Sunday, March 25, 2012

I AM Pure Gold!


                                     I am pure gold
                                        of old ...

                                    I am pure gold
                                         to hold

                                     I am pure gold
                                      does unfold

                                     I am pure gold

                                      I am pure gold
                                       can't be sold

                                      I am pure gold
                                        is my mode

                                      I am pure gold
                                    that broke the mold

                                      I am pure gold
                                     of Conscious Code

                                     I am pure gold
                                     bright and bold

                                     I am pure gold
                                    warming the cold.

                                    Katherine Marion


                                     On one more energy roll .. in the
                                     Goddess-sent glow!

                                     I photographed my supernaturally
                                     stunning statue, this mid morning,
                                     after staying up, way past sleepy time.

                                     I just could not resist. She looked so
                                     sublime ....

                                     Owning my power,

                                     Special K



No Woman shall remain Homeless


                  As long as there is wind in my sweet sails
                  and my enlivened elfin spirit never fails

                  I promise my own streets shall be cleaned
                  compassion and vision; clearly gleaned

                  As communicated earlier ... just yesterday
                  telling old lady friend; Freeda, what may

                  Knowing that I am cleansing my aura
                  from Vancouver shores to Bora Bora

                  By loving each heart with helping hand
                  opening my self;  as I take loving stand

                  Letting no one forget their worthiness
                  with raw food and hugs, I choose bless

                  Truth can not be seen by blinded eyes
                  man un-kind, cannot cover up his lies

                  Girls broken;  pulling carts , lose parts
                  misogyny; mis-created by broken hearts

                  We all; once began as innocent babies
                   good dogs went mad; infected by rabies

                   Mindfulness modeled; firstly, at home
                   sharing loving natures; must be shown

                  Feeding the hungry is not about money
                  hunger has not to do with empty tummy

                  Fear begins in mind of a mindless man
                  ending up on the street; a tidy trash can

                  Creating life; each of us, becoming:'WE'
                  live life; from the heart - ever gratefully!

                  Katherine Marion


                  To protect the innocent; I am aware that
                   it would be unfair to share .. her name or
                   the safe West side street, that I found her,
                   begging upon.

                  Sitting on the cold sidewalk, with a mere
                  hoodie and light jacket on ..  this young
                  girl's story is not a positive one.

                   For some, there are supportive families to
                   come home, to ... Others, sadly, of life's
                   smashed and broken window .. they have
                   carelessly been tossed through ..

                   Imagine  .. a less wounded world, where
                   broken soldiers, knew what rightfulness
                   unto others .. to so kindly do ...?

                   How about you?

                  With all of my hopeful heart,

                  Special K -finding out, just how .. very ..
                  every new and sacred day!


                  Oh, Goddess!

                  Now, that love's lights are really turned high,
                  light .. filling my home, from a high ..

                  I spot that darned mouse, that if it were not
                  for my rental house, may not have a crumb.

                  Glad that even a rodent .. has someone to keep
                  him warm, well fed, and dry.

                  And, just think, I once wanted him to go away
                  and maybe even .. die!



Friday, March 23, 2012

My Sexy Lepoerd Print Chaise Lounge; made for Me

My sexy Lepoerd-print chaise lounge; made for me

after my celebrated Vancouver radio show, in 2003

Nine not so naughty years later; she sits, willingly

waiting for me to lay myself upon her, sensually

My highest intention is creating a Goddess sanctuary

sacred space; allowing myself  to be wild and free

The picture on the wall of that lovely, hatted lady;

who do you think that purring pussy Kat, may be .. ?

Overlooking my raw retreat, she does so carefully

as far as her well functioning third eye can see ...

Underneath, lays one blossoming Hibiscus tree

as divine as divinity could ever hope to decree

Sunlight's energy flows through, ever sweetly

touching with tender fingertips... so carefully

Love weaving her telling and timeless tapestry

laying naked in raw repose .. is to live life; lusciously!

Katherine Marion


I love creating an image. Whether it be a cozy corner
i my happy, healthy, healing home ..

Or, simply, being photographed .. or photographing
my very own light-filled reality.

With my hearts purity,



Before .. i burned sage, lit incense, opened the windows
to let the sunshine stream in, played gentle loving music,
and made my magical bed .. dreamily.

Then, to lay my naked self, so gratefully ..



Thursday, March 22, 2012

To LOVE .. is TO LOOK AFTER .. the ones we are LOVING

            Sometimes you gotta lose to win

           leave yesterday's pain .. with a grin

            to keep loving .. can never be a sin

          this time, only allowing 'the good, ' in

           A lotta yesterday can stir up some pain

            conscious composure, we must attain

          gone; be delusions of grandeur and fame

          to an opening of hearts - we must lay claim

           One kind deed oughta deserve two other ...

           kindness carries the kiss of a caring mother

           we need to take care of sister and brother

           from unconditional love; no need for cover

            Many heartbeats; reach out, to form one

            rays of light .. branch out from Father Sun

            Truth finds no further reason, nor to run

            now is the only time to let go.. let's have fun!!!

             Katherine Marion


             My days are becoming more divine. And, far less
             of a daze.

             What and who .. feels not so fine ..has already
             begun to shed .. and fall carelessly, upon its
             own dirty head.

              Like dead skin .. that once allowed no love
              or light .. in. I am a beautiful Butterfly, now
              blossoming into my own unique beauty.

              First, must come maturity. Allowing ones
              own ripening juices to steep .. within. Never
              going without .. again.


              What are the chances of most .. truly ever
              opening up?

              All i know is  that i would surely have died,
              if unto my self, I had wittingly lied.

              For when you ask your heart to open .. and
              that cluttered mind, to expand .. there are
              no borders to cross or boundaries to trespass.

              Many life lessons seem to be so wretchedly
              slow .. Yet, one thing .. that i do innately
              know . I need not see or seek another's Green
              light .. to pass "GO!"


              Freeda and I, enjoying our raw, vegan lunch,
              yesterday noon. We were treated to treats .. that
              I am all too aware .. we both deserve.

             Thank you blessed universe .. for hearing my
              Goddess-sent prayers.


              Mostly .. giving my gratitude, for finding my
              ever-rising Son,  asleep and safe, when I
              finally arrived home, many magical hours, later.

              And, that is another success-story.. in the making!




Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Key Lime Pie a la Kat Purring


                   Made a mini Pie of Key Lime

                                  all mine

                    Forever  Rawomely Divine

                    Less that 5 minutes to prepare

                                fun to share

                    non-fattening' feels so very fair

                      Fresh squeezed organic juice

                                may seduce

                      setting  spirit's free and loose

                     Ripened avocado; blended in

                                pure as sin

                       adding honey for a sure win

                   Crust of dates and soaked walnuts

                                is a must

                 in Raw, Vegan; we can always Trust!

                 Katherine Marion



                After a power workout at the local gym, I enjoyed
                a detoxifying sauna. On my way home ... it came to
                me  .. to make Key Lime P:ie!

                Freeda is sleeping on our couch, and my delinquent
                teen computer addict is hiding out with his laptop.

                Thus, 'the world is my raw lime' (forget; oyster) to do
                 with .. as i please.

                 And, is everyone .. every gonna be pleased!


                  I could hardly keep this mini piece of delectable
                  magic .. away from my mouth.

                  Organically orgasmic!


                 Order yours, now.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HE is a WORK of ART

How often do I truly see him?

the way he looks at me

with love

in his eyes

How often do I really hear him?

this young man's tears

of pain

that he cries

How often do I really hold him?

that little boy aching

for mommy

to slow down

How often do I really show him?

one teenager in angst

love's smile

without frown

How often have I really hurt him?

wee heart so very kind

words harsh

a life of pain

How often have I really said sorry?

before he began to numb

yesterday past

to never regain

How often do I wish he were here

after he leaves his home

today,  same

not even a call

How often do I pray he's alive?

awake for days on end

now, I am

ready to ball

How often does a mother die?

when her son is gone

she can feel

his hand in hers

How often does light try?

to find the darkness

innocence lost

searches for solace.

Katherine Marion


Possibly, it is due to my shining Son's puberty and untimely
surges of testosterone; causing unceasing suffering, at time -
between us.

More likely, it is all that madness around the centered center
of my life.

Most be why my latest joke is:"If I'd known my child was
going to turn into a teen .. I would never have had a baby!


A quick, short , gaffaw. Then back to the basics of raising
a young male teen, in the city. As a single mother, with
absolutely not one real and definable male role model!

Personally, I can not understand, for the loving life of me,
how a male can even refer to himself as a "man,"when he
is not even able to measure up to the standard of even being
somewhat 'emotionally available. " Let alone, capable of
spending some real and unadulterated time with a boy who
aches to be cared about.

Some children have it all.

Kaelin has always been so brave. As an only child, he certainly
did get all the attention. From Me. Yet, who gave me the support
that i needed and deserved? Nary a speck of unconditional love.

A woman's son can always FEEL his mothers pain. He holds it
inside of his burning insides .. And, if and when he stops all
recreational sports, ceases all boyhood friendships - for good reason,
and has no father to call his own, what energy does he have on

The other day, for the first time in months, my beautiful boy, drew for
hours. Beautiful art. The magic that his prolonged childhood bestowed
upon him. Treasures that his mother saw within .. his blessed self. Gifts
that she nurtured.

Now, all he carries .. is his laptop, that he sawed off of its dining room
lock. Literally leaving home - for one or two nights .. at a relentlessly
tiring time. Until he runs out of raw, vegan foods, fresh water, and
adrenaline. Scary way to live - and ...

This week .. was the first in a few, where he actually stayed close .. for a
few days. Then, our old friend, Greg, came into town, for an overnight
visit, and to share a couple of walks and a gourmet rawk'n meal with the
kid that he once knew as a baby. A nice respite - until he left.

Afterwards, my King Kaelin, and I, went shopping at Whole Foods. Soon
after, we spent over 3 hours at Book Warehouse, buying up a "Closing Out"
sale. After an eventful Sunday night, bus ride home .. we hugged until fell
asleep in each others arms.

My son slept 12 hours. For me, it was the best sleep i have had in months.

Sadly, my stubborn Aries, refused to eat breakfast. Barely brushing his teeth,
he was already fixated .. on latching onto his 'stolen' computer. Sad.

This modern day malady, is even more sadly - accepted.

Imagine if other parents did not tolerate this un-kind of behaviour ..where
all else  .. is abandoned and anyone else .. is neglected?

Maybe it would not seem to my sometimes belligerent boy, that he is is "the
lucky one;" being bestowed with a peaceful and loving sanctuary.
No t.v., cable, and plenty of soul soaring music.  Very few 'house rules,"
pertaining to consciously constructive time, spent on his very own computer, ..
would it not seem acceptable to anyone in
their right mind!

Oh, that's right.

I must remember - HE is in puberty.

And, guess what .. ? I hear that it is not over, yet!!!!!

Breakthrough's  - not Breakdowns,



Wait til i tell you about my 13 new books. And some of the wise
offerings .. on raising a well adjusted teen.




Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GIRL Just Wants to Have Fun


GIRL just wants to have fun

finished her time on the run

 alone; she raises her only son

 of B.S., she has 'time' for none!

GIRL just wants to have fun

missing her beloved mom

 tears cried , by the tiring ton

 out of hiding, has she come


GIRL just wants to have fun

nobody forces her into a bun

of ALL - she is the sweet sum

'the past' is now, finally 'done'


 GIRL, just wants to have fun
learning to see herself as ONE
 any other than love; to shun

She is the cake, not the crumb!

Katherine Marion


This cold, gray, Vancouver morn, i awoke
to one more nightmare. Basically, being
rejected; misunderstood by others, and
paying the price - after speaking my voice.

With 3 1/2 hrs of sleep, under my sexy
black belt, I felt compelled to digest my
truth. Rather than soak in my usual
relaxing hot bath, I chose to write out
the descriptives of my telling dream.
Feeling my emotions as various waves
...rose and fell. Witnessing the life I had
so carefully created on-screen. Wisely,
no longer having to be involved. Letting
it all go. Leaving what felt right and real.
Allowing the rest .. to simply, dissolve.

A mouse scampering off of my leopard
print chaise lounge, really helped ..
Especially, as my 80 year young client
was just then .. buzzing me from my
downstairs intercom. Answering my
door in noisy high-heels. Well, only
if  you live .. and die .. downstairs.
Noting how this young-at-heart,
kept a set of keen eyes, as he stared at my
ample cleavage. All in the name of
humor - right?

During a very real interlude,
 one more x-coronary bypass
survivor, shared many stories of his
own sons' flagging health and some
of his own journey, Such intimacy
can not be dismissed. I coached him
on breathing .. in order to remove
himself from his cage of mad monkey's.
And, he is the maddest .. Nothing new.
Only beautiful!

Afterwards, a girl who is emotionally
struggling with her past, a current drug
addiction, and a wounded sense of self
worth, phoned me. I had to bring her
right into focus .. Only fair - to both of us.
After we discussed a tantra massage
course that we have both decided to take,
she needed to disclose .. Seems, as
I had already realized; she was once "one
of  the top escorts in N.America." So,what
does 'any of it,'  mean, now?

So many deep and meaningful interactions ...
This is the KIND of day, where a
divine deva does not even dwell on the
smallness of her own reality. With my
brother in a holding tank - jail - for
possibly close to 2 years, before his trial.
And, death threats to his life, already. A
son that must be led by example. And no
one to look up to .. except myself - looking'
back in the mirror, at me. My life is as
bright and beautiful as it is my ultimate choice
to perceive.

Such a good and Goddess-sent blessing, that
I continue to so irreverently ... BELIEVE!

Sharing my heart as she grows wings,



My self-portrait, today. After 'Giving for a Living.'


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life In The Balance


Friday, March 2, 2012

Each and Every Woman ... Needs a Friend!

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 reaching inside of her feminine self

                 lives a wonderment that will not end

                  ever enchanting as a Woodland Elf

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 pulling herself up by hairs; lost to pain

                 seeing a brighter future not to end

                 joining the land of the living and sane

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 maintaining balance in a world; off - axis

                 owning her power, as she does to send

                 takes plenty of Goddess-sent practice

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 re-claiming the child; alone and lost

                 sharing her wealth hearts do mend

                 attracting all riches; brightly embossed!

                 Katherine Marion



                 "Terrific Tina" is the name i gave her!

                  A lovely soul, shining forth .. whom i
                  am so very grateful to have met, a couple
                  of consciousness-raising months ago, in
                  our intense 4 month intensive; " Beyond
                  Addiction," as seen on youtube ...

                  Studying Kundalini Yoga, for one
                  3 day weekend, per month - for 4 months,
                  ongoing  .. is a huge commitment that we
                  both, so wisely made.

                  My new friend, first called me up, yesterday,
                  on the first day of a most magical March- in
                  the making.

                  Ordering 2 bottles of "Brain-On." was
                  something her even newer brain, was smart
                  and savvy enought to so divinely do.

                  So, now, why don't you?!!!!



                 Feel free to travel to my pretty photo pages
                 on my popular
                 marion page - request to join, and buy my
                 Goddess-sent goodies .. for goodness sakes!!!!

                 Love Special K