Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating Crunchy Granola

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         ain't gonna put weight on y'a

                         for one bowl is full of ...

                         the best of all that is real and raw

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         feeds you fiber that bowels love

                         for one bowl is full of ....

                         juicy Goji, sun seeds and quinoa

                         Eating crunchy Granola

                         nourishes both body and mind

                         for one bowl is full of ..

                         healing from Natures Loving Law!

                         Katherine Marion



                         My Kid Rawk ; captured this pretty pic, a few
                         days ago, as snow fell and Angels rose ...

                         Eating sprouted Granola; filled with germinated
                         Spanish almonds, sunflower seeds antioxidant-
                         rich Goje berries, shredded coconut, and more ...

                         Served with freshly prepared 'mylk; ' made with
                         blended nuts, unpastuerized honey and pure
                         vanilla bean.

                         Something to really RAWK & RAVE - about!

                         Kat with the Dreamy Cream


                         Yes, I am wearing my new Lululemon. Thank you,


Freeda and Kaelin - Friends and Fresh Thai Coconut

Freeda and Kaelin

sharing Thai Coconut's

late, last evening

sitting on their butt's

Freeda and Kaelin

playing Simpson's Chess

old lady loses, again

young teen, says' "Yes!"

Freeda and Kaelin

friends; since he was born

two painting pals

canvases. well won and worn

Freeda and Kaelin

kind hearts ; I do dearly love

eating raw goodies

two full tummies to soon, rub!

Katherine Marion


So delightful to see my favorite people in the world, on the beat-up hardwood floor. After
Kaelin feeding Freeda a heaping thermos of his famed mushroom miso soup, our dear
old lady friend  - was digesting his rawsome meal.

I had just come home; bringing 20 pink, plump roses, to share ...

After a mini power workout at the local gym, I was ready to sip herbal tea and munch on a a couple of my freshly prepared Supernatural Bliss Balls.

So much fun, sitting in front of our beloved Xmas tree - nearing the end of Januuary.

With my 2 lovely Angels.

Love and Gratitude,



Maybe not the most flattering light .. for Freeda. Yet, King Kaelin; always looks good.


Yes, you are right. That is our Noble Fir that you see up, near February! Xmas every day at our place.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovely lady of the white turban

Lovely lady of the white turban

kissed me upon one hungry cheek

stroked me under my own chin

Kundalin Goddess of The Urban

Lovely lady of the white turban

laid healing hand on one shoulder

where others choose look away

one Woman; teaching and learning

Lovely lady of the white turban

loved my vegan, raw hommus

as broadcast on my white board

laughter takes away the hurt'n

Lovely lady of the white turban

filled with compassion and love

Angel blessing from worlds ago

no longer is she vainly searching

( I may write more. All I know is
that I am in phenomenal need of
sleep - falling asleep at my keyboard.

To be continued. ZZZZZ

special K

Happy To Be

                        Honoring Me

 not always so easy,

            you see ......

                         Honoring Me

by setting my selves .. free


                          Honoring Me

as I remember to hug a tree


                         Honoring Me

choosing no longer flee


                          Honoring Me

fleeing societal insanity


                            Honoring Me

upon Goddess' bended knee


                             Honoring Me

touching truth of Serenity


                               Honoring Me

holding space with theee


                                Honoring Me

facing my own reality


                                 Honoring Me

creating intentionally


Katherine Marion


My shining Son, sleeps, peacefully,
at my trusted side, upon our pretty
settee. One smooth cheek, lays its
lovely self - upon my trusted lap.
So much ....have I - to look forward
to, after I lay down my truth, with
the tender touch of my loving fingers
upon each well worn laptop key.


After 3 days of intense Kundalini
Yoga practice, at Vancouver's Helenic
Center, with " Beyond Addiction,: I am

Singing mantra's, listening to Snatam Kaur
sing, hearing my inner voice peek forth,
trusting my instincts, practicing Kria's,
re-programming neuro transmitters,
engaging fully, and doing my utmost to
be fully present - offers so many gifts!


Snatam Kaur Duar  ( i will check her name,
later, after i have slept ) so gently places
her arm around me ..

I have asked her to have her picture taken
with magical me. Ever generously, she has
kindly obliged me.

And, it was not until later .. looking upon
my feast of fleeting moments .. captured
last night's 'enchanted eve,' as I shared
my truth's with my beautiful boy, that I
noticed ...

This Mother Figure to so many .. had
touched me, once again, with her
undying support and approving heart.

I am blessed!



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Archer Pose - Poised for Persoal Success!

Arms outreaching

spirit beseeching

soul screeching

life's eternal teaching ....

heart opening

lotus unfolding

love's hoping

healers healthy coping ...

torso lifted

energies shifted

sands of time - sifted

Goddess-sent and gifted

new breath intake

faith never  to forsake

magic to infinitely make

living bliss; our chosen fate!

Katherine Marion


A new friend at the gym; a Master Sensei, from Massachuttes ( spelling ),
made SMILE contact with me, on the blue mats at the gym,
yesterday morning.

Soon after ... I asked Kim to take my picture. Since i felt my soul soaring ..
and felt the need to document my truth, so that others may feel my
spirit entering theirs.

Later in the eve, after Sky, at "Beyond Addiction," an amazing
Kundalii Yoga workshop and certification, that i am involved in,
mentioned, as I was strutting into the Greek Hellenic Center, with
my Raw Blissed-Out Balls, in hand - ok. on a silver tray, too -
that I was "oscillating at warp speed." In a roomful of people,
looking to leave unhealthy habits - after having reached many
highs .. unnaturally; surely a compliment!

When, i look back to .. close to 10 years ago, when i first began
going into Archer pose, I could barely ..

Now, a cinch.

What's the difference?

Focus. A reason to lean forward and want
something so much, that i can feel my body lifting up and the rest
and best of me .. ready to launch.

Now, in my life. All i can be is closer to my truth, as it
unfolds. And, it is not always neatly tied up, with a
pretty bow. Sometimes, it seems my bowels are
coming out as stuffing that never did fit. What
yoga does for me is that i don't have to really
do anything, except BE STILL.

For me, that has taken years and decades and eons.

And, oh, baby   - "you aint seen noth'n yet!"

Kat Puring

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Happy Heart - sent to Sweetest Susan

My happy heart smiles

across windswept miles

wiping away travails

loving all life's exiles

My happy heart smiles

beyond earthly denials

hearts' untimely trials

Faith; never riles

My happy heart smiles

Hope's full-figured files

leaving Worry in piles

Joy; divinely dials ...

My happy heart smiles

Victories, by the vials

Tender-hearted tiles

White's wondrous whiles ...

Katherine Marion


Kaelin snapped this pretty pic of his "Amazing Mommy,"
the other day.

This afternoon, he is spending a few hours
with other youth, seeding out various healing foods and
forms of essential vitamins and minerals. I couldn't have
created a better healing study, myself.

Thus, as i look out at the already melting snow, i wish
my big 6 ft Snow Teen was here .. as I can feel his
healing presence in my healing heart and magical

After responding, in KIND, to a dear gal friend, whom
continues to be challenged with her health, I begin to
write .. this poem.

Inspired by Susan.

With love to my sweet friend, that my heart
has known for many a decade.

Heal quick. And, be well. Speak your voice.
Slow down. Feel your own energy. Keep
some magic for yourself. Think of yourself
for a healthy change. Your family will follow

For you, are well loved and now it is time to
take some of that LOVE and give it to

With Compassion and Empathy,

Mystical Me

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's SNOW .. place like home!

There's snow place ... like home

wish I knew a God-like gnome

he'd have snowballs of chrome

together, we'd go wild and roam

There's snow place ... like home

that's what i say, on the phone

creating one more purest poem

allowing MAGIC to set her tone

There's snow place .. like home

just as Doe-White did thus intone

dark hair tossed and wind-blown

dress; by 3 Dwarf's, neatly sewn

There's snow place ... like home

fairytale; not always well known

what we have not been shown

hits us when we are full grown

There's snow place ... like home

the Grinch admitted with a groan

bedding down with a diva drone

letting out a mischievous moan

There's no place ...  like home

Snowflake lands on ocean loam

lending light to monochrome

of Nature; there be'st not clone

There's snow place ...  like home

of all the places I've ever known

or found, with a fine tooth comb

sexy Icicle, inner soul - now shown

There's snow place .. like home

be it beggar, Santa, or dog-bone

handy habit I do hugely condone

 Snowgirl; play as wise as Crone!

Katherine Marion


My sweet snowman: King Kaelin, who
manages to melt my heart .. every single
teardrop of a timeless time, took this
pretty pic of Magical Mommy Me - this
past early Monday morning.

On our way to visit a local school district,
where we visited a very unique mini-
school program. Taking part in 'circle' and
sharing his truth, my lifer-homeschooler,
honed his life skills and listen carefully.

Next week, he visits with the grade 10'ers,
after they return home froma week-long
camping trip, up a local mountain, Snow-
shoing and building caves that melt with
the first sign of sunshine's smile!

Guess, I shalt retire to beddy-bye, in a
short and sublime while. It's been a full
day with fluffy chunks to chew on ... for
later. If you can't help but love Frosty ..
then, your Vancouver Snow Queen;
better get ready to melt down .. beside
happiest HER!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Life Magic

Set your focus

no hocus pocus

aim real high

no need to try

trust it works

faith has perks

throw it out

give a shout

expect gifts

energy drifts

openly receive

always believe

now, affirm

it's your turn!

Katherine Marion


This sleep deprived momma, has just swept her old hardwood
floors with her silly broom from the dollar store. Don't they
even sell those old fashioned one's with the thick, great working
bristles, anymore? Mine has a pastel purple and pink handle, with
matching dustpan that could sashay in a gay parade!

After surveying my Xmas tree, which may be up until Mothers
Day, I listen to yoga music and sip on Chinese Dragon herbal
tea. Knowing i must go to bed, I first water my gorgeous new
Jasmine plants and put tired feet, already warming in my
cute, fluffy ear Bunny slippers - that my 6 ft teen son, wore
earlier - up onto my massage table, to get that blood rising ..

Feeling my back aching, from lack of sleep. At least I stuck
my head out of the bedroom window for a good blast of -2
celsius 'warmth' this morn, while writing in my gratitude
journal. Even tidied up the floor of the closet and straightened
all my sexy shoes that i may get to wear, one day - soon.

Sunshine has touched my face. Music fills my soul. My heart
is open. Birds chirp a sweet tune. Messages of love are sent
forth. Daydreams are being dreamed. Light is being let in ...
Old constraints that never worked, are being removed. New
life is in the making...

Oh, that's my brave and brilliant boy - calling me from the
local book store. Gotta go.

See ya in the Flow .. and Glow!!!!

special k

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Post a Sign of "Peace"

I post a sign of "Peace"

at Goddess 'divine door

even the local police

choose not dare ignore

I post a sign of "Peace"

my sleeping son to snore

nary small mice to sneeze

sprawled out on the floor

I post a sign of "Peace"

slumlord from sexy shore

such an un-Godly tease

always on rawk'n repore

I post a sign of "Peace"

who do you call; " whore?"

trusted set of 'uncut' keys

heart's that twins sure tore

I post a sign of "Peace" 

amidst local fool's folklore

send a virgin to her knees

someone help me, please

I post a sign of Peace"

at my reputation they tore

minds riddled with disease

wait til my final encore ....

Katherine Marion


" Oh, such fun to watch .. ," - is
that the song they sing, as one more
silly ,slimy puke-it on his misogynistic
a-dick-sling, does try to string me by
my rawk'n thing ...

After staying awake for 2 nights and a
dizzying day, all i an firmly say ..
the breast way to deal with abuse?

Simply refuse to be anything .. other
than A-MUSED. Showing one more
sobster sis and broken-down brother;
than not one or any or many .. can ever,
again ,hope to hurt this "Amazing Mommy/1"

Kat with her own Cream

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Reddened Hooves

The morn

he came galloping


on reddened hooves

The morn

he came galloping


top of high roof's

The morn

he came galloping


a sky that behooves

The morn

he came galloping


leaving; man of many moods!

Katherine Marion ( under construction )


Wisely, my soon to be rising Son, is still sleeping. After walking home under a full and resplendent Mother Moon< i was so inspired, that i stayed up, all night, to catch the morning sunrise flying in "on reddened hooves."

Soon, i will post a pic or three, to share the supernatural wonders, recently shared, in quick passing .. with grateful me.


Since i have learned that the multi-talented Enrique Inglesias does "not sleep all night, " since this is when he is inspired to write his songs, I am feeling better about my often energetic forays to photograph moonshine and morning light, along with many a timeless insight.

Please enjoy this passionate sky ...

That we both share.

With a consciousness-raising care,
kat purring

I never asked to be Ms.Understood

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

why do you keep telling me, "You Should...?"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

how does it feel to die in the land of "Could!"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

what in your world feels as cold as "Would!"

I never asked to be Ms Understood

who ever wondered what was under your hood!

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

where went that part of your that is still , 'Good!"

I never asked to be Ms. Understood

when will you rub your own belly, and be as Buddha?"

Katherine Marion


I trust my inner voice. No other knows me as well - except for my son - or
he so wisely tells me!

After "Jeanne, crazy machine," left her latest 'smear Katherine
campaign" in my consciousness-raising comment box, all I
can do is listen .. to my inner world. Certainly, not one more
un-earthly  and overtly clique critic.

It is Freeda whom sagely suggested this past enchanted full moon
of an evening, that I needed to "go public," with this wicked woman's
'latest' ill deeds.

 Only, after my shining son and I did our affirmations,
as we breathed in fresh, winter air. Praying for a kinder and
more prosperous new year Walking home, together - hand
in loving hand.

Sadly, a few too may are jealous of what love has to offer.
Those of us ...  whom accept love's tender touch, seem to pay the
price on this realm.

Just as Jesus' very own disciples strung
him up and nailed him to a cross ,that they so carefully cut. There will always
be blessed others, who walk with a courageous heart and go with

Well, unlike the above .. precious fable of old, I shalt not die on
another's terms. To rise again, at a convenient time, where one
can buy a raw chocolate Easter Bunny to honor my hallowed

I shall simply, keep my head above the clouds ... and any fools
that step in my heaven-sent way.

Holding peace with my most magical selves - many.
Merely to toss beggars that beg only for trite attention,
a bruised and polished penny!

Kicking those unhappy heels .. up in the air,

Katherine in greatness

Monday, January 9, 2012

I am Loving Myself

I am loving myself

even if many are feeling not

I am loving myself

without attention's sought

I am loving myself

from Goddess to Crone

I am loving myself

within to find mine home

I am loving myself

for my deepest  beauty

I am loving myself

over all gifts given to me

I am loving myself

in spite of all of the pain

I am loving myself

dancing naked in the rain

I am loving myself

listening to this little girl

I am loving myself

allowing truth to unfurl

I am loving myself

as I mother my sweet son

I am loving myself

blessed to love as one

I am loving myself

so I may make use of time

I am loving myself

without need or rhyme

I am loving myself

Goddess on mountain top

I  am loving myself

healing heart's never stop!

Katherine Marion


Yesterday, after reflecting on a nightmare where
my only brother, stole my Child Tax Benefit
check from me .. I felt like hell.

Utterly abandoned, betrayed and triggered,
beyond belief.

For in this 'dream,' my younger sibling
was stealing from me, as he once did, in
'real time,' Now, I forgave anything that
I never felt was even worth forgiving,
a long time ago. Or, so it seemed ..

Today, my own son is 16 and he is having
his own set of 'issues' to make sense of.
Thus, there seems to be an almost
re-enactment of sorrowful sorts.

For , when my son, came home, yesterday,
with nary a phone call for hours, after his
usual teen promises .. I had even less

Now, many do not know this families
own scenario .... Thus, all i care to say;
is that I am experiencing from the bowels
of my being, what it must have felt like
for my own mother.

Now, my darling mom, chose to put
my own beloved Bro, into Brandon
Lake Boys School. And, another ..

This, surely , was not her first choice.
Assuredly, not her wisest.

Yet, with 5 children, ranging in age from
13 to 8, when she chose to leave my Dad,
in 73, this is what one overwhelmed and
overwrought woman, in another day and
age, somehow felt or was pressured into
thinking that she had to do.

Even though i have chosen to be a single
mom, by wise choice and necessity, I
also know that my child must stay close
to me.

For, i have lived the heart-ache of a
million moms. Lost my child, more than
once. Slandering 'friends' are still
responsible for calling the ministry at a
moment's sin or weakened whim.

Whom do I choose to live my motherly
life beside ?


This is why I am doing a lotta post
xmas inner house cleaning.

Since i started before the not so
happy holidays, i am already feeling
more than a hint of melancholy.

Yet, I would rather be 'at home' with
my blessed boy and me, that pretty
much .. anybody.

Oh, other than a cute kitten and furry
puppy, King Kaelin's eyes are sure to
soon, and so beautifully see.

Love Me

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Birthday Wishes

My birthday wishes


 a Kings kind kisses

My birthday wishes


in eyes of pretty fishes

My birthday wishes


from Deva Delicious

My birthday wishes


happy hearts caresses

My birthday wishes


purest and precious

My birthday wishes


all that light expresses

My birthday wishes


thought to be ridiculous

My birthday wishes


from Woman to girlish

My birthday wishes


far from superstitious

My birthday wishes


tears with tenderness

My birthday wishes


heaven and hellish

My birthday wishes


victories voluptuous

My birthday wishes


like licks not fictitious

My birthday wishes


from feline repetitious

My birthday wishes


leary  of lacivious

My birthday wishes


glories of gratuitous

My birthday wishes


gargantuan gorilla's

My birthday wishes


upon all of blessed us!

Katherine Marion
www.thehappyhomeschooler.ning. com


Inspired by the beauty of knowing
that my son is soundly sleeping ...

Listening to my relaxing  music;"Yoga
on Sacred Ground," i am at Peace.

Time to turn in, even at this un-Goddess

May we all create a morn of magic

special K

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One thing I know ...

One thing I sure know

not all of the very same

makes one person grow

some are a little sane

most will never know

Second thing I learned

a un-opened heart

is  too easily spurned

one breaking part

sorrow; well earned

Third thing I am seeing

many souls so lost

hope has been fleeing

trauma the cause

heart no longer seeing

Fourth thing I was told

"Your on your very own"

wise before i was old

some seeds never sown

sometimes i feel so cold

Fifth thing I wish for

all dreams to come true

for my teen that I adore

for real truth's are few

love is deep to the core!

Katherine Marion


How many emotions do most
of us make it through, in not so
simply - one day?

Could barely decide if that was
an explanation or a question mark.

So much to overcome when we
are coming through ...

Imagine what it must have been
like  being birthed.

Then, giving yourself the gift
of a re-birth,  on this unearthly

Most have already decided on
their worldly hell.

Mine is heaven, here .. and

Making my own,

special K


Now, for the personal part:
since i am fearless, i am able
to impart; my son did something
this morning and I held him
accountable; as the autonomous
individual that he counts himself
to so blessedly be.

Thus, there may be consequences
to what occurred, that are beyond
my powers. And, again,with
the innate and infinite power of
my heart's capacity for light ...
all may be more than ever and
all and forever .. right!

Now, 'that' deserves nothing
short of an explanation - mark!


Special K - singing her song in
the sweet and sacred wetness of
the voluminous Vancouver rain.

p.p.s. -  or maybe even more "p'"s

Besides, how i so deeply care for
my sweetest soul-mate, son ...

There is something else on my
magical mind and somewhat
riddling my inner sense of Peace.

A very ill person has been
pursuing me, for almost as long
as my 15 year young son is old.

She has caused great trauma's
in our lives and is a slanderous
and somewhat dark spirit.

I can feel her spikes digging in.

Which is exactly why i am
letting her hold on me, go.

Nothing that an intense workout
at the gym  won't help loosen.

A hot bath, afterwards ...

Dirty energy .. down the drain.


p.p.p.p s - no B.S.

Then, there was quite a dis-
respectful email to me, from
a male that my son respects.

Along with a past love letter
from a male who wrote that
"love is more than just a word."

And, haven't i heard pretty
much - them all ...

Now, Goddess forbid that
I share the rest of my day.

Well, since my new life is
merely beginning, I have
plenty of room to glow ...



Monday, January 2, 2012

Pippi was my first Heroine

"How important is it to recognize our heroes and she-roes"

Maya Angelou

Pippi was my first heroine

rode a flying horse to the sun

Wearing long striped socks

lived in a house without locks

Chests of gold coins to spend

for her own self she did tend

Like me, hardly saw her dad

she played and was never sad

Did she lose her mom, too?

only her sky was ever blue

Freckles splattered on her face

filled with child-like grace

She seemed to not give a care

her nature was kind and fair

Pals with neighborhood kids

banging on pots without lids

Why did she have to leave me?

joyful role model, i could see

Guess I will be my own best

may child-like joy never rest!

Katherine Marion


I am listening to " Put a little love
in your heart. And the world will be
a better place. Take a look ....Put a
little love in your heart ..."

Very apropos.

No matter how my day starts, and it
hasn't ended yet .. I always remember
to never forget what is real and that
which is not.

A feeling heart is always hot!



You guessed it .. This is my first and only Hero!

I am fortunate to have captured my beautiful

bubble-blowing boy, a couple of summers ago.

My son has reminded me how essential it is to

slow way down .. To simply appreciate the

smallest things that are Goddess-sent

and forever Great!!!!

(site is still under construction, until i
attract the perfect conscious constructor
to re-make this precious part of my
wondrous world )

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hurt by Many ... and Free to Be as One

" The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved."
                                     Mother Theresa

How many times have i looked into loving eyes , lately?

 Why does my broken heart all too often hurt, so greatly?

What does my son think with all this fanfare, around us?

 With whom can I feel safe; open my wounds, to discuss?

Where does a single mother go to release her life of pain?

 Why will I be freed,  to " Dance Naked In The Rain?"

Who are all those doom-sayers that tarnish my name?

  Did my Child ever ask to have this un-kind of fame?

How can I ever get past untold treacheries we meet?

 At darkness' table, how may I leave hell's fiery seat?

Why do people feel better placing beauty in a cage?

 How do they ever contain all their imploding rage?

Where might our own kindness/ lay in blessed wait?

Rather than Hyena's filled with years of  deadly hate?

What is one single mom's line of super heroine action?

 A "Conscious Community" is love's positive attraction!

Katherine Marion


A person does not have to live on the street to feel
rejected by a society that does not want them.

Those who live in virtual isolation are often the kind
of person who has huge faith and spends an inordinate
amount of time in prayer and spiritual practice.

My son and I are not criminals. Why should either of
us be shunned because of our progressive actions?

Who is Jeanne to send me over half a dozen dirty, vile
emails, over the holidays, pointing her dirty finger and
'blaming' and 'shaming' another single mom. When all
she really aches to do is be closer .. and learn from me.

Why did trusted - L-, go up to Kaelin, behind his
Mom's back, after one of his all-night teen escapades?
Telling my beautiful boy: " You have options, you know?"
Then, pursuing her own agenda or fearful projections;
"Do you have a social worker that you can talk to?"
Funny thing, too. One more very part time school
teacher, paid by the system. With 2 cats and no children
of her own. Surely one more 'expert'.

I am the one who bravely brought up her breech
of trust, this evening, in tears. After my son went out all
day, 'taking' my keys, with nary a phone call. Exhausted,
 I was me who pussy-footed' around, while doing my utmost,
  not to hurt her feelings, as her embarrassed face lit up beet
red, brighter than Rudolphina's nose. After I felt it best to
place closure on what my shining son had willingly
brought up on his own accord, a few days, prior.

I am the one is who is left feeling 'bad." All because i care
deeply for my "Baby K". And, i have developed such a huge
reserve of compassion, that I could feed all the starving
souls with my overflowing heart that is constantly being
spent and bent , as it is emptied, over and over, again.

Who is left holding the hot potato?
I am.

For I am the person who reveals my joy and timeless truth.
Everyone is feeling similar emotions, as am I. The only
difference - I have the courage to open up and share ..

If I was not so tired, i would get up .. and move this tired
body. Remove myself from my mis-spent mind. As I so wisely
did, a couple of days ago. with my boy. Upon the beaten-up
hardwood floors of the spacious living room, that lights
my purposeful path. Leading our wondrous way to freedom
and her ecstatic dance ...

kat soon to be purring


And, this is merely a footnote of the many foot soldiers
and mad maidens who ONCE littered my palace. New
Year - plenty of space for housecleaning ... !!!!


I am blessed to have captured a fleeting  glimpse of the
wee elf that lives in our house of love ..

Within the innocent little boy
who is growing, far too fast, into a real man.

He, sadly,  knows more about this world, than any
magical Mother's rising Son, ever