Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Flax On Fifty

The flax on fifty

eating naturally

The flax on fifty

soaking, carefully

The flax on fifty

raw, enzymatially

The flax on fifty

cancer-cure, truly

The flax on fifty

fiber, optimally

The flax on fifty

alkaline, perfectly

The flax on fifty

power, nutritiously

The flax on fifty

create deliciously

The flax on fifty

healing internally

The flax on fifty

glowing eternally!

Katherine Marion


Of the latest "Top 10 Cancer Cures," - flax is at the top!

I have not published a recipe book, at this date in time.Yet, many wonder where I get my glowing complexion, smooth skin ,shiny hair, trim waistline and cellulite-free bikini body.

Not to mention, my supernatural energy and abundance of positivity.

Might just be something in the seed, I do believe!

No flab - just flax,


My famous Kats Hot Flax Crax, are being prepared .. in the above picture, captured this fit and fabulous fall.

Be sure and order your pretty package of rawstruck perfection, now.

Basking In My Bikini

You can condemn me

basking in my bikini

You can slander me

leaning against a tree

You can defile me

judgements to decree

You can defame me

on your hating spree

You can evict me

with legal decree

You can fear me

too blind to see

You can hate me

light unto thee

You can find me

laughing with glee

You can read me

writing gracefully

You can want me

boundaries not be

You can wish me

blessed to be free.

Katherine Marion


That young gamer, who just happens to attend his "school of higher learning, " called "University," has given notice and moves out at months end. Out of the suite below, where the crystal-meth lab used to be ... before he moved in. The reason R finally left, was not caused by discovery of the colorful history of his downstairs suite. It was supposedly and surely due to the un-likes of me; the older woman - maybe even a "milf," who seemingly made his life impossible. Especially the fact that he wanted me evicted, due to wearing my bikini - maybe he wanted to - on the front lawn. The landlord who always professes to "really like" me, told him that he would see if he could get us all "banned from the front lawn." Legally, these hopes .. did not pan out. Shame. The lawn looked better with all my pretty flowers and loving light that I chose to shower upon all.

Now, the only person who wants me evicted, is M. Surely not her young 8 year young son, whom we were repeately warned not to even speak to. In our small 8 suite building, this can be a tough task. Especially during the summer months, when C was enjoying his summer holidays, at home. Thus, our crime - being kind. And, her unrequited fear ... that we will take her child!

Of couse, we have looked after and loved M's little sweetheart, even after, she requested we be evicted for our loving sins. Most conveniently, when she needed to go out for the night. Another evening, when she stayed home and came ot our door sobbing, on 3 different occassions. I reminded her, " I want you to rest. Please go to bed, sweetheart." Her only reply, " How could you love me?"

I have become quite the empath. If it were not for the pain inflicted upon me, all of my loving life, I would not be quite the quittisential wounded healer. Sadly, I have learned from the mistakes of others, more than from my own ... whatever they might be. Possible far too little discernment in choosing my 'friends,' or what they profess to be, when reaching out for me, initially.

Every bump and bruise is worth its weight in golden Goddess!

Interestingly, my landlord called me today. It wasn't to ask about the health of the rat that visited, last month. It wasn't to tell me to "bike safely." Or, sternly warn me not to ... This time, the male who evicted me, on slanderous charges alone, requested that I comply with his posponement of our Tenancy teleconference, next month. I laughingly asked him, "What will happen if I don't agree?" All S could say, was " Well, things will get worse for you."

Some might ask, " Is that a promise or a threat?"

And, here I am being so kind .. not too mention names here. Merely to protect the guilty.

I just wonder, why should it potentially cost someone their home and safety, because they look good in a bikini, at age 50?

Oh, not to mention that I have went somewhat public on our plight for the past maany months; writing a column in and speaking my voice on

Whatever they are afraid of .. their secrets are safe with me.

Just allow us to live our loving lives.

And, one day, they may choose to look upon their fears .. and squash them. Rather than attempting to do the insanest same with magical me and mine.

Blessings to the broken-hearted,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Soulful Sanctuary

Soulful sanctuary

 place of personal peace

Soulfu sancturay

 loving family at ease

Soulful sanctuary

fall lingers upon trees

Soulful sanctuary

picture window, please

Soulful sanctuary

drops God to his knees

Soulful sanctuary

Harmony, if you please

Soulful sanctuary

natural light to tease

Soulful sanctuary

soaring spirit to seize

Soulful sanctuary

free space to breathe

Soulful sanctuary

tapestry love leaves.

Katherine Marion


This is how I am able to manage the life I am given.

Creating a haven within one's home is essential. A place of personal worhip. Solitude. Serenity. Bliss in the magical making ...

I captured the lovely light of our living room, a few divine days ago. Before the torrential fall showers, began. And, after morning had set her sweet self, forth ..

Felt it only fair to share some of the sweetness I have learned to beckon into my wondrous world.

See you, soon. In your own personal heaven, that you are already creating on this most conscious plane.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grow Your Own ...

Even my own 2 breasts

I could not get round them

to rest

It was Mothers day that month

daddy had given me his gift

a pump

My baby's mouth not in sight

on a date with lover

no luck

Booby caught up in rubber

screaming in pain

new Mother

Nipple lost to suction cup

unatural means too mean

suck up

Baby is now a healthy teen

grinding wheatgrass for Mom

green team

Boy turning into a real man

learning how to love us both


Katherine Marion


Greg bought us our new Z-Star Hand-Held Wheatgrass Press, from one of our recent foray's to

Kaelin has built up muscles, enabling his Mommy's newest wheatgrass habit.

Katherine has created one more rawsome way to cleanse her inner temple and set her magical mind at ease.

Pass the wheatgrass, please!

Growing my Own,


The Wonders of Wheatgrass

The wonders of wheatgrass

do surpass

Green Goddess expectations

timely libations

Supernatural sensations

conscious creations.

The wonders of wheatgrass

body to ask

Mother Nature's real craft

maiden's laughed

God's sin surpassed

healing elixer, please pass!

Katherine Marion


Day 7 to Heaven ...

It's been a week, going strong. Two trays - since gone. Even my homeschooling teen, drinks along.

Cleansing. Purifying. Detoxification.

Clean. Green. Enzmatically alive. Living foods revved up by my new Z-Star Hand-Held Juicer.

Kaelin serves up a mighty fine daily dose of CHROLYPHLL,  satisfying our bodily needs and cleansing our systems on a consciousness-raising cellular level.

Inward Bound,


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boy In A Tree

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Tell him he's loved, unconditionally

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Remind yoursef just to simply be

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Allow others to know he is free

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Embracing Nature far as she can see

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

High in the air and sitting proudly

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Sure as the sun he breathes easily

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

sitting up and smiling effortlessly

If you ever spot a boy in a tree

Know he is the limbs and love of me!

Katherine Marion


Of the whole wondrous day we spent walking, talking, eating, and playing ... the best part had to be when I capured this pic of my shining son.

Walking in the green grass of Jericho Beach and under a knotty old tree, Kaelin decided he wanted UP. Next thing you know a guy calls over and offers his services. Before Kaelin can even say, "Surrender," some gal's strong boyfriend runs over and lifts one suprised teen, towards the sky, that we gratefully walk beneath.

To me, this wonderful image is worth everything.

Please enjoy this pic of my precious boy.

LOVE Momma K

Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach

green grass

gnarled tree

bending down

loving grateful me

Jericho Beach

black boots

warm sweater

reaching upward

crisp fall weather

Jericho Beach

blue sky

sun shine

walking in love

feeling sublime

Jericho Beach

water side

calm seas

fall in the air

Nature to please ...

Katherine Marion


This sumptuous Sunday, I was blessed to feel the purifying ocean breeze upon my grateful face.

We visited Point Grey Road, to look at a 1000 sq foot rental, close to Jericko Beach.  And, to think I almost rented the older, carpeted space, just to live near the beach, again!

It felt good to dress up, be driven around and do as I pleased.

A day of rest.

Sunshine and Smiles,


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look Into My Eye Of LOVE





Eye of  LOVE





from high above.

Katherine Marion 


Seems like such a a long time, since I last looked your wondrous way ...

In the past two  or three days, since we last looked out over one another, I found out that my darling little cousin, Michelle, had died. Her Mom, Theresa, has lost her only daughter in this often loveless world.
I am so sorry to hear of their loss.

Interesting, for the past week, when looking upon my image in the mirror, I have continually been seeing my beautiful cousin. She has always worn her naturally blond hair, short and wavy. Practically born with a figure that any woman would envy and every man would wish to dream upon .. I realize she was one of my first mammorable role-models, at a very early age.

Here I am at 50, after not seeing Theresa or Michelle for 15 years, since Michelle and I were both pregnant and got together for Christmas at Theresa's in 1995. We compared turkey tummies and took pictures to commenerate. Next to dig up the photograph's, purchase a scanner and share our Joy ...

For 3 months later, we both gave birth to our first precious little boy!!!!

Looking back, I am sorry that life offered me so many distractions, that I was not able to keep in touch with the little cousin that slept on my couch for 6 months, when she was a little girl, with her Grandma and my wonderful Aunt Annabelle, who passed away too many years ago.

So much love to share. Even more pain to bare.

All we can do is be the kindest we know how to be.

Sending Light and Love out to you.

Blessings from magical Me.



Self portrait of Katherine, captured less than a wonderful week ago, in front of  her photographs of Kaelin.

Taken at home, wearing her made from Mother Nature lov'n makeup and ready for LOVE.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday - Off To Tenancy Branch

 Thanksgiving Tuesday

Wonderful in every way

Found a dead, grey mouse

In front of our rental house

Ministry worker drove me

All the way to Burnaby

Papers for landlord to read

In a win I am sure to receive

Fighting for our very home

This place we call our own

Mother and son's legal affair

Try though they may to scare

We both have a legitimate right

My family will put up a fight

Nobody can bully us to move

Only an arbitrator need approve

We won our very first round

Now to hold our own ground

Even if there is a rodent on it

Stand up where others do s_it!

Katherine Marion


Must be an omen find a dead mouse in front of your house.

Especially when a government paid official puts her foot down ... literally upon it!

After a mere 4 1/2 hrs of tormented sleep, this is how my fascinating day, begins to unfold ...

Throwing a few hundred Agora Paper's into the supportive social workers trunk, to later deliver around the False Creek and Cambie Street side of town, before I hit Whole Foods for a few organic items.

We must all make the most of every moment that momentously comes our magical way.

For, you never know what is next ..

After all, just take a look at the mouse.



Goes to show you that it never pays to keep your eyes continually fixed on 'the cheese!'


Our supportive social worker, snapped this loving picture of K2, just before Momma K took one more stand to empower herself and her glowing, growing teenager.

Kaelin took the above ... study in anatomy. Great homeschooling fodder!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boy Beside Me

Boy beside me

magical are thee

Boy beside me

set my heart free

Boy beside me

Goddess truly be

Boy beside me

God be only HE

Boy beside me

open eyes to see

Boy beside me

upon bent knee

Boy beside me

mine - gratefully!

Katherine Marion


Earlier this enchanted eve, Kaelin moved the living room furniture around. So moving was the energetic shift, that I decided to shoot myself!

Magical wand of enviro-healthy mascara, rolled on by the light of natural day. Soon after, into the soon to be haunted hallway, I did glamorously sashay ...

Looking into the eye of LOVE.

There he is. Moment that I did forever capure ...

That was when he was around 3.

Today, at 50 - this is me.

Always - together.

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Boy With The Alabaster Skin

My boy with the alabaster skin

thanks for letting me in ...

My boy with the alabaster skin

you are my soul-mate twin

My boy with the alabaster skin

grateful to kiss your chin

My boy with the alabaster skin

God, you are definately HIM!

Katherine Marion


Some climb mountains, fend themselves from wild beasts, or plant rice in war-torn countries. All I have to be is the Goddess that loves one ...

God-given gift to me.




Those amazing eyes, of his ...

Kaelin planted the camera, today, to take this quick pic in our dining room, after Debra's lovely visit.

Everytime I look into that darling face, I  see only LOVE to trace.

Always to amaze,

Momma K

Happy Thanksgiving With LOVE

Standing side by loving side

with love we choose abide

Standing side by loving side

silver clouds are ours to ride

Standing side by loving side

we are the wave tickling tide

Standing side by loving side

truth is ours where others lied

Standing side by loving side

our hearts consciously collide

Standing side by loving side

there's nowhere left to hide

Standing side by loving side

truth does rightfully confide

Standing side by loving side

joy is every tear we've cried

Standing side by loving side

bliss lives since pain has died

Standing side by loving side

couln't be happier if we tried\!

Katherine Marion


This Thanksgiving early morn, I awoke with a crushing head-ache, thanks to my newly acquired head cold. Seldom do I ever get sick. Yet, after Dearest Daddy throwing his shame/blame ball at me, the other evening, my resistance wore thin. Especially with  other real 'fights' we are actively 'fightning.'  And, much more sure to win.

Upon arising, we snuggled in front of the heater, to warm up in the biting cold of a rental that our landlord does not bother to spend the money to properly heat. Soon, after, our thoughtful friend, Debra, checked in on us, and told me that she would come by with "a few things.'

Four Whole Foods bags, filled with pure water, fresh, local, organic produce, caramel sweet- pinapple, firm, crisp apples and a bottle of Tangerine Greens +. Enough loving goodness to fill our tummy and raise my immune system and merely slightly - broken spirit.

Time to eat and drink and speak ,., of only LOVE.


love K2

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honoring Of LOVE

Outside the place we have lived for over 1 1/2 years

Remembering to hug, amidst all the wretched fears

Feeling the strength of my lovable growing teenager

Fearless in the light of the sun, in spite of other danger

Readying to file my dispute papers at Tenancy Branch

Slowing down to feel love, on the way to my next dance

Resolved as any single Mommy could ever hope to be

Holding onto hope, with the boy who means all to me

Shiing brilliantly as any gem could ever dream to shine

Setting my intention, for an empowering win, sublime!

Katherine Marion


This past Friday ... I decided to wear my environment-friendly mascara, mineral eyeshadow, and a hint of gloosy lip gel. Wondering what would make me feel good enough to finally file my second set of dispute papers, against the landlord and more libelous claims, made by M and R.

With 15 minutes to spare, before a friend pulled up to drive me all the way to Burnaby and back, I knew I had to change my wretchedly dismal mood, now., Knowing that a few stretches may very put me back in wondrous working order, after a mere 3 1/2 hours of restless sleep. Understanding that a bath might cause me to feel eve better .. I opted for the wisest choice ...

Laying upon my bed. Feet tossed in the air. Getting the blood flowing, as I stroked my lashes, with care. Gelling lips that are never kissed by anyone other than my loving son. Preparing to feast on my win, in front of Goddess and everyone.

Sure enough, an unbelievable line-up of disputing landlords and tenants, met with me, once we wove our way through pre-long weekend traffic. Immmediately, a few rufian males, showed their unabashed interest. Of course, I said, " I brought the bottle." Really helping to ease the tension in a government waiting room, where one guy had been waiting since 1 pm. It was now closing in on 4:00 pm. Here comes the firecracker and she is gonna light up the unsmiling face of the dreary place ...

Sure enough, an assigned task worker tells me to come over to the counter, as he raps the top, lightly with his hand. In perfect unison and with impeccable timing, I offer to do a table dance. All the girls, in the far corner, begin to laugh. A tough-looking guy in a Harley jacket begins telling me tales of Viagra, that young and old, supposedly warm to ... A heavy fellow, wearing a hard hat, comes prepared for a real fight .. and tells me that it still costs "$1,200.00 for a Sheriff to get you out."

Keep biding your good and Goddess-sent time, dear Momma K. You are as usual, sailing through all red lights ... Soon, you shall be feasting and reaping all the other-wordly rewards of  you deliciously, delightful day!


No kidding.

It has acually been close to 2 months or more .,. since I have put on any kind of makeup, whatsoever. Feeling beautiful can mean many things. Sometimes, it' s as simple as dressing myself up and enhancing what I already have ...

If you can believe it, going to fight for our tenancy is actually a social event, for me. This Supernatural Gal has just gotta have more real fun!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daddy Loves You

Some men love their sacred son from afar

Many boys still taste Daddy's bitter scar

Some men never grew up to beome wise

Few Mothers left in order to fully rise

Some men booze to ease wretched pain

This woman won't go that route, again

Some men cry when they start to drink

I choose to feel, before I  stoop to think

Some men have painful addiction to bare

For the girl inside of me, I Mostly CARE

Some men tell you whatever it might take

SHE is healing herself for Goddess sake

Some men are too weak to really try

A strong heart knows all fear must die

Some men wll never really grow to love

This Mommy protects Angel from above!

Katherine Marion


I spoke to the father of my child, this evening. For over 2 hours, we talked, for the first time, in a long eternity. I wanted to believe what he was saying, ... Yet, I knew he was drinking.

After a while, I started to feel different. The energy shifted .. Now, he brought more of his negative words into play, and he started to share his blame .. stories with me. The ones where I am his abuser and he does not own his incredible powers.

Knowing he may not appreciate what I knew I had to tell him, I told him, anyway. Offering him the greatest opportunity in the world .. to get to really know his son, after all his years. I spoke of him going into total detox. Dismissing this option, he stayed in denial.

Soon after, I could hear him exhaling cigarette smoking in his bedroom, at this Mom's house, where he promised not to smoke. After I gave her permission to own her power in her own castle. I could tell he was beginning to get drunk. Time to part company.

Not wanting to let me go .. He wanted to dream of old, sexy, steamy memories. Beginning to cry as he mentioned how we used to sleep with our baby laying between us, in our familial bed. Vey endearing.

We must be willing to let go of old habits. Changes don't always come easily. Some would rather stay in prison's of essentially their own making. Rather than be responsible for one's actions, many and most, would rather play hot-headed and cold-headed host to addictions. Tripped up by their own pain. The past is where the barely live. Dreams are what they cannot make real .. unable to ever forgive\

We love you and know the best person you already are. Now, maybe one day, you shall do and be the sanest same.

With my LOVE and Highest Intentions,



He just called, again. This time, drinking even more and wanting me to assign me to task and apologize for hurting him in a myriad of manipulative ways. No wonder I had to tell him to leave, over 14 years ago. Not because I did not love him. Simply, due to the faithful fact that I LOVE MYSELF, more than what I could ever pretend to live with a lie!

Take Note; All Aging Goddess'

Sweet Susan,

My pleasure, sweetest sis.

We all feel that way. Quite often, sadly. I do not know about you ... but most of  women, especially we - Mom's, do not have enough time to spend on ourselves.

This does not help ...

Silence. Sanctuary. Just us. Alone and with our peace.

Especially, this single, homeschooling Mommy, who's own mom died 3 years ago, soon after - her handsome prince  had a nerveous breakdown  and she had to let him go ,,, Three years later, that first guy, the delinquent daddy, is returning back to Vancouver.

 Simply, a bit of my story ...

Looks to be like you have a heck of a lot of suport. Which is more than many.

Especially this not always purring Kat.

We all have different paths along lifes winding way. Glad I know what mine is. Bitter though the battle may too often, seem.

Your face is lovely.

Lifestyle - drinking and eating ,... sleep, rest, peace of mind or not .. Denial, addictions .. all play into how dull or clear our crystal becomes.

How honest are we with ourselves?

What do we really need to work on, for Us?

The biggest 'Ager' is not being happy with ourselves. Low self esteem or lowered self worth,. Believing we are somehow, not worthy or inadequate.

Lots of emotional work to do on this physical plane.

You know when you feel beautiful. This is when you truly shine.

This goes for all of us!

Aging can be tough stuff. Especially for thus of us who have been adored and glorified. Such as you and I.

Tougher than on a plain Jane, who never really received a lot of attention, to begin with.

A lot easier to deal with ...

So many false expectations. Especially our own.
Sadly, this unconscious culture does not glorify aging and wisdom. Youth and Beauty, at whatever the cost, are what counts.

To most ..

Aren't you glad you are the exception!

Much love , beautiful girl and glowing Goddess.



Katherine Marion


Susan and I first became fast friends, over 30 years ago - if you can believe that!

A gorgeous lovely girl, is how I still see her ..

She wrote me a message and briefly wrote about insecurities that we all face .. as we age.

Inspired, I felt it only fair to share.



Now, who do you think this smiling, superntural beauty is?

My afternoon, recently spent, at the local beauty salon.  2 hrs under a hot dryer and caked in henna, up to the un-touched roots of my strawberry blond locks.

Well, I spent 3 more hours, wearing a pretty plastic bag over my head  ... all the way home - even to the organic grocer, on a Thursday evening. Later, find out, much to my chagrin, that my first-ever natural Henna did not hold ...

Well, this picture is worth a million words .. not spoken or wrtten, please.

And, I have the best conditiioned hair, that smells sweetly of marigold and chamomile flowers.

Half-baked and un-shakeuable,


The Morning After ... "Rentalsman."

Listening to the loveliiest voice ... Sarah McLuaghlin, singing, "In this Silence ... I believe .."


After a long day, with a mere 3 1/2 hrs sleep under my brazen belt, I finally made it to Tenancy Branch!

Now, I sit silently, after stretching into relaxation, as my ever-rising son, peacefully sleeps.

Something I must soon remember how to  wisely do more of ...

This p;ic of Kaelin and I was taken, before I jumped in a supportive friend's fancy, black car, to be driven to a very full house of disputing landlords and tenants, on a Friday afternoon. Merely, to be thoughtfully warned that  I probably would not be able to file my dispute application, before closing time.

I knew better ..

The Goddess' are always with me. Especially when I am grounded, on focus and maintain maximum positivity.

An amazing day, with a series of synergistic scenarious playing themselves out. With me, as silent witness.

Must have been the "Good Hair."

What else could it be?

Katherine Marion


As you can well see, Kaelin is now as tall as his beloved Mommy,  and can easily lift me up and cart me around ... So, he does!


I am.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lightening Up

Took my never dyed Goddess-gold locks

to the local hairdresser on Granville

to give myself a supernatural thrill.

Never in my 50 years have I ever done

what I chose to so wisely do, today

in giving myself freedom to play.

This is an image of me before Henna

and the hold she now has over me

with a future picture you shall see.

Marigold and Chamomile are mine

friends that shall light up my hair

making it dance is what of I do care!

Katherine Marion


Oh, I had so much fun at Amy's Salon, on upper S. Granville!

Better get my own reality t.v. show .. all a-glow.

For, before you know, all those other woman just wanting to feel their best, by looking a little bit better .. in the light of a new, self-honoring day, just may, be watching ...

Why wait to be your own best?

Take it to the test.

After all, it only took me 3 months to take the natural,organic dried flowers of chamomile and marigold, over to a hairdresser that I had never met. Feeling that this was the right woman and the rightest time, I went for it.

Besides, I know that my self-esteem is in for more than a minor adjustment, at this pivotal point in my life.

And, if lightening my hair, to it's own real color, is the biggest thing I do in one day of many seasons .. then, so be it.

Everytime we do what makes us happy, we make the world a brighter place to truly live within  and smile our even more wondrous way, brightly, through ...!!!

Now, how about you?

What is it that you would like to do?

Here,s to simply allowing  one more tiny, teensy dream of yours and mine, to shine true ...



Lift Your Shoulders, Ladies

Deltoid presses for me

what other kind'a lady

Deltoid presses for me

shouldered so firmly

Deltoid presses for me

firm as far as can be

Deltoid presses for me

feeling pure energy

Deltoid presses for me

still in my femininity

Deltoid presses for me

breathing in naturally

Deltoid presses for me

sculpted arms for free

Deltoid presses for me

like a well-built tree

Deltoid presses for me

power-house to see

Deltoid presses for me

strong aren't we?

Deltoid presses for me

lifting gloriously

Deltoid presses for me

raising prosperity

Deltoid presses for me

muscles to decree

Deltoid presses for me

increasing energy

Deltoid presses for me

empowering humanity!

Katherine Marion


This is what I had for lunch ...

After a good rest, all I needed was a good workout, to work it all out!

I have been doing shoulder presses for a few years, now. My last X-tricated ... showed me how to do these babies, one day in the gym. My first real boyfriend, at age 19, worked out every day and never showed me a thing.

So, I began lifting weights, for my deltoids .. and noted a marked difference in a short amount of time. As was with the sculpted legs, I once built by biking, same goes with one's upper body.

For decades, I never really worked my upper extremes, other than the swimming I used to once upon a time, so gloriously and freely do - before noting the dreadful effects of drying, bleaching, chemical-laden chlorine. Since I foolishly felt or even worse - needlessly, thought - that my lovely, long arms, may become somehow deformed  and doomed to look like some of She/male.

Not so.

Glad that I so wisely chose to change my mind, in my 40's. That's what mind's are for ... changing.

And, bodies are for growing, glowing and going ... wherever you decide to move and so preciously and purely ... place 'em!!!



Pic taken by Kaelin, after we delivered The Agora, and before he sprinted outside to play!

Grape Escape

Grape escape

can be any day

concorde grapes

pluck as you may

Grape escape

end of September

concorde grapes

juicily to remember

Grape escape

highest chakra color

concord grapes

make this pussy purr

Grape escape

purple as passion

concord grapes

Fall into fashion!!!

Katherine Marion


I plucked these pretties, earlier today. Okay, I forgot it was actually October, if you can believe that!

We went out, this morn, to deliver a few hundred Agora papers, around our nice, little neighborhood.

Afterwards, we picked breakfast.

There would be no hungry people, even in Vancouver, if all knew that they were free to pick and pluck, as they wander .. Most often, needlessly, along life's seemingly, at times, loveless way.

People give too much credit to too many and not enough to a small number.

What if the masses figured out that a single mom could just as easily be rooting through garbage cans. And, yet, she is wise and clever enough to know that there are plenty of gardens growing and grapes dropping  ... to do some supernatural popping into her own mouth. And, that of her blessed child.

Funny, how looks can be such a distraction.


If I was not dressed in my daily regalia - Lululemon to the sexy hilt, what would people say ...? It is so much easier to drop into a local garden to nab a few enzymaticall-alive grapes, than if I were poorly dressed, to knock at the door and be seen as 'the needy.'

Life is such as game. Only if you allow yourself to play it!

Then, it might as well be yours ...

Game, i mean.



Game for fresh grapes, anyone?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frankies Day!

I am sorry I was not there

pulling you out of quick-sand

holding onto precious you

guiding you with loving hand

I am sorry I was not there

as others might have been

holding onto precious you

with eyes that may have seen

I am sorry I was not there

i was a young teenager

holding onto precious you

as you stood in danger

I am sorry I was not there

you were a troubled soul

holding onto precious you

would now make me whole!!!!

Katherine Marion


Yesterday, upon awakening, to rise .. at 3 am, I remembered "My Brother's Birthday is today." And, how I wished he was here ...

Dear Frankie, wherever you are .. on this worldly plane, know that your big sister, Kathy, calls out IN LOVE.

Loving you, over and over and over ... again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


He kissed me

under a tree

in the early morn

i could have sworn

a love so true

my heart anew

sweet son's light

lips pucker tight

smooth skin lit

every little bit

letting love in

two hearts win!

As Warm As Love May

On the steps of the church

this fine October day

felt sunlight touch me

as warm as love may

19 celcius in Vancouver

this fine October day

thought I'd just melt

as warm as love may

Two hours spent in bliss

this fine October day

rather fall upon cement

as warm as love may

Freedom to lay back

this fine October day

purring like a kitten

as warm as love may.

Katherine Marion


This magical morning, my shining son and I awoke, at 3 am. Finally, leaving our home at 8:30. Walking along the railway ties for 1 1/2 hrs. Picking the biggest purple grapes along love's way. Sharing the warmest part of one more precious day!


Yes, you are right.

Those are my lululemon tights, rolled down to my ankles!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Never Mix Your Nuts

Never mix your nuts

cause life is

all about trusting guts

Never throw ice onto fire

cause life is

balancing on a tight-wire

Never throw your baby away

cause life is

re-cycled bath water, everyday

Never toss your baked cookes

cause life is

raw, real, and not just for junkies

Never hurl stones at glass houses

cause life is

filled with dirty rats and mouses

Never pick your nose in public

cause life is

much more enjoyable, going pubic

Never hold your breath, too long

cause life is

hard to sing. once you miss the song

Never cling to the past, today

cause life is

sometimes not willing to stay

Never do everything you dare

cause life is

far more than  just a casual affair

Never burp before you fart

cause life is

sometimes fun when your a tart

Never excuse yourself, too often

cause life is

empty, when self worth is rotten

Never blame another for your own

cause life is

sometimes picking at your bone

Never hunt him because he hurt you

cause life is

not waiting  to label you a "shrew"

Never attack her for her woeful sins

cause life is

full of two-faced, double chins

Never lie to deceive any other

cause life is

dressing you up, to serve to Mother

Never think for too long at one time

cause life is

not fully realized until you hit, "Sublime."

Never feel you are not lovable as any

cause life is

teaching you to value a very pretty penny

Never touch that part ...way downnnn there

cause life is

tearing the cloth to lay every thread bare

Never holler for fresh rolls at the table

cause life is

more fun when we admit we're not stable

Never forget to wash your dirty hands

cause life is

endless waves crashing upon dried sands

Never allow yourself a second of remorse

cause life is

to be engaged in full-fledged intercourse

Never allow outside influence to deter

cause life is

simply to enjoy that which you so prefer.

Katherine Marion


Where does it come from?

Once we tap into our eternal and infinite source ...

Inspired AM I,



How much fun is it to run away from it all, and create our own reality?

Must be what I am doing and being, right now.


Another Bryan Ward  photo of moi.



Kiss My Butt

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Who do you think you are?

King Tut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

What do you think I am?

Your personal slut!

Kiss my bare-naked butt

What caused you to become

so corrupt?

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Where do you feel I live?

You nut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

Why should I reveal all?

It's your rut.

Kiss my bare-naked butt

When will you open

your jaded mind up?

Kiss my bare-naked butt

How may any man  breathe

until my final cut?

Katherine Marion


So, is a Supernatural Woman suipposed to simply grin and bear it? Romp around., fully clothed, in the wondrous woods of life? Smiling into the glinting eye of the griining wolf?

Wearing no makeup.Carrying no amo. Totally unarmed. Vulnerable.

Are most male creatures able to relate, let alone respond accordingly ... to a fully functiioning female, coming at them, full tilt? Forget about feeding her bullshit without balls. EAT HER ... TRUTH.


This pic that I assurely assume that you are enjoying .. Captured by Bryan Ward -

Feel free to order your sexy poster.

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Oh, isn't always about 'that?'

Alright, so make it BIG!!!

I will even help ...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sun Sets Upn Me

The sun sets upon me

Can't you see?

The sun sets upon me

Forever free

The sun sets upon me

Shining brightly

The sun sets upon me

Laying leisurely

The sun sets upon me

Speaking truthfully

The sun sets upon me

Living Supernaturally

The sun sets upon me

Enjoying beauty

The sun sets upon me

Writing freely

The sun sets upon me

Exercising regulary

The sun sets upon me

Exorcising naturally

The sun sets upon me

Homeschooling my boy

The sun sets upon me

Loving instinctively

The sun sets upon me

Expressing creativity

The sun sets upon me

Trusting faithfully

The sun sets upon me

Embracing spirituality

The sun sets upon me

Co-creating community

The sun sets upon me

Serving humanity!

Katherine Marion


One more of Mother Nature's victorious vista's, come to visit .. as I was walking along the West Vancouver seawall, a couple of cosciousness-raising years ago.


Imagine a wondrous world in which every breath-takingly beautiful soul soared ...nurtured by Nature!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Let Me Be That Lighthouse In The Storm

"With the Queen, what is of the most worth ... are her words," is pretty much the message that came to me, upon waking, earlier today.

Later, I received a call from a gal who googled "healer" on the Internet and found me. We spoke for over an hour. Being held virtual hostage by her seemingly well-intentioned and severely emotionally handicapped family. Having untold personal and civil rights violated, her home taken away, and 'power of attorney' stolen by the messed up makers of mayhem, she is feeling afraid and "so alone."

Well, tonight, someone had the outright courage to reach out ... and they found a new friend!

I told M to "create a solution." And, with this "plan of action," she will make her exit from this unhealthiest family of origin, that has mis+created this drama of debilitating dysfunction , at her costly expense. Suggesting, at the same and sanest time, not to buy into this insane story; biting the far from magic bullet that she is being fed. In order to free herself from the greedy grasp of hostile hands that should only be permitted to hold and heal her.

Whatever we believe, then so shall it be!

I  sagely suggest to M, the best advocate in that thriving industry, and a reputable Psychiatrist; Dr K, whom may both be able to very possibly reverse the decision on paper, that now restrains her sweet spirit and squashes the very soul that she was born to soar with.

In the same sacred breath, these Angel wings carry M,; with the message that she must create a victoriously viable solution for herself. Utilizing that supremely magical child-like mind, to imagine the best she has ever and can feel. In order to truly fashion and flesh-out the perfect place to live in this precious healing place.

M kept asking me if this was that or that was this? And, I told her, " It doesn't matter what your brother did or why he did it?" And, so on with someone or another, including her mentally unstable mother. What matters is that you understand that your family is ill - just like the story of Francis Farmer." Letting her know that her so called loved one's think that they are doing the right thing, and will do anything to prove themselves right. Even if that means already locking her away in the psychiatric ward to rot on medication.

Many highly tuned-in psychic women that I have met, have been severely abused. Multitudes have seen, or are still seeing .. Angels. Masses have been mishandled in their formative years. Sexually abused by a trusted loved one. Often even ritualistically abused by many members of a families that profess to protect and love them. Later developing pathologies that became listened-to laells that limit them in their own Goddess-given capacity to govern themselves, accordingly.

Tonight, I 'lost' one more gym work-out, because I helped another. My body and mind certainly will not fall apart overnight, due to an absence in the weight room and sauna. What has happened is that I have supported another candle in the dark of a dying old world, to find light and insight, where once reigned fright and insult.

I shall continue listening to my dreams and being the voice that allows others to free themselves from the nasty nets of oppression, depression and suppression.

All that are condemned, need to be comforted.

Let me be that lighthouse in the storm.

Owning my Power,



I captured this captivating vision ... just outside my bedroom window, where we now live.


Oh, and of course, I consciously counselled M; " Be sure and thank your blessed family for this multi-million dollar film script that is going to set you right back on your feet!"

I AM Kindness

I count blessings

Not grudges

Led by Angels

Never Judges

I Am Light

Not darkness

Ruled by LOVE

Never less

I hold goodness

Not pain

Following happiness

Never insane

I am compassion

Not rage

I honor myself

Never engage

I am kind

Not cruel

Embracing heart

Never the fool

I am trusting

not dis-ease

Remembering Truth

Never to please

I am power

not powerless

Owning mine

Never duress

I am kindness

not mean

Jubilant with Joy

Never to stop my dream!!!!

Katherine Marion


Alright, I am going to tell you something worth believing ...

I KNOW with my highest functioning self, that everything in my life that is occuring, is for the best interest of my son and I.

No one ever showed me how to scream out for help.

I learned to look after others who were not able to support me.

These sisters and brothers, aunt's and uncles, and daddy and mother, I  shall forever love, for an eternity.

Even the poems that I wrote, in streams of cosnciousness, at a wise and early age, showed me the way of no earthly sage ...

Thus, I continue to trust whole-heartedly in this highest power that governs me as far as my all-seeing 3rd eye can see.

Mapping out my destiny!




Now, I AM able to soundly sleep.

Green Goddess Sings With LOVE

Others may turn shades of envious green

I shall sing wearing my pretty towel

sending out my real and soulful song

For well over a soul cleansing hour

Others my turn shades of envious green

I shall dance in my happy home

grateful for every falling leaf

Feeling every joy I have ever known

Others may turn shades of envious green

I shall revel in all Goddess glory

dreaming of kindness to all

Knowing with brave certainty

Others may turn shades of envious green

I shall stand for what I believe

laughing into the face of adversity

Gifts I shall abundantly receive ...

Others may turn shades of envious green

I shall become my own finest

thanks to this enduring endurance

Passing one more ultimate test!

Katherine Marion


After my Tenancy win - September 28th, I sang in Goddess-given gratitude, for well over a wondrous soul-encompassing hour, Cleansing every creature comfort in my happy home, that I so reverantly touched .. Our whole pretty place and every material object within .. imbued with light and love.

That night, when we went to bed, early and sated, you could literally feel the energetic shift in our living room, where I shrilled to Enya and her heart-felt renderings.

Even moving the furniture around. Deciding to paint the walls the consciousness-raising color of chartruese; Mother' s very own reassuring color, that comforts.

Must be why I so aptly decided to wear this telling towel. Or, maybe I was so transparently ... wearing nothing at all?  

Other than none other than this Magical Mother's 'honest to Goddess-sent SMILE!!!!

As Firm As The Ground I Stand Upon

A tree has integrity

supporting me

with balance

to be free

A tree is rooted

embracing me

it's branches

I can see

A tree is firm

allowing me

to fall

if need be

A tree is strong

affording me

healing space


A tee is Nature

beauty is she


loving me!!

Katherine Marion


Now, if only more people could be as real and wondrous as a few baring branches  ...

My homeschooling teen captured this radiant vision of his magical mommy, the other day, after 10 hours of healing sleep. On our way to the local organic store to buy fresh greens, I could not resist stopping to lean against something as real as my beautifully beating heart.

Stop for what matters. Not who doesn't ...

Start walking when your ready. Not when forced to do what does not feel right.

Be in tune with ideals truly of your own.

This nature has already supernaturally shown!