Monday, April 29, 2013

Many May Never Understand

                                     Many may never understand
                                     for they 'think' too much

                                     feeling unloving  about themselves
                                     thus, unable to truly 'see my hand.'

                                     Many may never understand
                                     heart's squeezed dry; to land ..

                                     upon swollen earth that is devoid
                                     of inner wealth; simply; paranoid

                                     Many may never understand
                                     trusting not 'the tides or sand'

                                     prisoner's within walls; writhing in pain
                                     never to clearly see light or love, again

                                    Many may never understand
                                    minds cramped and taste's bland

                                    undercurrents of energies lowly and foul
                                    lost soul is the first to throw in the towel

                                   Many may never understand
                                   from the divine; they did disband

                                   losing connection with truth ever clear
                                   gaining excess; hanging fiercely onto fear

                                  Many may never understand
                                  in callousness' cauldron; to stand

                                 waiting for some sign of life in death's valley
                                 eyes swollen shut; unable to see humanity

                                 Many may never understand
                                 our story; beyond Ann Raynd

                                  hope's journey is infinite and everlasting
                                  moral cleansing; done with hellish fasting

                                  Many may never understand
                                  best to act grandiose; than react -grand

                                 replenishment comes when we empty
                                 when it seems we possess nothing; plenty ...

                                 Many may never understand
                                 gold can be found and never panned

                                 gifts are given when we give and able to receive
                                 until we realize; we are the easiest to deceive

                                 Many may never understand
                                 babies are Gods; created and un-planned

                                 Goddess' are made of love and filled with light
                                 daybreak can be felt; fueled by the coldest night!

                                Katherine Marion


                              I am prone to say that this selfless analogy .. best describes my life
                              in the magical making .. right now.

                             All that i am safe to share; at this moment that will last a million
                             lifetimes and send out even more loving lifelines ...


                            I love you, being of my breath.
                            K2 forever





Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Can I do Better than before?

           What can i do better; than before?
            paying attention to what most ignore

            being the light that comes out of dark
            placing together, neatly; missing part

            What can i do better than before?
             this shell was tossed far from shore

            not speaking truth takes her own toll
            ridding one of deception; makes whole

            What can i do better than before?
            go deeply within and out; to explore

            help others by taking primary action
            surest way to magnify cosmic attraction

            What can i do better than before?
            better to convey, rather than implore

             hold myself accountable in all I do
             only way to remake myself a-new!

             Katherine Marion

             For many a good and Goddess-sent
             reason, i am far wiser, at this 'place
             in time,' to simply put reason to my rhyme.

             Rather than 'spell it out,' for those who
             deserve not to be given eyes to look into
             my telling life . to see.

            I am now, simply sharing - to give back
            unto me.

            In love's gentlest embrace,

            Special K with every tender trace

He Threw a Bottle at My Head

     He threw a bottle at my head
     could have knocked me dead

     From his fancy high-rise above
     dirty deed; severely lacking in love

     Outside of an east -side co-op
     most are sweet -he is pure rot

     Through the trees the hit came
      if I'd been hurt; never the same

     Mental illness offers no excuse
     for projecting of one's refuse

     He has wee dogs of his own
     time to chew upon his bone

     Throwing dog poop at a kid
     sickness; this world has to rid

     Smeared shit all over play area
     Isn't that enough to scare ya?

     I took 2 girls to speak to police
     shook hands and said, "please"

     Show children not to have fear
     can't fight back with just a tear

     I watch most watch and do nil
     not the time to sit quiet and still

     Getting hurt; does not make sense
     what about protecting innocence?

     Calling Women; "Fu__ing whores."
     little mouse man, mighty he roars

     Unbelievable what people allow
     'turn the other cheek' and brow

     Little babes and children live here
     to 'golden rules,' all must adhere

     I am a mother and daughter, too
     my heart shows me what to do

     Next, i go to the housing corp
     show them my police report

     'lead by example' at my best
     pass my own love-sent test

      So what is he is 'mentally ill"
      crazy quitter on a window sill

      One more "Mommy issue"
       pass a diaper and a  tissue!

       Katherine Marion


     'There is a reason for everything."
      Most who were once in my life .. have abandoned
      me, for it does not feel top comfortable for them.
      How sad .. for them.

      Moving forward is not always a seemingly
      'comfortable fit."
     What about those who choose to 'walk the talk,'
     rather than 'on the pot," just think out ..
     one more shit ..

      The only way to make it all worthwhile.. is to ride
      life's wave .. in style!

      Kat purring amidst the noise


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Give me Heroine!

                               Give me Heroine
                               or lest i die

                               Give me Heroine
                               at best to try

                              Give me Heroine
                              courage be not shy

                              Give me Heroine
                              across cloudy sky

                             Give me Heroine
                             wings to fly

                             Give me Heroine
                             losers do sigh

                             Give me Heroine
                             a hit... to get by

                             Give me Heroine
                             'my drug of choice'," - I!

                             Katherine Marion


                             Thre rare addics on the downtown
                             lower eastside.

                            Others walk and talk .. not as hookers,
                            on the west side.

                            What's the damned differecne between                            
                            the so called 'lesser' of the both .. tortured

                           One at least knows.. with dirty 'cick,'what do 'do'

                           Here's to the pimp; 'working the street' and
                           his lowly apprentice .. 'taking the heat.'

                           Here's to the child stabbed in the flesh..
                           or 'multiple wounds' inflicted by his "Amazing
                           Mommy" who chose not to roll onto her tummy
                           and play dummy ot those in bureacracy;
                           choosing to break up one beautiful family!

                          More .. later

                         Bless this homage to love and how off-center
                         a series of self centered souls have so unbecomingly..

                         Hope from a heart that has only begun .. to sing!

                         Kaheirine - Goddess of Love and everything!

I Do Not Care the Price I May Have to Pay

                         I do not care the price i may have to pay
                         to hold onto what others dare not say
                         is sweltering heat .. to go out into .. and play

                         I do not care the price i may have to pay
                        letting go of garbage that stinks up my day
                        until i do it .. only myself; shall ireally betray

                        I do not care the price i may have to pay
                        'getting hurt' is not where i wish to stay
                        others 'do not.' so i must and thus, i may

                        I do not care the price i may have to pay
                        insight is a winners alter; upon to pray
                        Truth;my greatest gift i choose give; today!

                        Katherine Marion


                       Goddess, i used to be so good at giving myself

                       Now, with 2 loving Labs and rarely a seeming
                       supporter, there feels to be not enough stars
                       in often dreary night.

                       Bless those with less
                       May others with more .. learn to share

                      Love a heart that knows ... and shows how to care,

                      Purring Kat

Pookie's Daddy's Little Girl

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          she came before all of the other
                          even her one and only brother

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          she sat on his shoulders; in 62
                          Seattle Worlds Fair; 'oh to do'

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          first favored child of five
                          felt so loved and joyfully alive

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          rhinestone glases at two
                          what did her soul see through?

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          playing with her sister
                          wonder if anyone missed her?

                          Pookie;s Daddy's little girl
                          running circles of joy
                          what about that 'bad boy'?

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          left all alone that day
                          why didn't her family say …?

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          never smiled much, after
                          hardly heard a word from her

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          always loved her Grandma so
                          why did they hide it .. so?

                          Pookie's Daddy's little girl
                          never told a worn-out heart
                          only wants back.. that precous part!

                          Katherine Marion


                          I have been 'biting the bullet' for too
                          insanely a sordid time.

                         Al i can do is let the words .. drop.

                         Focus on my heartbeat and together ..
                         'twixt and twain' and allowed to live
                         and abuse others.. insane, shall meet.

                        Magic, no matter .. is all i choose to greet!!!

                         Very special K

I see myself breaking out of my shell ...

                     I see myself breaking out of my shell
                     sticky, wet, gooey and great
                     within that locked-away, barren cell
                     why did i even have to wait?

                     I see myself breaking out of my shell
                     not again to ever hesitate
                     good thing that my egg never fell
                     small appetites are easy to sate

                    I see myself breaking out of my shell
                    gorgeous yellow color to trace
                    wonderful feeling to leave others hell
                    big birds never get yolk on face

                    I see myself breaking out of my shell
                    white was my old container
                    busting out is of what others may tell
                    simply .. ending that endless race.

                    Katherine Marion



                  I saw this fascinating vision .. many moons, ago.
                  Coming from a long lineage of famed painters .. I
                  have always had the of seeing what others are afraid
                  to feel.

                 Guess this must just be part of what makes me magic
                 and real.

                 At the same time.

                 Pookie - daddy's little girl

How Many Times Can a Heart Be Broken?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          Where does pain end and flesh begin to open?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          Who is allowed to maim without emotion?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          Where does a voice go,after it has spoken?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          What law allows abuse handed out as token?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          When screams go silent; are hearts hoping?

          How many times can a heart be broken?
          Why do eyes fill iwth love; dreams stolen?

         Katherine Marion


        I am reminded of the famed Anais Nin quotable,
        whereupon a soul realizes; as is a splendid rose;
        far more painful to keep closed, than to open up.

        I feel this pain.

        And, multiple inflicted upon abuses …have begun to fester.

        People 'right at my side,' inflict their abuses .. for they
        see not what i am doing .. and who i am courageous
        enough to be.

        Every step feels like a heartbreak .. at this poignant time.

        One day, soon, to look back upon .. 'that' which was
        permitted to occur...

        Does not, now, make this once so Purring Kat .. purr

       Special K everyday

I Believe in You

                              "I believe in you,"
                              said the lawyer to the lamb

                              "I believe in you,"
                              affirmed one wise and kind man


                               "I believe in you,"
                               he told me, on my new cell

                              "I believe in you,"
                               taking me out of one hell

                              "I believe in you,"
                               speaking as any elder might

                              "I believe in you,"
                               is the voice i still hear, tonight

                               "I believe in you,"
                                is all a heart needs to ever hear

                               "I believe in you,"
                                helps erase all the bound-up fear

                               "I believe in you,"
                                relaxes every muscle in my back

                               "I believe in you,"
                                gets a palpitating heartbeat . back

                               "I believe in you,"
                                reminds a soul,  they are needed

                               "I believe in you,"
                                shines light on voilations; exceedd

                                "I believe in you,"
                                is something predators' never admit

                                "I believe in you,"
                                 feels 'right,' while losers feel like shit

                                "I believe in you,"
                                gives me another last dying breath

                                "I believe in you,"
                                gift of humanities stolen' caress.'

                                Katherine Marion


                                Just like the Velveteen Rabbit .. all
                                I wanted was to be REAL.

                                And, now that i am .. with all that
                                happening .. and not ; broken vessels
                                spill their ugly ooze ..                

                                The best i can do is to not only believe
                                in my 'tampered with' by the govt;Son,
                                who shall surely wake up.. upon a
                                more magical morn

                                Mostly to find reprieve .. from those
                                who are far from clever .. as they hope
                                to deceive.

                                For i am the believer who is open to receive!





Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Supernatural Love of my Loving Life


At the tender age of 36 years young and youthful, I was gifted with the 'love of my life.' A miracle that came through me, as miraculous as any thought that first becomes an intention. Then, a crystallization ... creating a once upon a time unrealized realization.

My breath of freshest air has now MAN-ifested into a happy, homeschooling teen of 14 1/2 years. A playful and puposeful being, that this "Amazing Mommy" as he refers to me, is blessed to call her Goddess-sent own.

"Kaelin" called out my name, at a tumultous time; in which I had no conscious concept of ever birthing a child. Yet, as I began to believe in the power of believing and affirming: " i AM A MIRACLE. LIFE IS A MIRACLE. I AM THE CREATOR OF MIRACLES, " my life took on new meaning.

My belly began to swell with HOPE, as real HAPPINESS took over my newly found luscious life. Where distraction and lack of real values, once ruled my wounded world, a sense of PURITY and PURPOSE took SUPERNATURAL shape and fabulous form.

After my own typically dysfunctional childhood, I was gifted with a real and valid reason to LOVE myself and another human being. Remembering who I was meant to be ... became my major emphasis and JOY roused me into consciousness.

I began to let go ... of my financially prosperous mini entertainment empire and the 'donator of the seed,' whom so convincingly, said " I LOVE YOU." Whereupon, discernment joined with destiny, and my 'LOVE CHILD' and I began our JOYFUL JOURNEY ...

Choosing to be a 'single mom' was not my original intention. Yet, my select choice in raising my boy, alone, without the tampering of unwanted outside influences, is one of the wisest choices that I have ever made. Even if we have paid many an earthly price ...

My purposeful prodigy is growing into a REAL MAN. Nowadays, as never before, it is our responsibility as parents, caregivers and role-models to rule, raw'k and roll up the magical mats and take whatever flight of fancy ... it takes to make REAL MAGIC happen!!!!


Katherine Marion

(pic of K2 - captured this fantastic fall - October 2010 - Vancouver, B.C.)


This blog is experpted from my pages, that i have only written this .. gem, upon.
Goddess, if only a few .. knew what was happening and not .. in my world.. now!

I love you, King Kaelin.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everyone just needs someone to hold them

Most people wouldn' t believe me if i told them
maybe if \i  'sold them' ...

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

I met a boy living in a men's shelter, earlier today
the gist of what i had to say..

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Last night, i helped a young couple find a place
my words to two battered soul's...

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

This eve, i spoke to my 17 year old rising Son
lied to about me, by many a threatened one ...

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Tonight, i sleep in another hotel, so very lonely\
with our big dogs for comfort; only ..

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Every person i 'touch' makes up for my loss
Reminded that "Love' never plays boss

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Tomorrow morn, i awaken to my own tears
removing my hightest self from untold fears

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Sometimes i want to give up .. and stop caring
remembering that the heart loves by sharing

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Our puppies would die without someone to care
grateful \am \I, for those who choose; \i am 'there'

Everyone simply needs someonw to hold them

The way to heal this wounded world is to comfort
those in need .. will otherwise; conform and contort

Eveyone simply needs someone to hold them

So, what about the healer who needs to replenish?
Is she only good 'until the finish?'

Everyone simply needs someone to hold them

Even \Me,

Being of Love - KATHERINE


I rarely share much of what is truly happening to me, anymore
i find that most.. make up their muddled minds
and as another Great  - Katherine - Hepburn - so aptly and succinctly said;

"Never explain and never explain."

One more Wise Woman!


'Once burned ... twice shy,\' is a famed idiom

Well, some of us have been charred and tarred and burned and turned over .. not so easy.
i am ON\E

giving the masses of asses .. way more power than they could ever assimilate \
in a loveless lifetime, than the almisghty contained .. within one simple
emboldened Buddha Breath

I gave away my Queendom
just about ... dumb

not quite

which is why i do not quit

for it is writ .. in the seat of my sacred soul
that i am the strongest person i have ever met

and i am just beginning ..
you bettter bet!!!!!!

Kat of more than 9 Lives and even more ... LOVE!!!!