Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mothers Priorities

My sweetest Son rising .... and I share the most precious moments. So many of them, in fact, that my only time to write is in the wee hours! What a Joy ride!

Wait until you see the very silly video that erupted the day after we recently watched the new Woody Allen romantic comedy. I am not my prettiest site to be seen; with the warping of images, as created with our mac and a big screen. Many Woman - Many Wonders. That's ME! Besides, as the inimitable Bette Midler famously declared, "F.. 'em if they can't take a joke!" I say, "Don't bother even F.. 'em if they can't ... !"

So, how did posting a video of my 13 year old boy at the playground ( that hasn't even uploaded, yet ... ), turn into this ...? Simply more magic, I suppose! All I am intending to show you is that a Supernatural Mommy's priorities are never far from her happy heart. Which is exactly why I let go of my gym work-out, last night, to bike to buy Kaelin a new memory card. Although, I did arrive a mere 20 minutes late for my pre-booked TCM massage, I set forth my highest intention and followed through. Now, I feel even better. So what if that camera shall soon surely catch me in some improvisational bite of life? I gave up being shy along and lonesome time ago. No need to prove that one!

Monkey bars and Motherly Mayhem are one of the same. Anything to keep a popular hermit safe and a crazed society more sane. If looking after my ray of brightest sun-shine soul mate keeps me loving and laughing, then I am definitely one of the lucky ones'. Only because I allow ....

Please remove yourself from that contaminated cage of rage, where  you never belonged in the first and finest place. Know that you can have and Be it all. For, I am doing and being my best to show you that you can feel as free as a child to sing with the morning sun and shine as the brightest star. For whatever this gem is worth; the costs on the outside are nominal when you love what's waiting to brilliantly burst through ... from the bold and beautiful inside. Go ahead ... I divinely dare you!

Time to rest upon my laurels, now. Please do leave me your positive commentary and continue being incredibly inspired.

Born to Share My Truth,



Kaelin's brain-child. Again ....

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