Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't be a Victim

Don't be a victim
of the ineffective system
rendering you barren
of compassion or caring
beating you down
from smile to swollen frown
taking away hopes
turning you onto; drugs, smokes

Don't be a victim
of the ineffective system
harming your values
not what beauty imbues
casting your goals, aside
heart now, closed; brain; fried
running away from truth
turning your fears into super sleuth

Don't be a victim
of the ineffective system
causing you to quit
dampening your soaring spirit
emptying your mind
leading the 'real you, ' way behind
clouding your vision
forgetting your magical mission

Don't be a victim
of the ineffective system
dump your head of B.S.
remove yourself from virtual distress
go into Nature for reality
remember fairies you used to see
trust your own intuition
move; 360 degrees, beyond conscription!

Katherine Marion

Happy New Year - Be sure to let go of your fear

Happy New Year
be sure to let go of your fear
The governing body
is as sick as you allow .. to be
Don't permit society
to set you up for their insanity
Write your own decree
dump their dirt; into frothing sea
Happy New Year
be sure to drink another beer
Here's a 'too late' toast
to all those lost; blushed of rose
Hold fast pretty glass
be sure to take out your trash
Living being's now gone
sing them some drunkard's song
Happy New Year
be sure of convention; to adhere
Turn your back on beauty
fail to stand up to sovereignty
Up the wattage on technology
program your empty life; accordingly
Down toxic booze, tonight
wake up, tomorrow in vomit and fright
Happy New Year
to all whom never made it
May you rest in peace
set your magical minds at ease
Treasuring you is joy
this Woman; bore bureacracies Boy
My Mother was as you
I bless you, all; with heart ever true!
Don't lose yourselves, 'fellow man'
Own your power
i am

Goddess - be damned!
special K cause have the gall and balls .. to say.


HAUNTING PHOTO .. sent via email ; 

'Those were the day' - oh, ya
not much different, nowadays, still
sad to say

Good people - .. still .. are hurt
and made to pay!


Senseless Crimes .. of 'Modern Times'

Senseless Crimes ..
of 'Modern Times'
Church bell chimes
starved Child's whines
Controlled Minds
crazed Gov't finds ..
Active land Mines
Lying News tag-lines

Speak your Mind
Peace; Yours to find
Love; lagging behind
Heart's; intertwined
Death upon; to dine
Apathy; ultimate Crime
This be your only 'Time'
NOW; Choose to Shine!
Katherine Marion

As per inspired by footage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono;
Two LOVE birds - still singing ..
In PEACE''S .. hallowed name
this supernatural picture .. finds her frame.
special K by none other .. as of sanest same

How many truly beautiful people do you know?

How many truly beautiful people
are you blessed to know?
In a sparse and dwindling forest
what makes one tree grow?
A stamped of wild Horses set free
would you ever wish to be?
Rich, open, land meant to roam
Might this be your true home?
Katherine Marion
i grew up with a charcoal etching of the famed
'Pharoa's Horses'
Every summer holidays, i would look upon
their flowing mane's
Before going back to my birth family
blessed; once again
Never will i forget their inner majesty
knowing 'they..' were me.

Only Believe

Last enchanted eve
i wanted to continue to only believe
So, in order to relieve
I acted as one might; our shining Shiva
Held me face to moss
All answers lay thus, innately embossed
Felt my head; get lost
Heard my heart pound; forgiving forest
Wrapped my arms around
Mighty, sacred Tree i have finally found
Tangled web; came unwound
With Mother Nature; safe and sound!
Katherine Marion
i did do .. all of this ..
Then, i slept like a babe - with our puppies as soft, loving pillows
for hours - until midnight
now, i begin to share ..
to soulfully write.
special K - 3rd Sight

Illuminations .. Majestic inner Creations!

Yoga poses; held .. in front of this laptop screen
Puppies lazing .. licking my laughing face - playfully
Graced by gratitude for all this soul''s sorely seen
Blessed by loving, living Light; beauty bestowed, freely
Glimpsing worlds filled with effervescent sheen
Touching planets; emitting energies; to most sacred me
Knowing not of a world lost - where men are mean
Floating safely, soaring sweetly; healing supernaturally!
Katherine Marion

A gift of a new poem - Truth
to you - this bravest new year!!
letting go of all fear,
special K is HERe

MEN IN DENIM .. did us Right!

My dear Dad; died of a broken-heart
call it a fatal 'attack'
My uncle Bill; asbestos poisoning
will not, come back
My uncle Harvey;logging accident
too early; body went slack
So many Men; could have 'been'
never, again, to be seen
What happened to a 'real Man?'
tossed into 'corporate can'
Raising my Son as an individual
nary part of the residual
Seen too many lives; wasted away
what's a good Woman to say?
Bring back what is real and right
corporate lies; we must fight!
Katherine Marion
Speak your voices, people
More importantly .. take effective action.
Create a viable solution
and follow .. through.
Best new years wishes .. come true!!
special K in your newest, clearest day


INSPIRED BY A POSTER - as per shared on my fb page.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'I am not other .. Mother's, ' my magical Mother offered me



                      " I am not other Mother's,' my  magical Mother offered me
                       already she was opening up mine  eyes, to more fully see

                       Simply, all because I wanted what any other silly kid .. 'did'
                       She honored her very soul  responsibility to self, nary to rid

                      'Mom, can i stay overnight for my girlfriends' pajama party,"
                       I felt surely safe to ask her, at our lovely home, ever safely

                       I have remembered her powerful words for decades, already
                       A person who could hold herself high and forever,elegantly

                       Now, I have become an ' Amazing Mommy' to one dear Son
                       We've shared a series of  hellish hardships; battles 'hard-won'

                       The 'times'are tougher with the advent of modern technology
                       Wishing saying, ' No,' to a sleep-over, was only trial.. to be

                       Seeing peer's replace 'Parents' is beyond .. misery already
                       Feeling my only Child's pain as he passes through  puberty

                       Makes my heart swell up with compassion for his woes
                       This 'new age' is placing youth under pressure; precariously

                       So many dreams.. I witness.. being dashed to dismal shore
                       Yet, a whole wide world, still left to most hopefully explore

                       Others have sold him packs of lies as only thieves, are able
                       Thank Goddess, my Baby K at close to 19 is sane and stable

                       Today's uncultured culture are passive-aggressive at mere best
                       Good thing, I held mine close and kept him on nurturing breast

                       The first formative years are those that  count most importantly
                        Of wretched emotional vampires; he will soon set himself free

                       Teach your Children by primary example; to speak up for self
                       Or Goddess-almighty, no book will ever leave its' clever shelf

                       Own your power by speaking your mind; thus to do the same
                       'Get over yourself,' and never riddle him with old, dead shame

                       Feel your emotion's, yet don't slap them onto his glorious face
                       Continue to prove to that you are the best; take action;' Amaze'

                       Fill him up with confidence and esteem shall be his strength
                       Do anything that is tall and mighty and go to any loving 'length'

                      Value him as he is the clearest vision .. of your unclouded mirror
                      See him clearly; show him only love, never bolt in vexing fear

                     Touch his tender core with consciousness he cannot afford, ignore
                     Don't take turns  ever to keep track or lose .. of; to keep score

                     Offer him your heart, rather than dollar to spend on senseless thing
                     Make yourself 'measure up,' and pull his tenderest heart string

                    Share your triumph's and fill him full of light that may have been lost
                     Replace what is not real; with brave and  courageous heart, embossed

                     Look him, regularly, in the eyes, so he can see he is more than fine
                     Never lose your gaze, for he views you as that of all that is divine

                    Allow him to come to you for need at any hour he feels fir or not
                    Never into the vise-grip of fears. allow him to be woefully caught

                    Aim as high as heaven ever permitted you to see him from thus, afar
                    Pluck the feathers, almighty, from the any enduring, long settled tar

                    Remind him, constantly, that you are there for him, in deed, always
                    Trusting your innate strengths.. will only further allow him to know \his!\

                   Katherine Marion



                  Or, ' How to be a Good Dad in 50 Steps'
                  For all of the beaten-down Momma's and whining non-paying
                  indigent schleps ..


My Focus

My focus is on seeing my brilliant Son and I' whole -as One
My focus is on allowing unconditional love from everyone
My focus is on bestowing innermost beauty within and from
My focus is on loving our dogs .. that many still, sadly shun
My focus is on sleeping, resting, writing, communing;a whole ton
My focus is on \seeing bygones'\.. be done and divinely undone
My focus is on remembering to have real, girlish, child-like fun
My focus is on sharing this upcoming birthday where all do come
My focus is on feeling every shred ..of what others attempt to numb
My focus is on evolving into the most supernatural part of 'the sum'
My focus is on being the most graceful, grateful, supernatural Mom!!!

Katherine Marion

Words Cast .. Spells

When i went to school
i always won the weekly Spelling Bee
Never did i know that
words would make a life for magical me
Writing; hours per day
my all -time consummate, conscious joy
Home-schooling my Son
Prodigal Child' such a brilliant Genius Boy
Books i prolifically read
caused a light to shine brightly within me
Words touching mind
setting my sorriest, stifled spirit ever free
Passing onto blessed Kaelin
greatest, glorious Goddess-given gifts
Energy begins to move
Old beliefs and deadest energies.. shift
Positively written affirmation
better than lies; old and bitterly bitten
Negativity only cramps style
Bespeaking of only LOVE; makes my heart smile!
Katherine Marion


As inspired .. by a post on how Words do Cast Spells and to careful .. thus. 

I feel he makes you ever so happy, Baby Sis

I feel he makes you ever so happy
Baby Sis
Dearest darling guy; sweetest Sandi
Baby Sis
Wrapping his loving arms round my
Baby Sis
Cherish his kind heart, all the while
Baby Sis

Allow him to forever make you smile
Baby Sis
Hold on steadfast; tight, to your love
Baby Sis
Must be blessed Angel from Above
Baby Sis
Cherish his every conscious kiss
Baby Sis!
Big sister who cares deeply - Katherine Marion
I KNOW ... you are going to begin sobbing
.. with joy .. when you read this, beautiful
Baby sis - Thelma.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

What abject loneliness can do .. on Xmas Eve

Last night into early shades of darkening morn
she pulled out her hair, ' never to.. , ' she'd sworn

Again, no one came to 'grab the bull by the horn'
 take away the deep-rooted pain; tugged and torn

Images of her minds eye remind her he was no lie
they had a life filled with her as sun; he as blue sky

'In the past,' she feels free enough to one day die
for then her child was left alone to play, not cry 

Everyday she sobs in despair over teen, not there
Steal  him away, a second time, how did they dare?

Treated with as much disdain as whore without name
Only good thing; she's onto their imbecilic game 

Without the feeding of her love he's lost his glow
A single mom and only Son; what's not to know?

Often she feels as if their's no need for her, at all
Caught up in the pain she falls short, not 'stands tall'

Where's the heart she held open for close to 2 decades?
What she knows is that true love never falls or fades

'Reading her' is not what is of  value or importance 
Simply a warm hug and a helping hand; lend balance 

She's lost just about everyone you could ever imagine
All her clothes in a storage locker;  once, 'the fashion'

Persecutor's be a few of her un-manly resentful X's
Along with 'witches' who have cast condemning hex

Most others older than her have their parents alive 
Long ago, she lost her own Mom, Dad and Tribe 

When she remembers.. she feels better for a while
Waking up, later to without kindness or smile

Rarely is she acknowledged for what she was or is 
Even with her teeth fixed she's fearful to gently kiss

Getting older is not a forte of bombshell of her ilk
Used to have pink sheets made of smoothest silk

The guys in her life never cared about her true heart
They were best at taking away mostly every part

Who would miss her if she'd bother take leave, soon?
Maybe just some loser, one pig, the scoffer and a baffoon 

No home with her son for over 3 years of living hell
,Aging; alone with 2 big, hungry dogs - Can't anyone tell?

Dancing used to be so much fun in that sexy bikini 
Now that fun's been taken away; slander not so teeny

Child that once looked into her eyes with total trust
Today old gaucker's troll the internet for famed' Bust' 

Tales of torrid hardship are nothing compared to hers
Writing her poems is what she mostly, now prefers

Who cares is she lives or dies, until she has gone
That's when they will be sorry they done her wrong

Scoffing at her childlike self is mean to the core
Laughing with her is what will help win the war

Hire this genius filled with mischief and mirth
Incredible gifts of blessed her's you shalt unearth

Unable to understand her mind is not excuse for you
to continue hurting her with energies hard and cruel 

Only a stupid fool keeps throwing stones, too late 
Cant' you wait.. she's almost 'gone,' you ingrate 

Pass the piss n' vinegar to another wounded ONE
getting hurt over and over, is not too much fun 

Healing is what she knows how to do, so very best
Take away the ass-holes and she's aced abysmal  test

Wipe her tears with more than your  dirtied hankie 
Get her 'out of jail' to see her missed brother, Frankie

Trust that this Goddess  is more than ever dreamed 
Remember, most situations are not as earlier deemed 

,Empty your angry engine of bitterness and steam 
Go with her on the wildest ride; let yourself dream 

Stop being so vulgar, mean and ill tempered to a Queen
Start loving  Mother with the milk - not curdled cream!

Katherine Marion 

Whatever happened to Positive Role Modeling?

This is what is called; POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not an upward challenge .. to be practiced in front of a T.V.
or found texting while driving the kids in the family SUV
This is what is called' POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not a downhill spiral ..where everyone crashes to the ground
to be buried in dried excretement of some lost circus clown
This is what is called; POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not a bitter pill to swallow.. where he does the same as you
locked into cyclical abuses that never work. 'tried and true'
This is what is called' POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not a slumber party for sleeping giants too afraid to even wake
dropped, like shaken pillows in some bad fairy-tale earth quake
This is what is called' POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not an unconscious celebrations of your massive ignorance
barely knowing your the only one at the party, and 'class dunce'
This is what is called; POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not some dreaded death rehearsal for your God forsaken life
Leaving it all for the other parent, brings on un-natural strife
This is what is called' POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not yodeling in the valley while drunken as sunken sailor Sam
behaving like a fool, never turns you into Dad or ever; real Man
This is what is called; POSITIVE ROLE MODELING
Not resenting the Woman who gave you child' raised on her own
Go find yourself some real balls - like her's - and buy them a home!!!

Katherine Marion 

I was feeling great and even more grateful ..
until i received a 'too late' call .. frigg'n fateful
'Bad dad' pretending to care at midnight- bare
to dare and project when he should protect
Snakes come in more useful, for their oils
found valuable to burn away lying's stink
If I'd known he was soon to come a call'n
I'd have sharpened scissors' for one big dink!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Who Wears 'em .. anyway!


Who Wears .. em, anyway!

Patrick Greer is truly a bother of an incredibly irksome queer
filled with male re-adjusted, female-despising misogynistic fear

Give the poor oaf a beer

Patrick Greer asked for my panties, not my 'hand,'online
cleverly told him ' never to be sold, ' every single 'no tingle' time

Give his ego a shit shine
creepy pick-up

Patrick Greer is a super shoddy, 'poor salesman' from Wales
chasing after single mom's for piece of snail-bate, bratty 'tail'

Give his empty head a shake
flake of a facebook fake

Patrick Greer is so 'transparent,' his snot shines ..sheer
Of my ass - you ask -'Cloaked dagger'; Wouldn't stand too near, dear!

Katherine Marion


How to delete a deadbeat ...
bye bad bugger

love one happy, holy tree-hugger!


Yes, your welcome .. world.

Me ...unfettered, 'feathered' and free!!
 — at Bryan Ward Photography ltd. BWP.


As inspired by an idiot ..on facebook .. this Merry Xmas eve - alone with our dogs. 
Yet, not without my wit!


The first unconditional LOVE a precious person knows .. is as a Child in his Mothers' loving arms
Kindest KING KAELIN & his '' Amazing Mommy'
2005 - Saving my Son 

 Unconditional Love 
be not a set of Angel Wings
from 'God above'
Unconditional Love 
be not well lit gilded Lilies
from divine Dove
Unconditional Love
be not church choir that sings
'push comes to shove'
Unconditional Love
be not talk'n sweet nil-ies
bosom body rub
Unconditional Love
be not exchanging rings
cozy, comfort hub
Unconditional Love
be not parading prettiest Fillies
grabbing a Sub
Unconditional Love
be not empty man-made things
heart's empty tug
Unconditional Love
be Kindness for Man and Milly's
One Universal hug!
Katherine Marion


' Choose being kind over being right
and you'll be right every time.'

Richard Carlson


I read Richard's wonderfully, true
quote .. and i was inspired .. to
write the above poem.

This loving pic.. i pulled from old
laptop files.. for this sweetness
i once knew .. makes my breaking
heart .. fall into happy, wholesome
perfect smiles.


Merry Xmas eve from PUPS and I.

On Firmer Ground

This wee wonder .. was shot 1 1/2 years ago,, when Puppy LOVE and I lived in cozy Kerrisdale.
Every single day, we would run the 'no more' Community Gardens - along the railway ties - trail.
Since .. CP Rail came in .. no longer, the sweetest community-loving tale!

            ON FIRMER GROUND

Everywhere i go .. i see those .. whom are not in the flow.
Accepting what .. and whom .. others have elected
Rather then using their wisdom to not only be selective
Yet, to speak up, create a rally, bring about revision
Serving up healthier provision; provides healthier decisions

This sunset-laden day; throwing a ball to our happy Labs
I felt loneliest stabs; seeing what was real and holding on
Speaking to a neighbor; where the sun once fondly shone
Telling me ' lucrative offers,' had been presented to owners
' Enjoy it while it is here!,' he not so kindly cautioned me
At first i thought he meant the sunset -'not,' most regretfully

One more cute, cozy cul de sac being sadly bought-off
Distracted people buying a lie- at HOPE . they do firmly scoff
What's 'wrong' with this world is most of the people within it
Selling themselves short and eating fear-mongering bull-shit
Everyone has ' a price to pay; ' sorry excuse for their insecurity

When i die it won't be with emptied well and buried dreams; dead
Setting my intentions, high; 'above water,' I must raise my head
While traitor's to self sell themselves stupid and hovel in the putrid
I choose honor my power with self responsibility' inner dignity
For the only way to help raise other's is to set your own self free!!!

Katherine Marion 

Duly inspired on my fb page with a very wise quote; 

' The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are 
always so sure of themselves. But wiser people, so full of doubts.'

Bertrand Russell 


Glad i am not .. alone. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I really Don't Care to Pretend

                     I don't really care .. to pretend any more.
                      Better than pulling my hair
                      Yes, i know
                      To all too mad many, speaking one's heart
                      Can be such a brutal bore

                      Well, i swore I'd write was on my mind
                      Unto mine own highest self
                      Simply not a chore

                      Read what you will between my lines
                      Many 'worse crimes' .. i find.

                     Katherine Marion


                    Lovely art work - compliments of lovely friend;
                    Ayda - on facebook.

                    Katherine Marion/9

                   come .. discover me.

He Spends a lot of time by Himself

                     " He spends a lot of time .. by himself, ' she told me this past morning
                        In another lucid dream, upon earlier awakening; eminent fair warning

                        Gingerly places his dreams on another forgotten lonely, lost shelf
                        Wondering where he lost his youthful stealth and vast inner wealth

                        She's very concerned and even though,not half as conscious, as i am
                        For he is not just a 'boy toy,' as he is to many .. he is my young Man

                        They are both lost right now, it seems;which is why i rely on dreams
                        No earthly crap to trap what is real, for i know what real truth; means

                        Ego has driven him with a wedge; further away than i care to phantom
                        Even though he is someone else's boyfriend, first he is my only Son

                        Not many care to admit the bond between a Mother and her male Child
                        Critics can call you, ' crazy,' and 'incest fantasies' drive sick others wild

                        Purity of unconditional love is what this" Amazing Mommy' knows best
                        One day, too soon, a grown Man - yet, originally, babe upon my breast.

                        Never forget to look after the vessel that carried you home in first place
                        Anything less than being yourself and embracing LOVE; souless disgrace.

                      Katherine Marion



                      I don't really care .. to pretend any more.
                      Better than pulling my hair
                      Yes, i know
                      To all too mad many, speaking one's heart
                      Can be such a brutal bore

                      Well, i swore I'd write was on my mind
                      Unto mine own highest self
                      Simply not a chore

                      Read what you will between my lines
                      Many 'worse crimes' .. i find.

                     Special K

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Xmas 2014 ' short' - WISH LIST

Raw Kat and her happy raw, vegan homeschooled Son of a  Supernatural Mom

For a start, here is what i WANT - not simply .. what i NEED

Christmas Day and my birthday Jan 5th with my beloved boy


New, lovely feminine clothing

Gift certificates for Real Raw Food - online and off

Fresh, raw, gourmet chocolate with coconut/nuts -organic - delivered to my divine doorstep

Helpers, donator's, givers, lovers, look- Her - after's

My own beautiful home that costs me nothing to live in- puppy friendly

Good friends to call me own - whom want nothing at all, from me

Unconditional LOVE

To run our doggies, daily, at the beach

To live overlooking the water

To see my Brother - it's been years- have someone drive me to Abbotsford or put me up in a safe place while i visit him in jail

Tons of fresh, flash-frozen beef with organs for 2 big raw Labs - non-medicated

My son back.. re-instated in my rawsome realm

Xmas with my child in a warm, cozy location

To rest, sleep, be comforted - pampered

Professional healing work - massages, TCM, Reflexology

YYOGA membership with infrared sauna

Gym membership at Fitness World, nearby, that i still have not visited .. even

Sexy, lacy lingerie that any real lady does LOVE

A trusted team to help take my creative ideas the bank

A completed script that brings me millions $$$$

Full line of postcards, greeting cards, book markers, posters of myself and my loving life

Amazing website generating top $$$ revenue - e commerce

To dance and be proud of who i am and not give a damn

Magnetize generous, willing, kind, open-minded, loving-hearted individuals whom encourage and uplift

Safe, sacred space created on every level for my teenager and i - with puppies

Be paid a Queen's ransom for my pure and purposeful perceptions

Extremely handsome $$$$ advance ... thanks to a highly reputable publisher with book tours and ' INTERNATIONALLY BEST SELLING' books of mine magical own.

' The KATHERINE & KAELIN SHOW' - airing our concerns and clearing up the past hits by 4Chan and other dirty online trolls who practically ruined our life - a few years ago, still not settled . including 'OTHER' discussions and discourse .. we may wish to converge into .. consciously raising awareness of cyber bullying and community slander, etc.

Our Class Action Suit against B.C,'s bungling Ministry of Children and Families - since they practically destroyed our bliss-filled life - onset 8 mo's pregnant .. til now - over 19 years of harrowing hell on earth, 2 x stealing my son, close to 50 far from reputable ' anonymous' 'community' calls .. investigated on our side and never on their mentally-ill sides - i even know their sick names.

Winning court case against the Crown for allowing the convicted child rapist/murderer Robert Hewdlar - aka Bob Kneiss our on parole so he could stalk me on a highway while i was biking as a teen, to rape me on 2 vicious occasions - placing him in jail for over 34 years of his life - and mine - until he died after my mom passed away .. and my life began to unravel.
Sanity in this often harsh, cruel world that condemns innocence and puts away purity.

Supernatural Sanctuary - my dream - one of them- to come into fabulous fruition


Now, to enjoy a relaxing soak .. in Himalayan Crystals.. before biking to place an ad .. on one hours sleep.

Wish me well.

Ask and it is Given,

Katherne Marion

Can't wait to see . my deepest truest .. dreams .. come true!!

Dear Greg, for all of those loving, generous gifts - thank generous, kindest you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PEACE comes from Within ...

                                   PEACE comes from within
                                   No motorboats, traffic or din

                                   Negative's; nobody will win
                                   Bliss be not anybody's sin

                                   PEACE comes from within
                                   Quiet streams; let all fish in

                                   Roaring rivers; lose that fin
                                   Un-bothered beef; extra trim

                                   PEACE comes from within
                                   Not by lying sister or lost kin

                                   Poisoned land; Rin Tin Tin
                                   Easy as maybe sleeping in

                                   PEACE comes from within
                                   Not turning lies to low dim

                                   Snoring babies; never fed gin
                                   Mother's breast; loving him

                                   Katherine Marion

                                  An un-natural world is not
                                  a natural cure.
                                  Hold love closest to rest
                                  for very sure

                                  Havoc may have its' certain
                                  strange lure
                                  Peace be the utmost best
                                  babe of demure.