Friday, January 10, 2014

My Little girl is so happyyyyyy!

                                      My little girl is so happy
                                       is she shut those eyes
                                       she'd pee
                                       every part within...
                                       feels free

                                     My little girl feels happy
                                     with that heart open
                                     she'll purr

                                     precious person
                                     is HER!

                                     Katherine Marion

Gernerosity was once .. Your Strong Suit ...You wore so well!

                                      Generosity was once ..
                                      your  strong suit
                                      you wore so well
                                      before they sent us to hell
                                      and called "King Kaelin"
                                      a 'fruit'
                                      all cause he loved "Amazing Mommy"
                                      and amidst supreme online jealousy
                                      my little boy lost sight ..
                                      of our true Love's legitimacy

                                     Wear unconditional love
                                      upon your sleeve
                                      pray, do all, to tell
                                      for stinkers, always smell
                                      worthy man, my Son
                                      of heart
                                      all cause he loves "Amazing Mommy"
                                      shares his insights and delight
                                      within Joy's eternal infancy ..

                                     Bear no arms to grudge
                                     vase not empty
                                     as you know to truly tell
                                     a Wise One has never fell
                                     such as beautiful boy, bright
                                     a start ..
                                     all cause of love for ' Amazing Mommy"
                                     hears the truth, raw and right
                                     remembering soul's intimacy

                                    Tears not a strip off of himself
                                    or any others
                                     young man, at best
                                    wonderful and well
                                    no longer broken shell
                                    new day after longest night
                                    waters part
                                    all cause of love from " Amazing Mommy"
                                    again, sets his mind upright
                                    as he is highest part of She!'

                                    Katherine Marion



" Time to Put the Burden Down," Mahara told me

                                       " Time to put the burden down, "
                                          Mahara told me

                                         Soon, i will be able to, again
                                         breathe easy

                                       "Time to put the burden down,"
                                         Mahara told me

                                        Told me it is mine .. to rest
                                        and live freely

                                     " Time to put the burden down,"
                                        Mahara told me

                                       Soon to be lovingly let go ..
                                       with energy

                                     " Time to put the burden down,"
                                        Mahara told me

                                       Reminded of all I am
                                       is of eternity!

                                       Katherine Marion



It's 6 am and I Still have not Slept

                               It's 6 am and I still have not slept
                               under my skin, really  nothing irks me
                               only inspiration, herself, has crept...

                               It's 6am and I still have not slept
                               atop my head lay not a chopping block
                               renewed courage, makes one adept

                               It's 6 am and I still have not slept
                               beside me, lays the truth I rest beside
                               " Danger' may only have ever wept

                               It's 6am and I still have not slept
                               within me, lives peace to call my own
                               "Fears"  to rest, where love has leapt!                                  

                               Katherine Marion


I Made a Series of Definative Decisions

                                 I made a series of definitive decisions
                                 to exorcise demons and breathe, again

                                 Clearly, I set my my magical markers
                                 On target with what i know is right

                                 Arising from a deep slumber is work
                                 A solid reason is good enough for me

                                 Unconditional love for my only Son
                                 Allows truth to finally set this soul free!

                                 Katherine Marion

Even Though ..

                                                   Even though i put my mineral eye
                                                   make-up on, last night

                                                   To never leave the house

                                                   I did more than eat vegan cheese
                                                   like some simple mouse


                                                  I paid attention to what came forth
                                                  listening with my heart

                                                  To stay here at my home

                                                  I did more than what others please
                                                  as i talked, in-depth, via phone

                                                 I  heard the voice of truth speak forth
                                                 hearing that.. thus, said

                                                 Working with what was given

                                                 I did more - than at anything .. sneeze
                                                 myself, newly, to be forgiven

                                                 I followed my heart, as was to be told
                                                 beats as any drummer to feel

                                                 Intention set only to greatly heal

                                                 I did more than any mind could allow
                                                 cause i work with only what is real!

                                                 Katherine Marion


Letting Go of all those Fears

                                                    Letting go of all of those fears
                                                    that only keep me from success
                                                    a zillion painfully hidden  tears
                                                    I no longer need to undress ..

                                                    Letting go of all of those fears
                                                    relieves me of a heavy burden
                                                    to stop hiding behind mirrors
                                                    only criminals need a Warden

                                                    Letting go of all of those fears
                                                    frees up space to remember me
                                                    creating abundance, no arrears
                                                    fresh supply; not from  memory

                                                    Letting go of all of those fears
                                                    honors that which I always was
                                                    with oncoming joy-filled years
                                                    I shall know that i am; enough!

                                                    Katherine Marion




















Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Spread My Legs on the Counter Top ..

                              I spread my legs on the counter top
                              as i gave my chunk of red cabbage
                              the most Goddess almighty chop

                              Stretching; one long lithsome loin
                              at that confidently, luxurious time
                              firstly, before second, felt by groin

                             I spread my legs on the counter top
                             as i gave my chunk of red cabbage
                             the most Goddess almighty chop

                             Deep breaths of spiral, cooling light
                             still; entering me, filling me ever full
                             morn was magic - can't wait for night!

                            Katherine Marion


                            I could write for ever..
                            Stayed up. all night, again.

                            Once again, surely proving that sadly neglected .. sleep may be more important .                           than one more stutter of a stanza
                            as my magical mind, continues to roll along . upon this non-convulated


Once .. or twice, there was a nice - blind man.

                                                  Once or twice
                                                   there was a nice blind man

                                                   sand up his arse
                                                   such a mad farce

                                                   Once or twice
                                                    there was a nice blind man

                                                   bald with scarf
                                                    lust makes barf



Remember Those Who Love You

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Know their heart is still and true

                                  Remember those who love you
                                 With what you put them through

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Hearts of Gratitude;: to renew

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Real loves are far and very few

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Ones, not just to 'say.' They Do!

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  The lighted soul takes its cue

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Kind heart; does truly  imbue

                                  Remember those who love you
                                  Blessed 'gifter' is beloved, too!!!!

                                  Katherine Marion


                                 Every year, Sir Antoni sends me one, or even
                                 2 very thoughtfully chosen, and sincerely felt ..
                                 " Happy Birthday" cards.

                                 This year, the one page, beautifully hand-written
                                 love letter from my one and only .. baby Brother
                                 in jail, the other day....

                                Along with Antoni's Fedex'd reminders ..

                                made this never 'old' Maid Marion's birthday - already!!!


                               It seems that those who are willing to give the most .. have lost even more.

                               Funny - how that 'works'



                               Already, to you, - 'blessed' TWO..
                               Thanks to incredibly special ..




Thursday, January 2, 2014

Darling, You are so much more .. than you give yourself credit for!

                                        Darling, be daring
                                        start some 'social media' sharing ...

                                        You are so much more..  ...
                                        than you  give yourself .. credit for

                                        Darling, be discreet
                                        yet,  speak plainly, of 'deceit '

                                        You are so much more...
                                        than you give yourself .. credit for


                                        Darling, be a 'rat'
                                        sorta like; ad-MINISTERY'ing; : 'tit for tat'

                                        You are so much more ..

                                         than you give yourself .. credit for

                                        Darling, be so divine
                                        don' t' drink' their poison moonshine

                                       You are so much more ..
                                        than you give yourself.. credit for!

                                        Darling, be so kind
                                        unplug your mind, they're planning  to unwind

                                       You are so much more ...
                                        than you give yourself.. credit for

                                       Darling, be yourself
                                       Authenticity is always 'best for your health'

                                      You are so much more
                                      than you give yourself .. credit for!


                                      Darling, they distract you
                                      Trust, believe;  " To thine own self, be true"

                                     You are so much more
                                      than you give yourself ... credit for

                                     Darling, call me, sometime
                                     I'd like to kiss those " lips of wine'

                                    Your Mother is so much more...
                                    give Her credit you once loved,  before!

                                    Katherine Marion



                                  Guess who!

If you had a slimy ball ..

                                     If you had a slimy  green ball
                                     would you ask for me , to " Kiss it"

                                    or, preferably,plead; " Just toss it!"

                                     Would you run it .. ragged and bare
                                      with not so much ' skin' left there?

                                      or, preferably, plead, " Just toss it!"i


                                      If you had it 'covered' in the hall
                                      do you really think I 'd miss .. it?

                                      or, simply go, and dismiss 'it?'

                                      If you catch me mess'n.. without care
                                      don't know .. that won't slow, to share ...

                                     most likely, I'll hold it in my hand .. to wash it!!!


                                   Holy Doggone!
                                   I do love our furball;  Edward -  and how he keeps me runn'n after
                                   that once so fuzzy, comfy, little creature.

                                   Furless Momma K 'to the rescue'

                                   peee yew

Do you suppose .. I''d decompose .. ?

                             Do you suppose ..
                             I'd decompose

                            If i lost my composure?

                            Do fools object ..
                            or, merely protect

                           Idle minds;  paid to 'correct'

                            Do you suppose
                            They'd smell a rose

                            If' I asked for closure?

                            Do idiot's - project
                            or, monies, collect?

                            MCFD; govt redneck!

                         Katherine Marion


Far from Hallowed Weenie ...

                                                   From my deepest understanding.. it seemed that other than me ..
                                                   we were sorely lacking an 'even stronger,' favored 'authority'

                                                   Someone to accept the utmost of premium  responsibility ..
                                                   everywhere ...all i saw, heard, and felt;  'accepted; insanity

                                                   What's a single Mom with 16 years' under her belt,' got to lose?
                                                    Merely her Child! How dare she 'believe?' To relax - .is to snooze .

                                                    Ministry of Children and Families; up to that same, old, lame excuse;
                                                    :We've always wanted your Son put into school," was no new... news

                                                    Dirty Buggers; prey on those whom spell it ..divine and differently
                                                    Finally kidnapping him, they help to destroy us, he, I and WE

                                                    Laid in wait, for years.. adding up to eight - when they took him from me
                                                    " Nothing could be finer,' on Halloween,  than Einer, smiling, eagerly

                                                   My son was 'sweet 16' when the Nazi's last came to play their dirty game
                                                   6 ft 3; puberty was masked as fearless, yet, naught. In Mother, we blame!

                                                   My son and I will never be the same. Angst within my teen, to never tame
                                                 Even our lawyer suffered a stroke; quite the shame. :"Help us!: No one cane

                                                   Might you wonder, as 'hell;' goes asunder, a Mother's seen as Thunder!
                                                   You'd hope by now, our crooked. government; ' cement shoe'd; - under

                                                 Sadly, my tee,n read defamatory material's;" MCFD documents"; blunder
                                                 Began perusing .. of Hitler's camps, can you imagine why.. or even wonder?

                                                   In shock, when a routine call I made .. turned into a bad novel; written
                                                   "Fight or flight,' once the Teetsie bug, it's victim, twice, has been bitten

                                                 Carted off to delinquent 'Daddy'  who called me, " Great Mom," said Injun
                                                  Stole his child's money, cell, and clothes, too. Already hurt, go and 'hit em!'

                                                   There has to be 'real meaning' in this timeless story of 'men' and untruth
                                                 How does it darkly deem, that lightest being;..Son, must become the sleuth?

                                            If I were a bit 'player' and played 'fast ball' at the speed of Hall of Famer/; Ruth
                                              Would any dunce have to check the beaten-badly ball, to daredevil - deduce?

                                                  Innocence, be merely a vulnerable pawn in the game of highest stakes
                                                  Laundering of money; 'legalized child abduction.' .Them's the breaks!

                                                 All I ever wanted ...' another' Angel, to speak to my boy about 'the fakes'
                                         Now, he's "busy,"climbing ladders .. for those vicious 2-faced , conniving snakes!

                                                  Katherine Marion



" I Am the Solution" - Make this .. your New Years 'resolution'

                                                     " I Am the Solution!'

                                                      Make this ..
                                                      Your  New Years Resolution

                                                      What better way?

                                                      Can't miss...
                                                      Puts pure purpose; into play..

                                                    " I Am the Solution!"

                                                      Make this ...
                                                      Your New Years Resolutin

                                                       Last, lonely year
                                                      Created this ...
                                                      Affirmation; right over here

                                                     "I am the Solution!"

                                                      Make this
                                                      Your New Year Resolution

                                                      Hold on; real tight

                                                      'Surprise' dish ...
                                                      Served up 'hot' and bright

                                                     " I am the Solution"

                                                       Make this..
                                                      Your New Years Resolution

                                                       Real outta .. sight

                                                       Never 'squeemish'
                                                      'Change' makes right!

'                                                    Katherine Marion