Friday, December 28, 2012

My Puppy Licks My Eye

My puppy licks my eyei
wish I had a tear
to feed him

My puppy curls up tight
wish we'd eaten
last night

My puppy is onnocent
wish  for kindness
where it went

My puppy is patient
wish for monies

My puppy smells fear
wish for trust
need love here

My puppy tastes Elk
wish was true
dreams for you

Katherine Marion

p.s .
Noone will be able to say that i did
not ask, or create, or put forth my
request to a 'Father' i was never blessed
to have as guide or protector, or faithful
servant to my heats tender cry

No one will be able to forget me when i die.

Foir, I aave lived a life that no sinner could
bear to live rhrough. Many have watched me
dance on hot  red coals, whilst they
played witness .. in the same wretched bed,
they so lovelessly laid me down upon.

To live forever .. may be the geatest torture.

And, I am.

Far much worse .. are the lifeless corpses of those .. who
did nothing for anybody. Except when it was to serve


In the forest .. one is able to see the trees.

When ONE is a tree, the forest is visible ..
for all to see.


No One Should Be Alone

No one should be alone
deep hearts need a home
every puppy loves a bone
old maid turns into a crone

No one should be alone
all that is torn can be sewn
hurt feelings need be shown
truth deserves to be known

No one should be alone
loneliness not to be or roam
\sweet seeds must be sown
love needs conscious clone

No one should be alone
let go of old winds blown
hear beggar woman's drone
she to never leave you alone

Katherine Marions


A succesful businessman in Vanvouver, who
also happened to be our neighbor, helped me
when we first moved to Marpole. In so many
kind ways ..

Soon after, he stopped feeling and began to
think .. too much. His thoughful feelings ..
went out the door and his gratitide was no more.

Turns out, he knew a kind heart who was
brilliant and beautiful, before she comitted
suicide. I knew he felt guilty for not seeing
or doing somethng to make her life better, or
even leave her with one ..

There are many i have known, who have
shown me and my child, or even puppies . much
kindness. And, almost always, they turned
around and bit the hand they fed. Why not rather
instead, be grateful, for one never knows who
that 'beggar' at life's door may be - in disguise.

Just like in a fable or childhod story, nothng
means as it might seem. So, for those who let
out a fearful scream and are callous and mean,
i wish you well and I offer you the food of
insight .. allowing you to see beyond your
long nose that picks itself as you dig into your
wallet one more tested time, to see a piece of
gold that did not for long enougt shine.

Yes, that is right. Your heart is your winning
purse. That sparkle could be in your eye if
you did not permit what is precious and pure
to cry and beg and waste away ... No. There may
not be another clean or perfect or surer day
to do what is right .. for thosw eho are attacked
by your internal war that you wage. When you rage
you engage an unparalled universe to bring forth
one more wise or wizened sage ..

And, thus you begin your joyless journey .. again,
and again, and agian.

Start over in this lifetime. Be the lifeline for one
or many.. who can teach you much and have more
to offer than you know yourself to be worth or
worthy of. This may be tough, at first .. Try.
Practice. Even pretend. And, guess what?
Your worldly pain .. shall end. And, as you begin
to bend ... Joy to yourself and all others .. you will
forever send.

In sincerity for all sinns doen utno me and my brothers,

Katherine the Grateful


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mother Sun

Mother Son
fears no one

She is ALL

Mother Sun
will not run

Stands TALL

Mother Sun
many shun


Mother Sun
never undone

Wombed WALL

Mother Sun
aches for Fun

Shakes her SHAWL

Mother Sun
'under the gun'

Never to CRAWL

Mother Sun
war 'hard won'

aches to BAWL

Mother Sun
harms noone

thus, never to FALL

Katherine Marion


After a multi-houred divine discourse on fb with a
good and near to lost 'old' friend, Richard, I am
emboldened, for conscios comparison, not for
the first time .. to write of myself as Mother Sun.

Escpecially since my own, once so shining Son, often
wrote of me, as thus ... Even in picutre form, epressing
his seemingly, tiny visual part in 'the picture;
 of our multifolded love.

As a Butterly: my gentle soul of an innocent child,
 himself. As his brightest light .. alwasys to remain in a
cloudless  sky, for as long as he so longs ...

Now, other courrupt forces have taken him from his
steadfast and studious 'stidemt of life' who's forever acted
on her heartbeat]'s beloved behalf, as teacher, guide, mentor and
'Mother,"as insanity might tend to falsely refer to all too seldom
honoured .. HER.

She shall hold onto him, with her warmth. Her heat
shall heal and restore his truth, back upright. They shall
reighn supreme in a sky unclouded by others who only
hope to smother that other .. which they, themselves
envy and hold in higher esteem than they wish to

Non-believers are not even owrth holding in comtempt,
in or out of court, for they are their own  worst judge
and jury. As long as they attempt to rule .. they are
 already, over-ruled

Mother Sun  - SHE sees all ... and what she knows best:
HER power is immense and she shall keep her head
and all splendid selfless self; above highest waves and hell
water,that bespeaks of anything less than empowered,
emboldened and worth holdign onto ...

LOVE is what shines BRIGHTEST - first and foremost,

Katherine in Greatness and Goddess-ssent Glory


I Hugged a Girl

I hugged a girl
this moonlit eve

She was shriekng
at her boyfriend

I could see them
throught their window

He was stadnig up
 she wass set afire

All i came to borrow
were some matches

to light my fireplace
and warm our home

Knocking at the door
feeling safe and sure

Providence in hand
with unversal flow

I felt all was good
everything; so right

Whch is why I did
hug a girl, this night

Holding her close
palms face down

Giving her love
feeling the pain

Soothing her hurt
I was restored

Offered a lighter
before I left

I wondder how
they are doing

May she be loved
for i know I AM

Katherine Marion


Some may say, " Life is funny," yet i know
that this world can be filled with sharp
pins and pricks that hold on tight ...

After being accosted on the dark
highwary, up the way from our
new home, just prior to borrowing
more firewood from a friendly
neighbor, I know what it felt like
to be filled with another's darkness.

The fellow who came up to me and
our innocent puppies, was filled
with rage and maybe even drugs.
Possibly, " off of his medication,"
even. Attacking us, psychically,
and targeting me with wounding
words that can kill. A fellow
female came out of her peaceful
Saturday eve, after her daughter's
birthday party, and hollered at
the countrified creepy crawler
who didn't like it that i had a
couple of quiet dogs, on- leash.
Claining that i was "not allowing
them to socialize," and refusing
to stop cornering me and my
pets. So, I know pain .. and I
know kindness.

Of course, all the love
.. comes full circle. So, do
 the ashes that drop like hot
stones, to burn and maim.

And, "If I had it to do, all
over, again", I would do it
just the same, for I am one
of the seemingly, sometimes
few sane.

Kindness is everywhere,
when we keep an unlocked
heart; ready to open up at
anytime, even wider .. to
let int the light and offer
refuge for those who are
in need.

It doesn't matter who you
are, I love you. I understand
what life can throw your way
and my wounds are deep.
Yet, my hope is huge and
my happiness does not
depend on being loved
in return.


Lovingly Lighting a new Path,


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Elvis Lost His Velvet Voice

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

talent never lies
hunger always dies

ate himself to death
with pill popp'n highs'

a pelvis that did stop
did un-divinely drop

used up all his energies
that sexy soul of Rock

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

girls giving free panties
not worth living for

The Colonel ruling
forsaking; forescore

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice ...

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

virgin wife no more
no truth at love's door

vows he once swore
before bedding $ whore

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

little girl; left behind
life was not too kind

emptiness can find
heart dead on rewind

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise

one more mansion
hopeless  to fashion

an imperfect passion
for traitor's to cash in ..

How Elvis lost
his velvet voice

not a tale to tell
amidst the noise.

Katherine Marion


I write for me.

yet it is for all to see

and learn from.

Has anyone heard from my Son?

cut off his tongue

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

are hurting his dear Mom

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

forgets, SHE's his Sun

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Slum buddies
always choose .. run

Has anyone heard\'
from my Son?

Shove these ...
up your tight bum

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Above knees
the water's now come

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Love to please
crowds and no one

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Above to sneeze
creeps forever to shun

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Thugs are these ..
from roar to dead hum

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Hugs on freeze
help not a silenced one

Has anyone heard
from my Son?

Somebody's rala
cut off his tongue!

Katherine Marion


I KNEW I had to begin to write .. when
I heard the words .. as i was walking to the gym,
this past evening, after a day riddled with chaos of
unmentionable other's ... who do not believe in beautiful
Mothers ..

Later, after an intense 1/2 hour spent working on
upper body in a quiet weight-room, I was so
grateful to be allowed to stay, "after hours, " in order
to do one powerful 10 minutes on the mats; 300
ab-smacking Pilates crunches with alternating elbow
Followed by 150 leg raises to raise core body temp,
and tone all areas of sexy feminine.

I was revved.

Then, as i was literally talking to the rain.. outside where my
steel horse was locked, I realized that someone had
slashed my bike tire.

Since one Supernatural Woman - never tires, it was a nice,
refreshing walk home!

I walked home, gladly. Wishing to climb that apple tree that
Thelma had recently sniffed out ... Without poking another
hole in my newest  pair of black and shiny Lululemons' .
Rather, breathing deeply and seeing a clearer picture .. minute
by mystical minute ..

Just before turning the corner to our abode, I  spoke to a small family
 of pet owners and converted them to a raw, healing doggie diet
. Of course, it seems .. I  missed my son coming home at this un-Godly
 hour. He did not wait, as do .. our patient puppies.
So, he left.

Disappointed .. again.
Nothing new .... for me.

Or, fear-filled ... him.

Most of the time, i feel like i am running a sick bay in some crazy
Mash unit and that my life must be some sureality t.v. show that no
one has paid me for .. yet.

So, guess i will start my own GuruShip

Keep sailing, baby K

Cause ' floating' ain't barely enough.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goddess on a Green Blanket

Goddess  on a Green Blanket
If there be sunlight; she will thank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
  If served Nectar of the God's; she has drank it
Goddess on a Green Blaket
If she's shot a falling star; she will spank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
If gifted with Love; she can bank it
Goddess on a Green Blanket
If served an overflowing cup; she drank it!
Goddess on a Green Blanket
Katherine Marion
Today, Peter 'made my day' when he sent me over a dozen lovely
images, that we had captured a few months ago.
So much has happened within this fractured time-frame, that i feel I have
barely been allowed 'time to breathe."
So, here I AM
Breathing into Love.
Queen Elizabeth Park, Vanouver, B.C. is where we shot this lovely pic. Such a warm and wonderful apace to creat powerful energy and let go of others .. who do not serve any ..
special K

I am Supernatural

                                                                                                    I am Superantural
                                                    beyond factual

                                           inner wealth
                                          my 'cash flow'

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                         never bashful

                                                           true health
                                                        ever satisfactual

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                           upper shelf

                                                          sweet stealth
                                                       certainly to excell

                                                        I am Supernatural
                                                            uber milf

                                                            to  melteth                   
                                                            what if ...?

                                                         I am Supernatural
                                                             kit kat still

                                                              sexy elf
                                                            new capsule

                                                          I am Supernatural
                                                             love's fill

                                                              uphill ...


                                                         Katherine Marion


               As i ready to re-invent myself, again, and move to a whole new 'playful
station' in my new life "as a puppy," or, shall i say, 'purring puss,' I am shedding old dead,
worn-out tired layers of lovelessness. That cost me more .. than this swimsuit that i am barely

Picture taken by P at The Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Vancouver, B.C. - Mid August 2012

So, this is how 'it looks' on me - to wear 52!
How about you ...?



Thursday, October 25, 2012

I most .. long for; Intinacy!

What i most long for ..

How i find friends

When i hide away
no one

When here i find me
my heart

Why i share love
for all
touch tenderly

Who i know really
she is ME!

Katherine Marion


This past day, was a day out of
a living nightmare.

My landlord taking my rent for
our new place.

My son's scowling, mean face.

My x - his dad, neglecting his
duties as a role model and

My old boyfriend treating me
so unkindly on the pone, as he
rents from his mothers home;
where in 'middle age' he 'lives.'

My local raw foods provider,
not careful enough to even
lightly shower  me. with ...
kindness or common courtesy.

My sleep defeccit climbing
the unchartered charts

My delinquent son, neglecting
hs pups and teating me as if I
do not even exist. Or, may soon
choose .. not to.

My life - feeling empty and void
of meaning , with all the 'hits'

My sanity to now preserve .. as i move
away from al itroublesome ilk - to
 preserve my sanity!

My eyes, literally dropping closed ..
keeping me from revealing all .. that
until one or many days . later, i shall
be wise enough to not expose!

Very special k

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One more 'grown man'

One more 'grown man'
last night
to slam

One more 'grown man'
in fright
to slam

One more 'grown man'
made right
to slam

One moe 'grown man'
saw truth

Katherine Marion


Raising dogs can be a very painful 'job,'if
you don't own your power.

They will piss all over your shoes.
Devour your slipers.

Trample your flower beds.
Shit in your garden of Love

Bruise your legs; bounding off of you.
Puke on your polished floors.

Beg for any old stink';n bone
Or, you can warn them, "you'r going home."

So I did,

I was with my puppies, tied to a tree. Them - not me.
At the local organic whole foods store, spending
money for my furless and furry family.

Outside, content to chew on a couple of Elk Steaks,
Thelma and her baby Brother, bided man-made
time, awaiting their Alpha female master

All of a sudden .. i see him.
Oh, Goddss. Now what ...
Breathe .. Katherine
Just inhale ...

K.D. Lang has a song of the
same snaest ilk...

His face is gnarled in furor.

Thee is no way in my own
heaven.. that i am gonna let
him intrude on my PEACE.

So, i allow ..  him to know.

Cause i choose not to be
privy to his far from pretty
'pity party.'

He calls me, " Cold."

I am
It is only a mere 6 degrees out there!
And, i did not bother to wear more
than one layer of Lululemon.

What must have i been thinking!

I begin to warm ..

After i tell him that i do not want
him to carry my many bags of
groceries home, IF he plans on
behaving in his scowling faced
way, he almost has a temper
tantrum on the street

Well, this sinle momma who must
be out of her rental by the end of
the month  .. and so much more ..
has nil energy to expend on those
who's wanton will's won't bend.

He puts them .. down and i am
all too willing .. for him to divinely

He thinks .. better. And picks up .. yet,
not where he left off.

We walk. Or, more like .. he crawls.
I sugggest; he breathe. Barely.
Although he must have .. For he did
arrive at my front door.

I carried the 2-ply toilet paper and paper
towels up the stairs. For, i still had his
heavy burden to leave .. behind.
He followed...

I said "Thank you.": He was
a gentleman. At my muddied feet; carefully
depositing high alkaline greens ..
 that he knew could turn his own demeanour,right
around. A lot healther that that starchy, yeast-laden
gluteneous muffin, he mentioned that he '
ignorantly ate, hours of soaring blood sugar
and empty calories .. before.

"I really need someone to help me, " he
tried moaning .. again.

"Breathe, " I reminded him.

There was more .. That is enough
.. aleady, about him, for now.

If he lived here .. in the present..his pain
would not have occured.

Is it a wonder that he almost lives on '
the steet, has bedbugs as playmates in
his cheap digs by the river.
That is not a question.

I am his friend. As far as i care .. to tow'

I KNOW me.

And, i have one stuggling teen, and 2 puppies. Not too
mention 'motherless' and 'fatherless; me. - seeking
Peace and co-creating consscious community.

All i can do , is give thanks for what few .. possess
A damn good attitude.

A Woman of Independence sometimes has to pull
the leash in .. to get out of what may have .. inadvertendly,
 be put in place .. to trip her up.

Well, gotta unpack those tres chic .. groceries, now.

Soon to Sup ...

Feeding time for me and a 2 of the sacred same; loyal, obedient and
very well behaved loving Pup!!!

Purring Kat

I love him like a broken brother

I love him like a broken brother
today counts
and none other

I love him like a broken brother
yesterday's gone
ran for cover

I love him like a broken brother
alone is better
never to shove HER

I love him like a broken brother
looking after me
his Son's Mother!

Katherine Marion


He hugged me the other night in the bank,
before I kindly cashed a cheque for his female
"roomate's" share of the rent - on a Saturday eve.

He reeked of alcohol from the night before ...

I personally like to hug.
 Not anyone, anymore, though.
A lot more discerning with my sharing's ..

Thank Goddess.

Yet, how could i not hug the male who gave me
a part of my son .. to weave into such a wondrous
tapestry . that is not even finished .. yet?

He rocked back and forth . I could tell he really
needed it.
And, ME ...

I was mainly thinking of how affectionate he
was .. when he wanted something .. just like ...

 Hard to ignore.

I hid my P.I.N. as I punched in the magic
money .. numbers.

He did manage to turn .. the other way

We both knew.

No one said a thing.

Our son could barely stay awake .. already sleeping in
a chair at a local coffee shop, after a visit .. waiting for
"Her" to come and take care of one more ...

Good thing i forgive 'trespasses against' me.
Besides, all that really hits home .. is compassion.

I have so many children...

No wonder i am single!


It has been 2 years since I last saw him. That was soon after
the Xmas where he called me a "Cun_," for something or
nothing at all.

I have learned to not take it to heart. Expecially when some
.. are rarely in theirs.

I have become a stronger person with the knowing that
is up to me to do the growing .. when another can or will

I have dedicated my life to letting go .. of what and who ..
does not count. Rather .. counting my blessings ...

I have seen too much to be bothered by little loveless

I have heard too little to not listen to my own inner

I have trusted those outside of my comfort zone, after
they .. their chances of reconciliation .. blown.

I have known for the longest loveliest while .. that it
 is ME who looks back in my mirror ..
and must Smile!

No one else.

With gratitude for my own gracious atttude.
And, and at the same sanest time - giving myself
most if not - all - of the consciousness-raising credit,

Very special K


He did offer me half of the funds. Pretty generous, considering
all  of any monies .. go into  raising the young man in the magical
making .. who has rarely, if ever .. really received any KIND
of child support from the broken-boy of a 'dad' who says " I
love you, " so very easily and effortlessly.

Sending out Love and remaining Honest with myself, the
person who matters, first and foremost,

Momma K.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

King Kaelin Wants a Calico Cat

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
at our home
by the sea

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
living there
pups and me

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
climbing our
Arbutus Tree

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
leaving Van
brave and free

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
as one we knew
content; was he

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
purring for him

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
fur; soft as silk
content as can be

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
his to really love
bonding; beautifully!

Katherine Marion

After Kaelin's Grandma; my beloved Mommy - Thelma- passed away, uneccesarily, a few
grief-stricken years ago, my son really wanted something .. to love.

One eve, he rescued a Motherless baby bird, out of a tree. Only to have it suffocate in his
 long hair, that he used as a  nest, while he slept.

A mere 11 at the time.. Yet, still  so innocent, trusting, and full of light.

He sobbed, hysterically.

Then another bird - different story ..

We performed a burial in the back yard of our pretty UBC rental.

Next, a gorgeous Lab dog, came to him ... no collar  or ID.

Spectacular to watch them fly through the fields ... for 2 days, untill
he was delivered back to the lonely little girl's .. across the street.

It was the Cat .. who kept coming back - though. everything and everyone
else seemed to die or be taken away  ...

Now, i ask him, " Do you still want that Love Bird, you mentioned... years ago?"
At ever so sauve, 16, he tells me," No. I'm more of a CAT Kind' a GUY."


So, I am giving my darling son - Pussy - before Xmas.

Should be nice.

Mooma K - something's a good Mother, doesn't have to
ask twice.


Maybe when we move to our Pacific Island, we need bring oue Marpole


Monday, October 15, 2012

Supernatural Sanctuary

Supernatural Sanctuary
in Actuality

Supernatural Sanctuary
not comformity

Supernatural Sanctuary
my Son and Me

Supernatural Sanctuary
in order to Free

Supenatural Sanctuary
to Create Community

Supernatural Sanctuary
within SHE

Supernatural Sanctuary
Truth's intangibility

Supernatural Sanctuary
those Blessed by Thee.

Katherine Marion


How long has my soul ached for a sense of community!

This is no longer a question to ponder. Now, an eventual

For nights into mid morn's on the computer, i have
scoured the web; seeking the ' perfect setting' to live
within. Realizing that no one can ever offer me ..
that which they may not possess.

Thus, embarking out to put together the dis-jointed
pieces of my previous body of work, that has been
left to the wayside. As a breaker .. that musn't ever break.
A tide that may not turn. Or a wave that shan't
be ridden.

Not so.

"Never say; can't"

Forget about erections .. My rawk'n resurrection is long

For after creating :"Supernatural Sanctuary," online, 2
hopeful years ago, i was reminded of my desires dream;once
 again.A well respected Light-Worker came forth via email;
offering his loving  servitude; beleiving in my molecular
magic .. as his own 3rd Eye, could already SEE...

Mutual dreams .. we all share. When we allow ..Only
Brave Hearts care to DARE ..

That was all the impetuts i needed.

Remembering the few gorgeous souls; Midwives, Intuitive
Healers and .. that saw my vision as part of their own;
within these couple of years, merely helped cement my
resolved conviction; to not only, to 'get things off the ground,'
yet to build . from the goundfloor .. up.

Here's to a fit and fabulous foundation.
May we all start from the beginning ..
And work our wondrous way  up!

As am I.

In Highter than Hopes,


Imagine .. if we had not been evicted for breaking a "no dogs allowed," bylaw,
we might still be living here.. in the future.

 Rather we are co-creating a
conscoius community; by 'never settling for less' as we all, sadly, have done.

So, just 'hit refresh' and we are well on our wondrous ways ONE.

Be sure to connect on my twitter act - MYRAWTRUTH

Stay tuned-in and turned on!
A very special K in your valiant and victorious every day!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Slayed By Abused and Abuser

I''ve played the muse and the amuser
Slayed by abused and abuser

I've danced the dance and the dancer
Entranced by romance and romancer

I've fielded the game and the gamer
Wielded the insane and saner

I've tested  the self and the selfish
Bested by health and inner wealth be cont


Today, after the rain's poured and puppies
snored .. I awoke; refreshed and ready to

The first words of this first telling verse ..
may make too many .. terse. Yet, I know
that i must write what comes in .. and
through me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Martyr's Die Young and Penniless

Martyr's die young
and penniless

firstly; they steal
your party dress

dying to undress

thirdly; they make
your life - a mess

fourthly; to suck
life, as they regress

fiftly, they betray
your innocence

sixthly; sick mind
forever does protest

seventhly;they drain
your hope's, immense

eighthly; old habits
mar your magnificence

ninthly; they hold
your spirit as hostage

tenthly; new re-birth
can be painfully savage

Katherine Marion

As I rekindle my own fires .. I see an old insane self
dying away ..

That is quite alright. For they will never touch my soul
that sails .. sanely and satisfied, forever free to make
or break .. my life and selves, up and over - again.

This is my loving life and you are simply riding the
stage-coach who's wheels' are merely in motion ..
because of me and the magic I choose no longer contain.

For, an emptied vessel .. you can never drain.

The pain you feel is your own.
So, do as you've kindly be shown ...

Leave the room and don't come back
until you; your dirty thoughts .. you
do retract.

Which is surely never.

Thus, glad this poem is written...
with warmth and wonder - wrapped
ever so clever!

Good riddance,
Very special K


With the good forune .. to know how an
abuser,perpetrator, abuser, psychopath  'works,'
I trust that someone' get's i't - before experience
has to also make himself ..her unforgiving teacher.

Come home, King Kaelin.

And, all you others .. being so blindly misled.

Separate your wants from you needs and focus
on your strengths .. many.

"Amazing Mommy" K


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Courting Success

Female lawyer
in court

had someting
to say ...

family law
for years

adds up
many fears

i love

while others
may run
so frantic

can be

gavel down
of gray

was I
stood firm

full term

set free

letting go
in me

by the

no words
or terse

held strong

single Mom
go wrong





Katherine Marion


I promised myself,  after a mere 2 hours sleep, and
 attnding court, yesterday .. that i would go to
the beach, as 'just rewards', post 'war hard-won.'

Rather, I spend hours filing papers of many sort. Re-learning
lingo that courts appreciae.

 For soul .. did ache.

Blue skies, i will touch ... again. Yet, to feast upno
that appreciaive look.. upon
a woman's face; that I just met.

 After Judge Powers sets' down and order for stay..
Best thing .. yet.

,Empowering Day!!!

Kat purring


Now, that lengthy bike ride back, felt a little daunting ..
Only when i began .remembering ... the fairy queen
weasel at the downstair's front wicker.

Pushing  his buttons, inadvetendly. So, he began,
to start bullying me ...Almost lost my Joyful 
Wise Woman's Woman ticket.

Instead, before blessed bed, at 6 am, I will fondly
'thank all of them.' Drawing up - my formal complaint;
withing ... emptied head.

Opting for perfection of  Peace ...ass joy
buster's opt for  insane old piece of
joylessly dead!!!!

Very special K


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I AM Listening ...

I am listening ..
for sacred cue

I am listening ...
to a heart true

I am listening ...
to bells of blue

I am listening ...
as do very few

I am listening ...
sullen sun's hue

I am listening ...
a teardrop's view

I am listening ...
 Love to imbue

I am listening ..
believing in You!

Katherine Marion


'Knowing' is somthing sure
and right.

No book can profess. No
person can possess. No
society can lay measure.

No madman can know a
Mother's treasure ..

My son is priority in my life
It is my moral responsibility
 to ensure that he is adequately
prepared to own his power;
that he must firstly, accept.

Anticipating that billions are
not on the same wavelenth .. as
so devoutly am I - can cause even
 a wise mother to cry.

Not knowing where we are to
live by month's end.

Not knowing where my wounded
soul-mate son , is this morn.

Not knowing what the next dance
step shall so elegantly be ..

These are after -thought's to magical

Trusting the universe as I  lead the way
- with LOVE,


Monday, September 24, 2012

Pain's Illumination

"Your acting like a victim,"
latest projection from him

Thoughtless words to say
thrown at me, yesterday

Could it be all that I give?
teen, needing to forgive

Cleaning up poo and pee
for four months, diligently

Lab puppies can be costly
yet, a happy heart is free

So  why would my Son
ever denounce his Mom?

Loving him for 16 years
I've touched all my fears

Embraced by true love
it hurts to feel his shove

mind so clean and free
now makes fun of me

connecting to us; barely
behaving so negligently

keep my heart filled full
storm befoe love's lull

hurting; is that little boy
who hopes me: to annoy

Wishing often for mentor
too much pain to ignore

he cannot be proud of self
unhealthy mental health

shooting bullets at light
causes sunshine no fright

flood dark with bright
watch it leave my sight

strike not at iron's hot
hope is all we've got

Focus on what counts
purity does not pounce

Power never scolds
kiindest truth unfolds

healing heart's to  hold
Strength, brave and bold

whatever seems so lost
found without any cost

gifts given offer sight
to tears into new night

all is not what it seems
divinities own dreams

'Victor;'in as she does
every 'negative'= plus.

Katherine Marion


I am rather proud of this .. particular
telling .. poem. Wonder how many
will find wihin themselves .. honour's
home ..?

We give away so much when we
do not value ourselves.

Thus, when someone points a
hary claw .. at mine own face.
Rather than pointing back at them
with impurities disgrace, I just
become more real and raw!

Offering up my emitons to work
throgh ... as I my.Self - expression goes
to 'work'' to play ...

Insight's arrived at .. with rare delay!!!

Staying in Love,

Katherine Marion


Saturday, September 22, 2012

They Did Something To My Son

They did somethng terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Like they stuck him with a poison pin
Letting all their poison's seep, slowly in

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Taking him away from breath and breast
Loving Mother he knows to trust as best

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Caging heart's caring as only captor's can
before they took him from me and ran

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Telling an 8 year old such loveless lies
hope he 'come's to' before his heart dies

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

I felt it in the rain as I biked this morn
telling truth's that others have foresworn

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Tears falling down my perspiring face
loveless lies; leaving bitter taste to trace

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Many will choose to shut closing hearts
Loving Mother chooses precious parts

They did something terrible to my Son
"In front of God and every blessed One'

Kaelin may never be the sanest same
after their relentlessly veangeful game

They did something terribel to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

He is hiding not so safely; in dirt's denial
Divinty does not allow Goddess to defile

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Deposing him to a gay male foster home
no compassion was his dear heart shown

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Sacred bond, troubled minds tried to break
unconditonal love; fashioning to forsake

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Projecting all their fears upon kindest He
denouncing innocent love provided by Me

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Ministry workers witnessed the bruises
no camera can camouflage wretched ruses

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Supervisor's saw 'pain,' plain as dirty day
what will the judge and jurty have to say?

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

RCMP cautioned me to tread ever lightly
one dark tunnel to now, light up - brightly

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Why are so many all so unjustly afraid?
could it be because their bed lays unmade?

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

He's losing hope with every passing day
decimating divinity was not their to say

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

He is now 16 and rebelling against truth
his innocence; precioss to unaturally lose

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

I do not care how others view our love
We have support from Angel's - above

They did something terible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

I pray for him as I stay up all night long
sending out my lonely, loving song ...

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One

Within my heart; hope waits; still and true
Caring about Kaelin; in everything I do

They did something terrible to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

I swear upon my life to free his soul
years of pain; taking their tireless toll

They did something terrble to my Son
'In front of God and every blessed One'

Sleep; I shall, after I see Justice prevail
revealing my heart; to allow Love set sail

They did something terribel to my Son
'In fron of God and every blesssed One'

Remaining undaunted in our plight
Trruth be known; I shall be his light!

Katherine Marion

Feel free to show your support. Join my blog,
post your preciious purest .. on my fb page, join
King Kaelin's purest
channel and let hm know that he is brave to speak his
voice, amidst all the monumental noise.

Thank your for reading my pretty pages. Rather than
further violation by allowing outrageous rages .. sharing
what means to most to me .. is all that I know to set a
brave heart FREE.

Lovingly - Kaelins' "Amazing Mommy"

I am finally coming home, to be licked by our 2 Lab puppies, after
leavig them to sleep, after a coiple of weight workouts' at the local
community centre's, this past eve. Writing in another cafe .. for hours.

I could write a lifetime .. for connecting to a higher source is my love-sent

I am blessed.

With Greatness in Gratitude,
special Momma K

Over Niagra Falls without a Barrel

Jumping from Niagra Falls
without a barrel

leaving a shakey son
a scared sparrow

he safely tells me
an academic; was she

his father, a PhD
he chooses not to see

his sister blames
family full of shames

i care not; share names ...
heavy-headed games

A life of feelings
there where-in: healings

this I have discovered
universal truth; uncovered

most lose to a mind game
few must hold self- reign

life is whatever we hoose
why decide to ever lose?

My heart is too sweet
to give away love's treat

everyone I ever meet
meets my heart-beat

Lonely lady; unstable
sits at that other table ...

"I'm a travelling Rabbi"
is her luggage-laden alibi

'Out to get her," believing
not open to even receiving

Paranoia; induced by pain
staring at me, again

writing on a white pad
traumatized; so very sad

heart closed for listening
love is light's christening

single mother on the street
8 year old son; love to keep

one more X; "daddy" deadbeat
another  misogynist creep

drinking with her gay brother
'real man' - never such other

they ask: " Do you tweet?"
Magic does always meet

Stay open to sharing
kindest kind of caring

allowing universal flow
energy wherever I grow ...

Puppies await my arrival
depend upon me for survival

Soon, I bike home, at 4 am
blogging my truth; until then

I am blessed to be alive
thus; shall I forever thrive

peace be always at my side
for it begins; first, inside ...

Maker of mine own dreams
all is never what it seems

the responsibiltiy is ours
to own our ominipotent powers!!!!

Katherine Marion


I also, met a most magical 19 year old teenage girl, this eve,
at Benny's Bagels on Broadway, ater ordering my Real
Chai Tea - delicious.

She is still a Virgin.

Her mom lost both of her beautiful breasts  at 36. Her husband
 stayed witth her and showed their children that their is always
HOPE, no matter ''what.'

She recognized me as a heroine, for she already has a broader
understanding of what heroic efforts Compassion contains ..
For Purity readily adopts refinement of the divine,
that many never come to terms with .. even after their time has 'expired.'
There are a mere magiclcal few of us, who have always
desired to know and be more ...!

I am so grateful for all the gifts that land at my blessed feet.
Even, when I am on my knees  .. knocked over by our 2
6 month Lab puppies, as they jump for a soccer ball that i
hold up in the air. Landing on my back, with a bruised knee,.
I laugh, in the face of oncoming traffic and a few more
earthly bruises.

It's how onw decides to land ...
No more excuses!

With openess to infinite possibilities,

Living a life of loving responsibilites to me and mine - "Amazing Mommy" supernaturally sublime - Katherine


Thanks to a conscious contribution; my Telus line has now been liberated and is now in
working order!

Thanks, Greg.

Next, my various valiant endeavors ... url's a many .. are up for renewal.
Thus, to share that i am open to receiving.

please connect in consciousness .. to - or - to show your supernaturally appreciated

In Greatness and Goddess-sent Glory,

Katherine and her unfolding 'Success Story.'


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's your MAN PLAN?

"What's your MAN PLAN?"
I asked Daddy K

That was yesterday

"What's your MAN PLAN?"
no child support to pay

Past 16 years, up to today

"What's your MAN PLAN?"
as if he has one ...

onlycause he has a son

?What's your MAN PLAN?"
broken boy on the run

owning responsibilities; none

"What's your MAN PLAN?"
I asked Daddy K

That was yesterday

"What's your MAN PLAN?"
nothing to add or say

drunk and wanting to play

"What's your MAN PLAN?
asked this  tired, siingle MOM

That was yesterday

"What's your MAN PLAN?"'
hopeful, as she may

raising her child to be SOMEONet, E.

Katherine Marion

Eveyr time, i did not listen to my inner guide ... I
tumbled ...  hard!

Having a baby .. has cost me - a lot ... in this world.
Yet, on an inner scale - my wealth supercedes all bridges
that fel,l and all "Kevin from Heaven"s that 'went to hell
in a hand-basket' as my 97 year old Great Aunt Thelma,
whom recently passed; would have not always so kindly
 .. reminnded me.

Always, more 'work' to do. Just .. never again;  'his'

Mine is this life.

To give unto me as many .. did not.

Bless the light .. that I birthed unto this realm.
May he one day, speak his voice, like never before..

As for me, off to bed, where Puppy Love awaits
 with nary a nibble, dribble or a furry snore!

Plenty more JOY .. in supernatural store,

Special K to not ignore


I Can Stay In The City and Dance Salso

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
and ball my eyes out

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
or let go of my pout

I can stayin the city
no more 'figuring out'

I can stay in the city
and dance Salso

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
more balls than men

I can say in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
or leave right away

I can stay in the city
what then?

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
count past ten ...

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
or evacuate,now

I can stay in the city
live a happier life

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
and dance Sala

I can stay in the city
struck by strife

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
losing my shine

I can stay in the city
lies so fit and fine

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

I can stay in the city
commit soul's crime

I can stay in the city
and dance Salsa

Katherine Marion


Perceptions change - yet, most people rarely DO

Those with too much to do.... like an extinct Do Do Bird, just
do not know when to stop .. or how to start .. somethng new.

A rare few  .. have many lives in a lifetime. The masses ..
simply egotistical asses, barely live, to wipe their own ...
And, what they are owning  .. owns them. No power is theirs.
For what cant' be bought . must be sought.

A simple man will beg for love. A crazy woman will not see
money when it is thrown at her. Whiih is better?

I would rather walk with no shoes up a steep hill. Rather than
swallow a bitter man's pill.

Some of us are here to explore and enjoy life. Other's; would
rather our happiness - kill.

I am not here for shopping spree or gamblers thrill. I am on
my knees for a puppy's lick or a crow's call .. shrill...

Here to leave. There to stay. Now, a new day. My inner world -
never to deceive.

Beauty of the heart is always the best and only part .. to ever
truly believe!!!!

special K


Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Cozy Cottage at The Bay

A cozy cottage at the bay
 new and hopeful home
 makes my heart stay
 never again - alone

A cozy cottage at the bay
sets the timing and tone
truth's timeliest ray
 light; I 've been shown

A cozy cottage at the bay
allows my spirit to roam
divining a dreamy stay
Gaia sets her own tone

A cozy cottage at the bay
makes my soul moan
away from yesterday
infinity does intone

A cozy cottage at the bay
far from deathly drone
Nature has her say
regal upon her throne

A cozy cottage at the bay
sailing on beauties bone
space to swim and play
love's is finally home ....

Katherine Marion

I can feel it, smell it, and I know it .. to be.

Pure and precious part of my Truth,

Katherine -Sexy Soul Seeking Sleuth


Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Can A Mother Hope To Sleep

How can a Mother hope to sleep?
after her son speaks of that creep

the one ... who every day, keeps
walking quickly up our quiet street

seeing his tatoo is always a treat
often wearing shorts in the heat

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

How can a Mother hope to sleep?
out of Godliness, ugly does creap

foster faggots forcing him to eat
quarter pounder of GMO meat

bribery with one more sugar treat
visiting with bruises and no sleep

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

How can a Mother hope to sleep?
3 youth cut off his braid; not a peep

making him just a little more meek
calling the police; one more repeat

shaking and hardly able to speak
darling face; white as a torn sheet

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

How can a Mother hope to sleep?
online stalkers; hurt him a heap

words to Womb;make him weep
he hopes; threats not to keep

'hanging on' is nary a small feat
out of beauty; pain does seep

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

How can a Mohter hope to sleep?
at midnight, out of bed, to leap

Rage throught him, does seep
of truth, no one whispers a peep

Old kindness; placed on 'delete'
new terror; digging in deep

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

How can a Mother hope to sleep?
all want to wrap it up, nice 'n neat

emotional triggers can't be beato
deadlines to mercilessly meet

hurting child seen as pale geek
'neath pain; poet and shorn shiek

grim reapers sow as they reap
innocent victims turn into sheep

Katherine Marion


There is no way to keep the lid on this ..'

I refuse to pull out another hair and
within myself, his shame to store.

Share is what I need to justly do
Truth always shines .. through.

Magical Momma K


What Have You Done To My Child?

What have you done to my child?
born free, heart so open and wild

What have you done to my child?
once so calm, grounded and mild

What have you done to my child>
now, so raw, torn apart and riled

What have you done to my child?
publicly condemned and exiled

What have you done to my child?
labelled, decreed, and defiled

What have you done to my child?
piles of shit upon pubery; piled

What have you done to my child?
 kidnapping;threats; you dialed

What have you done to my child?
consider court papers;  filed!

Katherine Marion


Who's the 'winner', here?


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Least of my Concerns

A mouse in my house is the least of my concerns
for a wise Woman chooses the butter she churns

Males who fear me, scurry in such  immense worry
vain attempts to overide the Strong Mother; ME

A plugged kitchen sink is the least of my concerns
for a  learned Woman receives life's lessons and learns

Males whom do not contribute I need not rebuke
for not even a drain is available to contain that puke

A freon'leaking fridge is the least of my concerns
for a smart Woman; knowledge painfully earns

Males who honor low ideals of;off and on 'er'
I'm not breaking my back or wetting pussy... over

A missing outdoor bulbt is the least of my concerns
cast away, in darkness; inner light, infinitely burns

Males who take money for slums they don't live in
harbor only resentment against those whom they 'sin'

A rape and death threat is the least of my concerns
for a sensitive Woman is aware of a tide that turns

Males who make mischief suffer unto merciless end
Mothers who love others; herself she first must tend

An eviction notice this fall, is the least of my concerns
for a savvy Woman knows of courts and legal law firms

Males assigning blame arrive first at inner shame
A kind heart never has to lower herself to play his game

An 'emptied bread basket' is the least of my concerns
for a powerful Woman; under pressure .. never squirms

Males who burn in their own private hell,so cheaply sell
themselves to a magical 'money-lender,'who can tell ...

Moving to "The Perfect Place" is the least of my concerns
a supernatural spirit never seeks or woefully yearns

Males can take a lesson from high Priestess; such as I
don't give up on your dreams, just remember how to  fly!!!!!

Katherine Marion


Many males are hovering around .. right now, to mislead me.
I sent one away today, on the phone, while relaxing peacefully
at home. Yesterday, he tried to tell me a lie about myself, while
I was entering my bath for a whole 10 minutes, before attending
and supporting a new friends cause, at a later event.

As my puppies lapped up my salted water and I scrubbed my body
clean, I knew that this was not to be enough .. listening to
rot that came out of the mouth of a male that could not have me
and this is about all .. he really knows. And, upon him .. the real
truth .. shows.

Rather than knock down a few more fearful foe .. blow by blow
- they only wish - think I'll just send them a kiss, rather than
their empty hearted death wish. Wanting me with a fervor, like
some cute DQ server who is gonna give them bullshit with their
nuts on top. Oops, better watch out .. I'm a Woman. Those nasty
 neighbors and other unsconscious community fear
mongers .. they might just talk .. Ha!


I Am Sad at the Plight of Women

I am sad at the plight of Women
in this severely dis-jointed society

Well taught and tirelessly trite
Cock-whipped and far from free

I am sorry for those misfit males
I choose to not even call; "men"

That lowly generic 'garden variety'
intimidated by most magical me!

I am sad at the fright felt by Women
in this mainly dysfunctional society

Cornered by con's so turned-on
eroding where light once shone

I am sorry for ego's dependencies
sexual fantasies full of dis-ease

porrnographic images disqualify
unconditional love left out to die

I am sad at the plight of Women
in this mercilesslly sick society

losing purest of Womanly powers
without hope; beauty never flowers

I am sorry for disappointed boys
sold off with technologies toys

Blaming their caring  Mothers
delinquent dads make bad brothers

I am sad at the fright felt by Women
run by ruined men that beat them

Plauged by guilt and strung up-high
hardest to live and easier to die

I am sorry that an innocent child
doesn't understand primal from wild

Babies need gentleness to be strong
Kindness allows hearts to get along ...

Katherine Marion


I am glad I am able to turn'things' around,
at anyGoddess-given time ...All endings ...
even within the consciousness-raising
context of my hopeful poems; are merely
'new beginnings.'


As I was peeing in a bush, earlier today,
the first verse .. came to me. After
a phone call that violated my sense of
self.and dignity.

Too many Women put themselves up
as pretty ornaments on some misogynis't
trophy shelf.

This is certianly not the way to reclaim
inner wealth.

Very Soecial K

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Woman on the Street

On a wetted Kerrisdale street

after picking up raw pup meat

I biked around a huddled form

that I was soon to magically meet

"Your lucky! I can't bike. I"m afraid"

a doe eyed eyed mom told this one

"You must never be fearful of anything"

I said to the heart who'd lost her son

Trusted husband stole her love away

she's a teacher and lost her very say

thanks to the male who often beat her

wait til that Jew meets 'Judgment Day'

She wants him back and frets for teen

Goddess knows the darkness she's seen

Reminding her to own her power; my gift

telling me," Your energy is so very clean."

I listened as her heart wept into mine

forgetting about man's illusion of time

feeling a soul floundering and alone

un-doing with heart; a senseless crime

We never hugged or even held hands

not touching we held onto our truth

to love another with all one's senses

an inner voice needeth not sleuth

" Get out of your head," I advised

"And, into your body," my affirmation

with spirits already lifted ever high

I left her my devoted divination

"I know I am getting my son back,"

is all I hear in my magical mind - repeat

after meeting one more abused woman

on a  pretty, well swept W.Side street.

Katherine Marion


You can be the Angel or reach out to connect
to one ...

Either way ... the sanest thing to do is be what
we all need - Pure Love.

Listening with a wholesome and happy heart,

Special K


This 'gem' of a inviting incident .. occured, this
past early evening, after collecting much needed
monies from a 'last minute' massage client.

The universe hears our every prayer.

All we need  do ASK.

"Free Will' is ours.

To share ..  an even greater gift.

Receving is easy .... First we must ALLOW .

Barely beginning to blossom,

Special K - " all the way"

          Good Fur All

Yesterday, Thelma drank my bath water

shedding golden -white hair onto the floor

allowing me a mere 10 minutes of peace

before a massage client came to my door

The day before, Edward bit my nose in joy

his sister merely licked my yelping mouth

scrambling for cover from 2 fur-balls of light

one the assertive bitch and the other, baby boy

One day, beginning to eat an old friends diaper

she wasn't 'so gone' that we had to wipe her

just that it made a mess on my ruined floors

and only cause these canines really do like her

Tomorrow will be more tails to sleepily unfold

my teen's personal petting zoo to not lift a hand

a primal way of living in innocence and wonderh

accepting The Now; with love's happy heart to hold

Katherine Marion


Our pure-bred Lab puppies - "Yin and Yang: my Marpole neighbors
now call em- since i once made this rawk'n reference .. just turned
6 months young on September 4th.

With 4 months or so ... 'under my belt' of loving and looking after
them - both, I am hooked. The best way to 'get over' anything ... is
to settle oneself right into 'the moment' and allowing Magic to do
her wondrous work.

With fur-sight and balls,


Puppy Power

Puppy Power

even at this un-Goddessly hour

Puppy Power

smell'n like a pissed-on wall flower

Puppy Power

platic poop bags form a stink'n tower

Puppy Power

from my face; I wipe a recent shower

Puppy Power

Edward humps sis; hangs right onto 'er

Puppy Power

sleeping on ... shedding coats of fur

Puppy Power

early morn licks; life's a slobbering blur

Puppy Power

Love forever; brings a reason true and pure

Puppy Power

'the first 6 months ...' ; do not cower

Puppy Power

'Challenges' a happy heart can incur!!!!

Katherine Marion


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thelma is my Puppy

                          Thelma is my puppy

                          loving me, unconditionally

                          as far as my happy heart can see

                         she sets my soaring soul free

                         filling my spirit with new girlish glee

                        Thelma is my puppy

                        I sleep beside her, nightly

                        forever contented, is sweetest she

                        never asking anything of me

                        happy puppy-tale endings . are WE!

                       Katherine Marion

                       The Third Eye Photography -  ( my own )


                      Right now, sis and bro, Edward - Kaelin's pup, are doggone tired.

                      I may have a Kat nap, myself.


                   Enjoy your Victoria Day long weekend. We are!!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Empowered Woman's Day


                         An Empowered Woman

                        Accepts grateful kisses from her teen Son

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Wears a bikini in front of pups and anyone

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Is not the total of others past and torrid sum

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Knows how to have her own formless fun

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Accepts no misfit male; merely just' a bum'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Speaks ... never fearing her truth will hurt

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Often times, is sick societies target to shun

                       An Empowered Woman

                       Understands that she can never be 'undone'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Will give any disrespecting fool; 'a hard run'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Does not always 'accept things' as they come

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Knows that any 'battle, ' she has already won

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Paints with her open heart and telling tongue

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Has inner strength; stronger than any man's gun

                       An Empowered Woman

                       Comes before  God, Goddess and everyone!!!!

                      Katherine Marion


                     I am writing this ... personal pact of inner self protection, to
                     help allow many other single Mom's and married Women that
                     I know, to own their power and stand up for themselves, their
                     forgotten values, and everyone's highest intentional self.
                     Besides, what better way .. is there to teach and guide our
                     own children, to own the blessed power that has not always
                     always been bestowed upon them - in this life.

                     After speaking briefly, to the very rude 'father''and my abusive x,
                     from 16 years ago, this past eve, on a Mothers Day, spent with no
                     word, whatsoever, from my confused son, I knew I had to do
                      do something for myself ... and all of the other 'forgotten.'

                     Spending 2 whole days with a couple of 2 1/2 month old Lab
                     puppies, gave me a lot of time to not just 'think.' Yet, to really

                     We Women, always give everyone else; 'benefit of the doubt.'
                     Inevitably, going 'without' ..

                     Those of us who wisely choose to not 'play by the rules, ' most often
                     are the lonely, abandoned, and betrayed. We unwittingly live an
                     isolated existence, living on the 'fringes of society.'

                     Who wants to fit into a wounded world, where all too many males are
                     routinely permitted to abuse, and neglect 'what' they originally thought
                     and very seldom 'felt' to be a 'good catch' or even 'better lay,' Pardon
                     my loveless language, on that orchestrated note. For this 'wanted by
                     many' wanton woman, does surely speak what she has to supernaturally

                     This wounded world will never  become a better place to live, until we
                     begin to love ourselves .. No matter who or what we may believe we
                     have lost or will lose.

                     There is no excuse!

                     Let us start - NOW!!!


                     I AM