine Marion


Every woman has a bit of the adventurer hidden .. somewhere. Find out what makes her clock tick, by tickling her fancy and turning her head. Not necessarily by the tricks you turn in bed. Or, the way you kiss her ass.  Continually dishing out cash. No more bowing down to stare at your own tattered feet. Look up at her .. For a Goddess-gift treat!



1. for hand-made handmaiden's semi-precious gems, set in finest silver.

    Polished to a sweetheart shine and loving sent from Poland - prettily sublime.

2. to satisfy the raw gorilla-girl that lusts after this fabulous Naramata families
     home-made Jogi Berry Granola, TO LIVE FOR!

    Pure darkest chocolate that melts between your luscious layers ... Filling Goddess-gifts with
    heightened vibrations of healing, health and happiness.

   Giving honourable mention to fermented olives as dark as the dirty we wipe from between our telling
   toes, to find pleasure in all that Gaia knows and grows. Here we Glows ...

3. in Barrie, Alberta for something udder than a cow-bruising beef steak-out.
    Rawsent dairy-free cheeses, created from soaked Brazil Nuts, to lose yours .. over.

    As well as a wonderful many orgasmically edible items found within previous orders of mine, that I
     am sure you may also wish to order for your newly rawk'nly ravenous self.

4.  to dress this size medium rawsome role-model for the magical
    masses to marvel over. Since my hips are slim, you may still win, by placing an order for the hottest,
    short skirt. Allowing the parts of precious me, to precociously flirt ...

5. for some of the yummiest yoga wear you ever wished to not be worn ...
     Wonderful winter hoodies to hide inside of and come out ... smiling. Tight, form-fitting tights,
     created with stretching your imagination .. in mindful mind.

     Vancouver - based consciousness raising company.

     Go wild ... I am.

6. for my favourite healers; essential oils to drop into my Himalayan Crystal
     bath, that my body aches for ... Scenting the room with real and heavenly fragrance that makes a
     true Goddess truly dance ...

    As with the above, my Utah friends and Dr. Gary Young, have my Canadian address and Utah,
    U.S., youth-elixer's .. purely and preciously prepared. Awaiting my tender tootsies and soft skin
    of my unprotected neck.

    Feeling good, all over .. already.

7. for my youth enhancing 200 hr Yoga Certifications with glorious Gloria and                                                                                               
    her long, lean, and lovely tight and toned Yogi's and Yogin's.

    Teachers Certifications, begins this winter .. anytime, soon.

    Bless you for this gift that keeps shining as this Supernatural soul keeps climbing her own inner charts

    to perfection that can never be seen. Merely gleened .. in the highest sense of the wondrously spirit-
    embracing word.

    I do solemnly swear and curse and pray!

8. for the present that my body needs to heal its many wounds. One 2
     person infrared crystal emitter sauna, built for detoxification, rejuvenation, and relaxation. As well
     as the best natural faee-lift , outside of a mud mask, a golden gal could ever ask or beautifully beg

9,  Singing lessons with a top Vancouver singer . Let's top the charts and get this songbird to spread
     her victorious vocal wings . As she unabashedly sings ...

10. for wondrously wicked Italian Designer Sexiest Stiletto's to strut.
      Prettiest leather purses, painted with semi-precious gems to flaunt and find only favour with.

      Size 9 or a European 40 - prettiest PLEASE!!!!

11. for some really sweetheart baby-doll deals. Enough to make a grown-up
      puppy doggy drool. Do it now, before you call yourself a damned fool.

      34F - bra size ( the only real boobs in N.America!!!! )

       medium for maddenly magnificent panties.

12. www.BlueRuby. com - Rainswept Vancouver-based jewellery store, with the a gorgeous selection
      of Turquoise and Ruby and ... precious gems, made for dried-off, and never dried-up Goddess.

13.  Hand- painted, baby blue jeans, stitched with sexiest flair.

       You find em - so there!

14. for this Supernatural Woman to swing herself into a frenzy .. Hanging
      by a God-sent string, she does, all inhibitions  ... fling.

      As well as a wondrous many another and then some ... thing.

15 on Granille Street, close to home. Call them up by phone and ask for
       freshest, lovely Lilies - meant for LOVE.

16. in the eye-catching Kootenay's, for some purely refreshing ways
      to light up my life and yours ...

     Throw in a few incense sticks for good and Goddess-sent measure.

    Simply a part of my purest pleasure.

    Thank you for your Gentlemanly Gratitude.

    Goes along with my brilliantly and even more beautiful birthday attitude!!!

 Bonus Gifts  - Deserving Special Mentions to click on DONATE.

      Then, i can surprise you ...

       Maybe on my next yummy youtube video - made just for SPECIAL YOU!

 to check out darling details ... 2 front row tx for my teen, homeschooling
       rising-Son and I.

       With all my purest purpose ... i AM ATTENDING, NOW

        Queen Elizabeth Theatre - March 12th, 2011 - Vancouver, B.C.

 - nothing like a TCM package to help pamper and look after this
        "Amazing Mommy," as my beautiful boy, so brightly and beautifully proclaims. Bless you,
         darling Baby K - Kaelin.

 in Victorious Vancouver, B.C.

       Just ask them ... They know everything that I like and even more that I rawsomely ADORE.

        Breast .. yet. Some new and outrageously sexy or even, demurely subdued .. professional pics
        captured by - as seen above - mine from 2 youthful years ago.
        You may want to even fly me out to some exotic locale to shoot with another celebrity
         photographer, of the finest and fittest ilk. Fits like silk .. to the smoothness that flows through
         mystical ME.

         Oh, and a flirty, layered style and razor cut, thanks to Bo at his downtown Vancouver hair salon,
          in the wonderful Wall Centre Hotel.

         Sorry, you will have to phone front desk and ask for Bo's # and call away ...
         Thanks so mesmerizingly much!

         Maybe, I shall even be blessed to receive 2 tx to .THE ABBA REVIVAL, this January 5th, 2011

         i BELIEVE tx can be pleasingly purchased through for those front row seats.


         Finally .. spread these wings and send me soaring .. Costa Rica in the Spring. Machu Pichu in the

         I am easy - so to speak.

        Passport, soon to be re-printed and eyes ready to peek ...