Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SUPERNATURAL - be all .. I AM!

                       "Discover yourself, otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions
                        who don’t know themselves...."

By those whom truly know me and thus, honor themselves.. i am a conceptual artist.

I apply words to a plain old boring cloth and make magic.. manifest.
My steps are not heavy and my breath comes in sweet inhalations
The footprint i leave is soft and pure and focused on the feminine form
Applied enhancements are real and worthy of spirited applause
This Woman walks in Wonder; on a mission and with a pure vision.

My mirrors were blurred at one time; until i saw myself clearly- sublime!

Supernatural .. in all that i create,

Special K who's feminine powers are not to negate
Katherine Marion
'Not 'bad' for a mere 54 year young yearling .. would you agree?
Raw, vegan superfoodist for over 13 years .. might have something to do with this .. ass-pect of mine lower .. self.

Yet, the gold fairy dust .. i sprinkle everyone with .. on my conscious continuum of optimal inner wealth
is a gift i give; willingly and wholeheartedly

While others loll and pay the toll.. for their troll-like travesties .. i am blessing others.. which always best becomes 'the highest' ME!!!