Monday, September 29, 2014

I Ache to Dance in Your Arms

                            You used to pick me up
                            Carry me round the room

                            Grab me by the wee ankles
                            Standing tall and straight

                            Lift your beautiful head
                            Look me right in the eyes

                            Smiling with deepest love
                            This Mother who now cries

                            This world has hurt us so
                            Trampling over our hearts

                            Took you away from truth
                            Set up lies to trip you up

                            We are a gift to humanity
                            Remember our pure light

                            I miss you so very much
                            Do dance with me, tonight

                           You were told un-truth's
                           Shouldering other's shame

                           Jealousy is a blunt object
                           Overthrowing our palace

                           Deftly knocking us down
                           Robbing us of our memory

                           Filling us with dark fear
                           Minds, once so very free

                           Remember who we are
                           What we still shall share

                           This heart that gave unto
                           Giving you breath to live

                           Excuse me falling down
                           Son, stop to pick me up

                           Gaze at me, as yesterday
                           Kindness; your loving cup.

                           Katherine Marion


                          Within 24 hours; 911 twice
                          Witnessed one close-up assault.
                          Saved another woman, earlier
                          Reported a knife in a tent
                          Had a native male taken away\
                          A paranoid schizophrenic female
                          started yelling at me, an hour ago.
                          After all the turmoil in the downtown
                          lower East side, even a 24/7 coffee
                          shop can be filled with the insane

                          Our puppies lay splayed out, dog-tired
                          We don't want to go back to hell, ever
                          I hardly care if my words choose rhyme
                          Rather tired of even being, beyond clever

                         Talking to 'working girls'in shelters
                         does not shelter me from my own heart
                         Of all that this crazy life has to offer
                         you are the peace and most missing part!



                          A group of gay males have since sat down
                          at the table where my phone was plugged-in
                          hiding my cell and taking the charger, too
                          If one does not stand up, there is no win

                          So, i held my ground and 1 'girlie girl
                          spoke of how s/he never leaves home without\
                          all of 'my' equipment in her pretty purse
                          Sadly, this tired self;barely have I time .. to nurse!!!!



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