Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happier New Year

This early morning, I dreamed every single item was emptied from my suitcase, which sat in the back of a vehicle filled with many other voyager's items. I knew I still had a bathing suit to wear, since I was wearing the bikini under my clothing. My two sets of fancy Nike runners were safely at home and my hotel, replete with a swimming pool, was already paid for. I still had my hand-painted purse, address book, near to empty wallet, and an apartment to eventually go home to. Faring better than some!

I have learned to quickly take stock, re-assess and reassure myself that all is better in my world than it might seem to be. Changing my perspective has proved to be a huge and most valuable asset in my loving life. Precisely because I do not choose to measure time by the handful, even if I have been literally pulling out enough hair to fill a landfill, for the past 1 1/2 years. Real life is not always that pretty. Nor, do I often feel that way. Especially when I see and feel the blows inflicted by too many who have never lived, let alone, strutted, in my sexy stilletto's.

Washing my floors with cleansing tea tree oil and love. Wiping away all bitter traces of depleting energy that have no place in my wondrous world. Lighting one more healing stick of aromatic incense that floods my senses and happy home with new hope. I fall down and wipe off the blood and start all over, again. Remembering that if anyone has the strings to the marrionette, it is me, and they are mine to leverage at my discernment. Or, not.

Sleep deprived is no way to start one more day. Nor, is awakening to find one more anonymous subscriber to my - "No Hangups For Me" - has attempted to practically slay me down with a horrid bout of slander Like a knife in my already heavy chest, all my peace, temporarily laid to loveless rest. Who is she to point fingers and call me the horrid names she must see written in her own marred mirror? Doesn't she know that even living dolls, like me, can feel wretched pain!

Later, I visit the bank to far from divinely discover that my overdraft has been eliminated with no previous notice given to me. My rent money for this new month of my upcoming  January 5th birthday, has been indiscreetly devoured by a system that is methodical and merciless. Cold. Heartless. Just like an empty vase, broken by never feeling the touch of the softest rose petal upon its worn cheek. Good thing I still have the refuge of the gym to regain my composure and firmly shake off all that is not magically mine.

Tears can be good for you. Especially when my son awakens to find his Mother sobbing in the hallway. Sending the biggest hug my wounded way ... I am re-united with my highest self. This external plane of material matter is of no relevance to me in the spiritual place I inhabit. Sadly, one may live in a cardboard box in the streets of this Olympic Village if the monthly rent is not paid as designated due. Machines have not a a heart or an internal compass to compensate for cold calculations and dirty deals done wrong. Children have no home when Mothers need merely a long overdue rest and loving hand.

Life is most often like an endless obstacle course. Consciousness is not something found to be common. Conscience is not something to be bragged about in social circles. Warmth is what you find in front of a fireplace. Wonder is especially reserved for a child. Wild is a place you go to visit in nature. Beauty is something most have lost. Compassion is not the fashion. Passion is for making money and not love. Angels have wings and are kept  safely hidden in books. Slowing down is what happens when you are finally knocked senseless for the last ruthless time.

Breathing in light. Letting go of the monsters who rob themselves more than they ever have hurt me. Feeling my wet skin as I cry as only a mere mortal may. Knowing I am as pure and precious as any flower. Remaining grounded and owning my infinite power. Reminding myself that every moment, emotion, thought and happening, is fleeting. Remembering, I am here to express myself and pass every tell-tale test by filling my heart to the overflowing and endlessly growing .... brim. Honoring myself and the son that shines in my luscious life. All that truly counts. I AM in!

Counting my Blessings,

Katherine Marion


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Supernatural New Year To Yummy You!

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