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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Every Day Is Christmas

I feast my hungry eyes open my blessed child and I know that no other present exists as divine as that of which is already holy mine. Goddess-sent gift so gorgeously wrapped with flawless alabaster skin and golden hair. The only topper atop my green and naturally scented tree is my own Angel I place thoughtfully there. Thank you Mother Earth and Father Time for heavenly blessings so true and fine.

Every day is Christman. Gratitude lives within and without thought or form. To all too many, what may be the norm is not. Feelings have no face when unthought. Tinglings in the inner world must be listened to. Love speaks to rise above the chaos. Beauty shows hersefl to be deep and true. Remembrances of past a full heart may renew.

Each and ever magical moment we breathe in light, we are as that which we so desire. Forever lasting is our enchantment. Refreshed is our exuberance for life as we know it to truly be. As far as our third eye can see ... Soul soaring. Spirit set free. Surrendering to the beat of our own happy heart. Giving unto ourselves as to others we impart.

No need for fancy printed paper or bows that sparkle in the dark. A store-bought tree will never take the place of nature left in her sacred place. Glitter that is not a real shining star in the darkest sky is an outright lie. The best present is always presence of mind laid to rest. Peace is a child alseep in  his loving Mother's arms. Gifts are love kept real and warm.


May everday bring you the pleasures that nurture and foster you on your way to wondrous wholeness. The God and Goddess within each and everyone - I do gratefully bless!


More Goddess-sent news ... for my video - Dancing Naked In The Rain. One more tribute to the telling of my soul, making me and the rest of all earthly treasures happy and whole!


  1. There is no tree as beautiful as our tree friends standing proudly from above the soil. No plastic or hologram can replace them.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree - Naked Wombat!

    We do water our mighty Spruce on a a daily basis. Although we did not pluck, pull or pillage ... we did purchase the real thing, rather than buy a store-bought facsimile.

    I am sorry that she even sits in our living room, right now. So lonely must she be. Thanks to you, I can really see ...

    Next year, may we go to her flourishing family in the wondrous words and bring our celebration to them.

    Bless you for the telling truth as it needs to be told!