Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Week To Me ... Going Strong!

With an invigorating Mothers Day walk in intense springtime rain with my reigning supreme son; King Kaelin, I am ahead of my Goddess-sent game. One hour of TCM acupressure brings me great relief and even more energy, before our lost stop of the evening; Safeway to purchase avocado and water. What a wonderful way to painlessly place the final touches on one more Supernatural Day!

Of course, once we arrive back at our newly appointed home, we eagerly watch a couple of video's: "The White Masai", chosen by me, and Kaelin's pre-pubescent choice of Mike Myers "The Love Guru". Wait until you watch the Elephants 'making out' at the Maple Leaf's game, after the midget falls over and the generously endowed French hockey player, "La Cock" or something of that outrageous sort, create their own stir ... Never to be shaken, for too terrific of a family tale of a terrific fairy-tale,  of your own personal making, time. 

Later this afternoon, my sweetest Mothers Day gift shall blend me up a "Hemp, Hemp, Hooray for Mommy" smoothie, prepared with young Thai Coconut, Hemp Seed Nut, Dates, frozen Banana and whatever other earthly wonders we choose to so deliciously dig up and blend into a divinely conscious concoction. Of course, we shall be utilizing the aid of our Vitamix 5200, gratefully donated, last fall, by my client, Mike, whom so generously knew our needs and ate from our abundant table. Goddess-sent!

I am so excited to upload some sweet bites of spontaneous combustion created while 'running for cover' before my much needed body massage, last eve. Best of all, further adding to my growing and gloriously glowing collection of videos: www.LifeOfaGreatMommy/youtube. com .  Please take a peek, post your positive commentary and pass along the Bliss and the Joy my not so little Boy and I Share with all those Special Beings Whom So Consciously Care.

With Motherly Mayhem and Magic,





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