Monday, May 14, 2012

Empowered Woman's Day


                         An Empowered Woman

                        Accepts grateful kisses from her teen Son

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Wears a bikini in front of pups and anyone

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Is not the total of others past and torrid sum

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Knows how to have her own formless fun

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Accepts no misfit male; merely just' a bum'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Speaks ... never fearing her truth will hurt

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Often times, is sick societies target to shun

                       An Empowered Woman

                       Understands that she can never be 'undone'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Will give any disrespecting fool; 'a hard run'

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Does not always 'accept things' as they come

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Knows that any 'battle, ' she has already won

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Paints with her open heart and telling tongue

                        An Empowered Woman

                        Has inner strength; stronger than any man's gun

                       An Empowered Woman

                       Comes before  God, Goddess and everyone!!!!

                      Katherine Marion


                     I am writing this ... personal pact of inner self protection, to
                     help allow many other single Mom's and married Women that
                     I know, to own their power and stand up for themselves, their
                     forgotten values, and everyone's highest intentional self.
                     Besides, what better way .. is there to teach and guide our
                     own children, to own the blessed power that has not always
                     always been bestowed upon them - in this life.

                     After speaking briefly, to the very rude 'father''and my abusive x,
                     from 16 years ago, this past eve, on a Mothers Day, spent with no
                     word, whatsoever, from my confused son, I knew I had to do
                      do something for myself ... and all of the other 'forgotten.'

                     Spending 2 whole days with a couple of 2 1/2 month old Lab
                     puppies, gave me a lot of time to not just 'think.' Yet, to really

                     We Women, always give everyone else; 'benefit of the doubt.'
                     Inevitably, going 'without' ..

                     Those of us who wisely choose to not 'play by the rules, ' most often
                     are the lonely, abandoned, and betrayed. We unwittingly live an
                     isolated existence, living on the 'fringes of society.'

                     Who wants to fit into a wounded world, where all too many males are
                     routinely permitted to abuse, and neglect 'what' they originally thought
                     and very seldom 'felt' to be a 'good catch' or even 'better lay,' Pardon
                     my loveless language, on that orchestrated note. For this 'wanted by
                     many' wanton woman, does surely speak what she has to supernaturally

                     This wounded world will never  become a better place to live, until we
                     begin to love ourselves .. No matter who or what we may believe we
                     have lost or will lose.

                     There is no excuse!

                     Let us start - NOW!!!


                     I AM


  1. Your flowing love is radiant in this are a truly beautiful woman. You are the embodiment of feminine power...terrifying and beautiful.

  2. where r u lately? you hae not blogged for months?

  3. Thank you, male worshpper and appreciator of The Goddess in us - all.

  4. Jeanne, I took over 4 months off of going online, just to show my son that it can be done and "what's good for the goose is good for the gander."

    Besides, our pups had just come in - May, after purchasing .. for Kng Kaeli's April 4th 16th B.Day.

    Lotta work with 2 furry tolldlers.

    Thanks for wondering.